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  1. "Dat Frenrir iz ah good lad." Says a Red Uruk
  2. "Is that what they look like? Oh Gods! I have been enlightened!"
  3. "Grim times are upon us, dear frien'... Letz hope yah chose right.. " A Red Uruk sighs as he catches word of what happened to his Rex.
  4. "Burn it all! Burn for the Spirits! For Krug! Let us be reborn anew from fire and ash!" A Red Uruk speaks out from within Krugmar, eager for the initiation of the Firelands.
  5. A bearded Visaj (deffinetely Taharion), would look at the missive with a disgusted look. "That's not epic bruv."
  6. Ceru was returning to the docks after fishing, before noticing the flames. "Mhm, that's not good." He mumbled to himself and watched from a distance at the scene.
  8. Nice lore, hopefully it gets accepted +1
  9. Trolls are something entirely different than Ologs, both physically and aesthetically . I would deffinetely like to see Trolls as a CA race and +1
  10. B0rd, that doesnt count for subtypes of the same species, goblins, ologs and uruks are all orcs, any interbreeding amongst them wouldnt cause any curses since they arent a different descendant race but are rather all ORCS. +1
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