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  1. Aggad'Ugluk spends his day in the deserty landscape and the endless sand dunes of Krugmar, herding Ugluk oxen and cattle, yet when the call of duty comes and the need to restore the Clan arises, the young Bull makes his way back to the capital of Orcdom. "Ha-Qarkah, Ha-Karazept, Ha-Ugluk! It is time for de bull to go back to itz herd."
  2. An Orcish skeleton takes note of the missive.
  3. shamanism probably smells like weed
  4. A large red-skinned Uruk of Raguk blood would hastily make way for his exotic Orcish cave estate. Upon entering inside he would command his Low Goblin subservient to fetch him a bowl of fruits and a plate of Raguk Stew (a stew mixed with blood and meats alongside with grinded bone dust all messed into one), before sitting himself on his scholarly desk and reaching for a scroll to write down his missive. "Dear brothas and sistas of Urukhiim and Honorary stock On this Cactus Day, the impure wardog of the Sillumiran, Maethor Sythaerin, so frought with rage , sought to murder a citizen of the Silver Empire, a true blue Krugga honorary at arms and member of the Bronze Band! The two had agreed to wrestle in the pits in order to solve their ideological differences, with Maethor choosing to slay worshippers of purity and tarnishers of evil instead of vile necromancers and dragon servants, many of them defended by his very own kin! AFTERALL , citizens of Krugmar, it was the Rex himself and the Bullgoth that extradited the buurzspawn, Haus and Valindra! Haus for the crimes of grave robbery , necromancy and dark ritual and Valindra for dragon worship and aiding the Akaals in their dark work. Both banished may I say, trusted allies and servants of the Akaal. Maethor Sythaerin in his impurity thus chose to seek Pure Elves they dont like, those who dwell outside of the Silver City and then procceed to slay them within Krugmenistani soil! How impure and buurz to kinslay... " "Thus for such impure partaking of kinslaying of not just a common Elf, but a honorary member of the Bronze Band which aided the current Rex in the civil war against the Akaal, a warrior that fought to preserve Atemu-Ta's honour, I implore you brothas and sistas of Krugmar , to show no pity to that impure cretin of the Sillumiran and force him to answer for the crimes of dishonor he committed on this day for it is our duty as Kin of KRUG HIMSELF to punish those of evil heart and wicked soul! ANG GUND GRIISH!" Written by Brutus'Skullbasha'Raguk
  5. "Such lies..." Muttered a creature, resembling all but a massive Red Uruk in body. "Mortal nature, to hide deir weaknezz behind ah facade of false superiority... Krug is still alive, ah Godlike being of the Spirit Realm. Ahm sure if he knew of such slander on his name, he would command ah rightful Religious Crusade."
  6. From the depths of a cave long abandoned, a creature would catch whim of the news. The massive Red Uruk of 8 feet tall, with the bones of beasts littering his lair, would be etching a carving with his sharp nails onto a stone, a saga for Skaatchnak. "To the one who I considered a brother... You broke free of the cycle... May you rest, in what Afterlife awaits you. My curse still lingers and always will, for I will never be extinguished from this rock, burdened to see all I meet expire... But you will always be a fond memory, friend. A Gorkil never forgets." With that, the creature slams the saga of Skaatchnak onto a forgotten part of the jungle, detailing his Rexdom and achievements, yet also depicting him alongside a companion or sidekick, an Uruk adorned in a boar's cape, a friend.
  7. A blind green Uruk, Yerug'Yar by name, long dead and now forced to walk the Planes outside of Krug's Halls but never really able to enter inside it, takes note of the Goblin and smiles. "Heh, I like him." He then resumes his eternal pilgrimage punishment in the Spiritual Wastes.
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  9. "What a joke... " Speaks a Goliath of an Uruk as he toses away the prophecy missive. "Doomed are those who think they can stop progress and change..."
  10. gotyewokeuplikethis Krug Lore


  11. "Sheesh..." A Behemoth of a creature speaks from his cave lair upon hearing the recent news.
  12. A mysterious denizen of hidden caves, a troglodytic beast, upvotes and comments. "Plus one... +1"
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