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  1. The Kōkuaʻia

    the overall look of this post gave me herpes but it's a sick concept +1
  2. A New Dawn

    <-=+=-=+=-=+=-> Wargoth Boneuk'Raguk stood atop one of the tallest towers in San'Raahk. The pale green orc gazed over the desert landscape, as he did often when he was deep in his thoughts. The distant clang of hammers of the Raguk Clan against their anvils once excited him and gave him purpose, however, that had long since faded. The uruk sighed deeply, before pulling out a pipe, dropping a nugget of cactus green into it and lighting it up. As he stood thinking everything over, he thought of his purpose, which once was clear: lead Raguk in the right direction. But how am I meant to know which direction is right, Boneuk thought. His thoughts soon turned from self-pity to anger, as had been happening to him more and more frequently recently, he became easily agitated at the smallest things, and often ended up taking it out on the rest of his Clan he was meant to be leading. His thoughts swarmed over him and crashed down on him along with his anger, he threw his pipe down, a large crack formed down it, he sighed and turned to leave, but was met by Hazurk'Raguk. "How long have lat been stood there?" Boneuk asked "Long enough to know lat am nub fit to lead a clan", the Red Uruk replied. Boneuk nods at this, "Lat can think what lat wants, at the end of the day, mi am still the Wargoth." "Nub for long." Boneuk turned to face him, his eyes moving up and down his body, as if sizing him up, in the end he seemed to make a decision, drawing near to Hazurk, he'd say quietly, as if he didn't want to be overheard, "Lat would do hozh to remember lat's place" "Lat would do well to think about lat's. MI am Hazurk ZKAH’N Raguk, zon ub Turkurz’Raguk, klanzman to Malgunuz’Raguk agh Kharak’Raguk! Lat, am nubth’n." There was a long pause after this however, one thing was clear; Boneuk had grown complacent and lazy. It was obvious to a number of orcs, and it was obvious to Hazurk, who decided to do something about it. "Do lat wish to klomp me, boy?" he chuckled "Mi knew lats popo, lat know", His eyes narrowed, "He was just as stubborn as lat". Hazurk's eyes grew dark, a scowl appearing on his face, "Mi will take wub am mine, agh mi will forge a new era for Raguk, mi will take Wargoth; Agh it will be through a klomp." However, the Wargoth just smirked at this suggestion, going to push past Hazurk and walk off. Before he could go, Hazurk shouted "Dere am nub a ounze ub Honor dat kourzes through lat’z veinz! Agh zo it am tik to zpill zaid honorlezz blood." Boneuk stopped dead, turning to face him, “Do nub blah to me about Honor. Mi was there in the dark days of the Orcs when wi was hunted and flat’d for our tusks, when wi was murdered for being Orcs, when lat’s popo was Wargoth and Malgunuz was Rex…” he’d trail off after this. Hazurk’s brow furrowed, his mouth settling into an intimidating scowl, “Mi am UNBROKEN; lat can nub endure Zhara’s wrath, lat am weak agh pitiful.” Hazurk took a step forward, repeating the words drilled into every Raguk child, “If a cog am broken, it muzt be cazt away.” The corners of Boneuk’s mouth twitched into a snarl, “Lat am juzt a boy, lat am nubting” his words carried a certain venom to them now. “Mi am the future of Raguk. Enough blah, wi settle this with a klomp!” The Orc’s voice would be raised to a shout by now. Boneuk, however just laughed at the suggerstion, “Mi have no tik for lat’z klomp.” Hazurk’s anger boiled over, he charged the Wargoth, grabbing him by the throat, “Mi have nub idea what mi dizgrace of a popo peep’d in lat!” he’d shout, there was a madness in his eyes now. Though struggling for breath, Boneuk would manage to free himself from Hazurk’s grasp, “Maybe if lat’z popo was there, hi could have taught lat rezpect!” “Hi am flat! Flat az whitewazh!” Hazurk hissed, jumping backwards, a steely glower on his face, “Lat will nub flat by an Uruk’z hand, az he did, but lat will flat without achievement, without title!” “Mi am the Wargoth of Raguk, wub doez lat gruk of Titles?” Boneuk retorted “Mi am Hazurk’Raguk, right hand uruk alongzide Leydluk’Raguk, uzurper ub Gurak’Yar agh Kezhigbozz ub Krugmar. Lat am a halfbreed, blue agh dizguztin’.” Hazurk then charged forward, going to send a fist down on Boneuk’s jaw. Boneuk opened his mouth wide, presumably to respond to Hazurk’s halfbreed comment, however he was cut short by a red fist slamming against his jaw. When he stood up again, his mouth was bloody, he spat out a tooth. Hazurk, once again; delivered a snarl of authorative fashion. “Zumbit, or mi beat lat’z face to a pulp; Hand over da Wargothdom.” “Mi zubmit to nub azh. Mi am nub lat’z popo!” his voice would be raised to a shout at the end “Mi nub care about mi popo. . All daht matterz, am da Warnation agh da Klan; agh he, Turkurz’Raguk, wuz a dizgraze to both. Get up agh klomp.” At this Boneuk sighed, “Mi did nub want to do thiz”, he’d draw his sword, “But lat need to learn to rezpect lat’z zuperirors.” With this boneuk attempted to run him through with his blade. However, knowing the strength and durability of his Bloodsteel plate, Hazurk stretched his right gauntlet forward, in an attempt to grab the blade before it had reached him. A gutteral snarl emitting from his throat. Boneuk swore loudly, his blade wrenched out of his grasp by Hazurk, weaponless and defenceless he accepted his fate, “Go on then.” He removed his breastplate, letting it drop to the ground, “Do it, finizh the job.” Hazurk lofted the blade proudly, it hovering above his head; ready to strike. The clad Uruk then brought it down, but not towards Boneuk, but off the ledge they stood on. “Mi, am RAGUK.” He replied proudly, showcasing his Honor. His hands moved behind his back aswell, loosening the knots that held his Breastplate in place. For a minute Boneuk was too stunned to respond, before smirking and saying, “Lat really am denze.” With this he threw a right hook, aimed at Hazurk’s temple. Falling to the right, Hazurk drew dangerously near to the edge, Both of his palms settled on the ground and him dazed. Though, in his fury, he turned and jumped up; going to send a knee into Boneuk’s stomach. Thinking the Red Uruk was all but defeated, Boneuk was too busy being overly-satisfied with this guaranteed victory to notice the knee, until it thudded against his unprotected mid-section. With a heavy grunt he stumbled back a few steps, until it was now him who was nearing the edge. In his anger, Hazurk charged forward, going to repeat Boneuk’s manouvre and send a fist to his head; Though this time it was aimed towards his jaw. As the blow connected Boneuk’s vision began to blur, his head suddenly felt heavier on his shoulders and he was starting to see stars. In a repetition of the beginning of the Conflict, Hazurk marched forward to grab Boneuk’s throat, his golden-tinted eyes burning with anger. This time, Boneuk had nothing to say, his vision was starting to darken and it was almost as if a fog was descending on him, the longer Hazurk held him for, the longer his brain was being denied oxygen. The realisation he had lost his Wargothdom washed over him, and in his last conscious thought he vowed revenge on all Orcs who opposed him. “Lat, am Weak.” Hazurk said before turning over his shoulder, away from the ledge; His arm shooting forward to slam Boneuk onto the floor; Him bending down and retrieving the Staff of Kulthark; which once belonged to him. With disgust plastered over his face, he marched away from the scene. Boneuk awoke hours later with a splitting headache. As he tried to remember the days events it dawned on him he’d lost his staff, suddenly all his memories washed back over him. He grew angry; angry with Hazurk; angry with the Raguks who opposed him; angry with the Rex and other Wargoths. As he looked out over the desert landscape once more, this time not as a Wargoth he swore revenge on Hazurk. For he was the rightful Wargoth of Raguk, and he would reclaim what was his. <-=+=-=+=-=+=-> THANKS TO AFRICANESE FOR THE RP AND HELPING OUT WITH THE POST
  3. [RECRUITING] Clan Raguk Flyer

    *Posters could be found all around the goi, in crude writing* CLAN RAGUK Is Now Recruiting Speak or send a bird to Wargoth Boneuk'Raguk (Pixelation4) *The poster would be signed with the signature of Boneuk'Raguk, a Broken Tusk*
  4. FYI: Making a purple orc is a banable offence

    1. DrakeHaze.


      there have been purple orcs before though...

    2. Sporadic
    3. Tidemanno


      It shouldnt, rams are almost purple, if you make it a dark-ish purple and shade it well then it should be allowed. Even when its bright purple its not as bad as the ******* SPONGEBOB AND PATRIC wich didnt get banned for some reason!


    [OOC] GOD GIVEN NAME: Pixelation4 [IC] NAME: Tanner Wyne [DISCORD] AVIARY: You have it FAVOURED DRINK!: Strongbow
  6. House Wyne - Human House

    Tanner Wyne would grin, before taking a big swig of buckfast

    MC USERNAME: Pixelation4 INRP NAME: Boneuk'Raguk RACE: Technically half-orc HAVE YOU HAD/HAVE ANY MAGIC: Nope TIMEZONE: GMT DISCORD: You've got it
  8. when's the new map coming?

  9. Smawton's 2nd GM Application

    yep +1
  10. [Lore Submission] Half Orc - Clarification Lore

    Filthy half-breeds
  11. Clan Braguk

    Boneuk'Raguk would hastily change his name ^Braguk