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  1. The Kōkuaʻia

    the overall look of this post gave me herpes but it's a sick concept +1
  2. FYI: Making a purple orc is a banable offence

    1. DrakeHaze.


      there have been purple orcs before though...

    2. Sporadic
    3. Tidemanno


      It shouldnt, rams are almost purple, if you make it a dark-ish purple and shade it well then it should be allowed. Even when its bright purple its not as bad as the ******* SPONGEBOB AND PATRIC wich didnt get banned for some reason!


    [OOC] GOD GIVEN NAME: Pixelation4 [IC] NAME: Tanner Wyne [DISCORD] AVIARY: You have it FAVOURED DRINK!: Strongbow
  4. when's the new map coming?

  5. Smawton's 2nd GM Application

    yep +1
  6. [Lore Submission] Half Orc - Clarification Lore

    Filthy half-breeds
  7. Clan Braguk

    Boneuk'Raguk would hastily change his name ^Braguk
  8. Event Isles

    Why is this not a thing yet?
  9. [✗] [Lore Submission] Lycans