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    [Clan Raguk] THE HISTORY

    Where's the bit about how Leydluk was gifted with a mighty hammer by Gukdan.
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    Gukdan would sit back within his home, pondering over his name, as it did not seem to quite fit in with the classic Raguk culture.
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    ye dude +1
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    [Racial Lore] Orcish Horns

    Orcs already have sick chest gains, and as I stated: Horns are a sign of strength, and correlate to nature I suppose.
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    [Racial Lore] Orcish Horns

    I believe the focus is saying that you need a Lutauman to take you to said Greater Ancestral to prove yourself.
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    [Racial Lore] Orcish Horns

    I imagine that they decided horns were a sign of strength, similar to tusks. We've got mounts like Rhinos or Myrzym, both with strong and tough horns or tusks. Mounts in the Orcish race are extremely important and praised. So i'm sure the Ancestrals, going off of nature and the way that different animals fought with their horns (Like a Stag with their antlers), they thought that horns would be a suitable sign of strength and prestige... Just like how the Alpha male would probably be the biggest in the pack, or at least the strongest.
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    The Goblins of Krugmar

    Gukdan'Raguk ponders over the new faction, wondering if Goblins might return to the Goi.
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    [Racial Lore] Orcish Horns

    So all the Raguks
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    [✓] [land charter] Sleazy Hulphonites and Co

    The Great and Magnificent Sulayik Spitzer signs his name.
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    Intercourse Act - 1635

    Sulayik only knows of business intercourse, which produces that good sheqelim. However, Sulayik also knows some other ways 'of the night' to produce Sheqelim that requires a different type of intercourse.
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    The Buchteln

    Apologies, I think I was looking at one of the previous quotes before that when I was writing it, I'll edit that in just a moment.
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    The Buchteln

    Of course, that's perfectly reasonable.
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    The Buchteln

    I assure you that the we're not controlling who gets the magic, it's just it that Old Blah is what makes shamanism possible... and you need a Shaman to teach it.
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    The Buchteln

    So you're saying that a lesser Spirit is somehow communing with mortals that aren't even Shamans or know Old Blah, to even begin to make a communication with these people. Spirits are very arrogant, and would certainly not be jealous of Clerics, and especially don't care whether or not your devoted. They will not go out of their way to make you devoted... They care for power but couldn't care less about groups of people who don't even consider their existence, let along the religion of the people actually devoted to Spirits (Orcs) How. So you're saying that the Spirit of Illusion, Tricks, and Thievery is going to imbue something with positive effects. Not only this, but it's basically trying to Spirit Smith food... You're suggesting that these people can wield the power of Spirits without the power of Old Blah or knowledge of Shamanism... Whilst also not providing a sacrifice to which the Spirits can grow with power. So far the only Spirit that can imbue things properly to make a connection to the mortal world is Gentharuz: through Spirit Smithing... and he's certainly not prevalent. This is somewhat closer to making sense, however I don't see why Joretel would just straight up bless them as a lesser Spirit, without gaining anything return. Not only this, but these people are definitely lacking in Old Blah, hence making it almost impossible to commune with said Spirits. This genuinely makes a lot of sense, as Veist would want to **** with them all. Spirits would have nothing to do with Dark Magic, aside from Ixli How? Why? And how would Veist, who holds no power over the realm of 'resistance and strength' even be able to do such things. They are illusions, not reality. Void magic? This makes no sense to me. Please explain how this works. Neither Veist or this Joretel could ever influence this. No ritual could ever result in this through the Spirits mentioned. 'Conjures' suggests the act of void magic... This is clearly Shamanism, due to the influence of Spirits. So this is also wrong. Lets suggest that you could in fact do this: 1) It's pointless, why would you 2) Why would Veist even grant mortals this power... They've 'communicated' with Joretel, not Veist... This isn't possible Doesn't work with Shamanism. You cannot conjure anything with the power of Spirits. This is somewhat possible... But not in the way you describe it. Please go into detail about the ritual... There must be at least some semblance of Shamanism to use the power of Spirits... Old blah, Chants, Sacrifice. The Spirits are arrogant pricks, and would not appreciate you meddling in power that does not stem from them, especially void magic: resulting in them probably twisting things around on you or removing the blessing. On the other hand, the concept itself is quite interesting and I'm sure it could somehow be done... But not in the way described here. You'd probably not prefer the interference of Shamans here, but I can't just let this sit here without some clarification on how the Spirits can be used. Sorry if I seem rather aggressive or rude in the way I'm criticising this, but I felt I needed to get some things across.
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    [Denied] Oh boy, Lhindir's MT app

    Time to get a new pocket MT! +1
  16. I'll have a read of this tomorrow, but for now: Naughty, Naughty! Stop with the Dark Shamanism REEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
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    Raguk Shamanism - Bone Lords (Bone Muyakelg)

    Hell to the yes, although I have a question. Can they be made with two Shamans of seperate sub-shamanism: One Spirit Smith and one Lutauman? Also, is this a Raguk only thing?
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    [et actor] wud plagiarises witty application title

    Mmm, yes. Give it to him bb
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    [Denied]Hedgehugs Trial GM application

    Yeah mate, definitely ready for some GM action imo. He's always been good at sorting out problems and doesn't take crap: I'm sure people will be happy with the way he deals with things, and he's never done the Orcs wrong... Except for Wolfkite. +1
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    [✓] The Igbagaraal - Demons of the Darkness

    Alrighty. Thanks bb
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    Timeline of Orcs in Axios

    Year 1619 - The legendary smith known as Gukdan'Raguk returns to the Uzg, who then joins the Shamanic Fellowship as the greatest Motsham with infinite wisdom to give out. The Uzg is back to its true form with Gukdan's return.
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    [✓] The Igbagaraal - Demons of the Darkness

    Does anyone have knowledge of these creatures, or are they completely amiss from any Shamanic texts or scriptures.
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    [✗] Dah BuTtUhr Knyfe

    Not my idea, totally.
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    The Grand Shaman Q & A

    Will you ever make me a version of Gukdan's skin, with a beard.