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  1. [Diety][MA]Khorgol's spirit smithing MA

    Indeed, I am teaching him.

    Gukdan would ponder over the parchment within his cave, snickering to himself "We choose good, or we choose evil? Hmph, what dictates the right and wrong? Spirits. Not only this but we certainly do not deem what is the 'authority of Krug'." Gukdan would scrunch up the paper, tossing it within the flames of his forge, reasserting himself at his anvil...
  3. [Actor]Lumiin

    ye dude +1
  4. [Racial Lore] Orcish Horns

    Orcs already have sick chest gains, and as I stated: Horns are a sign of strength, and correlate to nature I suppose.
  5. [Racial Lore] Orcish Horns

    I believe the focus is saying that you need a Lutauman to take you to said Greater Ancestral to prove yourself.
  6. [Racial Lore] Orcish Horns

    I imagine that they decided horns were a sign of strength, similar to tusks. We've got mounts like Rhinos or Myrzym, both with strong and tough horns or tusks. Mounts in the Orcish race are extremely important and praised. So i'm sure the Ancestrals, going off of nature and the way that different animals fought with their horns (Like a Stag with their antlers), they thought that horns would be a suitable sign of strength and prestige... Just like how the Alpha male would probably be the biggest in the pack, or at least the strongest.
  7. The Goblins of Krugmar

    Gukdan'Raguk ponders over the new faction, wondering if Goblins might return to the Goi.
  8. [Racial Lore] Orcish Horns

    So all the Raguks
  9. Elytras

    I've got an idea: Take cover.
  10. What's this warclaim for

  11. MC Name: Moby_Derp Character's Name: Gukdan’Raguk Character's Age: 133 Character's Race: Uruk Link to your accepted MA: N/A What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Spirit Smithing Summarise the Lore of this Magic: Spirit Smithing is the usage of Gentharuz, Spirit of Smithing, who is used to create items called as Mortal Stones, which connect to Gentharuz’s ‘progenitor’ stone. These stones contain Lesser Spirits from the Spirit being used for the item’s curse or blessing (Curses will often require a witchdoctor’s help). The magic will require extensive knowledge of the Spirit in use and the limits of abilities and kinds of things that can be done with the magic and specific Spirit. For instance, Leyd would result in an item increasing one's physical strength. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: I would begin the lessons by first teaching my student how to properly smith, and create items, and go over the concept of Mortal Stones and how they work. Whilst I was doing this, I would explain the way that Spirits that influence the items and what limits are put on items, along with the tier levels (Restraints and Abilities). This would be my first lesson due to the fact that Spirit Smithing requires extensive RP to create just one item, and would need perhaps a few lessons to make sure they're getting it right. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yeah Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope
  12. [✓] [land charter] Sleazy Hulphonites and Co

    The Great and Magnificent Sulayik Spitzer signs his name.
  13. Intercourse Act - 1635

    Sulayik only knows of business intercourse, which produces that good sheqelim. However, Sulayik also knows some other ways 'of the night' to produce Sheqelim that requires a different type of intercourse.
  14. The Buchteln

    Apologies, I think I was looking at one of the previous quotes before that when I was writing it, I'll edit that in just a moment.