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  1. Leyd: Physical Strength, Dominance
  2. Barry Buckleberry ponders within his home, observing his great collection of shrooms, big and small. "Ah' fine place Rivershire is, but I do wonder wot de ot'ers will t'ink."
  3. Gukdan thinks to himself "Wub dumbzkahz."
  4. memes?
  5. Yes please? The orcs are in need of some sexy events and could do without a circle-jerk event that doesn't seem to ever include Orcs. Smawton would make a wonderful addition to the ET, and not just for Orcs, although I do believe it would benefit us in many ways. The only concern I have with Smawton is that he's not GM, and I believe this means LoTC will fail later on in the future, so make Smawton GM pls. +1
  6. It'd be stupid if he weren't MT at this point. The orcs need him, and I think he'll be a great asset now more than ever. +1
  7. Hot broken server

  8. Gukdan laughs, having just defeated many undead in the Westerlands. "Guez lat kan unlee truzt Urukz tu do zuch ah job."
  9. Smells like free bandit rp. huehuehue
  10. Give me Elementalism.

  11. I like this, and it gives some interesting ways for outside individuals to mess with a nation, instead of just kidnapping or murdering *Cough* My Orc *Cough*
  12. uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh.......... Don't wanna sound rude, as I find it hard to be rude to people online for some reason, and it's much easier in real life for me. But eh, i'm not really feeling Wolf as a GM quite yet. I think if he improved a few key points here and there, then he might make a good GM, but as he is right now (From what I've seen of him) I'm gonna have to say. No
  13. Parents killed my Orcs.

  14. Krug bless you.



    1. Travista


      laklul blesseth you