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  1. Gukdan would pace back and forwards, contemplating the new act, thinking to himself: "Zkah dat, diz will nub stop mi frum habin' ale at all dah tavurnz eigh vizit."
  2. An orc would frown at the side of the road, thinking to himself. "The other descendants complain at us having slaves and yet here are the monkeys... With slaves."
  3. Spoopy
  4. A large orc would be found peering at the sheet of paper, before preparing himself to hunt the strange creatures. "Nubazh stealz mi loot!"
  5. Yeah mate, definitely ready for some GM action imo. He's always been good at sorting out problems and doesn't take crap: I'm sure people will be happy with the way he deals with things, and he's never done the Orcs wrong... Except for Wolfkite. +1
  6. I have also agreed to teach along with Hedge.
  7. Alrighty. Thanks bb
  8. A single tear drips down Gukdan's face as the story is retold to him by Shagarath.
  9. Year 1619 - The legendary smith known as Gukdan'Raguk returns to the Uzg, who then joins the Shamanic Fellowship as the greatest Motsham with infinite wisdom to give out. The Uzg is back to its true form with Gukdan's return.
  10. Does anyone have knowledge of these creatures, or are they completely amiss from any Shamanic texts or scriptures.
  11. Not my idea, totally.
  12. Gukdan would stand at the entrance to his blargh, clad in his usual attire. "Anuber Uruk flat'd? Uh well, nebur gruk'd him zu whutever. Zpirids muhr important... Bud ztill, mite az well go vizit dem."
  13. You know who to call bb
  14. Will you ever make me a version of Gukdan's skin, with a beard.