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  1. OzYmandi


    MCName: OzYmandi Name: Baldwin Norfolk Age: 21 Race: Human
  2. OzYmandi

    Merry Christmas 2018

    what about the dev bringing the nexus back post? lal, joking merry christmas, y’all
  3. OzYmandi

    Mali'thill Krugsmas Party

    “Zoundz homozex.” Another red-hued orc complemented.
  4. OzYmandi

    A Prince's Sorrow

    I mean, it sucked, but ok.
  5. OzYmandi

    OzYmandi's Lore Moderator Application

    I took my time when I was banned for 6 months for something I deemed ‘dumb’ and realized through those 6 months. The people that have been talking to me see how I’ve been regretting posting the targetting post and the quitting one. I WAS drunk. And it was midnight nearly 1 am. I drink at night, especially when my kid is at my parent’s, since they help me out, as being a single father at my young age is hard. The girl left me, yadda yadda. But I appreciate the feedback. Wish it hadn’t been that blatant but hey, I guess criticism doesn’t come sweetly. After 3 years of LotC (nealy 3 years) I’ve learned how to balance my life with this.. I thought so atleast. I have professional help (psychiatrist) and they’ve been in conjunction with a psychologist helping me a lot. Who knows me well knows that I’m not the same as I was before the 6 months ban. But, again, thanks for the feedback. I’d write more but its 00:38 down in South America.
  6. What is your Minecraft Account Name? OzYmandi Do you have a Discord account? OzYmandi#9205 How long have you played on LotC? Bout to be 3 years in January How many hours per day/week are you available? Atleast an hour everyday. What lore do you hold the most experience with? I personally think I hold the most experience with Orcish lore and Dark Shamanism lore, although Shamanism itself is still widely unknown to me and I’ve been trying to expand my horizons by learning on it and asking questions to people like Dan (Humanistic) and Catarrh regarding ancestrals, blessings, etc. Do you have a solid grasp on the existing lore of our server? Would you be comfortable moderating it in-game? I believe I have a solid grasp with the existing lore of the server. I’m comfortable with moderating Orcish lore (Orcs, Goblins and Uruks) and Dark Shamanism lore (I was T5, permakilled my character for personal reasons, will link MA upon request). Give a Summary of any Staff/Lead positions you’ve held on any Minecraft Server in the past I was global moderator on a creative server called EDawg878. It was basically moderating the global and local chats, and since it was like PG-10, they didn’t allow cussing, so I had to watch out for all kinds of stuff. It wasn’t all that exciting and I resigned with a mere 2 weeks in the position, as it brought no real responsablitiy besides banning players for 3 weeks for saying ‘frick’ and ‘bypassing the filter’. Have you ever receive a Magical Blacklist, if so, please link it It was in 2016, when I was new to the server. It's on my other forum account, to which I lost the password for, but I basically thought you didn't need MAs or CAs when I was like 1 month old into the server and RP'd a strong mage without having any approved magic. It was handed out (I think) by HedgeHug when he was MT. no i didn’t leave, stop pestering about my drunk tantrum
  7. OzYmandi

    On Purity

    “Ok...” murmurs Aeron Visaj, planning his return....
  8. Server’s commiting die.

  9. OzYmandi

    It was good.

    Someone hath been misinformed.
  10. OzYmandi

    It was good.

    Excuse you, it’s 2 weeks, max.
  11. OzYmandi

    It was good.

    Stuff happens. I’ll see you around, Sloth. Loved writing tons of cultures and stuff with you. o7
  12. OzYmandi

    It was good.

    Hiya. This is probably the last you’ll see of me in the forums. I’m either going to be perma banned for toxicity thanks to leaked messages in a discord that isn’t an Lotc Medium (thanks @_Jandy_) or I’m getting permanently banned because I asked, so... Yea, it was fun. It was good... Some people really helped me through some tough times, but... I’m 22, I’m a father, and I don’t have time for LotC drama because some kid got mad I did something he didn’t like. So, that’s my short, bittersweet farewell. I joined the server a no-one, I leave one of the most toxic players, apparently. I’m sorry, Lord of the Craft, to have presented such shitty behaviour unlike myself or my age. I really am. o7
  13. OzYmandi

    Atlas Anniversary Art & Writing Contest

    The Firelands had never really treated him well. It wasn’t uncommon to fight a bloodthirsty beast or a naturality of the bursting flames erupting from the ground. It had it’s beauty, though. To him, atleast, the darkened, charred peaks, the magma-riddled ground and the few spots he could set foot and walk in that wasteland, free of the danger of maddened adventurers chasing riches in some unknown region. This one was well known. No man, sane or crazy, would dare adventure there. It was suicide. Not for him.. He knew his way. ‘The land of the Spirits’, some of his brothers said. Truly, only the Spirits could be capable of creating that beauty. No one else, nothing else. It was harsh to walk around in the burning heat. He was a mere goblin, nothing close to the might of the Firelands, encumbering him with the weight of dominance, roaring out it’s embers in a desperate attempt to consume the descendant of Krug. He wouldn’t fret. No. Not now. He had come this far, on his blind journey of self-knowledge. His name, his faith in his brothers, his willpower... How had he kept it all, through all his nation had gone through. The questions hit him like the battering ram hits the gate. He was out there, seeking reason, seeking source, seeking ‘why’. He knew that he’d probably find nothing, but trying had never killed anyone, he told himself. How naïve. He was in no place to question the will of the Spirits, though, as they drove him into this periodical peregrination. “Leydluk’s doing this...” he thought to himself everyday he woke up, thinking of the past Rex as inspirations to continue pummeling through the obstacles of the Firelands. Why, though? Why must he submit himself to the heat, the pain, the harshness? Only because he had a dream? Because ‘the Spirits told him so’? No. He couldn’t dare let those thoughts take over. He couldn’t give up. Not now. It kept hitting the back of his head, though. How could he keep the battering ram? His gates where weak. His will wasn’t the strongest. Broken, shattered. Why? He didn’t know. He felt as if he had nothing to grasp, yet everything at his reach. He felt emptyness. “I could be the strongest, wisest Goblin in history... or I can go down as a no-one...” he thought to himself. He stood there, atop a piece of stone, covered by magma rocks and other stones in his view, for him to step onto and continue his trek. “This... this is...” he stopped, sitting down on the fumeled rock, ignoring the pain the heat was inflicting him. It was hard to do that, but... He had to. He had to focus. He eyed out into the rest of the fiery wasteland. How come such destructive beauty existed? A perfect creation of deities beyond his comprehension, his understandement. He wanted to understand, but he couldn’t figure out how. He reckoned shamans did, but even then, they had doubts aswell. All the corners of the Goblin’s mind scrambled hastily for an answer to an unknown question. A constant doubt. A constant doubt as to if he was going to see the end of the day, if the so-craved Stargush’Stroh wasn’t just around the corner. He was honorable, or, atleast tried to. “My name...” he thought. His name. A mockery to his stature. A mockery to him, cast upon by ungrateful fathers. Ungrateful... How could them? How could they know? They wouldn’t know he’d eventually turn into something half-decent, worth of minimal recognition. He wouldn’t have that pitiful name no more. No. A imposing one. One that cause fear, was what he needed. Despite his height, whatever he looked like, one that imposed authority was what he needed. The first and only thing that came to his mind struck him and sticked to him. It stuck to him for sure. Morgoth. Yes. That was the one. He scrambled back up to his feet, gathering his packed goods and provisions and promptly setting off, back to the camp. All would hear of the Grubgoth’s name. All would hear of Morgoth’Raguk’s name. All would. I write fast, don’t judge me.
  14. OzYmandi


    Ang Gund Griizh. Raguk master race.