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  1. what about the dev bringing the nexus back post? lal, joking merry christmas, y’all
  2. “Ok...” murmurs Aeron Visaj, planning his return....
  3. Server’s commiting die.

  4. Come play an orc! Try it out!

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      you can take the orc out of San'Kala but you can't take San'Kala out of the orc

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  5. REPUBLIC OF ARKANSAS ADRESSING THE REBELLION IN NORTHERN MISSISSIPI Mr Henry Rector sat in the presidential room, in the town hall of Little Rock, surrounded by military advisors of the Arkansaw Army, the General, Thomas J. Churchill, Colonel John H. Kelly, Brigadier Nicholas B. Pierce and Military Advisor, ex-Brigadier General James McIntosh. “Gentlemen… Word has reached me that our brothers in Louisiana have arranged a deal with the Mississippi and the northern part of the latter didn’t accept such that well… As per usual, it is the north that disgraces everything. So. Proposed moves?” Mr Thomas J. stood, presenting forwards a map of the Mississippi… “Our troops will have hell if we are caught in between the Pine and North Central hills. The Yazoo Basin is close to our border, and I suggest an approach from there. I don’t know about the other’s opinions…” The military advisor nodded, Mr McIntosh curled the map back up and settled it aside. The men then all looked to President Rector, whom gave the nod… DECLARATION OF WAR THE REPUBLIC OF ARKANSAS FORMALLY DECLARES IT’S FULL SUPPORT TO THE REPUBLIC OF LOUISIANA AND FORMALLY DECLARES WAR ON THE NORTHERN REBELS OF THE MISSISSIPPI. THE REPUBLIC OF ARKANSAS PUBLICLY DISGRACES THE ACTS COMMITED BY THE REBELS, TO REBEL AGAINST SOMETHING APPROVED BY THEIR GOVERNMENT, AND REFUSES TO BELIEVE THEY ARE TRUE PATRIOTS. EXPEDITION WESTWARDS The Republic of Arkansas formally invites any and all volunteers, aligned or not with the Army of the Republic of Arkansas, the NAA, to join the 12th Militia Regiment (100 men) to expedition westwards into the un-explored Indian lands, to claim what is rightfully of the Republic. Any men who volunteer must bring their contribution, either in ammunition, provisions, arms or horses. Let it be known that the men that do volunteer, as per expected, are under the danger of hostility of the savages. NOTE: Any man owner of slaves may bring their slaves to aid, though they shall be kept in chains and used only in labour (building camps, chopping firewood, etc) and shall be always be kept under WATCH. THE UNIVERSITY OF ARKANSAS By the orders of the Secretary of State, with the guidance of God and the permission of the President, the city of Little Rock will be graced with the beginning of the construction of the University of Arkansas. The government will assign 150 slaves and 15 slave-masters to the construction, and is hiring any teachers that wish to help further the University’s prestige. ACTIONS Declaration of war on the Northern Rebels of the Mississippi, but not yet raising an army to combat. With that, the Republic of Arkansas readies a caravan stocked with ammunition and rice (two main exports) to send to the men of Louisiana. (MOD) Recruitment of volunteers for the exploration into the west indian lands, sponsored by the 12th Militia Regiment (100 men), and led by Captain William H. Robards. (MOD) Beginning of the construction of the University of Arkansas in Little Rock, employment of 15 slave masters and 150 slaves designed to the construction, in hopes of a large, brilliant university. (MOD) REGNAT POPULUS
  6. Necromancy is shelved. Mysticism is dead. Dark Shamanism is ignored, and dead. Blood Magic is dead. Shade is dead. You only have Naztherak to worry about, and that’s dying out soon too. The Ascended have served their purpose, and poorly at that, leaving most of the work to the Paladins (wherever they are) and the SJW clerics. Just let it end.
  7. Why is a holy order dedicated to purge evil needed when evil has been shelved?
  8. Jallentime ruined it and this is basically picking up the less shitty parts and putting it into one bundle of horrific, cringy stuff. When I first joined the server my character always heard there was this secretive order so called ‘ascended’ that hunted the evil. Now you can just walk up to the globally known leaders and ask to be one. And now you’re basically allowing them to hunt a mortal who’s commited a crime, since the only boundarie I see for killing mortals is of its in cold blood. Just shelve it already, and completely revamp it, in every single way. Edit: And remove all these kids who’s RP makes me want to gouge my eyes out.
  9. https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lEmGmTYfLceCiFeeGUNv45vzOFXwpZHdhm8lrLOqG64/edit Arkansas post. Formatting here sucks.
  10. Discord Name; Brazilianski#9205 Desired State; Arkansas History of said State’s history, leadership, and government; Ruled over by the Quapaw indian tribe for years and years, the spanish explorer Hernando de Soto, in 1541, found these tribes and the Arkansas river, and climbed the Ozark mountains. Founding resistance from the Indians and nothing of value, de Soto and his men retreated to the Mississipi river, where he fell ill. In his deathbed, Hernando ordered for the massacre of the Quapaw people in the village of Anilco, and a year later, in 1542, he died. Soto’s men tried an on-land return to Mexico, and where eventually backtracked and returned to Arkansas. They built a fleet off the trees in the region, nothing more than two or three boats, and returned to the Mississipi river and down to Mexico. Later, Henri de Tonti and Robert La Salle in 1681 founded the Arkansas post and the region was only truly organized in 1819 as the Territory of Arkansaw and admitted as a US state in 1836 as simply ‘Arkansas’. Nominal Leader/President/Governor/etc.; Governor Henry Massey Rector. Do you want a Custom Character? If so what’s their name and background? (Can only start in low level positions of power); Orval Kidd, hardened wildlands explorer and soldier, became police officer in the city of Little Rock when he became thirty years of age. Proud patriot of his state, he’s said he’d murder any men under the flag of Arkansas, and so he plans to do, rising through the ranks of the police force, eventually into the military.
  11. Nation: The great Grand Principality of Ostland, within the Empire. Leader Name: Elector Count Vladimir von Raukov Leader/nation Background (Paragraph +): Like his father before him, and his father before him, Vladimir von Raukov, first-born son of Valmir von Raukov, spent most of his years fighting the plagues that inhabit the north of his already northern domain. Raiding Chaos bands, marauding greenskins and disgraceful bandits of Kislev to name a few, not to mention the own struggles for power within the Grand Principality, all wishing to have the title of Count Elector. A strong, wisened man, though not very wise in his rash decisions, Vladimir has made a name for himself as to be a man who chooses the sword over the word. However, this has not stopped him from being a diplomatically capable man. With the Grand Principality under his control, it has seen years of joy and years of pain, hitting an era of apparent stagnation in the past years. Old and grumpy by now, who knows which of the three, equally troublesome sons will assume the Principality. As for the County itself, the constant wars and raids suffered by it make it a rather desert, scarce land, though not deprived of it’s beauty, even though harassed by Hellcannons. The people, patriotic and stoic as they are, try their best to take everything they can get off the disgraceful situations they are put through time through time. Discord Name: Brazilianski#9205 Do you know Warhammer fantasy?: A bit.
  12. ”Oh.” comments footman Edmund of the Imperial Legion to one of his brothers-in-arms.
  13. Ah, getting banned for 1 day for innapropriate language...



    Sure is nice to know that you called no one no names nor sweared, except just went with what 50 players did and got banned.

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      sounds like a target ban fam

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