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  1. Corpean

    You Were Lied To

    Thou There Monks Home in Law world shall to guide Aegis be your Protect forth future The populate a lifetime is Aegis control ahead
  2. Corpean

    [✓] [Server] Ban appeal!

    Alt was under a different name: Sangheili_ All accounts have been unbanned.
  3. Corpean

    [✓] My Ban Appeal (Henrq)

    Screenshare complete, accepted.
  4. Corpean

    She Hates Me

    Fix magic with a magic plugin that we may or may not of have had before. Axe the cancer magic, boom instant magic fix. Coming to stores near you, whenever approved by administration.
  5. Corpean

    [✓] Ban Appel

    Appeal accepted.
  6. Corpean

    Does Blah put you off?

    Old blah where they didn't sound brain dead was better imo. In Aegis they were one of the best nations/races due to a number of things, but actually being able to understand them. Plus the whole nazi stuff previously and extreme racism on the private discord may just be enough to turn people away.
  7. Corpean

    [✓] Ban Appel

    You were originally banned on November 22, 2015 for PvP hacks for a minimum duration of three months. Before we unban you, please contact me on discord Corpean#2936.
  8. Corpean

    Frequently Asked Questions: Admin Edition

    Done! https://discord.gg/j635JDk
  9. Corpean

    Anything Ideas and Feedback

    I've just learned we have a nation leader discord that no GM is even in, so trying to get into that with @Fireheart so we can communicate better with everyone. For the second comment, we unfortunately don't really have any say. We can make suggestions but everything is up to the Administrative Team regarding rules, plugins, everything.
  10. Corpean

    Anything Ideas and Feedback

    I feel attacked 😞
  11. What are some ideas you'd like to see on the server, if it's regarding rules please see this forum post so we can monitor them better and implement them. If you're unsure if it's a rule related post or not, feel free to post here anyways. Any feedback you have regarding the current handling of the server. how the GM Team handles situations, and how we can improve these. If you have specific situations, feel free to comment those as well and how you think we should've better approached the situation. Anything goes here, complain, tell us we suck, you love us, anything.
  12. Citizens of the great Silver Enclave, Dragaar Aldirar, The Elokarir'tir, the Guardian of Law, has passed his position onto myself. With the sincerest of all attitudes I look forward to serving the people and maintaining order within our lands. With his departure he has left this note for all citizens to be known. Upcoming changes are to be expected as I am accustomed into this new office. Policy changes are to be expected in the upcoming weeks. We hope with all dignity and respect you will work with us on our journey forward, together. Sincerely, Kalaril Verandis Elokarir'tir of the Silver Enclave
  13. Corpean

    [✗] dewper appeal

    Reminder for players to stay off the comments so we can keep clear communication flowing between the banned user and the staff member handling this appeal.
  14. https://youtu.be/DEeAN471boQ?t=47m7s Growing Concerns To the North “For prosperity, we must engage with the average civilian.” 16th of The Deep Cold, 1669 Just 14 years ago, the Royal Crown of Renatus-Marna had enacted an official response regarding the most despicable act of enslaving a being for the use of free labor and other vile actions. Yet once again, the following must be reiterated for the protection of our citizens and our most beloved kingdom. For the betterment of humanity and for all of the beings that reside under our protection. We as a group of one people, hope that these acts to the North are kept to their zone. I. Under the direction of, then, His Royal Highness, Constatine of the House of Horen, Archchancellor of the Crown of Renatus-Marna slavery of all races is abolished in the lands held by the Crown. Formally coming to the conclusion that the laws permitting these acts were both harmful to foreign policy and a setback for all of humanity. II. Should a slave take a single single foot within the lands held by the Crown, the above serves as memorandum that the slave shall be free in our lands. Should a, now former, slave need immediate assistance they are to be directed to a member of the legion or an appropriate officer of the administration for assistance. A legionnaire, or officer of the administration, will then escort them to an officer of the Royal Renation Legion. The officer then, shall take recordings of all events leading to the current moment. III. Should the absolute need for a slaver to travel through our lands, they are to be granted the right to free travel unaccompanied by any slaves. Should they demand the right to do so with slaves, they are to be directed to an alternative path around all of the Crownlands. IV. Should a citizen of the Crown be found with any slaves, they are to be taken into custody by the Royal Renation Legion for questioning and sentencing. Depending on the magnitude and effect the citizen has had on slave, the appropriate judgement and sentencing will be carried out by a Royal Renation Officer. Absolutely no citizen or resident within the Crownlands shall be exempt from this. V. Anything not covered in this shall be given the verdict of a Royal Renation Officer, their verdict will carry the word of law. All decisions made by the officer shall be respected. Any incidents that require this must be alerted to a member of the Privy Council or to a Captain or above of the King's Renation Legion. Citizens of Renatus-Marna that have questions, comments, or concerns of this memorandum shall direct them to Captain Michael Dingleberry. Vivere in amore, pace, concordiaque Captain Michael Dingleberry, King's Renation Legion