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    Your View - CBs, Wargoals, and War Classifications

    We’ll take note of this, it’s 30,000 mina per offensive war,. A warclaim will be the overall Wargoal, such as Nation Y wishes to pillage Nation X.
  3. Your View - CBs, Wargoals, and War Classifications ‹ Introduction › Hi everyone, we’ve drafted a new section for the proposed War Rules rewrite. We have decided to use this “Your View” to request feedback from the community as a whole. In the previous week we’ve contacted Nation Leaders and those in the land auction since they represent the leadership of large portions of players. This was to best represent and gauge how the public reception to this proposed changes would be. We’ve done a lot of changes since that time, adding, removing, and editing the below areas as evidenced here. We used their feedback to best represent what their player bases may desire or dislike. Now it is time to open this discussion to the community as a whole. This section was drafted upon reviewing "Your Views" such as the ones found here and here. Since the highest voted item was Stellaris we gathered nearly everything from here. Since this is another game's warfare system being brought onto a roleplay Minecraft server, we had to reword the CBs and Wargoals without completely changing them. While doing this, we wanted to include views outside of the staff and nation leaders, so we are asking for the community’s assistance to provide feedback which we may not have thought of. ‹ Changes › This section is not final, does not encompass war specific rules, or war procedures thus far, this is only CBs, Wargoals, and War Classifications. This is subject to change and will not be live until 7.0 The biggest change to this system is the introduction of War Points -- With the War rework, we decided to go in a different direction than what has been the norm on LotC, which is the Casus Belli system. We are still going to be using the Casus Belli system, but it relies on a few other factors to be properly executed; Wargoals and War Points. To put it simply, a Casus Belli no longer gives you a specific type of Warclaim, instead, for every Casus Belli that is earned you will gain a certain number of ‘War Points’. These War Points can then be used to purchase a Wargoal, which is the primary way of determining the outcome of a war. The reason why we decided to go with the use of Wargoals and War Points was to better facilitate a balanced War System with a fair share of dynamic RP potential - War Points rewarded from CBs and costs of Wargoals are subject to change. The following is an example of how our system works. Nation X has two Rivalry Casus Belli, one Attack on Leadership Casus Belli, and two Subjugation Casus Belli against Nation Y. Nation Y conducting all of these actions against Nation X, thus giving Nation X these Casus Belli. Counting up the Casus Bellis and checking how many War Points each one rewards, Nation X now has 35 War Points against Nation Y. Nation X can purchase Wargoals with these War Points, however, only if they have the necessary amount. They are 5 War Points off from the Vassalize Wargoal, but they can purchase the Plunder Wargoal, which is 30 War Points. Now, Nation X will Warclaim Nation Y with the Wargoal to Plunder Nation Y. A Wargoal is the desired end result Nation X wants from the Warclaim, their desire is to Plunder Nation Y, and this is all that can be done with that Wargoal. This section will have covered most questions regarding the changes, now to move onto the bread and butter of the rewrite so far. CBs, Wargoals, and War Classifications Key: = GM Concern or area to focus on edit/ Assistance Requested Casus Bellis Expiry Time: 60 Days Subjugation: Allows for Nation X to demand a tile, area, or resources of Nation Y. If this demand is refused, it allows for the demanding Nation to gain a subjugation CB. Against the opposing Nation Y. This does not include the capital. Resources are further defined as Materials, Minas, etc, essentially a Tribute. The amount demanded must be within reason, if a dispute arises a verdict by the Game Moderation Team will be made. Rewards 5 War Points (Can only be used twice per month). Border Friction: If Nation X and Nation Y share a border, border conflicts may occur. THIS WILL ONLY BE IN PLACE AFTER 30 DAYS OF MAP START A Nation may only stack the ‘Border Friction’ CB twice. The Attacking Nation will only get 5 War Points from every Border Conflict, while the Defending Nation will gain 10 War Points. Example: If Nation X attacks Nation Y two times, Nation X will get 10 War Points and Nation Y will get 20 War Points. However, if Nation Y then goes on the assault and attacks Nation X two times, Nation Y will gain 10 War Points and Nation X will gain 20 War Points. In the end they will both have 30 War Points on both sides in total. Subjugated: If Nation Y is subjugated by Nation X in any context, Vassal, Tributary, etc, they earn the ‘Subjugated’ CB. Rewards Independence as a Wargoal. Claims: A previously owned tile that is currently in possession of Nation Y, that once belonged to Nation X. This CB would have no expiry date. Claims must be documented or shown on the forums via a forum post. This includes but is not limited to claims to land, marriages, heirs to thrones, landed titles, etc. Alternatively, if a close relative of a Nation Leader wishes to declare their intent for the throne then they may get claimant CB due to a blood claim. This claim passes down family members. This CB also counts for an heir being usurped or someone having their titles stolen. Rewards 15 - 30 War Points depending on the size of the claim. Stolen Heritage - If Nation Y has a Relic or an item of grand importance held by Nation X, that originally belonged to Nation Y, then Nation Y earns the ‘Stolen Heritage’ CB. Further defining what a ‘Relic’ or ‘item of grand importance’ is. These items that are extremely valued by a Nation, for example, the Hammer of Urguan, Sword of Horen, the Ashwood Tree, Crown of Urguan, etc. A verdict may be given by the Game Moderation Team if there are disputes over the value of an item. Any Relic or item of grand importance should be GM/LT Signed or GM/LT Approved via a sign. Example: Nation X sponsored a group to steal Nation Y's item. This includes obtaining it through any illegitimate means or through the auction house. If a person resides in Nation X with the item, and Nation Y refuses to help retrieve the item, this CB can be granted against Nation Y. Once a warclaim post is made with this CB, the relic cannot be moved from its location. If need be, GMs will have a specially locked chests to prevent the movement of the item. Rewards 25 War Points. Attack on Leadership - If the Leadership of Nation Y is attacked by Nation X, and they have reason to believe this was organized by Nation X, they earn the ‘Assault on Leadership’ CB. If the PRO or an immediate relative of the PRO is attacked, War Points awarded are doubled. Leadership is defined as the PRO, RO, military leadership, or anyone designated as such on a forum post. Rewards 15 War Points. Rivalry - If Nation Y is consistently raided or has claims made against them by Nation X, Nation Y earns the ‘Rivalry’ CB. This is further defined as Nation X conducting organized raids consistently against Nation Y, or making aggressive claims against them. (Maybe more?) Claims are defined as official documents by the leadership of a nation, such as denouncements, threats to leadership or the general welfare of the state. Denouncements are further defined as declaring or proclaiming negative connotations, such as declaring heirs to a house or throne illegitimate or slandering political officials/leadership. This is heavily subjective and will require a verdict from the Game Moderation Team. Rewards 5 War Points Per Claim. Rewards 5 War Points Per Raid. Aiding an Enemy - Nation X believes there is probable cause that Nation Y is offering assistance to their enemies through materials, weapons, manpower, military assistance, or anything that will benefit them. This includes support for coup d'etats through items mentioned above. Rewards 15 War Points. If coup’s are involved, the points double to 30 War Points Awarded. Rebellion - If Nation X declares independence from Nation Y, Nation Y earns the ‘Rebellion’ CB against Nation X. Rewards 40 War Points. Alternatively either the Conquer, or Vassalize Wargoal can be rewarded. Wargoals - This is the objective behind the reasoning for the war, a Nation may only act within their allowed wargoal(s) for any actions taken on a tile. To select a Wargoal you must have a sufficient amount of War Points to use that Wargoal in the Warclaim. Conquer – Any tiles with claims to Nation X are rewarded to the victor. Any tiles without claims once belonging to Nation Y are returned to Nation Y. (Offensive War) The new PRO of Nation X must notify GM Management if they wish to raze and/or salt any settlement within a conquered tile. When a Warclaim is conducted within a tile, either a siege or field battle, whoever wins the battle wins the tile. Not defending a tile against a Warclaim still results in losing the tile. Costs 50 War Points Vassalize - Defeated Nation Y may be vassalized by Nation X. Any treaties Nation Y had signed or alliances they were apart of, will be voided without consequence. (Offensive War) The conquered nation will be required to provide assistance to their overlord through reasonable monetary payments, material payments, manpower for their armies, or military assistance as requested. This can only be requested by Nation X every 2 weeks. If refused by Nation Y, a conquer Wargoal is automatically granted to Nation X. The conquering nation will be required to provide room for the vassal to function as an RP hub GM oversight may be requested for what a reasonable amount is. Region Owners will not change with this Wargoal. Costs 40 War Points Change in Government Type - Nation X forcefully changes the government type of Nation Y. (Offensive War) For example, you could force them to switch from Absolute Monarch to a Republic form of Government, or the other way around. This is will be forced to last x amount of time? How will this be enforced? Plunder - Nation Y can plunder Nation X for 70% of their treasury and minerals. This will cause severe damage to the Nation and its treasury (must leave behind 30%) and Nation storage may be fully looted as well as any chests in the region. (Offensive War) Costs 30 War Points Stop Atrocities - Nation Y sees an unjust war, and may step in, in an attempt to stop a war perpetrated by Nation X. If successful, Nation X's ruler will be executed. (Justified War) This can only be applied to offensive wars. A CB will be granted to Nation X against Nation Y. Costs 30 War Points Forced Conversion - If Nation X loses the war against Nation Y, Nation X’s state religion would be that of Nation Y. (Offensive War) This would be enforced through a roleplay post on the forums that Nation X’s state religion is now that of Nation Y’s. This will remain for x amount of time. Costs 30 War Points Leadership Capture - Nation Y will capture the NL of Nation X, additional leadership captures and people who are ROs will require a /roll 20, 16 and higher is a capture. (Offensive War) Costs 25 War Points The NL can only be captured if they attended the Warclaim, ROs and Leadership can only be captured if they attended the Warclaim. Nation leader suggestion: regardless of attendance a player will /roll 20 on 1-10 a Coma will occur, on 11-20 Capture will occur. During a coma the leader is not captured but they are incapacitated for X amount of time and will be unplayable. During the capture period, anything may occur. Time being captured for is subject to change due to server rule constraints, war rules could override this. Holy Retribution - Nation Y will capture the head religious figure or highly regarded religious figure(s) of Nation X. This is further defined as Capturing the head most religious figure of the Nation. (Offensive War) Costs 25 War Points Retribution - The reclamation of one’s original land. No additional land can be acquired during this time. (Justified War) Costs 20 War Points This grants 15 Warpoints to the Nation you attack. Trade War - Nation X has a surplus or a deficit of a material, Nation Y may wage war against Nation X to force Nation X to lower or raise prices. (Justified War) Costs 20 War Points Nation Y may force all market stalls in Nation X to raise/lower prices up to 50%. Failure to comply within 72hr will cause the stall or market to be evicted. Independence - A vassal of Nation Y may openly rebel to fight for independence. All nation Y must do is reclaim at least one tile for victory. They must hold this tile for at least 30 days or remain victorious from two sieges. (Justified War) This may only be applied after 30 days of being a vassal. Requires the “Subjugated” CB. Period of 14 days, for Nation Y to act on this. Otherwise the nation earns their independence. War Classifications Justified Wars - Nation X has given a reason for a CB to Nation Y, Nation Y can utilize this CB to wage a war for a flat fee of 15,000 minas. GMs will set up camps for attackers, attackers will submit a battle plan in war discord of each tile they will pass through, submit a picture through Dynamic Map (Dynamap) of where they want their camps. Defenders have the ability to defend border tiles for free with a war camp, to move beyond a border tile, defenders will have to pay 50% of attackers cost, 7,500 minas. If they advance beyond their border tile, they will be provided a war camp by the GMs. Field battles will be fought at the battle plan war camp as presented by the attackers if met with resistance from defenders at that tile. If the defending Nation wins two field battles in a total, it is considered a Defender Victory, ending the War. Sieges will take place at the defending nation’s capital as indicated by the battle plan, if defenders win two sieges in total, it is considered a Defender Victory, ending the War. Offensive Wars - Attackers will have a flat fee of 30,000 minas for each Warclaim. If more than one Offensive Wars occurs within 30 days a 75% increase in the cost per occurrence will occur as a warmongering penalty. GMs will set up camps for attackers, attackers will submit a battle plan in war discord of each tile they will pass through, and submit a picture through Dynamic Map (Dynamap) of where they want their war camps in each tile as they advance. Defenders have the ability to defend border tiles for free, to move beyond a border tile, defenders will have to pay 50% of attackers cost, 15,000 minas. If they advance beyond their border tile, they will also be provided a camp by the GMs. Field battles will be fought at the battle plan war camp as presented by the attackers if met with resistance from defenders at that tile. If the defending Nation wins two field battles in a total, it is considered a Defender Victory, ending the War. Sieges will take place at the defending nation’s capital as indicated by the battle plan, if defenders win two sieges in total, it is considered a Defender Victory, ending the War.
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    Boats in 7.0

    Hi all, had a quick brainstorm and wanted to share it with you guys in order to get feedback on this and to also provide documented support or disapproval of the following idea. The idea This is a bit of a spur of the moment idea, and relates to fast travel, but would only return fast travel in the sense of ships and docks only. Say Nation X constructs a ship with a dock, they can use this ship to fast travel to Nation Y's dock whom they have a trade agreement with. Utilizing Warp9 [assuming it's not completely broken upon 1.13] a person pays X Minas to travel, while Nation X and Nation Y pay a set fee per week for contracting fees to the companies, which could either be collected by GMs or split to player companies, being the companies that build the ships, between the two nations (GMs would take a rather large portion to simulate salaries of sailors and other expenses) This would promote RP and diplomacy between nations and would serve to only promote RP rather than harming it. You would still be required to travel via roads to reach any destination that didn’t have enough room for a boat, didn’t have a dock/trade agreement. Feedback?
  5. Corpean

    Heists Rules

    -=Rule Update=- Type: Rule clarification Details: Rule clarified was A roll of 5 or less fails the lock picking session, and if lock picks are used, they will instantly break.
  6. Corpean

    [✓] [Server] Aislin Ban Appeal

    Hi Aislin/papib, The GM who banned you has since been removed from the team. I’ll be reviewing your appeal. You were banned for making comments such as “*starts popping his *****” “*picks the pole up and slowly releases anal muscles” and other noteworthy mentions such as “been on, ***** you been conBentley tints on, Fendi prints onAy yo I been North, Laura been CroftPlates say ‘Chung-Li’ drop the Benz off”. It may be hard for you to recognize, but these actions and words are not allowed on the Lord of the Craft servers. As your ban was allowed to be appealed 11/19/2018 as in the ban message “Using meme roleplay to disturb valid rolepay and encouraging others to do so as well. Appeal required, ban is appealable 2018/11/19. (-Former GM’s Discord ID)”. Your ban appeal is accepted, please do not continue to conduct such behavior in the future.
  7. Corpean

    GM Update Log - November 2018

    GM Update Log - November 2018 ‹ Introduction › Hi everyone, Corpean here one month deep into my GM Director tenure. A lot of changes are coming up in preparation for 7.0, which may be met with glee by some. We’re focusing now on war rules and changes to the current system as well as other areas that will be talked about. ‹ New Changes › War rules have begun the first stages of an overhaul, we’re currently using information gathered from “Your View” posts to create a barebones draft for the new rules with hopes that automation will eventually take over the process. Currently all wars are handled manually and must be verified for legitimacy, and set up by hand by Game Moderators and Administrators. This new draft gathers from a multiple of topics that have been discussed, such as lag. Lag is a problem on the war server due to Minecraft being based on Java, and having 400+ players at times all fighting creates an enormous influx of packets and strains the server. We’re looking into ways to resolve this. CBs are currently being reviewed as well as other new additions. However, since this is a server wide project it needs Administrator approval and we are currently working with the Administration to implement these ideas as soon as possible. The current rewrites and structure in the team, finals and upcoming holiday season has caused great stress on GMs, as such I had requested Telanir to approve the restriction of warclaims to once per weekend which you can read more here. GMs are currently being trained on how to oversee heists, which will allow for a more dynamic roleplay environment for the players and streamline the current process. You can find all information regarding heists here. Currently, we are working with the administration to promote more transparency in the way the Game Moderation Team operates. We are reviewing ways (namely where to put) the Game Team Policies on the forum so they can be reviewed by players in compliance with our mission statement. We’re currently looking at a new policy in the Game Team, that is already implemented an in effect, which is GM Policy section 13 encompass the following. “/fly for building or recording Players are granted /fly for building or recording only under the following conditions. They are a region owner (RO) of a nation or are designated as a builder/recorder by an RO working inside the nation’s region(s). A maximum of 2 builders may be allocated per nation for /fly purposes, region owners have an uncapped amount. They are a member of the staff team working on staff related projects. A Game Moderator should be near the players with /fly to prevent any potential abuse. It is the RO’s duty to report any players that no longer require fly.” This policy is currently being reviewed under the advisement of the Administration. ‹ Current Team Roster › ‹ Monthly Statistics › The GM team received a total of 3020 modreqs in November. Congratulations and thank you to: Caranthir_, Xalid, and PunifiedZombie for taking the most tickets in that respective order! The monthly quota for the GM-Team is 3%, for this month that meant an individual GM had to complete a total of 90 tickets. Below you can view the general statistics for all members of the team. Keep in mind some new GMs were on hiatus, added to the team late in the month, some stepped down, or were removed. In addition to completed tickets, there were also numerous GM Point Claim forums in regard to: Warclaims, raids, bans, ban-appeals and extensive modreqs. You can view these statistics below: (Note, submissions are voluntary and only count up to 100 points for moderators so this data is not fully accurate. In the case of this month, there were 27 instances where GMs had filled out this form. ‹ Roster Changes › BronCloch promoted to GM Trainer Keening promoted to full GM PunifiedZombie promoted to full GM Xalid promoted to full GM Elrith promoted to full GM Caranthir_ promoted to full GM LeoRabbit99 promoted to full GM Burnsy__ accepted as GM Trial Murlocs accepted as GM Trial Deer__ accepted as GM Trial Endershadow292 accepted as GM Trial ScreamingDingo accepted as GM Trial Nectorist accepted as GM Trial Cruzazul8 accepted as GM Trial 3andD accepted as GM Trial Aythyinae accepted as GM Trial Youngie5500 stepped down as GM Karimir stepped down as GM Yagami stepped down as GM Wrynn removed from GM Team Kanadensare removed from GM Team DiscoLiquid removed from GM Team ‹ Special Thanks › To the community through their continued support To Fireheart for assistance in duties and administrative support To Telanir for advisement To Frott for overseeing warclaims ------------------------------- And a very special thanks to Tarren who went above and beyond her duties as a manager this month to better serve the community and the GM Team. Assisting in warclaims, processing interviews, and training new GMs.
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