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  1. Corpean

    We Out

    This was orginally sent via main LOTC Discord, but the introductions and farewells subsection may do just as well, seeing as how this message was deleted within one minute of being sent. Unless of course, this message is deleted/hidden as well. _______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Seeing as Fireheart is becoming power hungry I no longer am the director of the GM team and in a lust for more power he persuaded big man upstairs to m
  2. i hit deny on your app but gave you the tag for some reason anyways
  3. If I can ask with the new staff policy, why are bankers allowed for nations and not charters like the rest of the perks? @Corpean

    1. Corpean


      Banks are/should be centralized. It’s a nation specific perk.


      Policies are lightly updated for 7.0 in mind. If freebuilds have it in this map, they can keep it.

    2. Jenny_Bobbs


      That seems a bit strange, why have auctioneers in charters and not bankers?

  4. What the HECK is this next page previous page thing you’ve done!?!?

  5. I take bribes now – https://www.patreon.com/Corpean

    1. lemontide331


      I’ll be purchasing the $25 package tonight! Have a happy holidays ?

  6. Congratulations u have become first signature addition 

  7. Only working with what’s provided of the best quality1 items are not actually quality and are bad, media team pls
  8. Taking a break for a moment to wish you, your family, and your loved ones a very merry Christmas, and a happy new year. Please take a moment to view this video that illustrates builds by our staff, and community, commemorating Christmas. I hope you a happy, and safe holiday season. Merry Christmas everyone, The Lord Of The Craft Team
  9. -=Rule Update=- Type: Rule clarification Details: Rule clarified was A roll of 5 or less fails the lock picking session, and if lock picks are used, they will instantly break.
  10. The Game Moderation Team is in need of more GMs, if you or someone you know would be interested in the position, apply here - https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forms/3-game-moderator-application/

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    2. Corpean


      2 hours ago, SaltAlt said:

      Feedback noted.


      That’s an auto reply by the system lol, but yes. Feedback noted.

    3. rukio


      I vote Narthok

    4. Jondead


      I would @Corpean But Fireheart told me to wait until I was older and had more staff experience. 

  11. I leave for one weekend... flame-war.gif

    1. Monkee
    2. Suxals


      Good meme, it made chuckle.

  12. Could you send me a message detailing my perma-ban?

    I do not recall what is said in the ban message actually happening.

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