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  1. Emperor Alexander's father, also named Alexander, watches on with immense pride as his son takes the throne.
  2. The Grand Restoration The baked sun rained down onto the small convoy, the doeskin of their dry boots crunching onto the gravels below. Hoisted onto the backs of run down mules flapped the banners, which were drenched in a repugnant brown sludge where they had run along the paths at points. The people of the convoy were rugged, their faces grim with a look of casual nervousness etched onto their expression. They stared ahead, but thereupon the thin linen sheets still flew the violaceous dragon of John, its dignified wings crusted over by the mud. At the head of the column, two pale mares saddled by two near-identical looking young men save their attire. Their imperious features were countered by soft eyes, a light blue singed with Horenic grey. A score of men and outriders buzzed around the pair. A rag-tag collection of followers, women and children, flanked them in carts of decaying oak. The band approached a small cabin in the woods. The chirp of the quiet robin placated to the incessant drumming of the woodpecker. A loose perimetre of men-at-arms patrolled what once was the workplace of a lumberjack. The two men dismounted, and together, entered the building unarmed. A conclave of men stood tepidly around a circular varnished table, new and rich amongst the downtrodden carcass of the cabin. The twins stood side-by-side in the dimly lit room, their features almost exact. A few raspy whispers floated around the tight room, the same sound from each lip, until it was a resounding murmur: “Charles” The room fell on its knees, one twin yielded to the other. Their choice had been made. All heads were bowed in silence. A dynasty was restored. A small gleam of light from a small crack in the ceiling danced around the face of Charles Edward Alstion, it was as if all things were frozen in that small space of time. One-hundred years on from its deposition, the line of John stepped into the limelight of humanity. As the heavens let their approval be known, all the assembled men began to stand, shouting in exaltation. Their shouts rang out as the band, fuller and better equipped than before, determinedly marched back to Helena. “VIVAT IMPERATOR” “VIVAT CAROLUS REX” “VIVAT JOHANNES” If one thing was certain, the line of the Emperors had once more returned to Oren and to humanity. HIS IMPERIAL AND ROYAL MAJESTY, Charles I Edward of the House of Alstion, By the Grace of God Holy Orenian Emperor and rightful Emperor of Aeldin, Forever August, Apostolic King in Oren, of Marna, Mardon, Salvus, Seventis, Savoy, Vandoria, Aesterwald, Courland, Santegia and the Westerlands, Duke of the Crownlands and Blackmarsh, Count of Johannesburg, Lorath and Cantal, Baron of Darkwood and Gravelhold, Fidei Defensor, Supreme Protector of Mankind, Master of the Lions of Man, etcetera.
  3. An old Horen across the shores sighed at what had become of his ancestors empire.
  4. Regarding The line of John “There is nothing very odd about lambs disliking birds of prey, but this is no reason for holding it against large birds of prey that they carry off lambs. And when the lambs whisper amongst themselves, ‘These birds of prey are evil, and does this not give us a right to say whatever is the opposite of a bird of prey must be good?’ there is nothing intrinsically wrong with such an argument--though the birds of prey will look somewhat quizzically and say, ‘We have nothing against these good lambs; in fact, we love them; nothing tastes better than a tender lamb.’” BELL ‘NIETZSCHE’ SANO From an undisclosed location, Aeldin. 14th of Owyn’s Flame, 1717. Authored: Alexandros Fridericus of the House of Horen I. EXORDIUM II. ON LINEAGE III. ON CLAIMS IV. ON CRIMINALITY V. POSTSCRIPT EXORDIUM The line of Johnannes is the foremost beating heart of Humanity. Its careful stewardship of the Imperium saw humankind rise to pre-eminence for more than a century. It has been, and always will be, the arteries with which Human supremacy was achieved. History has shown us that it will rise when threatened, when rulers claim its legacy as theirs, and when lesser men - feeling insignificant in comparison - use subtle ploys and schemes to disestablish the inextinguishable light it exudes. ON LINEAGE By right of fire, sword, and blood the Johannian empire united humanity and lasted for over one-hundred years. It stood the test of time against the greatest of odds. Its patriarchal authority ordains itself to rule over all other cadet lines of their Horenic blood. HOUSE HOREN-MARNA, HOUSE HOREN-VIMMARK, HOUSE HOREN-CANTAL, HOUSE D’ANPALAIS, HOUSE PREUSSEN. All owe their allegiance to the line of John, by right of blood and by sword. Our crown was taken from us, yet those of us living remember who it was that made these houses what they are today. Though it is through civilised war that we have gradually sunken further and further into the annals of history. A footnote with which to reference the great achievements of others in the past few decades. By right of birth and sword, the line of Johannes today traces its lineage through Carolus Ellios, the third and final son of Petrus Sigismundus, Holy Orenian Emperor. And as his first son I, Alexandros Fridericus, passed my own titles onto Johannes Alexandros, the nominal Prince of Alstion, Duke of Alba and of Furnestock. ON CLAIMS By right of blood and marriage the Johannian dynasty holds the ultimate claim to the titles of Oren in its true resting state, having ruled over the Holy Orenian Empire for a century. There is no rightful claim of any other, let alone cadet, to assume this title even as it remains defunct and dissolved, not legally recognised by any true Imperial body. This is a claim held through the immortal laws of primogeniture which shall remain inextinguishable. Likewise, by right of blood and of marriage, Johannes Alexandros holds an inalienable right of succession to the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska and all of its subsequent titles: THE KINGDOM OF HANSETI THE KINGDOM OF RUSKA THE PRINCIPALITIES OF KUSORAEV, DULES, ULGAARD, LAHY, SORBESBORG AND SLESVIK THE DUCHIES OF ADRIA AND CARNATIA LORD OF THE WESTFOLK, LORD OF MARKEV, PROTECTOR OF THE HIGHLANDERS AND ALL SUBSIDIARY TITLES These claims are recognised through a plethora of Royal decrees and descent from his mother Analiese Barovii as sister to Sigiunus Barovii, King of Hanseti-Ruska. ON CRIMINALITY I hereby levy the charge of criminality in the face of ancient laws and customs, and the rights of primogeniture, against Joseph Horen-Marna. The line of Horen-Marna flagrantly disrespects fact and reason, claiming that the line of John is extinct, and assuming the role of heir to the titles of the line of Johannes. I levy the charge of blasphemy against Joseph. By undergoing a coronation in the sight of the Lord and laying claim to the title of the Holy Orenian Empire he has committed a grievous lie. He has no right to claim a title to which superior heirs stand before him, a title which lays unclaimed due to the loyalty of the descendants of Carolus Ellios. I levy the charge of deceit against the line of Horen-Marna. They dare to assume superiority over the line of Johann, assuming use of its ancient Coat of Arms and titles; this is a flagrant affront before all established customs and our Divinely-given rights, along with an affront to the pre-eminent personage of John I himself. We cannot and will not allow these transgressions and falsities to further corrupt the people that we were born to serve. Human kind cannot be allowed to descend back into a dark age of balkanisation and ruin. The Lord Frederick Marna once argued that ‘humanity must be saved from itself’ following the Coup of Adelburg. His successors now destroy that notion and with it the dignity of a family descended from the line of Emperors. HORENVS : VINCIT : HORENVS : REIGNAT : HORENVS : IMPERIAT IN NOMINE DEI, Alexandros Fridericus. POSTSCRIPT I am Johannes Alexandros, Prince of Alstion and Duke of Alba and Furnestock, the firstborn son of Alexandros Fridericus who was himself firstborn of Carolus Ellios, Prince of Alstion. The Marnanite host attempts consistently to suggest that the late decrees of the once-Emperor Antonius somehow released them from their obligations and ancient oaths. In this they obscure the true order of events. Antonius was succeeded by Godfrey III after his disappearance, and before the publication of the Nenzing Proclamation and the open rebellion of Joseph of Marna. It was to Godfrey who these men owed their fealty by right of succession - oaths which they broke. After this proclamation of open rebellion the Empire of Man - a separate entity entirely to this ‘Holy Orenian Empire’ - was renamed to the Imperium Renatum. It is I, not Joseph, who holds claim to this ancient title. He usurps my current title for his son, and my ancient claims outlined by my father. My mother was the brutally murdered Analiese Barbanov, dear sister to the late King Siguine. My father taught me the culture of my mother and her ancestors within the decrepit monastery of Nordengrad -- wherein I grew up as a child in a hut of mud. I yearned all my life to know my mother's people, and now I weep to see them led astray by men who arrogantly claim a lineage which is not theirs. Following the actions of Marius and those who have followed him into open dissent against the Throne which they swore to obey, the ancient duty of succession comes to rest upon my shoulders. My birthright is the Throne of Hanseti-Ruska; through treachery and maligne deception, the heirs before me have forfeited their rights to such a title. They endanger the lives and wellbeing of my people and my Kingdom. I know what it is like to lose everything. I know what it is like to grow up fearing that each day may be my last. I do not wish to see this befall upon my mother’s people. I therefore resign to take upon myself this burden, out of duty towards my ancestors and the common-folk who I now swear to protect from this day until my last of days. Through treachery and deception have snakes and rats deceived my people, luring them into open rebellion, disrespectful to and flying in the face of ancient custom. I have had one birthright stolen from me by the Marnanite hosts who do away with any respect for our traditions or customs, instead grasping only for power, and shall not see another stolen from me. I lay this challenge to the feet of Marius who, having forfeited his claim in treason, now resides in my rightful seat. Lay down your arms, kinsman, give up this lost fight. Surrender with the honour befitting a Barbanov, and our family may live. Spare the people, spare the kingdom. Save yourself. In your last days as king, do not let brutality and death fall upon them. If not, meet me in battle, standing for your treason with steel. I am Johannes Alexandros, the first of my name, the Prince of Alstion, and through the rights of succession and the abdication of the Haensetic royal house in their treasonous acts, hold rightful claim to the Kingdom of Hanseti-Ruska. Through fire, sword, and blood, will my line once more hold its ancient and inalienable right to rule. Through fire, sword, and blood will pretenders fall. IN NOMINE DEI, Johannes Alexandros, Prince of Alstion, Duke of Alba and Furnestock. [!] Attached at the bottom is a document of Haense acknowledging the claim. https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/167758-to-save-humanity-from-itself/
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  7. ALEXANDER FREDERICK HOREN wiped a thick line of imperial sweat off of his brow, finding himself lucky now to have never married Alexandria. He then beckons his cousin Augustus to Aeldin with open arms.
  8. Name: Alexander Race: Human Age: 30ish Discord#: you have it
  9. I'm going to miss you blago
  10. MCName: EdTheGoat UUID: c0c3dc83-0f09-4735-b644-0d09d1bc45e1 Reason: condition of unban Expiration: Appeal on 2nd January
  11. THE LAST STAND OF THE DWED OF KAZ'ULRAH Empire of Man vs Kaz’Ulrah Warzone. Hello everyone, as we approach the warclaim occurring tomorrow a warzone has been set up! The war zone will be located on the main server and there will be warp signs located at each major settlement that is involved in the war, the main two being EMPIRE OF MAN and KAZ’ULRAH. These warp pillars will warp you into the warzone. You will not be able to warp back and instead must soulstone or run out of the region. Warp Signs: Warzone Rules: Kaz’ulrah and allies must use status fighting, Empire of Man and allies must use status mounted. You must be statused before using the warp sign or entering the region. If you would like to switch sides then you must leave the region by running out or soulstoning out and returning with the new status. You may not enter the warzone without armour or weapons. You may leave at any time by soulstoning out or running out of the region. All other server rules shall apply. _______________________________________________________________ The war zone will be shut down and closed at 6pm EST and it will go live and open up at 3pm EST. Nation leaders of each respective side will be given any items left behind in chests. Final Note: The Community Guidelines are the optimal virtues for the best possible experience and should be followed and read. The toxicity that presented itself and the situations that occurred at the last warzone was unacceptable, we as staff hope we can work with you guys this time around to provide a fun warzone with little toxicity. Therefore, there will be no tolerance to toxicity and if a player finds themselves making toxic comments or harassing other individuals in the warzone they can expect to find themselves banned for the duration of the warzone.
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  14. GLADEWYNN WARZONE Hello everyone, sorry for the small delay but as we approach the war claims occurring on the weekend a warzone has been set up! The war zone will be located on the main server and a warp sign from GLADEWYNN and KRUGMAR will warp you in to the war zone. You will not be able to warp back and instead must soulstone or run out of the region. Warp Signs: Warzone Rules: Krugmar and allies must use status fighting, Gladewynn and allies must use status mounted. You must be statused before using the warp sign or entering the region. If you would like to switch sides then you must leave the region by running out or soulstoning out and returning with the new status. You may not enter the warzone without armour or weapons. You may leave at any time by soulstoning out or running out of the region. All other server rules shall apply. _______________________________________________________________ The warzone will be shut down and closed at 10pm EST. Nation leaders of each respective side will be given any items left behind in chests.
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