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  1. what is your biggest regret on lotc? asides from running against me in senntisten mayoral election thereby making me lose and putting me on a destructive path of coping still seen today
  2. why should I waste my ratio to ask you a question?
  3. Amadeus d’Aryn lounged on a lavish bench in the Seven Skies, overlooking all creation whilst feasting on a crab pie. He regarded Joseph kindly as he accumulated beside him, offering his friend a portion of the delicacy with a nudge. He had shared his youth with the Emperor, owed a great deal to him, and had died gruesomely despite orders from his friend to save him. In life Joseph had been his superior, but in death they were naught but old men on a bench with nowhere to go but eternity, watching the world revolve under the stars. "I always knew you were an Everardine
  4. Henry, a blind old fool with not a penny left to his name, was struck down that fateful day in Providence. He had thought to stand by his dear friend Robert in the face of otherwise certain death. He had been a judgeless wit in his final act, but he thought it right to fight for something he believed in: someone he believed in. In the last moments of his life he whacked a wooden cane into the face of a redshirt ensign and was met with a blade in the stomach forthwith. As he died, he thought of those final words to his fellow conspirators: "Godspeed, goodmen, I must see to my dut
  5. One of Robert Helvets' defence counsels awaits, nay, expects a fair trial, with impartial jurors not selected at the discretion of the state. He will endeavour himself to prevent the execution of the young lord.
  6. RP Name: Roi Zeid MC Name: Caranthir_ Voted: Yes
  7. From the Seven Skies Amadeus d'Aryn wished his old colleague all the help he could get as the Vicar of God. Goodness knows he would need it now. In many respects, he was blissful to not have to witness any longer the treachery of men. Perfection in God, that was all he knew now, and all he would remain for eternity.
  8. His eyes and ears had left him, yet his fiery passion for life remained. Despite all judgements to the contrary, Amadeus d’Aryn had survived for almost seventy years. He had faced rivals, pagans, schismatics, and worst of all: the politicians. As he sat in the Cathedral of Karosgrad he felt a surge of pride in who he was, and what he stood for. Many, many moons before had Amadeus stood upright and confidently in the House of Commons as Leader of His Imperial Majesty’s Opposition. He proclaimed his will, orated amongst the very best of them, and worked with the ardor that many lesse
  9. The Cardinal Amadeus, having only barely left his state of bedridden illness and with a thick bacon bap squeezed beneath his amusingly thin fingers, had the homily read aloud to him. As he drifted to sleep ten seconds later, he dreamt of a life that could have been. The ancient statesman was young once again, and bills flowed like water from magnificent fountains. The people applauded him as he lifted the Tapestry of Man up high between both hands. Decades later, the High Pontiff himself congratulated Amadeus on a job well done. He swam amongst a pile of votes, and greeted Joseph I
  10. As Manfried slowly read the contents of the bull out in the confines of his poorly aired room, the Cardinal Amadeus - laid down in a well embroidered bed - found some sense of peace. Having been Vice Chancellor to the last High Pontiff for the majority of his adult life, he saw solace that the true work of his mortal existence would continue in normal function. He seemed resigned to his own fate, whatever it may now be.
  11. The wind-up clock ticked with its old monotonous rhythm. Tick-tock-tick-tock-tick-tock: it did not end, it just kept on going on and on. The lump in the corner of the room stirred restlessly. It had been listening to this same clacking sound, which pulsated in an alternative beat with his heart, since morning. A door opened. “Eminence…” came a voice. All it got in return was a groan. The figure moved closer through the dark room, peppered with a variety of smells and spices aromating in and out the wooden beams. “Lord Richard died the other day: executed.”
  12. "There comes a time in a mans life where he must wake up and smell the noodles." wrote an elderly Cardinal Amadeus of Oren from under a public bench. "No longer can we be dictated by fantasies and delusions. Pointless scuffles damage the integrity of us all. Let us come together as one, remembering the life of our dear friend James, and endeavouring to create a more perfect humanity which is one with God and itself." Thereafter, he was content to have a lie down, only to be waken by a pesky elven couple laughing above him on the seat.
  13. Amadeus Cardinal Sutica nodded as the slips of paper were presented before him. He bowed his head to the Pontifical aide, indicating to do now what he must. After a dramatic loss of Cyril Halcourt's vote, all had seemed to be going wrong at the worst possible time. But it had been retrieved, and sent again with apologies, and the votes were now all in. "Albarosa Cardinalis.." "Albarosa Cardinalis.." "Albarosa Cardinalis.." "Albarosa Cardinalis.." "Albarosa Cardinalis.." "Jorenus Cardinalis.." "Jorenus Cardinalis.." At this point the long ti
  14. ELECTIONEM PONTIFICEM THE COLLEGE OF CARDINALS OF JAMES II Amadeus Cardinal Sutica @Caranthir_ Manfried Cardinal St. Julia @GoldWolfGaming Ailred Cardinal Reinmar @argonian Alfred Cardinal Jorenus @Froschli Cyril Cardinal Norland @Publius Johan Cardinal Vuiller @Harald Laurence Cardinal Albarosa @Draeris [!] Only these may post on this thread. [!] A notice of great importance has been delivered to the College of Cardinals, summoning them to elect a new High Pontiff after the unfortunate
  15. Vice Chancellor Amadeus, now Regent of the Holy Mother Church, prepares the College of Cardinals without delay whilst intensely mourning the death of his very old friend.
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