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    The Palatine Guard “Ex Umbra In Solem” The snow flew in all directions, a blizzard most foul had been sent breezing through Atlas in recent times. Even so, a gathering of men walked the southern hills. The dried leaves of winter crunched beneath their steel capped boots as they marched, the tips of their polearms brittle by the snapping cold. Their banners, which flapped solitarily midst the wind, were drenched in a repugnant reddish-brown sludge. There upon the thin linen, though, still flew the violaceous arms of the Vicar of God, its dignified wings frosted over some by a tenebrous ice. A score of men waded through the flurry, determined and hungry, with the objective of reaching their respite. The blizzard had snuffed out any resemblance of humanity in the retainers just as well as their ordeal had. They were tired, they were weary, yet they pushed on. Alike to ants in a downfall, they made for home. For Judeburg For the High Pontiff For GOD PREAMBLE Defenders of the Holy Father, the Church, and its ancient institutions, the Palatine Guard maintains the law of GOD across the realms of humanity. Tasked as the personal protectors of the High Pontiff, these men serve at the most elite level and pledge their life to the Church. It is further organised to manage the defense of the Church and the keepers of its faith. The Guard is formed as its precursor had been under the High Pontiff Daniel I, to protect the Church in times where its security is not guaranteed without strength and arms. To live and die for the Pontiff and God is the ultimate purpose of the Palatine Guard. THE CODE It is the responsibility of all Palatine’s to give their life for the Guard. Each initiate shall have to repeat this code in their oathing ceremony, with the basic tenants of the Guard herein laid out: I. To serve the word of GOD with faith and devotion. II. To maintain and defend His word until death. III. To embody the virtues of the Exalteds and the Saints. IV. To serve the High Pontiff, College of Bishops, and the institutions of the Church of the Canon with unwavering loyalty. V. To obey without question the word of the Holy Father. VI. To live in the knowledge that to violate this code means death. RANKS HIGH COMMAND Commandant The Commandant is the head of the Palatine Guard, and his authority on matters of running the Guard are held as law. The position is retained for life, or until it is abdicated from. The Commandant is appointed by the Palatine Council, chosen from the Vice-Commandants. He can only be removed by the High Pontiff himself, as has a duty to advise the Holy Father and College on all matters military. PALATINE COUNCIL The Palatine Council acts as the commanding force in the Guard. They are the direct subordinates of the Commandant, and are all appointed by him. Made up of the following, it is they who select the next Commandant. Vice-Commandants The Vice-Commandant's are the overall commanders of the Guard. Tasked with command on the battlefield, and the management of specific sections and offices of the Guard, they are implemented in an effort to delegate the daily functions of the Palatine Guard. Kaplan The Kaplan is the highest spiritual rank in the Guard, and acts with the same authority as Commandant, but can be overridden by him. Selected from the fiercest and bravest the Palatine has to offer, the Kaplan becomes an ordained warrior-priest and runs all religious matters in the Guard. The Kaplan has a seat on the Palatine Council, however only one can be in existence at a time. Confanonier The Confanonier is in charge of all within the Enlisted ranks. He is the one to carry the Pontifical standard into battle, and acts as the paymaster, trainer, and role model to all lower ranks. As with the Kaplan, there may be only one in service at a time. SENIOR COMMAND First Knight The First Knight is he who has shown his ability to command in battle effectively. They are considered the advisers to the Palatine Council, and is given command of the Holy Knights. They are to be selected by the Commandant himself, but are not guaranteed a seat within the Palatine Council. On occasion, however, it may be permitted that they sit on the Council. Holy Knights The Holy Knights are the most elite members of the guard. They carry the style of ‘Holy Ser’, and are chosen from the First Palatines. They are beholden to the First Knight, who leads them into battle. First Palatine The First Palatine are the most experienced, proven and competent Palatines the Guard has to offer. They are chosen from those who have been decorated on the field, and usually a secondary duty. The First Palatine is a disciplinary role, and as such they are in charge of distributing punishments amongst the enlisted and keeping order. Quartermaster General The Quartermaster General is tasked with the maintenance of military supplies within the Palatine Guard. They are chosen from Enlisted who are shown to have a keen eye for organisation and logistics. There is usually only one residing Quartermaster, but in certain cases that number may be expanded. It is they who create and keep the records of the Palatine Guard, and work in aid of the Palatine Council in executing their plans. ENLISTED Palatine The Palatine are veteran warriors of the guard, proven in battle and loyalty. It is they who make up the bulwark of the Guard, and act as the primary rank-and-file soldier within its hierarchy. They are the first of the Guard who are permitted to wear the colours and tabard of the Palatine Guard. Gendarmerie The Gendarmerie are those who have been newly initiated, and are now fully fledged members of the Guard. They have been deemed ready for combat, but are still considered a recruit within the Guard. The footmen must obey and respect all those above him in the hierarchy, and must first receive a word of recommendation from a Palatine or above before they can display the Guards colours in battle. Initiate The initiate is the unoathed of the order. They receive basic training until the time at which their loyalty can be proven, and they can take an official oath in the sight of God and the High Command. The initiates are not officially in the Guard until the moment at which they have been inducted. SELECTION For entrance into the Palatine Guard, one must be above the age of fourteen, male, and a member of the Church of the Canon. Those who serve the Guard do so through two routes: Via Consideration To be initiated into the Palatine via consideration, one must first apply to the Guard if they fit the requirements aforementioned. They will be given lodgings, sufficient equipment for their rank, and basic training provided their application should be accepted. If they pass as an initiate, they will be oathed and inducted to be a Gendarmerie. Via Recommendation Any on the Palatine Council can choose a worthy individual to serve in the Guard. They will be inducted into the Palatine directly, rather than having to train as an initiate. This honour is particularly rare, and only those who are renowned for their skills, traits, or standing are sought out in such a way. OATHING When an Initiate has passed their trials, and proven themselves capable of joining the order in full, they shall undergo a ceremony, which shall take place in a recognised chapel and is to be attended by the Kaplan and Commandant. There, the initiate shall take a new name, and swear his oath to the Holy Mother Church and to the Guard. The following is based on transcripts of the oath made by initiates of the last Palatine Guard. Priest: Lo! And behold, for GOD seeks guardians for His flock. You, whose fate is to serve at the fringe of His light, and defend those within from the encroaching abyss. Yet know this fate is the will of the Creator, and as you take upon yourself the mantle of His flock’s protection, you take upon yourself a new name. Commandant: Your tenets. Initiate: (Lists the tenets.) Priest: Ye, who have been deemed fit to guard His flock, mutter unto me the Saintly entity which your very personage seeks most to embody. Initiate: (Personally chosen Saint.) Commandant: You shall know him as your Patron. Priest: Ye, who have been deemed fit to guard His flock. As the Code and the Creator’s light entwine themselves with your very being, rebirth! Now mutter unto me that name which shall be thine Palatine Name. Initiate: (Chosen Palatine name.) Priest: Now pray unto the Skies (chosen name) and give your oath to GOD, and to the Holy Mother Church. Initiate: The initiate takes a knee. If I should falter in my course, send me never to the skies above If I should succeed, bestow unto me His blessings, forevermore For, now I march into a valley through which there is no path And the stones cascade behind me, to seal my retreat Though in this valley, I find my Brothers Now I am named Guardian of His Flock Should I falter, my shield shall turn to ash From the shadow into the light. Priest: The priest anoints them in holy water. Ex umbra in solem. Rise.
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    I'm going to miss you blago
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    MCName: EdTheGoat UUID: c0c3dc83-0f09-4735-b644-0d09d1bc45e1 Reason: condition of unban Expiration: Appeal on 2nd January
  4. Caranthir_

    [✓] [Server] Its Just Ed Ban Appeal

    Appeal accepted. You are unbanned and now will be serving a villany blacklist that you may appeal in 1 month.
  5. THE LAST STAND OF THE DWED OF KAZ'ULRAH Empire of Man vs Kaz’Ulrah Warzone. Hello everyone, as we approach the warclaim occurring tomorrow a warzone has been set up! The war zone will be located on the main server and there will be warp signs located at each major settlement that is involved in the war, the main two being EMPIRE OF MAN and KAZ’ULRAH. These warp pillars will warp you into the warzone. You will not be able to warp back and instead must soulstone or run out of the region. Warp Signs: Warzone Rules: Kaz’ulrah and allies must use status fighting, Empire of Man and allies must use status mounted. You must be statused before using the warp sign or entering the region. If you would like to switch sides then you must leave the region by running out or soulstoning out and returning with the new status. You may not enter the warzone without armour or weapons. You may leave at any time by soulstoning out or running out of the region. All other server rules shall apply. _______________________________________________________________ The war zone will be shut down and closed at 6pm EST and it will go live and open up at 3pm EST. Nation leaders of each respective side will be given any items left behind in chests. Final Note: The Community Guidelines are the optimal virtues for the best possible experience and should be followed and read. The toxicity that presented itself and the situations that occurred at the last warzone was unacceptable, we as staff hope we can work with you guys this time around to provide a fun warzone with little toxicity. Therefore, there will be no tolerance to toxicity and if a player finds themselves making toxic comments or harassing other individuals in the warzone they can expect to find themselves banned for the duration of the warzone.
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    A Letter of Abdication

    A Letter Of Abdication By His Imperial Highness’ own hand it is written: In the Palace of Caesaromagnus 10th of Sigismund’s End, 1691 Signed: Alexander Frederick, Imperial Prince of the Empire of Man, Duke of Alba and Furnestock, Lord Keeper of the Privy Seal. Over a decade ago, I first appeared as the Privy Seal to the Emperor. My thoughts were that I may have proved happy in service to the land that I love. Of this object I have never lost sight, though sad experience now teaches me that selfish views are now so prevalent amongst us all, that they have smothered the virtues that we prescribe to our Empire. The strength of this land, the fierce loyalty to the country - which ought to warm the hearts and minds of every citizen living within its borders - has provided us to build the tools with which we may all enjoy the same rights and liberties to our common folk that we feel now. My ascension to Speaker of the Parliament, I had hoped, would allow me to see this task through; which I believe heartily would have rendered our Empire invulnerable. Yet it is my own inclination that this task can never be fulfilled. Despite my undertaking of the arduous task of obtaining the peace, security, and stability we all wish for, it seems that a change of sentiments in our precious Parliament has labelled me unable to ever make the aforementioned so. I must therefore, to end conflict from amongst ourselves, make a final decision as to my standing. A long experience and an attention to recent events which have progulmated within our lands, have prepared me to the thought that I am no longer of utility to this Empire. My hour has now come; and I am therefore resolved to resign from all my titles, ancestral and nominal. To the former, I give all that I have to my name to my son and heir, John Alexander. There are those who exist now that are not unworthy of the kindness that I feel towards them, and that I believe I shall hereafter forever love as my friends and devoted servants. The Empire may depend on me to continue with an arduous attention to serving GOD and living a pious and holy life of the Cloth. May all the wise providence that I have dispatched within this notice and throughout my life direct His Imperial Majesty in assisting and guiding His conduct towards restoring morality within the hearts of Men, and may he strike down every evil that has plagued us. I rest now in comfort that, through the endeavors of the Crown and its successors, our home and land may be kept guarded and safe from the evil and hate that wish to see it slain. HORENVS : VINCIT : HORENVS : REIGNAT : HORENVS : IMPERIAT IN NOMINE DEI, Alexander.
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    [✗] [Server] zom8ie Ban Appeal

    Appeal denied. Sufficient evidence has been provided to prove you are an alt of Ninjaclimb1.
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    We cookin

  9. i cant believe the dominion fell

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    [✓] [Server] nukee Ban Appeal

    Appeal accepted.
  11. GLADEWYNN WARZONE Hello everyone, sorry for the small delay but as we approach the war claims occurring on the weekend a warzone has been set up! The war zone will be located on the main server and a warp sign from GLADEWYNN and KRUGMAR will warp you in to the war zone. You will not be able to warp back and instead must soulstone or run out of the region. Warp Signs: Warzone Rules: Krugmar and allies must use status fighting, Gladewynn and allies must use status mounted. You must be statused before using the warp sign or entering the region. If you would like to switch sides then you must leave the region by running out or soulstoning out and returning with the new status. You may not enter the warzone without armour or weapons. You may leave at any time by soulstoning out or running out of the region. All other server rules shall apply. _______________________________________________________________ The warzone will be shut down and closed at 10pm EST. Nation leaders of each respective side will be given any items left behind in chests.
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    [✓] [Server] Arsenal Ban Appeal

    Appeal accepted.
  13. Alexander begins to sweat profusely at the brow, watching the nail-biting election results all night on a cup of home-brewed state owned coffee.
  14. Caranthir_

    [✓] [Server] ShIXTank

    Despite the lack of effort in this appeal, you've served a longer duration than your ban specifies. You are unbanned and now will be serving a two week villainy blacklist.