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  1. ThatWeirdGirl

    Seeking High Elf RPer

    Myself and Aythyinae are seeking a person to RP our characters’ daughter, Mira Visaj. She is the daughter of the Maheral and Okarir’nor of Haelunor, and comes with two different skins already. Her personality is up to whoever plays her, though she would likely be a picky eater and rather spoiled. We just ask you’re active and have decent quality of RP. Message me at TwigTheTwig#4321 for any further questions.
  2. ThatWeirdGirl


  3. ThatWeirdGirl

    A Wedding Announcement

    Several fliers are placed around the city of Haelunor, as well as sent to Gladewynn. Each are written in careful calligraphy. Come celebrate the union of the Maheral Dimaethor Visaj and Okarir’nor Tuveh Metta’len in the city of Haelunor on the 12th of Malin’s welcome. Located in the library. ((Wedding at 5 EST, 1-9-19 in Haelunor.))
  4. ThatWeirdGirl

    Mali'thill Krugsmas Party

    Posters are left along the roads leading to Fi'halen, as well as in the city itself. All elves and humans are invited to a party, coming this next elven day. Various contests will be held, and food and will be provided. Scheduled Contests: EGG NOG DRINKING CONTEST UGLY SWEATER CONTEST ORNAMENT MAKING CONTEST To get to the city, one should take the whispering highway from the whispering crossroads near Belvitz, and once they start seeing the quartz and cobblestone lamps instead of torches, take a right at the first crossroads. From there it’s a straight path to the land bridge and the city itself. ((This event will be held December 23rd, 6pm EST))
  5. ThatWeirdGirl

    The Eternal College

    [OOC]] IGN: LadySpectral Discord [Optional]: TwigTheTwig#4321 [[IC]] Name: Tuveh Metta’len Race: Mali’thill Age: 225 School(s) and Certifications applying to: Bachelor’s Certification of Magical Ability in Transfiguration, Bachelor’s Certification of Ability in Mixology Magics known prior: None Are you interested in teaching, should you complete a degree?: Yes, if I’m ever able. Do you accept the rules and regulations of the Eternal College and of Fi’halen?: Yes
  6. ThatWeirdGirl

    A Call to the Past, For the March of Progress

    “I attempted to reach out multiple times before the banishment, leaving letters and visiting the Laurir’ante family home. If the messages I sent didn’t reach you, then the birds and couriers didn’t find you. It was empty, not a piece of furniture to suggest habitation. You had evacuated the city before I sent out the banishment notice, as had all the citizens. The fact is, the lights vanished along with you. Years of observing criminals has taught me that’s rarely a coincidence, though I apologize if I was in fact mistaken.”
  7. ThatWeirdGirl

    The Bloodline Archives

    \ Soulheart “Our Honor is Our Legacy.” Family Tree Physical Traits and Appearance Personality Beliefs History ((Message LadySpectral/TwigTheTwig#4321 to join))
  8. ThatWeirdGirl

    A Call to the Past, For the March of Progress

    Solaria's brow furrowed. “Enough of this, mister Laurir’ante.” She announced as she stepped forward,”Let me begin with your first accusation. My role as a Sillumiran was to protect the mali’thill and the silver city. The mali’thill were evacuated, and I fought the Prince bravely with an army myself and my Tilruir’tir raised. The council was empty with your departure, the city devoid of mali’thill life. No nation would make deals with a common soldier. You fled long before I banished you, might I add. The so called slander is only being proven with each word that you speak, but for the sake of your argument lets say that it’s true and you stole no books. I had the tattoos removed almost two decades ago, and you were the one to remove them. If a walk of purity were required, why didn’t you say so then? Why would you stay silent until now? Additionally, I welcome any mali’thill to speak of a time they witnessed me lose my temper. Lets get back to my ‘crimes’ as you stated. If slander is truly the only metaphorical crime, are you saying it’s one worthy of banishment?”
  9. ThatWeirdGirl

    A Call to the Past, For the March of Progress

    Solaria’s brow furrowed, and she rose with a sigh. “I suppose I should speak as well. I did not spill a drop of blood when I took office. Yes it was without election, but it was undoubtedly a time of crisis. Our city was to be destroyed, crushed to nothing. There were no citizens, no one else to take the mantle. If I had not stepped up I would have been unable to achieve what I did, I needed to speak as a city official. Not a common soldier, not a citizen. The fact is, there was nobody left to vote within the city nor a council to act. I stepped down when the crisis was over, and have not held political office since then. I did what was necessary for for the protection of Haelun'or because yourself and the council decided it would be best if our people gave it up. Perhaps I was hasty and not thinking rationally when I announced you being removed from office, but you fled your post and did not return. Those were not rational times, mister Laurir’ante.” “Furthermore, not even an elven day ago you yourself were calling me a chikr, a child killer. Slanderous one could say, when I have never once harmed a child of any race in my life. Additionally you are proving my accusations to be true, theft of city property. You hold the future of the Mali’thill, and choose to hoard the knowledge.”
  10. ThatWeirdGirl

    A Call to the Past, For the March of Progress

    Solaria mumbled to herself as she read the notice, continuing to fish soon after.
  11. ThatWeirdGirl

    The Absence

    A soldier trusts those behind them, believes the enemy to be in the front of them. Solaria thought she would die in battle, a fate seemingly sealed by her repeated and lifelong military service. But she survived, scarred and broken down but she survived. She lay on the floor of the tavern, wheezing and broken. Her whole body hurt, worse than anything she had felt before. Broken legs struggled, unable to support herself. Her arms were immobile, her lungs were crushed by her fragmented ribs. The ones above were talking about killing her, about impurity. The soldier didn’t understand, she had done so much. She had faced gods for them, spent countless days at her workstation until she could barely move. She had thrown away her beauty, everything for them. It was all for them. It all meant nothing. The last thing she felt before the arrow tore through her skull was fear. She wanted to live, for the first time in what felt like a lifetime. She wanted to live! Fight! The arrow struck true. The woman that constantly hauled up stone and iron would never be seen again, the sound of her cane never heard echoing through the streets. Her gruff voice would never be heard in the city she sacrificed so much for. The sound from her endless crafting had been replaced by birdsong. The woman that had stood against a god when almost all others fled was gone, the high elf that sacrificed her beauty, sanity and tore her body apart for her people had died. All that was left was a cold statue and the absence of sound.
  12. ThatWeirdGirl

    A Cause For Celebration

    Even after the Prince destroyed Okarn’thilln, the Mali’thill people and the maehr'sae hiylun'ehya live on. The newly built Silver Enclave will soon host a ball, open to all citizens and prospective citizens as well as allies. No weapons or armor will be permitted to be worn or taken inside. No orcs will be permitted entry. To get to the city, one should take the whispering highway from the whispering crossroads near Belvitz, and once they start seeing the quartz and cobblestone lamps instead of torches, take a right at the first crossroads. From there it’s a straight path to the land bridge and the city itself. ((This event will be held on Sunday, November 18 at 5pm CST.))
  13. ThatWeirdGirl

    SELLING: A Gown

  14. ThatWeirdGirl

    SELLING: A Gown

    Fliers are left around Atlas’s major cities, advertising a garment for sale. Small scraps of fabric are attached to the parchment. A brand new design, by Snowdrift Tailors. Only one will be made with this pattern, truly unique. Casual enough for daily wear, yet it can be dressed up easily to fit a more formal setting. Modest yet flattering, a perfect balance. Add it to your wardrobe now for 750 minas, the first bird to arrive to the Princedom of Fenn’s capital inquiring will be contacted for payment details.