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  1. ThatWeirdGirl

    Seeking A Mage

    An amendment is made to the fliers. "The services of any doctor, mage or alchemist are still being sought after. There have been no viable replies as of yet. Payment can be discussed."
  2. ThatWeirdGirl

    Defamation of the Clerics

    Vulnikru read over the flier, the name of her former beloved sister catching her eye. Her lips twisted into a deep frown as she skimmed over it, brow furrowing. "I guess you never really know someone..." She mused as she took the flier with her on her travels.
  3. ThatWeirdGirl

    Seeking A Mage

    Parchments are pinned up throughout Atlas, along roads and in most major settlements. Seeking the services of a mage capable of creating enchantments. A child of a few months old, newly under my care, was abused by his mother to the point of becoming deaf and blind. To give him the best possible start in life I seek a mage able to create an enchantment to allow him to hear again. Those able should contact Vaedrarne in the Princedom of Fenn by letter to discuss compensation for such a creation. Thank you.
  4. ThatWeirdGirl

    The Challenge of Okarir'tir

    A simple note is sent to the council, as well as Dragaar. "He can have it. Good luck. This also serves as my notice of retirement from el'sillumiran. I'm going fishing. Signed, Solaria S."
  5. Great seeing you again!

    1. ThatWeirdGirl


      You too! I hope the druids treat you well

  6. ThatWeirdGirl

    The Ivae'fenn

    [Ooc] Username: ThatWeirdGirl Activity Rating (1-10): 6 Skype: Not active anymore Discord: TwigTheTwig#4321 Do you have teamspeak? This is a necessity: Nope thats old af [RP] Name: Vaedrarne Gender: Female Place of residence: Princedom of Fenn Race/Sub-race/Culture: Snow elf Do you swear obedience to the Princedom of Fenn and the Grand Prince?: I do
  7. ThatWeirdGirl

    [Deity] [Tahariae] [TA] Khiara Aureon

    Mama would be proud.
  8. ThatWeirdGirl

    Seating the Council

    Solaria Soulheart Okarir'mali: Arelion Laurir’ante [X] Abstain [ ] Okarir'tir: Solaria Soulheart [X] Lysio Hestonnis [ ] Abstain [ ] Okarir'tayna: Vanya Damaer [X] Abstain [ ]
  9. ThatWeirdGirl

    The Empty Helm - A Self Nomination For Okarir'sil

    As the election draws closer, the transcripts of the speech are posted around the city.
  10. Solaria Soulheart Sohaer: Abstain [ ] Arelion Laurir’ante [x]
  11. ThatWeirdGirl

    The Election for the Sohaerate

    Solaria Soulheart Athedil Acal'elor [X] Abstain [ ]
  12. Solaria's lips pursed as she eyed the crowd that milled about in the square, looking them over briefly. She flexed her twisted jaw before striding toward the silver podium used not so long ago for the same purpose, climbing atop it. She slammed her hands together, the sound breaking over the quiet sound of city chatter and began to speak as she watched silver topped heads turn toward her. "Mali'thill of Haelunor, the position of Okarir'sil has been left yet empty again, and even though we still mourn the loss of the latest one the office should not be left empty for long. Especially not in these troubling times. I have served in el'Sillumiran for many years, and I have seen the numbers wax and wane over this time. The truth is we need someone to be at the helm. I am aware of the fates of the last two to take it up, and while some may fear it is cursed I do not believe in curses. I chose to nominate myself to man the helm, and should the council not find another more qualified individual I would be honored to play such a role in Haelunor."
  13. ThatWeirdGirl

    A Farewell to a Family

    Is everyone else missing where he starved a helpless animal to death? Please, never get another pet or even reproduce if you're going to neglect an animal to the point where it literally dies of starvation. How did you not notice the fact the poor thing was becoming a literal skeleton when you looked at it? Unless you just never looked at the animal. What the actual **** is wrong with you? Edit: Nvm I noticed the date. Still, you're ******* sick for joking about practically torturing an animal to death.
  14. ThatWeirdGirl

    LotC's Age Criteria

    I know of one guy who was banned on another server for being a pedophile, and reportedly was frustrated nobody wanted to FTB with his preteen character. Another guy expressed the desire to RP 'anything he wanted'. He put inappropriate relations with a minor in quotations, as if wanting to FTB with a '5 year old girl' as the example was. Can you think of anyone but a pedophile who would want to do that? I know of a guy who thankfully left LOTC who asked a 15 year old girl about her genitals. I'm not sure if I can name names here, but a more well known case is the now banned Ski King. It's not hysteria when I know of 3 people who are not currently banned.
  15. ThatWeirdGirl

    LotC's Age Criteria

    Violence and graphic consent aside, yes lets have children on a place that has at least two known pedophiles currently in the community, and god knows how many unknown ones. Great idea.