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  1. An aged specter paused as the missive was read out to her. “I knew the tolerance wouldn’t last. It’s okay. It comes and goes.” She’d state passively, before going on to do whatever it is she did.
  2. Aiyana searched the old city where Ailmar was rumored to still reside, seeking out any signs of life. She left satisfied it was indeed empty.
  3. Aiyana stood in her small apartment, leaning heavily on the desk where her letter lay. After all that had been done and not done, the last of her family ran. The sickly woman sunk bitterly back down onto her bed, wheezing for air.
  4. RP Name:: Liearn MC Username: CyberLogPit Discord: TwigTheTwig#4321 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: None Why Do You Wish To Come?: Curiosity of the past and a desire to learn What Skills Can You Bring?: Medical skills, combat experience, scouting
  5. Aradia Soulheart, daughter of a long erased Haelunorian heroine paused in her toil to read the missive as it was passed around under the torchlight. It would soon be pulled from her filthy hands, laughter replacing the sounds of picks for a while. She would sit in her bed after the day’s work was complete, body exhausted but mind racing as she stared at the tattered gray banner. Moreso, the silver crest that decorated it. Maybe a visit wouldn’t hurt.
  6. As Starfelt said, what about the heat involved? And ice may be hard to set on fire, but that implies combustibles wouldn’t be used. Either way, that wasn’t my really point. What about the 60,000+ years of suffering that would pass for them?
  7. This is a problem and will break characters completely if RPed correctly. You describe it as ‘eons’ passing but lets say every 10 seconds is a year from the perspective of the trapped witch. There are 604,800 seconds in an OOC week. That’s 60,480 years of pure suffering. That’s for a death able to be caused by anyone with a torch, rope and maybe wood or alcohol or whatever’s flammable.
  8. Characters name: Taliyu Atmorice Characters race: Snow Elf Characters age: 33 Charaters gender: Female Picture of skin: https://namemc.com/skin/32aafac401fcf7c9 Characters specific details: She is meant to be rather unattractive, and rather thin. Characters Personality: Taliyu is an innocent young woman with a cheerful outlook on life. Headshot, Chibi, Halfbody: Halfbody Simple background? ( ) Yes (x) No If you said Yes to simple background, please give details: N/a Pose: Maybe something like this: https://imgur.com/a/wVeYAVN Realistic?
  9. We fought with them for over a year and our post was hidden/deleted out of nowhere. Nobody was notified. It’s unclear if our characters are dewitched, maybe we’ll know next month.
  10. Frost witches were being rewritten, LT played games for a year. Every time the lore got close to meeting the standards the standards changed and Caleb never responded. **** LOTC.
  11. Vulnikru sat in the Tathvir manor, considering the passing of the prince. Tears remained frozen to her cracked face, but the grief had faded. He had been a friend to her, one of few that managed to bring some warmth to her frozen heart. He had become something akin to her sisters in the absence of her coven, though not quite as close. But, why couldn’t she bring herself to truly grieve?
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