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  2. I guess this mace catcher is mine now.
  3. The forest was big, open and wide. Birds sang high above her head and green sunlight streamed down to shine specks of light on the forest floor. A squirrel chittered above the small emaciated girl as she foraged, though she couldn’t quite locate where it was coming from. She shoved her small handful of berries into her mouth greedily, sticky red juice streaming across her dirt caked fingers and dripping in streams of red down her scarred forearm. Winter was coming, and the dark skinned child knew she would struggle as she had the year before. Her mind drifted to the people that occasionally wandered into the woods with their strange weapons, killing animals larger than she dared to even attempt. Most had shiny, hard cloth adorning their bodies, though some came in simple and soft versions like her own torn coverings. Some even had markings on their bodies unlike any the starving child had ever seen, one particularly terrifying man had blue streaking across his face. When they came she would watch from the branches, eyes wide in wonder as they hunted. Sometimes she could have sworn they saw her, and fear rose in her chest and her little heart pounded like the strange circular objects that they would occasionally beat with their hands and sticks. But if they did see her, they never reacted. They just shrugged and turned away, sometimes leaving their item carrying skins unattended. Sometimes she would find the hard and shiny cloth objects she hoarded, small weapons, and more often than not food. The man with red markings on his arm and green coverings always had the best. The girl was closer to their home than usual, searching for scraps that they may have discarded to no avail. Her feet dragged in the dirt as she wandered to the tree, sighing as she curled up among the roots. Her starvation weakened body felt heavy, and exhaustion gripped her as she gave in and let her heavy eyelids slide shut. She could barely react as she heard a gasp, and was lifted out of the dirt. ----- She came to know her rescuer as Anordal, though she only called him Ano. He was a few years older than her, and affectionately dubbed her ‘Meri’. Their tree was near the walls, and the small girl could see into the city easily and watch the people within go about their days. The majority lived in strange caves unlike any she had seen. Ano called them houses, a word that left a strange tingle on her tongue and made her nose scrunch. Her teeth ached as they were shoved aside by the tusks jutting up and out of her tender gums and shoving her other teeth off to the side out of the way. The small skinny child watched her companion through the leaves of their shared home as he spoke with a man he called ‘maln’. The blue covered man would pay infrequent visits, delivering supplies for the winter. On several occasions Ano would try to get her to meet him, and on all of them the skittish child would refuse, shaking her head rapidly and repeating “leave Meri ‘lone”. Her dirty finger felt over her teeth, eyes narrowing as the taller elf turned and walked away. That’s what Ano called them both, elves. It meant little to Meri, she was Meri and that was the end of it. Her companion shouldered the bag as maln left, turning and slipping into the thin hollow in the tree trunk they resided in together. Fear fluttered in her chest as she withdrew her finger from her mouth. If he knew she feared he would make her leave, that he would hate her. As the older child reached the canopy, the small girl bounded toward him rather recklessly, a wide smile forming on her face as she met him at the large bough, immediately gnawing enthusiastically on a strip of dried fish. She was an elf like he was, and that was the end of it. ----- This man looked different, his hair grew in a long patch and his eyes seemed kind. Looking back, that may have been why the sickly Meriel approached him. Winter was harsh that year, it always was. What maln left helped, but it wasn’t enough to fill both growing children’s hungry bellies. So when Yelfir looked down to investigate the tugging at his satchel, he found a wide eyed and filthy child staring back up at him. As soon as her dirt crusted hands made contact with the two loaves bread she ran, sharp rocks doing little harm to her tough feet. Her heart pounded in her chest, the frail child circling around a tree and beginning to devour her half of her prize. Ano would probably be angry at her for stealing, but at least he wouldn’t go to sleep on an empty stomach that night. At least she could help him. She heard the crunch of leaves, and when she looked up the man with a long strip of hair stood over her. And right in front of her stood a predator, a panther. She let out a savage snarl, slamming her foot into the panther cub’s chest and shoving herself up. Her feet slapped frantically as she ran, darting off toward the treeline once again. The feral child’s eyes were instantly drawn to a dead tree, and she scrambled up it with the loaves shoved in her pockets. Chunks of bark gave out as she clawed her way up, and she nearly fell a few times. “Leave Meri ‘lone!” She screeched, the three words seeming unnatural to her. The branch cracked as she clung to it, ignoring the man’s calling. “Leave Meri ‘lone!” The emaciated and filthy dirt shrieked in reply, unable to form any other sentences to convey her wishes. The man sighed as he watched her move farther out on the branch, placing his hands on his hips as he waited. A second crack filled the air, and the branch strained under Meriel’s meager weight. With a shriek she fell with the dry wood, landing on the ground with a yelp of pain. ----- The city was a strange place. As she examined the wooden caves that sprouted stone roots she could see that the long and thin sheets of wood had bits of the hard shiny cloth she saw some of the elves wear embedded into them. The one who had tamed the panther led her deeper into the city, leading her to a man she had often watched hunt in the forest. The city people crowded, standing tall over her and murmuring in words the feral child didn’t understand. Her heart beat faster in her chest, head swiveling as her hand went to rest on the handle of her stone knife. The man with only a strip of hair on his head, Yelfir, noticed this. He reached out and Meriel’s hand darted forward, slicing open his forearm and wrist with a quick motion. There was a collective gasp, and Meriel took the chance to dash off down the flat stone roots. Her bare feet slapped painfully against the hard stone, and she glanced over her shoulder to see she wasn’t being chased. Her next priority was to climb, get up and out of direct sight. Soon she came across one of the wooden caves, flinging herself onto it’s wall. Her fingers dug into the wood, but she found herself falling onto her rear with a surprised gasp. The frantic child raced around the side, quickly finding rows of raised ridges. The terrified and lost child used them to scramble onto the roof, entire body trembling as she hid. It wasn’t long before a tall man in shiny cloth approached, and Meriel reached into the worn pouch at her hip for her sling bullets. With a savage snarl she slung a few down, the man with blue markings on his face being struck on the head and chest. The man shouted and dashed into the cave, sending a wave of pride through the small feral child. Just as quickly as he disappeared he reappeared, this time on top of the cave with her. Terror rushed through the tiny girl like a flood, and she did the only thing she could think of to escape him. She jumped. The ground lept up towards her, and she landed with a ‘thump’. Stars clouded her vision and she barely registered when she was lifted up off the ground and carried back off into the city. When her vision cleared she was in front of the man with the red streaks down his arm. Artimec. He offered her a hunk of dense, salty food that she had never seen before and she ravenously tore into it. Maybe the city wasn’t so bad, after all. ----- Her mouth ached as her teeth were forced aside to make way for her growing tusks to burst through her gums. As she ran her fingertip across her gumline terror filled her small body, though she couldn’t remember why. Stay. She could vaguely remember that instruction from a kind, female voice. I’ll be right back, dear. Would whoever told her wait be mad she didn’t? The memory of a tiny room with a slot under the door remained with her. The half breed had been hearing of a great plague, and though she didn’t know what the word meant she knew it was bad news. She had heard that a strange group called the ‘uruks’ or ‘orcs’ had been spreading it, and in that moment she decided she hated the orcs. But a far off plague was the last thing on her mind, she was far more focused on her druid dedicancy. Her guide was a kind man, if not a bit strange in appearance. He was similar to the large beasts that had stolen her food on several occasions, but he never once tried to steal from her. So she decided he was trustworthy. Meri lay in the nest of branches and leaves that served as her bed, staring upward at the full moon. She had overheard two druids discussing someone, a third aspect that was ignored and forgotten. Her lips parted, and she whispered upward,”Am okay, Nemiizae. Feel alone, too. Meri love you, too.” The small halfbreed smiled, before turning over and falling asleep. ----- When Vailor fell, Meriel was left alone. The other children that had moved into the tree had all met various ends, most because of a terribly harsh winter and the famine and illness that came with it. A select few ended up throwing themselves from the tree branches to their deaths. All the while Meriel spent every waking hour hunting, watching her friends die around her. She didn’t allow the tears to come, no matter how many times her friends failed to awaken in the morning. No matter how many times they fell. No matter how many times they died, she did not cry. It was just her and Ano left, and he was nowhere to be found when the descendants fled. The half orc was left alone, her home destroyed and only remaining family and best friend missing. But life went on, the seasons changed, and the elves colonized the new lands they had landed on. Axios. Meriel hunted, more often than not going to bed hungry as she offered her dinner to others. But that was okay, even as she started to see her ribs she continued on. She did not cry. Days went by, and the city was rapidly and efficiently constructed by the wood elven druids. Meriel found a nice table to sleep in at the tavern, and all was well. She missed Ano, but she remained hopeful that he would return, they would find a tree and life would go on again. But as years passed, he never returned. Still she did not cry. On a hot summer day, Rhathalas approached her in the square, flanked by a giant of a man with orange hair and mint eyes. Green streaks covered his cheeks, and he greeted the small half orc with a kind smile and introduced himself as Elvrohir. Elv. “Meri, we’d like to invite you to our seed, Aureon.” Meri had little idea of what a seed was, but she lept at the chance to have a family. They took her home, where she met several others. A pale high elf with purple eyes. Aelthus. A tall wood elf with green eyes and beats in his hair. Katar. They welcomed her as a sister, and the weight in her chest was eased. It wasn’t long before she and Aelthus became partners, moving into the same room. They were happy together, spending many hours wrapped in each other’s arms. She was finally home again. ----- “What…? Why?” “Want to become infertile. Am half orc, zhouldn’t zpread.” Meriel repeated as she stood in front of the desk of her seed sister, Arahaelth. Ara rose, circling around to the half goblin. “Sweetheart…” The druid began, placing her hands on Meriel’s shoulders. “I’m… not sure I can do that. It’s something I need to consider.” Disappointment weighed down Meriel’s heart, dragging it to nestle behind her stomach. “Can azk thomeone elthe to.” She lisped,”Not have to.” To that Ara shook her head firmly. “No, no… That’s something I only trust myself to do.” Meriel nodded again. “Take time, am okay. Thank.” And with that Meriel went off to her shared room. ----- The smells around her were nauseating, the sounds of her friends chewing sickening. Bile rose up in her throat as she struggled to keep the nibbles she had taken of her meal down. She covered her wine with her napkin, but that didn’t stop the others from sloshing theirs about and pouring it greedily down her throats. The idea of sickness wasn’t as nearly as terrifying as it had been in the forest. She would be taken care of by her seed brothers and sisters, and if needed even taken to the clinic for treatment. She would survive, that she was sure of. But the nausea grew, and eventually Meri shoved herself up from her seat, racing to the door and spewing her meager lunch onto the grass. Footsteps followed her, and Katar and Ara stood behind her. “Dear, are you alright?” Came her sister’s concerned murmur as the half orc caught her breath. “A-am fine… Juzt am zick.” Meriel replied dismissively with a shake of her head. “Am fine.” Ara stepped forward, clearly unconvinced. “Dear… I d-” “Are you alright, Meriel?” Came the familiar voice of Aelthus, his purple eyes filled with concern. “Am fine.” Meriel replied as she wiped vomit from her chin. Just as the words left her mouth, Ara thrust a vial in Meriel’s face. As the smell filled her lungs, another wave of stomach acid tore up her throat and forced it’s way from her mouth. “Meriel… You’re pregnant.” Everything else was inaudible over the roaring of her heart, and Meriel could see the glee on Aelthus’s face. The disappointment on Ara and Katar’s face. She did the only thing she could think of. She ran. ----- They stood behind the Aureon manor. “What do need to tell?” Meriel asked again, hand resting on her swollen stomach where their child grew. “Am okay, tell me.” Her trusting and patient smile remained as Aelthus hesitated, and Leo cleared his throat. “Meriel…” The high elf began, looking away. Something in his voice was wrong, and the pregnant woman’s smile faded. “I… Nevermind.” Leo’s brow furrowed, and he whispered something in Aelthus’s ear. Meriel’s heart dropped in her chest like a rock. “I never loved you.” He began, his words driving a knife between her ribs and into her heart. “I only wanted you for the affection you gave me. I’m sorry.” The knife twisted as Leo winced. Tears formed in her eyes, but they did not spill over onto her cheeks. Their child stirred in her stomach as she took a step back. “I-I zee. A-am okay. Thank for tell.” She replied, turning and rushing off. The five month pregnant woman hurried into the house, going to curl up on the couch. She couldn’t breathe, the pain suffocating her. Still tears did not roll down her cheeks. As she sat there, Aelthus silently placed a small bag next to her. The birth control Ara had meant for her, but he had never given to her. ----- The rest of her pregnancy went without issue, and Meriel gave birth to her daughter. A small thing with steely blue eyes and a cleft lip, but still loved by all of the Aureons. Beyond that was another story, and when Meriel left the manor with her baby she was often met by insult. The child is a **** stain on the city. The words stung, but it didn’t deter the half orc from loving the child she never wanted. You’ve doomed the entire bloodline. Not once did she allow herself to cry or lash out, she silently endured. Khiara grew strong, much to Meriel’s pride. It was evident that Aelthus loved his daughter, relishing in holding and talking to her. Even if seeing him made Meriel’s heart ache and her eyes sting, she didn’t try to get between them. But the day came that Artimec decided Khiara would be better away from her family, simply because her mother wasn’t entirely elven. The Aurons fought between each other, yelling and eventually Aelthus pulled a vial of alchemist’s fire from his belt in rage. Ara grabbed it, seeking to grab it from his hand. The glass shattered. They burned. When Meriel came home, she saw their charred corpses. Tears stung her eyes, and she sunk back against the wall. Curled around her baby, she cried. By some sort of miracle, they both were saved by the monks. However not all had been forgotten, and it was decided Aelthus was no longer safe to be around Khiara. The high elf at, staring blankly ahead as he listened to his child’s mother agree. He didn’t react as Meriel told him he could spend time with his baby, as long as someone else was there. He left the manor, and returned in Leo’s arms. He had frozen himself to death. Tears streamed down Meriel’s face and dripped from her chin as she watched her daughter sleep that night. She was voluntarily sterilized a week later. ----- Years went by, and Khiara grew up healthy and strong. Meriel moved on from her dead love, and though she was often met with hatred life went on. She could hear the whispers. She killed two of the Sirame, one was even her own seed member. Poor Aelthus… Not once did she try to defend herself. Not once did she tell them her side, that she had been trying to protect her child. That she never wanted a child. If she did she would be accused of slandering his name and punished. They wouldn’t see her side, or worse yet they would repeat it to her daughter. The day was hot as she made her way to the tavern, and she barely noticed Damai speaking with the tall man with white and black hair. Kairn. “Halt.” The tall man stated, and Meriel turned to face him. “What am?” She asked with her usual chipper smile. “You killed him. The spirits demand your last words.” Meriel froze, face paling as Kairn drew his blade. “Didn’t kill.” She insisted, glancing to the tree in the square. Kairn lunged, and Meriel dodged his blade. She began to scurry up the roots, crying out in pain as his sword pierced her heel. She fought off her rage as he tore the weapon from her, this time embedding it in her side. She cried out again, the tiny halfbreed tasting blood as her vision blurred. Her teeth buried into Kairn’s shoulder as she was pinned to the tree trunk. She could hear voices, but she could no longer make them out. Suddenly Kairn stumbled back, taking his sword with him. Meriel slumped to the ground, and Leo rushed to her side. Relief flooded her as he lifted her up, setting her on the ground and calling for aid. “Leave her. She can’t be helped. Azuline, help Kairn.” Came the cold voice of Aenor, and panic flooded Meriel. “N-not… leave die… alone.” She rasped out to Leo. “P-please n-not… leave.” Much to her relief, he didn’t leave. And as Azuline left to assist her attacker, Artimec came. She barely survived, but she lived. She did not cry. She did not attempt revenge. ----- The hatred and calls for her banishment grew in number, but she still continued on. Not once did she complain as she was insulted, not once did she cry. She silently endured, just as she always had. As the seasons passed, she found a new love. An elven man with green eyes and red hair and pale skin, one who loved her for who she was. Eandyil. He was soon featured on the attack fliers often posted around town, but he didn’t budge from her side. Even if Khiara hated him, he brought the halfbreed joy, and was at times one of the only lights in her life. He stood beside her as Khiara announced her hatred for her mother, as they disowned each other. He helped her as her legs began to grow weaker and harder to control. For the first time in decades Meriel felt at home again, and her heavy heart lightened. Even if it was just a little. Their wedding was small, attended only by Leo, Lavinia and a random orc who had stumbled across it. As Ara recited the typical words, Meriel’s heavy heart broke a final time. Her sister did not refer to her as an elf, even correcting herself. Just a few elven days later Eandyil found his wife’s corpse hanging from the rafters of the Aureon manor, cold and still. Her funeral was brief, and attended by few. The half orc had finally given up.
  4. I am indeed teaching her to set things on fire.
  5. MC Name: ThatWeirdGirl List in Question: Elemental Evocation Error in Question: Not listed as a fire evo teacher Link to Magic Application (If Relevant):
  6. MC Name: ThatWeirdGirl Character's Name: Analiana Elverhilin Character's Age: 61 Character's Race: Frost Witch Link to your accepted MA: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/150942-maanalianas-fire-evo-ma/ What magic(s) will you be teaching?: Fire Evocation Summarise the Lore of this magic(s): The void is a vast realm full of energy, tapped into by evocationists to pull elements into the world. To form a connection to this realm, one must concentrate entirely. However even after this is achieved the mage must study their element, sometimes for several years. In the case of fire evocation it’s often easier, as the element is abundantly found in civilized places. The student must watch how it moves, how the smoke drifts up into the air and how the heat comes off in waves. After the student has fully understood the element of fire, they will be able to summon small embers from the void, as exhausting as it is to them. It has almost no practical use at this point, but with time and practice the student will be able to hold the flame longer and more efficiently as their mana pool grows. Eventually they’ll be able to shape their flames beyond fireballs that can be thrown, as well as cast more without growing too fatigued. With time the student will learn to shape their flames beyond fireballs, and cast more before having to stop. Write up a lesson that your character would give to a student: "Student." The redheaded mali'ame woman greeted as she stepped forward, a firestarter firmly in her hands and a tired looking smile on her thin lips. "You brought the wood I requested when we last spoke, good." The small statured mali'ker girl who barely looked old enough to be considered a woman before her nodded once. "Yes, miss Analiana." Analiana shook her head dismissively as she stepped further out of the treeline and into the clearing, each footfall scattering the gnats that swarmed in the night air. “Just Ana, sweetheart. Start a fire now, would you? The mosquitoes must be eating you alive, poor dear.” Her voice was hollow, lacking the affection her words implied. She held out the firestarter, the timid looking girl before her. “A fire…? M- Ana, are you sure?” The mousy dark elf asked, voice barely above a murmur. And with that, Analiana’s gaze sharpened. “Do you want to begin your path to becoming a mage or not? What was my first rule?” She snarled, stepping forward sharply and sending the mali’ker before her scuttling back. “D-don’t ask questions…” The poor girl whimpered, hiding behind stands of silver hair. Analiana’s temper settled, her voice once again taking on it’s flatter tone. “Good. At least you can remember that…” She brushed her frigid fingertips across her student’s forehead, tucking the loose strands out of her emerald green eyes. “Start the fire.” The mali’ker woman hurriedly worked to set up the fire, watching her teacher shrink back from the flames as the sparks caught the soft tinder alight. As the flames began to crackle, the tan woman flinched further back. “Good, good… Now study the flames, watch how it dances, how it’s light behaves. Observe every color, how it spreads. The smell of the smoke, how it stings your lungs. Treat it as if you’ve never seen a single spark before.” She instructed calmly, brow furrowing and gaze narrowing as she watched. Soon her student leaned back, and the disguised witch nodded in approval. “Good, you are doing well.” She murmured,”Now comes the painful part. Stick your hand in it. I’ll soothe your burns afterward, sweetheart.” At her student’s hesitance her gaze sharpened. “You do wish to be a mage, dear? Or are you so scared of a little pain you’re willing to throw away this chance I’m giving you. Put your hand in that fire or walk away.” The small mali’ker gasped as her teacher’s voice gained it’s angry snarl, hand jerking forward and plunging into the flames. Her skin began to blister almost immediately and she tore her hand back from the flames, cradling the injured limb close. “Good, student. Come here dear, let me see it…” Her sniffling student stood and shuffled over to her teacher, wincing as the frost witch began to tend to her peeling skin. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yup! Have you applied to teach this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope
  7. MC Name: ThatWeirdGirl Character's Name: Analiana Elverhilin Character's Age: 59 Character's Race: Frost witch/Former wood elf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Arcanism Teacher's MC Name: Lhindir Elverhilin Teacher's RP Name: Lhindir_ Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/a
  8. Actually we've met in character a total of twice, and only once of those two times was to discuss politics. The other time was literally to give him a singular fish as a Krugsmas present. Any other time Ila may have went to Linandria she didn't speak to Artimec nor any of the other leadership characters. Furthermore I asked both ZipZapMan and Eandyil if they wanted to join in because we're good friends with each other and have been for a while now. I didn't personally ask anyone but close friends, nor did Leo for me. I would appreciate it if you would describe when Artimec and Ila spoke about politics apart from the once shortly after she left the other snelves, since you claim there were several more times when this happened.
  9. Zip is a determined and ambitious person who keeps calm in situations, even personal one. He is friendly and I very much enjoy interacting with him, both OOCly and ICly. I firmly believe he would do a great job as a GM and excel as long as he doesn't overwork himself as he sometimes tends to.
  10. Holy **** this is beautiful.
  11. MC Name: ThatWeirdGirl Character's Name: Analiana Elverhilin Character's Age: 39 Character's Race: Wood elf, now Fjarriauga What magic(s) will you be learning?: Frost witch magic Teacher's MC Name: AngelsCrosshairs Teacher's RP Name: Isla Lunas Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No
  12. Sky has always been very polite and mature when I see him interact with people OOCly. +1
  13. Origins In the year of 1586 the Mali'fenn began to reform and gather, building a massive stone keep in the mountainous thahnic wastes of Ceru. And in the year of 1587 the Mali'fenn fell. The stone keep was soon demolished and the area it once occupied once more an uninhabited wasteland. But it had become clear that Aelthir Tundrak was no longer fit to rule. Not only had their homes been destroyed and countless lives lost, but almost none still worshipped the god of their roots. All had rolled over and praised the Creator as their sole god in a desperate attempt to survive that was in the end futile. After the fortress fell, the peace seeking Mali’fenn left to forge their own path, and hopefully revive their quickly fading culture. OOC Info Username: Skype: Timezone: Do you understand RP quality is a priority?: IC Info Name: Age: Race: Skills: Do you understand that peace is a priority?: Will any family be joining you?:
  14. Analiana cringed, before bursting out onto laughter as she saw the uniforms they had to wear.