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  1. MC Name: ThatWeirdGirl Character's Name: Analiana Elverhilin Character's Age: 59 Character's Race: Frost witch/Former wood elf What magic(s) will you be learning?: Arcanism Teacher's MC Name: Lhindir Elverhilin Teacher's RP Name: Lhindir_ Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: N/a
  2. ((MCname:)) ThatWeirdGirl ((Skype:)) Fraternalsuns Name: Analiana Elverhilin Race: Mali'ame Practitioner of Arcanism: No Additional information: Practitioner of fire evocation.
  3. Actually we've met in character a total of twice, and only once of those two times was to discuss politics. The other time was literally to give him a singular fish as a Krugsmas present. Any other time Ila may have went to Linandria she didn't speak to Artimec nor any of the other leadership characters. Furthermore I asked both ZipZapMan and Eandyil if they wanted to join in because we're good friends with each other and have been for a while now. I didn't personally ask anyone but close friends, nor did Leo for me. I would appreciate it if you would describe when Artimec and Ila spoke about politics apart from the once shortly after she left the other snelves, since you claim there were several more times when this happened.
  4. Analiana's blue eyes glowed softly as she stood before the blank canvas, brush poised above the glaringly blank seas of white spread out before her. They had beat him, though the aged high elf didn’t go down with a fight. She could still feel his gaze burning on her, the hatred in his pale, barely there lavender eyes as she betrayed the man who had done so much to help her. After he had been so kind to her when she needed his help. She had taken his kindness and thrown it in his face, lured him to his death. After centuries she had been what killed him, despite living in a world where very few lived long lives. She wouldn’t die young, she wouldn’t die at all. The former wood elf was as long lived as the ice that surrounded her, immortal. Infinite. The still young frost witch dipped her paintbrush into the mounds of color on her pallete. She could already see the soft lavender eyes staring back at her, the strawberry blond hair still untouched by age. But a question nagged at her mind, nibbled on her thoughts like a pesky mouse. Of all the things he had learned in such a long life, how had he, especially as a paladin forgotten? Mothers had warned their sons as children ever since her sisters had appeared and spread in the icy north. Never trust the Fjarriauga.
  5. Zip is a determined and ambitious person who keeps calm in situations, even personal one. He is friendly and I very much enjoy interacting with him, both OOCly and ICly. I firmly believe he would do a great job as a GM and excel as long as he doesn't overwork himself as he sometimes tends to.
  6. Holy **** this is beautiful.
  7. MC Name: ThatWeirdGirl Character's Name: Analiana Elverhilin Character's Age: 39 Character's Race: Wood elf, now Fjarriauga What magic(s) will you be learning?: Frost witch magic Teacher's MC Name: AngelsCrosshairs Teacher's RP Name: Isla Lunas Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: No Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yes Have you applied for this magic on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: No
  8. She hadn’t been in town lately, nor seen around the Aureon manor most days. She scarcely left her room, head always low and only making brief and quiet conversation. The summer heat had set in fully, and sweat beaded up on Meriel’s face despite being indoors. She fidgeted with the ring on her finger, twisting it about and staring ahead blankly. Her side throbbed dully as usual, and her idle mind wandered. It had been years since she felt at home. Years since she felt she belonged. Her tusks set her apart, made her an outcast. Even the kind Arianna had turned against her, for some reason that remained a mystery. The facts were clear. She wasn’t an elf, but at the same time she wasn’t an orc. She had been paying for a mistake made before she was born all of her life. And she was so tired of fighting to fit in only to have her efforts wasted. She was drowning, and had been for a while. Meanwhile she could see her family and friends laugh and chat just above the surface of the water that she clawed so desperately for. They never saw her, they never looked close enough. Her mind drifted to the love she had come to know. She remembered being scolded at for slipping into the city. Learning proper common under the shelter of the gates. The feeling of warm arms around her. A less than romantic proposal that was accepted to her surprise. Her own marriage, attended by few. The bits of joy she kept so close, that was what kept her going. She stared down at the coiled rope. How many people would mourn? How many would celebrate her death? Would they thank the aspects that she was gone, no longer to be a stain on their otherwise flawless home? That's all she was. A stain. And it’s all she had ever been, from the day she was born. Would they say she deserved to die, to suffer? Or would they attempt half hearted gestures of post mortem kindness? Or would they just forget, never to speak her name again until she faded from their collective memories forever? Maybe in her next life she wouldn’t be so unlucky. Maybe she would be allowed to be born normal. Maybe next time she would be accepted somewhere with someone. Maybe she would belong somewhere and not be stuck in a never ending limbo. Her brow furrowed, and she stood up. She snatched up the rope that would drag her short life to a screeching halt and ascended the staircase. She didn’t descend them. Just a few hours later Eandyil Aureon would find his beloved wife’s corpse, devoid of life and hanging limply.
  9. Sky has always been very polite and mature when I see him interact with people OOCly. +1
  10. Origins In the year of 1586 the Mali'fenn began to reform and gather, building a massive stone keep in the mountainous thahnic wastes of Ceru. And in the year of 1587 the Mali'fenn fell. The stone keep was soon demolished and the area it once occupied once more an uninhabited wasteland. But it had become clear that Aelthir Tundrak was no longer fit to rule. Not only had their homes been destroyed and countless lives lost, but almost none still worshipped the god of their roots. All had rolled over and praised the Creator as their sole god in a desperate attempt to survive that was in the end futile. After the fortress fell, the peace seeking Mali’fenn left to forge their own path, and hopefully revive their quickly fading culture. OOC Info Username: Skype: Timezone: Do you understand RP quality is a priority?: IC Info Name: Age: Race: Skills: Do you understand that peace is a priority?: Will any family be joining you?:
  11. Meriel hummed a cheerful tune as she made her way to the tavern, glancing to the notice. The former feral child ignored it, unable to read what it said and remaining blissfully ignorant.
  12. ((In character information)) Name: Analiana Elverhilin Race and Age: Wood elf, 35 School of Arcane known(Magics Known): Fire Evocation. Why do you wish to join the Enchantry?: I have both a desire to further my knowledge and belong to something with a good purpose behind it. Do you understand and accept the Enchanters Codex?: Yes ((Out of Character Information)) MC Name: ThatWeirdGirl MA/SA's for listed magics:
  13. Analiana cringed, before bursting out onto laughter as she saw the uniforms they had to wear.
  14. The sky seemed to cave in, the monochrome clouds thickening the air and making it hard to breathe on even the smallest of gasps. The walls of her home were stifling, freedom a long lost, nearly archaic, concept of her childhood. Even the birds chirping and flying lost their awe. They were still bound by the same laws of gravity and reality as she was, and one rest just a bit too long would send them tumbling towards their death on the unforgiving dirt and stone. Freedom had been lost long ago. She remembered feeling it as a small, chubby child, making mud pies and shoving her unbrushed and unruly hair from her face. She went on week long adventures in the jungle every afternoon, only her trusty blade at her side to fight off all sorts of beasts. Now she stood there, a frail, sickly woman. A prisoner, a pawn to an infamous mage. Her mask was suffocating her but she couldn’t take it off. It was her shield, armor and sword all in one. It was all she had against the vicious beasts of the jungle. They circled, she could hear them snarling. There was only one way out she knew of. She looked down. The claws and teeth of rocks reached up for her in gnarled spires, tips just sticking out of the mist. They called for her like sirens, wind whispering for her to take a step and be ripped to a mess of broken bones and blood. It would only take a moment. She might even fly before gravity gripped her frail body in it’s cruel, ruthless jaws and ripped her from the cold air. So she took the step. But she didn’t fall. The frail, lost young woman stepped backwards, onto safer ground. She didn’t need to die to be free. The birds defied gravity and all of it’s tyrannical laws, surely she would be able to defy the laws of her cage and chains. So she picked up a stick off the ground, a dirty, rotten old thing, and continued to stride away. The sounds of the unknown beasts snarls grew louder, but she didn’t falter. Her stick was her sword, and the monsters shrunk away from it. Her name was Analiana, last name unimportant. Freedom was a foreign concept, but she could relearn it. Sure the birds were ruled by the same laws of brutal, unforgiving gravity but they rebelled. She would find her own way rebel, to fly despite the heavy shackles on her mind. She would be free. She had to be free.
  15. I'm sorry, although you're a good friend (and I hope you don't take this personally) I don't think you are cut out for staff. -1 from me. Even if you say you've grown up, I haven't personally seen a change.