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  1. Solaria Soulheart Sohaer: Abstain [ ] Arelion Laurir’ante [x]
  2. The Election for the Sohaerate

    Solaria Soulheart Athedil Acal'elor [X] Abstain [ ]
  3. Solaria's lips pursed as she eyed the crowd that milled about in the square, looking them over briefly. She flexed her twisted jaw before striding toward the silver podium used not so long ago for the same purpose, climbing atop it. She slammed her hands together, the sound breaking over the quiet sound of city chatter and began to speak as she watched silver topped heads turn toward her. "Mali'thill of Haelunor, the position of Okarir'sil has been left yet empty again, and even though we still mourn the loss of the latest one the office should not be left empty for long. Especially not in these troubling times. I have served in el'Sillumiran for many years, and I have seen the numbers wax and wane over this time. The truth is we need someone to be at the helm. I am aware of the fates of the last two to take it up, and while some may fear it is cursed I do not believe in curses. I chose to nominate myself to man the helm, and should the council not find another more qualified individual I would be honored to play such a role in Haelunor."
  4. Looking for rp girlfriend

    Send me 20 USD per month via paypal and I might say nice things to you.
  5. A Farewell to a Family

    Is everyone else missing where he starved a helpless animal to death? Please, never get another pet or even reproduce if you're going to neglect an animal to the point where it literally dies of starvation. How did you not notice the fact the poor thing was becoming a literal skeleton when you looked at it? Unless you just never looked at the animal. What the actual **** is wrong with you? Edit: Nvm I noticed the date. Still, you're ******* sick for joking about practically torturing an animal to death.
  6. LotC's Age Criteria

    I know of one guy who was banned on another server for being a pedophile, and reportedly was frustrated nobody wanted to FTB with his preteen character. Another guy expressed the desire to RP 'anything he wanted'. He put inappropriate relations with a minor in quotations, as if wanting to FTB with a '5 year old girl' as the example was. Can you think of anyone but a pedophile who would want to do that? I know of a guy who thankfully left LOTC who asked a 15 year old girl about her genitals. I'm not sure if I can name names here, but a more well known case is the now banned Ski King. It's not hysteria when I know of 3 people who are not currently banned.
  7. LotC's Age Criteria

    Violence and graphic consent aside, yes lets have children on a place that has at least two known pedophiles currently in the community, and god knows how many unknown ones. Great idea.
  8. Fliers are posted around the Dominion, both outside on the trees of the forest and along the footpaths of the city. Some are even shoved into mailboxes. Chikr- An elf that purposefully kills an elven child. Chikr is by far one of the worst things that one can call an elf, and one of the worst things an elf can be. With the rarity of each elven child, they should be looked after not only by their parents but by the whole community. Or that’s what the Dominion is proud to proclaim. But, in reality the children of the dominion need to be as strong as iron just to survive to adulthood. I’ve met valah with more regard to the youth not even of their own community, having been aided by a group when I was assaulted as a tiny child. At the age of 16 I found myself sick with a deadly disease, and managed to get into the square. There I saw Azoth with a lady friend, chatting away happily. I staggered toward them in hopes they would assist me and collapsed not fifteen paces away, yet all he did was watch as i fell into the dirt, ignoring the dying child in front of him in favor of happily flirting. Not unexpected, as Artimec have shown us the true priorities of the elves here before. It was only until a human woman purposefully infected him with the same sickness did he even show an ounce of concern, because I could be used to experiment on to find a cure. Nor did he even speak a word of protest when prince Khaine pointed a bow for me with intent to kill for the simple reason of him not bothering to try and help, instead prioritizing his time the same as Azoth did before him. If it weren’t for the human woman that stood between us I would have died in the dirt in the city that I considered home, murdered by an officer of the Virarim that was supposed to defend me. This isn't and isolated incident. Long the guards killed and maimed children in the streets for the act of playing, tying them to trees and using them as punching bags for laughing in the square. My good friend Harley was brutally murdered before the age of ten for breaking a law she didn't know of. Without warning, the guards sent her fleeing down the road with threats of violence, before laughing as they ran her down and stabbed the fleeing girl in the back. These are only two examples of many. Signed, Vulnikru Avern
  9. A Not-So-Corporeal Courier

    An old ghost pondered the message, murmuring to herself in an otherworldly voice. She had purpose, desired no ascension and craved no power. Confusion welled in her as she thought over the wording. Refuse to join and you will surely perish, and accept their natural place. Her mind drifted back to her friend's warning of subjugation and slavery. "Truly... dreadful." The ghostly woman murmured softly, and with that statement she resumed shifting through various herbs in silence.
  10. The Massacre of the Fallen Sage

    A teenage girl with red hair and sky blue eyes huddled in the dusty, abandoned cabin. Her entire body shook as she stared at the dagger in front of herself, the weapon she pulled on her own sister in panic. In her hands she gripped the flier, one of many dispersed. Kill them all! She could still hear Thomas's words in her ears, his demand for bloodshed. She hadn't heard the ravings the paper claimed to have occurred, nor did she see the so called antagonists draw a single blade until it was too late. What she had seen was nothing short of a full out massacre.
  11. The Crimson Returns, A Threat Ushered To Sutica

    The construct that commonly wandered Sutica peered over the crimson scribed notices. "Red is such a dreadful color." She mused to herself, distorted voice barely above the whistling wind that rustled the leaves above. "It represents anger, hate, destruction... This one has a lot of anger in him. Poor thing." Then she tore the parchment to mere scraps.
  12. [Homunculus][CA] Ael'Vallei

    Made the edits, sorry for my late changes.
  13. [Homunculus][CA] Ael'Vallei

    MC Name: LadySpectral Character's Name: Ael'Vallei Character's Age: 0 Character's Original Race (N/A if not applicable): Elf Transformed form: Homunculus, water deviant Creator's MC Name: Alitruist Creator's RP Name: Jhazeem Briefly explain the lore behind this construct or creature: Homunculi are chaotic beings of alchemy, the vast majority born from corpses and those not lacking more than basic instincts. They lack conscience and morals, having no ability to empathize or truly relate with any other living being. They lack souls, possessing mere soul shadows instead. Selfish and without morals, they are truly only out for themselves. All homunculi are both burned by gold and holy magic, with the exception of Ascended magic due to lacking a soul entirely. This prevents the formation of scars, lacking a blueprint to be marked. As well as those weaknesses, they have one specific to whatever elemental alchemic symbols were used most in their creation. For example, a homunculus of fire would find themselves perhaps a weak swimmer and would drown easily. Likewise a homunculus of water, like Ael'Vallei, would find themselves unable to stand large amounts of heat and perhaps even smoke. Deviants are the second most unstable form, just above the short lived fiends. They have skin tinged with a color that matches whatever element they were born from, and always carry numerous small to moderate malformations. They are short lived, only surviving for eight to ten years before their bodies fail and their life fades. Do you have a magic(s) you are dropping due to this app? If so, link it: Nope Do you agree to keep the MT updated on the status of your magic app by using the Magic List Errors topic?: Yup Are you aware that if this creature's lore is undergoing an activity trial and that trial fails, you will no longer be able to play this creature and will be forced to either revert the character back to its normal form (if it was a transformative type) or stop playing the character entirely (if it is an entirely new creature)?: Yup Do you consent to accepting what may happen to this character?: Yup Have you applied for this creature on this character before, and had it denied? If so, link the app: Nope
  14. Current Username: ThatWeirdGirl and LadySpectral Discord(‘You got it’ does not suffice): TwigTheTwig#4321 Timezone(s) you mainly play: CST, though my work schedule has me working from anywhere from 4 PM to 11 PM. It varies from week to week. What group/nation do you consider to be your main? The ascended and Sutica, at the moment. Some of the Dominion. Have you held a staff position before? No Do you currently hold a staff position? Nope Do you plan on applying for other staff positions? No Have you ever been banned before? If so, how long ago and what reason? No What style of events do you feel you enjoy creating? (Low Fantasy, High Fantasy, Quests, Dungeons, etc.) Low fantasy, specifically nature based events. Hunts, natural disasters, anything related to the natural world. I'd also likely enjoy dungeons, and high fantasy. List three factors you feel play a part in a quality event and expand upon them. Flexibility, an event should never be railroaded and should have many outcomes based on the actions of players. The best events don't have strict endings or scripts. Secondly an event should fit the playerbase it's aimed at, an event based on Aspectism would be awkward and out of place for orcs, and a monster attack event wouldn't be appreciated by halflings. An event should enhance the RP of those involved and be cohesive with what already exists. Thirdly an event should entertain. Its not fun to have a godly foe slaughter you and a handful of unarmed civilians, but it is fun to have a fight proportionate to your group's skill. Furthermore an event shouldn't punish those who attend, should they lose. It's one thing to die, and another to lose all your things or be permanently crippled. Which member(s) of the team would you attempt to emulate and why? Unfortunately I haven't taken part in many events outside of the Habitats run by Shimmeringbliss, so I don't know the ET too well. I just want to create diverse RP scenarios for others to enjoy. Provide three event scenarios, in total, of the style(s) you listed above: 1. An injured man stumbles up to the capital's gates, yelling about a plant stabbing him and calling for help. A Ihnsil Taliame has made the nearby forest it's home, and with time has grown bold or desperate enough to wander onto the roads to hunt it's prey. Depending on if the man survives he'll describe the creature better if prompted, and the creature's size will be based on the number of response. Should the man be ignored the creature may even become bold enough to stray closer to the city, growing as time passes and becoming a greater threat. 2. In the deserts a rumbling comes from beneath the sands, the ground sifting and falling away as a hole broke loose in the ground. A small cave system is exposed, bone chilling shrieks coming from deep within. As they passed into the cave they would find the corpses of many animals, drained entirely of blood with deep bites gouged into their bodies. As they passed the remains they would be confronted by the first of the cave beasts. A cave leech, attacking viciously and furiously. Again the size of the colony would be restricted based on the group's size. If they continued they'd find themselves confronted with more of the beasts, finally finding the nest's queen. If they chose to turn back, the desert's dwellers would begin to be attacked by the cave leeches in the night through the new opening. 3. The mountains have always been difficult to explore, both because of the climate and the animals. Among those are harpies, fearsome beasts that hunt in swarms and ferociously guard their hoards of various shiny objects. Sometimes these objects are worthless to all but the harpies, and other times their hoards are worth more than what all the nations have combined. It's this chance that drives many adventurers to their lairs, and other times it's the danger they pose. Regardless the shrieks of harpies would draw out the bravery in the mountain dwellers, and the sounds would lead them to a cliff with a cave high above. Immediately they would face one of the harpies, a furious creature with the face of an ugly woman. Unfortunately her cries would lure out her sisters, 2-5 furious beasts seeking revenge on the adventurers. Once defeated they would be able to proceed up the cliff, encountering a series of problems to be solved before they could fully ascend. Why do you wish to become an ET Actor Member? I've hosted a few minor RP events with my ghost, and I've loved all of them. What strengths would you bring to the team? I'm a friendly person, and I'm proud of my creativity. I love interacting and working with with lots of different people. What are your weaknesses? I can have a short temper, and I definitely can hold a grudge if the person has wronged my friends. I also tend to speak my mind, and can say rather hurtful/harsh things if pushed enough. How much time could you give to this position in the foreseeable future? It depends on how many ideas I have and my unpredictable work schedule. 1-4 hours a week actively doing events is my guess.