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  1. Give this man a chance.
  2. Einarr Ahlström signs the charter
  3. "Why not."
  4. "We came back to reclame our home" Northspawn motto, circa 1610 -~- The alliance between the two peoples, Northspawn and the citizens of Mjöl are one to be reckoned with. Both men and women's abbility to fight and cultivate in both cultures is notable. They first bonded when the honourless Ser Uther Grimlee attacked Mjöl with two of his companions, ad were valiantly defeated by northspawn and the leaders of Mjöl, all of them standing equal before a common foe. The 'mjöllian' hospitality to shelter the Northspawn will forever be recognized, but it has come to our leader, Brynjold and his chancellor, Einarr's minds that it is time for we to break away. No matter what happens in the coming future, it is to be absolutely remembered that Mjöl will remain in Northspawn's people hearts, and so do the people expect that the denizens of Mjöl remember them with such fervor and love aswell. With tears dropping from our eyes, we, the Leaders and People of the Northspawn officially declare our independence from the Jarldom of Mjöl and its holdings, remaining diplomatic relations, and possibly pacts, deals, but autonomous and sovereign. It is with this document that a new era will start for the Northspawn. An era where we need no more to live off others, but can grow our own food, forge our own steel, and trade our own goods. Signed: His Majesty, Ursa Brynjolf Volsung, Sovereing of all Northspawn, Leader of the Army and Clan Wolf of Clan Volsung His Lorship, Wolf Einarr Ahlström, Clan Wolf of Clan Ahlström, Royal Scribe and Second-to-throne.
  5. "Only dweds?" Frydryk Bar Czajkowski, a human, wonders.
  6. Einarr notices Max's expression and comments "Orcs still kill 75% of human parents... Just a fact, y'know."
  7. "Lord, they're heretics?" Milles de Gaule mumbles surprised, signing the Lorraine cross and going back to priesthood.
  8. Einarr, Clan Wolf and Second-to-Throne sat on his table and started writing. "To those who take pride upon slavery and to those who think they can change the world by making it worse. In the name of the Northspawn people, and in the name of honour, matters that cannot be met with diplomacy will be met with a different method. To whom it may concer, the leaders of the Red Sun have made terrible things to mannskepnan and they shall be met with steel. It is to be known that from this day on, the Red Sun and their allies are at WAR with the Northspawn and their allies. That being said, the reason to such declaration is the continuous sinful acts of this ridiculous order. Stríð. Signed: His Majesty, Ursa Brynjolf Volsung, Defender of the Northspawn, Clan Wolf of Volsung. His Highness, Clan Wolf Einarr Ahlström, Second-to-Throne, Raid Organizer and Chouncelor."
  9. Murgosh grins "Hhur hur hur, druggiezh"
  10. In the last Community Meeting which was postponed 3 times or the completely ignored plguin ideas? Either way, still nah.
  11. "Does the Red Sun and its leaders not take in consideration zhe EYES of vhoever reads zhis?" Einarr ponders while reading the poster.
  12. Einarr Ahlström sat upon his desk in the cold night of his house in the Jarldom of Mjöl and began to write. He wrote for several hours, reproducing on several pieces of paper. The message, to be delivered to all those who live or work in Mjöl. The message is as follows: To the citizens of our glorious Jarldom and those of my Northspawn culture. This is a request, not a demand. Let that be known. I come to your eyes, in the sense of reading, for the request of a new position in the Mjöl government, it being a sort of mayor, one who keeps the town standing. This position would be the same if not higher than a Thane, it being called Bórgar. Duties of the Bórgar: -Organizing means of entertainment and manufacturing events to keep the population happy and productive. -Alongside its proper commander, organise equipment and supplies for the city guard. -Keep the city economically well, let it be through trade deals, signed by the Jarl, or by bringing in more merchants. -Keep the city clean and exuberant. Aside from that, the Bórga can be assigned many other tasks either by Thanes or the Jarl. Written by: Clan Wolf Einarr Ahlström. "Af fólki, fyrir fólkið." ((By the people, for the people.))
  13. Einarr Ahlström nudges Brynjolf. "Le's go?"
  14. Einarr chuckles "Zhey just don't give up, do they, Bryn?"
  15. Murgosh'Raguk grins "Whitewash hunting? I'm going to Goblin'Dar..."