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  1. ((SO are you! Have a nice day.))
  2. Murgosh'Raguk screams out some chants! "YEEHAW! LONG LIVE KLAN RAGUK!!!"
  3. The Gatekeeper, even after being purged by the Paladin Aodhan, keeps his ethereal gaze of Haelun'or, hearing the cheers even from far away. "I wish I was back like that..."
  4. Most likely. Who kills it, gets it.
  5. Another certain Ape-kha high fives the other ghost "Stupid moon puppets"
  6. The Gatekeeper just scanned his ethereal gaze over the city, looking for any trouble. "This is going to be interesting." The graven grumbled, rising his longsword and hseating it at his back, off to patrol the city again.
  7. I don't hate haense nor its people. As you say: 'wtf are you on, lol'
  8. Fixed colouring.
  9. Chase Kells marks his vote for James Montoya
  10. Event Planners, MC Names: SaltySoviet Event Type: (Dunno what to write here, will just explain the event) I was thinking on a (kinda) cliché event, featuring the infamous 'Headless Horseman'. He would be a kind of antagonist, though he will be stopped by the players that will participate in the event. The Headless Horseman's abbilities include: An Axe that produces fire out of the top. Your Timezone: UCT:+o3:00 (I'm on Everyday but on tuesdays and thursdays.) Affected Groups: Humans of Saint Karlsburg. Event Location: Saint Karlsburg. Summarization: The Headless Horseman, a myth, a legend, finally comes out of the shadows. His first move would be riding into the city of Saint Karlsburg, causing havoc to anythin he could touch. The participants of the event are tasked with stopping the Headless Horseman with any means necessary (sorry if that was wrong) before he wreaks more havoc! Concept Images/Screenshots Since my laptop can't handle uploading things, I'll put the gyazo links: https://gyazo.com/c6cd33f5c844b90cfa1bc1615a0f9b4a https://gyazo.com/086bf0d0e54181cf9d59f17b52aa8bfc https://gyazo.com/c5b9be3e7c8ea435f4d84390d9201ea7 What help do you require from the ET Actors or Builders? Well, I'll get the skin myself. Anything the ET thinks they can help, feel free to PM me. I don't think I'll be needing any help.
  11. Gaazhnak steps out of his cave..... "An empty city, hm? Well ain't this sad..." he grabs a war spear and heads out.
  12. 10/10 would buy. If I had any money.
  13. Ser Hayreddin the Sandy claps "Good job, sirrah!"
  14. Perhaps Laobai-Zhu may be coming. Who knows.