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  1. 'Not bad' mumbles Herrik van der Hjaelk
  2. First, you don't allow us to have guns. Now, we lose our only kind of guns. Fuckin' hell, LT.
  3. https://gyazo.com/69a76a92b74dd45797bda6179c61a698
  4. A Thesis on Religion. Written by Kreinz. -~~~~~~~~~- "Religion. What a difficult topic to discuss, even harder when you discuss it with humans who insist that their faith is real. While I'm not saying it isn't, I'm not saying it is either. Some can easily say: 'Oh, the Druids, Clerics and Paladins are the only true religions, because they draw forces from deities'. If you consider the manipulation of the flora and fauna, the power to heal someone without medical procedures and the ability to purge the undead a power of 'Gods' and 'Aenguls', you may be right, as you may be wrong. While the ability to heal someone may or may not be possible without the use of medicinal herbs or items, without them there are other ways to heal. Taking out Clericism, we have Alchemy, who bases itself out of the confection of Symbols and Herbs to make a potion, that itself, is a form of healing, burning, hardening, you name it. Then, we have the normal medical procedures, who can prove more efficient than clericism and druidism (if Druids can even heal). Medicine is an ever growing study that, at some point, will be more efficient than any other magical procedure, and thats for sure. As for purging undead, thats an easy argument. Paladins and Ascended swear to whatever their god is that only their power will 'truly' purge the living dead. That is not true. Depending on the undead, even steel works to purge the taint. Aurum works best, causing a burning sensation and 10x more pain than Steel, in some cases. Take Gravens as an example. Their weakness to Aurum is as strong as their weakness to Ferrum and Steel. While other, higher undead can easily survive the Steel cuts, anything related to Aurum in any form, when used in combat against them, can prove effective. But lets move over to a more... 'conflicting' religion. Canonism. The only religion which does not have a magic linked to it (High Elves invented Fi', so we'll consider as a magic for them). Canonism is the religion with a belief that there is a max Creator, named by them, with the extreme creativity and hard work: GOD. Say that in the middle of Karlsburg and you'll get your arm and both legs chopped off your body. Trust me. Canonism can prove itself quite basic and sourceless, my personal opinion being that, as every race had a belief, the humans decided to quickly create some random religion using Horen as an example and how they are all sons of Horen and the Creator, also known as GOD. While that is only my personal opinion, many men have already pronounciated it around streets, alleys, squares, jails and roads, yelling about the 'false faith'. What I talk about the basic and sourceless aspects of canonims is that, firstly, is that they say GOD wishes for a thing, and then they do the exact opposite. Secondly, the hierarchy thing in Canonism ( the Four Prophets), using the Four Prophets (Horen, Owyn, Siegmund and Godfrey) as an example in life. If anything, they aren't examples. Mainly Horen, who backed away with Malin during the war against Iblees. While Malin and Horen gathered their children to run, Krug and Urguan, alongside their children fought the Daemon. But hey, **** the orcs. Lets take this to a more recent time. The clash between the Lotharingian Church, Owynism (Westerlands) and Canonism (Karlsburg(?)). All three of them claiming to be the 'true religion'. I will safely say, none of them are. First off, the Lotharingian Church is quite obviously based a lot out of the Canonist church, regarding that, claiming that something you based off is false makes you faker. Second, the Lotharingian Church has the god name GOD. Where'd I hear that name before. This is all for this edition. On the next edition, we will be discussing the complicated Orcish Faith: The Spirits. Have a wonderful day. Kreinz the Troubled. -========================- OOC Disclaimer: All of the text above is the Rp writer's opinion and general knowledge. He did NOT study canonism in depth. Known religions to him are only the ones listed in the first Paragraph and in one of the last lines. Hope you enjoyed.
  5. i have The Culling, Arma 3, CSGO, R6 Siege, zero shame and needing some friends to play with.

  6. You won me at the Mordring and Friends title.
  7. "Your 'god' has surely blessed you with your incapable brain. Your kind, that being, Haensetians, culture or nota, call GOD by a different name, by a tongue not spoken by all humans. Heresy shall receive no mercy. GOD drives my blade, and I cast his fire. GOD Wills It." the same warrior grumbles in response to Maric that is somewhere.
  8. "The heretic scum will fall to their knees and pray for their false god to relieve them from the Courlandic Horde. None shall stop us. GOD wills it." a man who had partaken in that battle muttered to himself as he cleaned his sword and wiped his shield.
  9. "But they dislike elves..." mumbles a Wlands peasant
  10. If I didn't have a 150 level of dislike by 50% of the playerbase because I dislike Haense, I would try.
  11. "This sounds about alright... Time to find some boys, or girls, to help me out." mumbles a graven.
  12. 10 mina on XxGooodieBooyxX
  13. "They allow THAT in the army, but not me? GOD has surely casted something on me..." a canonist elf mumbles.
  14. "WHAT?!" an uruk thunders from the insides of his forge "DEY AM GUNNA PAY!!!"