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  1. Devran approached the notice, lightly reading over it. A small smile crossed his face as he considered the possibilities. He hurridly gathered some paper and ink he sent in an application. Name: Devran Iyliar Race: Human Age: 20 Discord#: Zeigler#0994
  2. My apologies, I must've overlooked that haha. Nice, I'm with rollforwitches, +1.
  3. How many books would there be though? I take it that they are special books and copies can't be made willy nilly so I'm curious about the number and if possible how more would be made by the strigae kind. Otherwise I think this would be an interesting addition to their lore.
  4. When you have to highlight to even be able to see and read the words. Pretty nice though, I love how fleshed out the Hou-Zhi are getting lately.
  5. MCname: ShockingBio Rp name: Eliot Halcourt Character Age: 24 Character Race: Human Reason for applying?: Wishing to help keep our lands safe Prior Training: Trained in self defence mainly being an archer Have you killed anything/anyone before? If so list who/what, and the reason for doing so: Yes in defence but only humans
  6. RP Name: Aearion MC Name: ShockingBio (hoster102) Known Arcane Arts: None Position Desired: Student When is the best time to contact you for an interview: IRP, 1pm to 2am EST are times i am variously on, through skype or discord usually anytime.
  7. Is this still available? if so i'd like to arrange a time
  8. [Application] RP Name: Agnar Reyurnt MC Name: Hoster102 Known Arcane Arts: Electric evocation, (have an app out for Conjuration ST) Position Desired: Student (Teacher of electric if my TA is accepted may 12) When is the best time to contact you for an interview: Skype or discord can be a way to contact Hoster102, and 1pm-1am EST (i have some ooc questions too btw about the guild)
  9. ((the area is still in LC atm as i haven't paid it yet but i'll pay that before the transaction, there is also the beginning of an underground storage/base))
  10. "I have a 75x75 piece of land in Lorraine currently to the left of the bridge to Metz. There is currently a tavern, 5 houses, and a large tree (hollow inside, massive) on the property. I'm looking for 6K mina for the house." - Agnar Reyurnt
  11. "500 for the pale sword" Agnar Reyurnt would say
  12. They have succeeded! The daughter is safe!
  13. A group has accepted the bounty! I will post an update as to when they succeed or fail tomorrow
  14. [!] Posters would be hung around Aleksandria in cursive bearing the following HELP WANTED! My daughter has been kidnapped by a group of cultists who have intentions of sacrificing her. I cannot fight them myself as i'm too old so i'm willing to pay 30 mina for each dead cultist and 100 mina for the safety of my daughter. Please help me! Sincerely, ~Aidyn Holcaster~ ((OOC)) The bounty is made for a group of 3-5 and is off into the woods outside of Aleksandria. PM Hoster102 if you're interested and have a group, to schedule.
  15. (760,200,-2200) Plot A Is this still available and a negotiable price?
  16. 1. What is the name of your nation / group? What kind of culture do they have? How long have they existed (in real-life time)? The name is The Jarldom of Mjol and the culture was Norlandic, but is becoming it’s own new culture since the rest of Norland vanished. There have been two religions, a monotheistic religion called All-Fatherism before and we are currently shifting to a polytheistic religion surrounding an afterlife in Jiorhall. The town has existed for roughly 5 months. 2. Do you already have land? If so, where is it? Please provide the names of any tiles or regions that you own. Yes, within A5. The tile guild_svenheldbasion and it is 138x138 3. Please link any of your groups accepted charters below: https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/153632-%E2%9C%93-the-svenheld-basion-sons-of-norland-70x70-charter/#comment-1451761 https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/153711-travel-charter/#comment-1452694 4. What are your goals for nation status? This can be anything- remember, this is a hidden sub-forum. Your intentions and goals will not be publicly known. To allow for more players to join as easily as possible and become more a notable, viking inspired, trade settlement. We cannot get our own cart to the human fast travel hub in our current state and it is hindering our recruiting abilities. 5. Approximately how many members are in your group? How many of them are actively playing? Be honest! If I were to visit your capital city on any given day and at any given time, how many people could I expect to see? How about during peak hours? And what about during the "dead" hours? There are currently 20 members of the town with various people that visit to roleplay. About 15 people are active players though through various personas. You would typically find 3-5 people on in town. During the dead hours you may find 0-2 people on in town. (players may be on but visiting different towns in peak and average). During peak hours 10-12 players can be found role playing or doing various rallies. 6. Who will be leading your nation as nation lead / king / etc.? Sullincollivan is the Jarl on his Erik Reyurnt persona.
  17. ((IRP)) Name: Baldur Race (any race is accepted): Age: Wood Elf Why do you wish to join?: I wish to protect the mortal races ((OOC)) Skype (optional but recommended): hoster102 MC Name: hoster102 Do You Accept A PK Clause If You Leave For Purposes Harmful To Us Or Betray Us?: yes if the rp leads to it (as in if i'm killed for leaving or betraying)
  18. Agnar Reyurnt by: Hoster102 Status: Alive Family Eldest Brother: Erik Reyurnt Status: Dead Age: 69 Older/Middle Brother: Leif Reyurnt Status: Dead Age: 67 Nephew: Myro Reyurnt Status: Alive Age: 34 Son: Rognvald Agnarson Reyurnt Status: Alive Age: 35 Appearance Age: 65 Race: Norlander Weight & Height: 178 lbs and 6 foot 1 inch Gender: Male Eyes: Green Magics: T5 electromancy, T2 Conjuration Body Type: Of average height, with strong arms and shoulders from years in the mines and chopping trees. Though not as strong due to voidal poisoning, his once large body weakened and frailer Head: Bright green eyes with a beard and mustache are the most prominent features of his face. Most often kind and bearing a smile though to others often a frown. Lifestyle Nation/Home: From Mjol though residing in Norland Position: Currently without a job. Profession: Veteran Miner, Veteran Lumberjack, Masterful Blacksmith Bio/personality : Having a distaste for war and fighting through his younger years of traveling and wars he's been apart of. Agnar is hard to anger, atleast harder than some norlanders, and prefers negotiations over fighting. Though preferring not to fight Agnar will not stand to have his home, family, or friends threatened. The more studious of his brothers Agnar has a thirst for knowledge. Agnar is also the most religous of his brothers leading to him becoming a red priest. After the town of Mjol became inactive, Agnar took to learning magic and finding work in Courland. With the war that left courland empty Agnar moved toward Veris/Lorraine settling down as he begun to attempt to practice a second magic. After the erection of the new Orenian capital a new philosophy was shown to him. Combat Armor : Usually doesn't wear armor, now limiting himself to leather. Weapons : Rarely using anything but his preferred weapon his runic sword Angurvadal, and magic. Combat style : Agnar is usually slow to jump into the fray, looking for an open place or where he is needed the most. Once in combat Agnar's fighting style is defensive until he sees an opening at which time he launches a full assault. Now with the abilities of voidal magic, Agnar will use that for long range attacks to stun or disable a foe. Visual Reference Character Sheet by : sullincollivan
  19. Name: Varuk II Frostbeard Subrace: mountain dwarf Age: 160 Prefered Weapon: War axe Profession: Miner and Tinker Patron God: Dungrim OOC Hoster102 Skype: you got it and know I'm in ts
  20. "I as a peasant support this fine fellow" Agnar Reyurnt
  21. Roleplay Name: Varuk II Frostbeard Roleplay Age: 154 Timezone: est cnt Role within the Frostbeards ( Son/Relative to whom? Send me a PM If you need help!): Son of Varuk Teamspeak/Skype: already in
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