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  1. i saw ur pfp gif and instinctively punched my monitor and it no longer works (hole), will send paypal info.

    1. Assassinofawsome


      Of course, of course. My deepest apologies!

    2. TheTommo


      Haha, awesome comment. I plus oned it!

  2. You man, are a true gamer. o7 Find somewhere that deserves you.
  3. I thought I followed it pretty decently tbh, mechanics should be listed in redlines above redlines, but if you feel they need to be more pointed out Ill go ahead and reformat them, and hope the fourms dont break our post again. “Ultra-Instict” is minor better reflexes that is NOT a spell, its to indicate training as that aspect follows. All of these Aspects highlight different things Ascended do, it’s not all suppose to be ICe and Tears of Aeriel, its suppose to let you further yourself as an Ascended and a player. But thank you oh so much for your insight.
  4. Hopefully with this current lore Ascended can finally hang their hat, but with having to rewrite and reform our entire basic idea of a group some serious changes needed/have been made. They are now defenders of the people, essentially, but now they have a few ways to be that without all doing the same thing, and without having to give up Astra to learn another magic. This is a way for Ascended to be stronger through dedication to their magic. I look forward to your comments!
  5. Apologies for the repost everyone, forums were being really stupid. Big thanks to Nectorist for the assist. Because forums can be stupid Ill also include a link to the doc for people who may need it for an easier reading experience: https://docs.google.com/document/d/13Nr9FwMqbyAeOlXQSQQ-LalJj7ArGBXDShJvMl2r4UM/edit?usp=sharing
  6. Like Archons, but better, help mages instead of just being super sayian.
  7. Accepted, You will be contacted soon. A smith? Hmmm, we'll see how well you do. We'll contact you next chance we get. Accepted, we will contact you first chance we get.
  8. We welcome a Paladin into the order, we will contact you about training and such.
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