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  1. Enlistment Form | OOC | Minecraft Name: Wurfv Discord ID: You have it | IC | Name: Quigo Torena  Combat Experience: Former Officer and Temporary Leader of Virarim.
  2. “Even we never acted this extreme.” says a wood elf
  3. Looking like a chug jug.
  4. Fill out application: IGName: Henry Rubens User: Wurfv Refrences: What you want: Something like this picture, using house colors of Yellow and Black. Short black hair, dark blue eyes. Special notes: None
  5. Owen Gromach would sign on behalf of the Barony of Herborn.
  6. To whoever screwed up this badly. Rollback our lands or step down you literal brainlet.
  7. Is the woodsman or ranger skin still available
  8. MC Name: Wurfv Character Name: Quigo Torena Commission type: 800 Mina Head Basic Description of what you want: I just have 3 tattoos I need on the face. It'd be better to describe what I want over discord. Any Reference photos:
  9. Is the server going to make it.

    1. Kaldwin_


      hopefully not

  10. Admins stop ignoring us people of Marna.

  11. First one on the server wins the warclaim

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