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  1. By, Acolyte Jan Istvan Tibor Food, clothes, shelter, anything that may help a man or woman is a fair donation in the eyes of GOD, but there is greater charity one can give. The gift of knowledge. Materialistic goods may help those in need for a short while, but knowledge is a far greater gift and it lasts a lifetime. My fellow patrons of the church I ask of you from this day forth to give the gift of knowledge to those in need. No longer should we only give the gift of an item but we should teach. Teach those who are in need, how to work, to love, to live, and most importantly to pray. GOD has given us all the spiritual gift of teaching, now we must start to impart our knowledge upon others. Why give someone a commodity, when you can give someone the knowledge to acquire their own. By imparting your knowledge upon someone you are imparting the knowledge GOD has gifted upon you. A most divine example of charity came recently from the Pontiff, James II, when he made public a translation of the Holy Scrolls that had been kept out of view for many years. James II has given the followers of our most blessed faith the ability to study and interpret the knowledge that our omnipotent lord passed along to the exalted many years ago. The gift of this knowledge now allows the public the ability to better devote their body and soul to the worship of GOD, in times where faith in the church has waned. But the Holy Scrolls are not the only transaction through which wisdom can be given. The sermons of our faithful are a fine example of that. A man well versed in the Scrolls preaches to his followers about the wisdom from the lives of the Saints, the virtues of certain morals, et cetera. Or let us look at our missionaries, traversing dangers to reach those that have not received GOD’s wisdom yet. These transactions of wisdom alone account for most of Oren’s civilization: it is what keeps the populace informed about what is moral and what is not.
  2. +10 opinion, made chancellor.
  3. Jan Istvain gained piety from this random event.
  4. DECREE OF THE IMPERIAL LOTTERY The Department of the Treasury, isssued 12th of the Tobias’ Bounty, 1739 The Imperial Department of the Treasury does hereby decree that the Grand City of Helena, bearing title as the capital of Oren, shall institute and host the existence of the Imperial Lottery, a system servicing the entirety of the Orenian Realm, including all vassals, major or of the crownlands, in the monetary esteem of chance. PLAYING Arriving in yearly intermissions within the Bank of Helena, the lottery shall function in the form of number slots on the lottery registry amounted to 10 minas each, with no maximum on how many of these slots a person may be allotted. Lottery slots may be bought from the Secretary of the Treasury Jon-Paul de Leumont, the Lord Mayor of Helena Gustav Mane, or the Lady Exchequer Empress Lorena. WINNING At the end of the years' term, the Secretary of the Treasury shall draw a ticket number at random, and the holding victor of said ticket number will be given a 45% portion of all revenue collected from the Imperial Lottery. The victor may report to the City of Helena Corporation or the Department of the Treasury to claim his winnings. TREASURY The rest of the money earned from the lottery will help aid the efforts of the Empire in times of strife and economic downfall, stowed immediately to the pockets of the imperial treasury. Signed, Secretary of the Treasury Jon-Paul de Leumont
  5. “There will be no vassal budget until the vassals provide compensation for us to be able to craft one. Even if or when we have a vassal budget we believe its main purpose should be to fund infrastructure, and imperial welfare programs.” He’d state in response to the Senator from Haense
  6. “Currently we give a lump sum of about seven-thousand minas weekly to the Military. How they choose the spend is up to the Secretary of War. Looking to the future however, we wish to give out accurate amounts for military pay based on rates and rosters they will provide us. As to your second question, Id like to refer you to the NAFTA Act formed by our Vassals. Currently the act calls for a unified taxation policy among the association. We believe that if we could implement an idea such as NAFTA is proposing, but on an Imperial wide scale, that we could properly fund our vassals in all measures."
  7. “Well as I already stated, our current priority is military spending as we are currently in a state of war. Even out of war our military is our most important asset. The Treasury will also be able to adequately handle the cost of public infrastructure, social programs, and all other necessary expenditures. To your second question the treasury will begin running a lottery, and a committee has been formed to look into other forms of fair gambling that the empire can use to increase funds. These are ideas from my predecessor which I intend to expand upon. As we are currently in a transition stage I and my current staff will continue to work on opening new revenue streams for the Empire. Lastly, the Treasury currently has no plans to setup a vassal budget. Currently there is no form of vassal tax, as past attempts at such were futile. Therefor, the Empire cannot currently handle the burden of a vassal allowance."
  8. “Military in past has taken up a majority of the Crowns budget. In the current drafts of the budget this is still the case. The Holy Oren Empire is the major political powerhouse in the land of Arcas, and I intend to fund our forces to keep it as such, in peace or war."
  9. “The treasury is currently in the works of drafting a new budget, that will hopefully be approved by you all in later days. In our current state we are able to steadily fill our coffers through taxation of housing in Helena, and wealthy donators. As these are times of war our main priority is having a steady supply of coin to fund the Orenian war machine, working to deal with other projects in times of peace.”- stated Jon-Paul (wip)
  10. Looking like a chug jug.
  11. Fill out application: IGName: Henry Rubens User: Wurfv Refrences: What you want: Something like this picture, using house colors of Yellow and Black. Short black hair, dark blue eyes. Special notes: None
  12. Owen Gromach would sign on behalf of the Barony of Herborn.
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