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  1. Alderman Otis raises a curious brow upon hearing of the Badminton Tourney and fills out an entry. "We need more creative events like this!" Name - Otis de RosiusAge - 19 Association Member? - NoDescribe your level of ability and experience playing badminton - Never played before
  2. Tax Act Proposal of 1809 Written by Otis de Rosius Preamble: This proposal suggests a decrease in tax for all businesses, stalls, and the like within the Imperial City of Providence. This document is subject to change. SECTION I: 1. Taxes for the following will be cut by 50% 1a. Carrington Emporium 1-20 1b. Susa Stalls 1-10 1c. Helvets Avenue 2-9 1d. Basrid Circle 1 2. This Act would be effective immediately after passage. 3. Below will be the current tax (3a.) and the tax if the proposal w
  3. Full Name of the Alderman Candidate: Otis de Rosius Age of the Alderman Candidate: 18 Street Address of the Alderman Candidate: Baker Street 1
  4. Otis picks the invitation up from the rain puddle it was thrown up on into. He furrows a brow and murmurs. "Interesting, I shall attend."
  5. Stanislaw would read the paper, looking over the previous works with awe and then flips the page to the wait list. “Aw ****, guess I have to wait.” He’d return to patching up his clothes.
  6. Stanislaw would read the campaign and sets it down mumbling. “Maybe something will finally change.”
  7. from now on I dont bring anything worth more than 5 minae with me anywhere
  8. Thanks for the advice, I cant add screenshots to the forums but if you’d like to see a house I decorated I will list them all below. This symbol [!] means that I own the property, this will be edited when a project is completed Helena: [!] Alexander Ave. 10b Alexander Ave. 10a Alexander Ave. 12c Jan Sigmar Court 3 Courland: [!] The Eagle’s Beak [!] Market Square 5 Sutica: [!] The Sutican Mining Guild [!] Old Town Rd. 2
  9. Henry greedily reads the post, licking his lips. He turns to head back home, clapping his hands twice and rubs them together, he would mutter “Amen.” ((_Im_Matthew_ I be selling Booze))
  10. Didnt know what topic to put it in. Any place is able to use Clericus' services.
  11. Henry Clericus makes way through an alleyway in Helena, he stops and looks up a horrid-looking house, he cringies as he opens the door leading inside. A man lays asleep on an idle bed sitting in the center of the room with a chest sitting on the chipped hard-wood floor beside him. Henry turns to head out and runs home. As he enters he takes a deep breathe and leans on the polished dark-oak door, slowly sliding down to sit on the newly cleaned spruce flooring , he glances over at the window, spotting the peragola, the grapes swinging in the soft winds. He takes out a slip of paper and starts to
  12. JoeByeden

    Comedy Night

    Insert pun here:
  13. JoeByeden

    Comedy Night

    Seeing as how the previous Comedy Night was so successful, Henry Clericus is proud to host it again at Westmarches, Eagle’s Beak! No sign-up or form to fill, just jump on stage and joke away. Info: Snow’s Maiden, 1731. ((Wednesday, 28th of August, 2019)) at Westmarches, Eagle’s Beak. Directions: From Helena: Turn right, when approaching the three-way, turn right again and head straight, crossing over the wooden bridge. Continue on the road towards Haelun’or. Soon enough you will turn left, and finally you will arrive at Laanhold, Westmarch! (( XYZ: -872 // 62 // -1
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