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  1. Bid Format: Discord: Otis#2192 Skin/s and bid/s (Label clearly with the skin name, and list separately if multiple): Light Blue and Gold, 110
  2. ──── THE THIRD IMPERIAL HOUSE TOUR ──── ──── As to resume tradition the Lord Mayor, Otis de Rosius invites all citizens of Providence to enter to win the Third Imperial House Tour. As the name suggests, a group of judges and fellow competitors shall tour YOUR property and rank it's interior alongside others. The winner will win ONE-HUNDRED MINA. Do speak with your local interior designers, some live in rather questionable conditions... The judging shall commence on the 19th of the Sun's Smile, 1819. Be Prepared. ((Sunday, 16th of May, 2021 at 7pm EST
  3. Upon returning to Rosius Avenue Four, Otis de Rosius felt a sickening lonely feeling, he set his keys down on the kitchen counter and slowly lifted himself onto his cyan-stained leather armchair with a solemn sigh. He took a flier announcing Julius' newly formed group 'The Orenian Patriot Party' and tore it up dramatically, threads of paper littering the floor "How could he leave us so SOON." He shrieked and threw the pieces of paper that remained in his hands into the fireplace.
  4. RP Name: Otis de Rosius MC Name: JoeByeden Voted: Yes!
  5. Full Name of the Alderman Candidate: OTIS DE ROSIUS Age of the Alderman Candidate: 29 Street Address of the Alderman Candidate: Rosius Avenue 4
  6. Full Name of the Mayoral Candidate: OTIS DE ROSIUS Age of the Mayoral Candidate: 29 Street Address of the Mayoral Candidate: Rosius Avenue Four
  7. Otis de Rosius shrugged at the news, taking a sip of his tea from the comfort of his home. "Yet another war Oren shall win, Huzzah Orenia!"
  8. Otis de Rosius chuckled to himself, sat on his cyan-stained leather sofa, he took a long swig at his Johannesburg wine and muttered. "Took him long enough." with a playful eye roll.
  9. Otis de Rosius sighed as he leaned forward to pick the missive back up from the just-cleaned Augustine floor, letting out a disappointed exhale. "Like the name or not, all may agree that it was certainly a success."
  10. RP Name: Otis de Rosius MC Name: JoeByeden Voted: Yes
  11. The Rosius Avenue Auction ❃ ~✽~ ❃ An Architects sketch of Rosius Avenue Two is shown above. ❃ ~✽~ ❃ Deputy Mayor Otis de Rosius' motto "Change That You Can See" has never been more accurate. The Susa Stalls, named after the former Count of Susa (may he rest in peace) have been humbly renamed to Rosius Avenue. After countless years of planning and dedication, raising awareness of the bazaars unused state and lose in foot-traffic over the years, he took it upon himself and began a political career founded on lowering taxes, creating affordable housing and shops,
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