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  1. Fernand Auguste prepares a bouquet using flowers stemming from the gardens of the Chateau de Lucienne.
  2. CHATEAU DE LUCIENNE The Chateau de Lucienne in the Year of Our Lord, 1915 Fernand de Lewes, tied up, found himself at the bank of a small creek. The memory of being banditted and knocked unconscious returned to him and he quickly relinquished himself of the rope around his wrists. After he no longer frantically gasped for breath or heard the beat of his heart he sat down amongst the reeds. The Baron admired the luscious pine forest, of which he saw no end to. He then looked further down the creek, finding that it led to the cerulean ocean. He stood and meandered down the rocky path besides the creek and halted at a clearing in the thick wood. The Baron, awestruck at the sleepy grove, heard a voice from above speak to him, “This is where you shall lay your head, and the stone from which you shall build a great house.” It was then that Fernand found his family's new home. When he brought his siblings to the land he had found, his youngest sibling, Lucia the White, was tasked with designing what would become their home. The design came to her in a dream one night as she imagined a stark white tower emerging from the ground. This home would be unlike any other–a shining beacon of grandiosity, generosity, and a sign of GOD’s eternal love for his children. Construction of the Chateau began promptly in 1914 and lasted two years, it features a bountiful vineyard, a complex maze, and a dock with a small yacht all in the name of merriment for the family and its guests. House de Lewes cordially invites the GOD-fearing denizens of the Aaunic Kingdom to our new home, Chateau de Lucienne, in the Barony of Virdain. We shall celebrate the completion of the Chateau’s construction with a five-course banquet, a dance under the stars, and to conclude the night’s festivities, a firework show accompanied with a tasting of fine wines and fine cheeses produced on the grounds of Virdain.
  3. Fernand de Lewes begins to pen a letter, one pertaining to the purchase of a few casks of each delectable wine.
  4. Fernand de Lewes smiles the Sun's Smile whilst reading the portion regarding to Virdain.
  5. The newly ennobled Baron of Virdain examines the Royal Letters with a look of disbelief.
  6. The Viscount of Sapron rejoices!
  7. Lorens is taken away by the wonderful work done by his sister.
  8. Lorens d'Arkent, although unable to read, recognized himself in one of the sketches as a model for Balianite Fashion.
  9. THE HOUSE SARKOZIC House Name: Sarkozic (House Sarkozic var Sapron) Date of Founding: 15th Century House Founders: Victor Sarkozic Current Head of House: Franz Arthur Sarkozic, Viscount of Sapron Current Title(s): Viscounty of Sapron The Most Honourable, Franz Arthur Sarkozic, Viscount of Sapron @Matheaww The Most Honourable, Béatrice Cateline Sarkozic, Viscountess of Sapron @JaneJam His Lordship, Kasimir Amadeus Sarkozic, Heir Apparent @Timer Her Ladyship, Nicoletta Septimia Sarkozic née Varoche @libertyybelle Her Ladyship, Milena Lorena Sarkozic @annanicole__ Notable Figures: Adrian de Sarkozy, Lord Protector of the Holy Orenian Empire Joseph II, Holy Orenian Emperor Franz Nikolai de Sarkozy, Prince of Sutica Helena Eleanor de Sarkozy, Baroness of Pompourelia High Pontiff, Pontian IV Notable Relics: The Crow’s Song The Cane of Corvi The Pompourelian Diamant The Providence Topaz The Topaz Ring of the House Sarkozy Franz Nikolai's Powdered Wig Anastasia the I's Gilded Makeup Case The Lakeside Painting by Princess Catherine House History: The ancient House Sarkozic descends from the more ancient Raevir House of Carrion. The history of the house is extensive, mainly being composed of ruling over the Adrian people. Naturally, with such a task the House has experienced many wars, conflicts, and crises. It was in 1753 though that this changed. The then Duke of Adria, Joseph Clement de Sarkozy married the Heiress to the Holy Orenian Empire. This union produced the House of Novellen which would rule over a large portion of Humanity and continue to do so to this day. It was also with that union that the Sarkozic’s experienced a major loss of identity. With the family's sudden alignment with the Imperialists it began to conform to the Petrine culture, dressing in powdered wigs, tailcoats, and petticoats. This time saw little growth for the family, no longer did it rule over the Adrians or be the causation of conflict, throughout most of this period it was cast away into small manors in the city. It remained this way until the fall of the Holy Orenian Empire in 1868. The House would be divided up once through the declaration of the Brothers War. The Royalist aligned Sarkozic’s, led by Franz Arthur Sarkozic, and the Imperial aligned Sarkozy’s, led by Katerina Angelika de Sarkozy, would fight to support Prince Fredrick Charles’ and Prince Peter Augustus’ claim on the Orenian Throne respectively. Sources say the seven year old Baron, Franz Arthur, was convinced to swear fealty to the Royalists with the help of a chocolate chip cookie. The divided House ceased its quarreling and began to grow closer once again with the Royalist victory. The fall of the Kingdom of Orenia only a decade later gave rise to the Kingdom of Aaun, and with that a threat to divide the House once more materialized. Heinrik Otto Sarkozic, a distant, traditionalist cousin of the Petrine Baron, would force a summons in the Ruins of San Luciano with the help of the Pontiff, Pontian IV. Due to the families conflicting interests, the goal was to separate the House into a Northern branch, ruled by Heinrik, and a Southern branch, ruled by Franz. Although highly contested, the tied vote led to a coin toss which Heinrik won. This led to the restoration of the Duchy of Adria in the Kingdom of Aaun which revived traditional Sarkozic customs, and the creation of the Barony of Sapron in the Kingdom of Balian, which maintained its Petrine customs with some minor Raevir influence. Both branches maintain good relations to this day.
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  12. THE EXPORTS OF BALIAN 14th of Horen’s Calling in the year of our Lord, 41 B.A The lands that the Kingdom of Balian has called home for many years now have their flaws, the climate is arid and as a result her soil is not appealing to the average farmer, it is dry and seeps through the gaps in between your fingers when grasped. It does not make for good farmland. The lack of rain and harvests reaped can not sustain her populace in the City of Atrus, she acknowledges this and instead provides materials that make up for this. Below her sandy surface, Balian is rich in mineral wealth, most importantly gold. The Kingdom no doubt has the largest gold reserves in Almaris. Her population exploits this and uses gold to buy food and other goods. Due to the ambient climate of the land Balian hosts a large population of silkworms essential for the creation of silk. In order to capitalize off of this gift from GOD Balian has recently constructed more silkworm farms in order to create larger yields. Nowadays a majority of Balianites enjoy the luxury of wearing and surrounding themselves with fine silk clothing and linens. Whilst most crops wilt in the Balianite Sun, some thrive, dotted all across the countryside are thickets of spices that are used in many delicacies originating from the region. Some of these spices include but are not limited to Rosemary, Sage, and Thyme all of which have their own medicinal properties locals exploit. Thyme in particular can be used to help heal wounds and cuts due to its anti-inflammatory properties. The plant is also loved by bees. Bees populate the countryside and the City of Atrus, the Palatio Monterosa even has an area purely devoted to beekeeping. Bees especially love it in Balian because of the aforementioned spices, the strong scents that are released attract them. Honey and Honeycombs are products of the bees' strenuous labor and are carefully harvested from the bees, these products too have many medicinal properties, honey is famously used to treat coughs. It is no wonder with the sunlight, warmth, and healthy lifestyles of Balianites that they are the longest living humans in the Realm. Treat yourself to the finest goods that Balian has to offer and enjoy a similar lifestyle to a Balianite. IN NOMINE DEI, THE MOST HONOURABLE, Franz Arthur Sarkozic Viscount of Sapron, Mercer of Balian THE RIGHT HONOURABLE, Johanne Alstromeria Vuiller, Countess of Aquilae, Countess-Consort of Renduzzo, Lady Procurator of Balian
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