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  1. [RP Name]: Franz Arthur Sarkozic [MC Name]: Matheaww [Age]: 15 [Subjects]: All [Role, Student or Tutor]: Student [What Inspired You to Apply?]: Friends. [Discord]: Matti#2192
  2. "Free food!" Cheered the Baron Pompourelia
  3. Discordtag : Matti#2192 MC Name : Matheaww RP Name : Franz Arthur Sarkozic RP Age : 14 Are you a Nobleman representing yourself? : Yes
  4. THE POMPOURELIAN LOTTO The Baron Pompourelia and Baroness-Emerita encircled by relatives, c. 1875 It is with great exaltation that the Household of Sarkozic extends an invitation to each and every subject of the Crown in honour of the Baroness-Emerita’s seventieth name day. The revelry is to occur at the Sarkozic Estate on Ivanovich 5, where no wealth shall be spared for the occasion as refreshments and dishes of remote origins are to be provided to the guests. Concurrently the juvenile Baron is to host a game of Lotto in which he is to call out a series of numbers ranging from one to twenty and the first to achieve a line horizontal, vertical or diagonal is to be granted an applause as the victor and a monetary distinction of five hundred minas. SIGNED, THE HONOURABLE, Franz Arthur Sarkozic, Baron of Pompourelia HER IMPERIAL HIGHNESS, The Princess Catherine, Duchess of Westmarch THE HONOURABLE, Laurent Fredrick Sarkozic, Hand of Korvich
  5. “Balian Brats” The Sarkozic lordling hissed “Must we remind them who started this conflict in the first place?” Franz remarked at the Lady Cheese as he read the missive over once more “May our next act tear them apart.”
  6. The Baron Pompourelia, Franz Arthur Sarkozic prepares for battle by learning ballet!
  7. A SPRINGTIME SOIRÉE Euphonic Euphoria 1873 To celebrate the coming of the harvest and extend our merriment to our friends, the Hon. Baron of Pompourelia has decided to host a commemorative soiree! While food will be forsworn at this event in the spirit of the ongoing festival, other opportunities to enjoy one’s self shall be afforded. His Lordship’s mother, HIH The Duchess of Westmark, shall be auctioning off a series of seven paintings at the soiree due to the delay of her previously theater bound event! https://www.lordofthecraft.net/forums/topic/212525-%E2%9C%B5-a-young-artists-auction-iv-1871-%E2%9C%B5/ Bacchus the Bard shall provide live entertainment to those who attend! An excellent opportunity for those in attendance to socialize and dance. Party games and fine drink shall also be exempted by the Sarkozic Family for all to partake in throughout the evening! This soiree shall be open to all citizens within the royal capital of Vienne, as well as to anyone else who wishes to partake. We look greatly forward to welcoming you to our festivities and opening outdoors for this wonderful occasion. SIGNED, THE HONOURABLE, Franz Arthur Sarkozic, Baron of Pompourelia HER HIGHNESS, Catherine Anastasia Novellen, Lady-Regent of Pompourelia (OOC:)
  8. "More friends!" chimed a Sarkozic Lordling
  9. THE SARKOZIC SOIRÉE 1872 The notorious revelry of Ivanovich Heights 5, Vienne It is with great exaltation that the House of Sarkozic enunciates the completion of their estate situated amidst the bustling centre of Vienne, it is worth noting the GOD-bestowed architectural proficiency of the Baron, as he personally drew plans for the renovations and changes. The edifice shall be a sod to each bearer of blood pertaining to our dynasty and concurrently a constant navel of carousal due to Franz Arthur’s nature of binger. We deem this attainment deserving of celebration and therefore welcome each and every subject of the Orenian Crown to our residence. No riches or wealth will be spared for the affair as refreshments unheard of before, drinks of paramount quality and dishes of remote nativity shall be offered and provided to our guests. Such occurrence is to take place on the 13th of Godfrey’s Triumph in the year of our Lord, 1872 at the newly-finished estate on Ivanovich Heights 5 in the Orenian capital of Vienne. May GOD bless you all and none abstain from such grandiose festivity. SIGNED, THE HONOURABLE, Franz Arthur Sarkozic, Baron of Pompourelia THE HONOURABLE, Laurent Fredrick Sarkozic, Lord-Regent of Pompourelia
  10. RP name: Franz Arthur Sarkozic MC name: Matheaww What events do you wish to join?: All Are you willing to pay the entrance fee of 10 Mina?: Yes
  11. Franz Arthur prepares to meet his newest cousin!
  12. Items: The Naming of a Courtier Hall and Bust 1 within the Castle Gardens RP Name: Franz Arthur Sarkozic Discord: Matti#2192 Bid: 1000 and 400
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