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  1. Franz Sarkozic frowns at the misspelling of the Family name on the invitation.
  2. A Week of Remembrance Princess Augustina of Balian leads hunters on horseback, circa 33 B.A. The Kingdom of Balian and its people have mourned the loss of one King and celebrated the coronation of the next. In honour of the first King of Balian, John I, the Palatio Monterosa announces the Grand Hunt of Balian, the event shall last three days and consist of the following subevents: The Grand Hunt of Balian Denizens and citizens shall gather at the gates of the city by the 12th Saint Hour of the 26th of Horen’s Calling before setting out into the Balianian wilderness, once reaching it they shall search for a large, fully-matured mammal to be killed and brought back to the city. The Grand Feast of 33 B.A. Following the conclusion of the Hunt chefs of the Monterosa will collect the animal and work around the clock to concoct an array of fine dishes consisting of the game from the previous evening. The Feast shall be hosted directly after the Tourney held on the 20th of Owyn’s Flame. The Remembrance Ball A ball in honour of the new King shall be held on the 14th of Godfrey’s Triumph with a speech from the Governess of the Monterosa. Attendees will, as always, be offered the finest Balianite drinks and appetizers and be encouraged to join other attendees onto the freshly polished ballroom dance floor. SIGNED, HER ROYAL HIGHNESS, Princess Augustina Therosia “The Snapdragon Princess”of Balian, Viscountess of Salia and Governess of the Palatio Monterosa THE HONOURABLE, Franz Arthur Sarkozic, Baron of Sapron, Head of the Palatial Events Commitee
  3. The Pompourelian Pompourelian Clerks Laurent and Jan Sarkozic record profits, B.A. 32 The Pompourelian Trading Company is devoted to the availability and affordability of commodities to the populaces of Almaris. No longer must inhabitants of the Realm pay a mina per loaf of bread, we sell our freshly baked bread at a tenth of that price! Our great prices do not stop at baked goods though, they apply to a wide range of other products such as but not limited to: Armour for 8 and 10 mina per piece! Swords for 3.5 mina per blade! Iron and Gold for 0.3 and 0.6 per ingot, respectively! Full-Grain Leather for 0.9 mina! For businesses or individuals that require purchases in bulk, a significant markdown can be negotiated! Simply send a bird to Franz Arthur Sarkozic and a representative is guaranteed to contact you within the next eight Saint’s Hours. You may also visit any one of our many stores, the locations are, as of the time of writing: The Kingdom of Haense: Crown Avenue IV The Kingdom of Balian: Market Place I The Principality of Celia’nor: Stall outside of City The Grand Kingdom of Urguan: Stall III The Commonwealth of Petra: Coming Soon! SIGNED, THE HONOURABLE, Franz Arthur Sarkozic, Baron of Sapron, Chairman of The Pompourelian Trading Company HIS LORDSHIP, Kasimir Amadeus Sarkozic, Heir Apparent to the Barony of Sapron
  4. Franz Arthur Sarkozic silently mourns the death of the King whilst also being thankful to have been with him in his final moments.
  5. Franz read the missive with a grand smile then did a double, no, triple take.
  6. Franz sat himself down in the tavern with sacks of mina, three-hundred fifty to be exact.
  7. Upon signing the contract Franz turned and grinned maliciously at his partners in crime @sashimichopped @exqoisite
  8. John Leufroy Lewes cheered upon the arrival of the ship!
  9. Union of Colborn and Sarkozic Depiction of the couple dancing on their wedding day, c. 1898 We welcome friends and family from across the realm to witness the marriage of the Artiev Edric Colborn to the beautiful lady Esteri Adrienne of Sarkozic in the Chapel of Saint Emma of Woldzmir in Petra on the 20th of Todias’ Bounty, 1898. The wedding will be followed by a reception in the local Tavern on Ludwig Square five where attendees will be encouraged to participate in conversation and dance. SIGNED, HIS LORDSHIP, Lord Artiev Edric Colborn HER LADYSHIP, Lady Esteri Adrienne of Sarkozic
  10. Franz modifies the list of invitations. @exqoisite
  11. Balian balling?

  12. A REKINDLED FLAME A painting of Franz and Beatrice, c. 1898 The Houses of Sarkozic and Halcourt invite all friends and family from across the realm and beyond to witness the union of the childhood friends Franz Arthur Sarkozic and Beatrice Cateline Halcourt. The union shall take place in Basilica la Sorella in Balian on the 18th of the Sun’s Smile, 1898. The Invitation extends to: His Majesty, John I, King of Balian and his royal pedigree Invitation to the entire nobility of the Realm Dame Catherine Anastasia, Duchess of Westmarch and her noble pedigree The Right Honourable, Louis Joseph de Rosius, Margrave of Haute-Epine, Baron of Rosius, Lord of Mont Louis, Patriarch of House Rosius and his noble pedigree The Right Honourable, Heinrik Otto Sarkozic var Veletzia, Count of Veletzia and his noble pedigree The Honourable, Nicoletta Anastasie Halcourt, Baroness of Artois and her noble pedigree The Honourable, Austina Prudence Aldersberg, Baroness of Aldersberg and her noble pedigree The Chivalrous, Ser Emir "The Irrepressible" of Abbassia, Patriarch of House d'Abbassia and his pedigree SIGNED, THE HONOURABLE, Lord Franz Arthur Sarkozic var Sapron, Baron of Sapron HER LADYSHIP, Lady Beatrice Cateline of Halcourt
  13. Franz Arthur Sarkozic helps mop the floor in preparation of the event!
  14. Matheaww


    "Unfortunate how it has come to this." Remarked one Franz Arthur Sarkozic.
  15. Franz Arthur Sarkozic, Southern Head of House Sarkozic signs and comments "Vivat Corvus"
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