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  1. I feel like the staff members responsible for handing out bans and punishments need to realise they should contact and discuss the issue with a responsible player, rather than outright punishing them without any prior contact. Regardless of that person's behaviour everyone is entitled to be talked too and furthermore it leads to a more healthy outcome and helps that player shape their behaviour in a positive way.

    1. Netphreak


      Wait wait wait wait WAAAAIIT HOOOLD UP A MINUTE HELLO????


      Y..You're actually suggesting that.. COMMUNICATION happens???? OMG .. UNTHINKABLE!

    2. JustMeMorgan


      I saw a ban appeal and just remembered one of my earliest bans which was a mob grinder lmao, and I sat and discussed and chatted about it, had a laugh or two with the banning mod and he was like "Well it's your first offense and I can see it wasn't just you involved but because you used it most I'm going to give you a three day ban for it" and I was completely happy with that and learnt from it


      So many bans nowadays happen without any prior contact or even attempt at intervention, and I think that's what the moderation team really need to understand is the critical part of a punishment.


      Players don't learn or change behaviour from a silly xyz duration ban, it's the conversation you have with them to help them understand that will actually impact their behaviour.

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