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  1. im not ok, does anyone want to give me their electrolytes to help?

  2. ohh na na ay! dont act like you know me!

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  5. Fascinating indeed, truly intriguing. What a splendid delight.

  6. Can we have a section of the forums where we can post anonymously without fear of persecution or guilt? Like a confession section or something, or perhaps an anonymous AMA, I think that would be fantastic.

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      it's called my private inbox

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      You be getting people to send noodles?

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  7. The myth, the legend, the baddest bxtch of them all.

  8. Genetic_Mutant

    [Completed] Meating eat is morally wrong

    This debate is frivolous. Whether to eat meat or not should be left to the choice of the consumer, whether they want to be informed or not, is their choice. They hold the right to choose what they want in the supermarket and should not be restricted to choose plants only. You can't change how people think or how society works, only the laws that nudge it. If society could be changed more easily, I'm sure there would be a lot less social issues with all the social justice warriors popping up. Unfortunately society is a longer machine to repair whereas laws can be changed faster. Banning all meat consumption is really the only way you could have this vegan society instantly, which would lead to bigger problems.
  9. Genetic_Mutant

    [Completed] Meating eat is morally wrong

    Philosophically speaking, morals are usually a minor distraction towards progress. Progress is complicated since often progress is contrasted by tradition and funny enough humans have traditionally been eating meat, but I bring progress into my argument since it is progressive to continue consuming meat. From common knowledge; meat is high in protein, a vital nutrient to the human body and it's muscle functions. Muscles are important; without muscles we wouldn't be able to lift things and we'd be heavily weak. You need muscles to walk, and perform pretty much everyday functions in general. By stripping away meat as part of some sort of moral code that is purely fantastical by human minds, since morals were brought forth from human imagination for better or worse; you hinder progress. I believe society should be progressive so I think meat should continue to be consumed. In addition to these arguments, meat consumption is commonly observed in nature, as humans we should not be different. We are a living race, we need to live for ourselves (sometimes) at the cost of other species. I am not advocating for over-production or endangerment of animals however, that disrupts the food webs and food chains of many and causes more issues than resolved. Overall, we as a HUMAN-RACE should not stop eating meat purely for the ideal of moral values. While the vegetarian diet is good for many things, taking meat from younger children can lead to MANY problems later and early on in life due to poor muscle development and whatnot. I always tend to stand in the middle-ground of any sort of debate, it's strange. Any who, now realizing that plants contain higher trophic levels than meat, and thus more "energy" (i forgot the actual name i hated science); some studies are pointing to find the vegetarian diet helpful. But then, my previous points still stand. So with all of my concerns stressed, I feel like it should be left to the consumer populace to decide. Meat production companies should continue doing what they do, and it should be left to the choice of the consumer with full knowledge of the risks and benefits of each diet.
  10. Genetic_Mutant

    [✓] Chi Manipulation

    Note, this is not a quote: "original idea", this is inspired or heavily ripped off of; you be the judge, various Asian mythology and beliefs. If you watched the show The Last Airbender you would also note that chi is a highly prevalent theme there too, so thus is this idea really original, or ripped from folklore.
  11. Playing the game with the rule-maker is more fun than playing the game with a mere pawn or peasant, wouldn't you agree?