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  1. Slothdemons

    The Huntsmen

    Application Roleplay Name: Corban Urion Race: Human, Heartlander Age: 29 Desired Role: Hunter/Medics Reason for enlistment: I wish to keep these lands safe from horrible creatures and to learn more about them. I also wish to further my medical comprehension and have more experience. OOC Username: WakenIII Discord Tag (Example#3333) “I’M A LEMON” #3625 (the quotations are a part of the name) Timezone: Central Time (CST)
  2. MC Name: Slothdemons Character Name: Giman GrandAxe Character Age: 57 (I didn't realize how old they get... I want him to be 156) Profession (See below): Blacksmith Appearance: Midly fat, Orange hair, beard in ponytails, 5'4. Bloodline: Blackaxe An image of the skin you intend to use: Skype Name (If you have it): Bacon Bacon, I also have discord.
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