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    Barbog, clan Gorkil
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    Ork (Goblin)

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  1. Barbog


    Barbog, or as he titles himself, Barbog the Most Great and Wise, is an... interesting gobbo, which some may argue is the result of one too many long days around the fumes and gases of many tinker-toys. Born into a minor branch of a clan forgotten in time as the runt of a litter, Barbog was largely neglected in favor of his more promising siblings. While certainly not resentful, as few orks are about such matters as tenderness, this set of circumstances drove him away from working with spear and sword, and into the embrace of tinkering and metallurgy. He believes that his passion for this alone is enough to merit himself respect as a tinkerer, even though his self-teaching methods left very much to be desired. Although he touts himself a man of words and higher thinking, a "filozofer" as he calls it, he is still an Ork, eager to test his strength and to spill blood like many of his brothers. Largely untested in battle, he was still enlisted at 13, the customary age for many Orks, and used his newfound position at the bottom as a starting point for his "deztinee". He conveniently forgets that the most famous of all Ork-kin are Uruk, and now and again entertains thoughts of proving himself as a Gobbgoth, even Rexdom. Knowing himself, though, these are casually dismissed as being "too small" for his greater purpose, which still remains largely unclear.
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