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  1. interesting takes respect where it's due for formatting not sure how i feel about the activity cheks being put on clans
  2. commenting before lock because the barbog needs his VOICE to SCREAM and ARGUE and SPREAD MISINFORMATION
  3. this is the only good solution to mineman freebuild is alright when i can do it, but other people make bad things i dont like looking at i shall contribute nothing else to this thread
  4. Barbog

    3 Year AMA

    has qizussy touched grass or gotten maidens in the past 3 years (real life grass and real life maidens (but i will take gossip on mineman version of the second))
  5. Barbog, savvy investor he is, has long since diversified his crop portfolio. While he will mourn the loss of $WHT, a surprising turn of events has left $MLN souring internationally- all in all, the little wretch sees a profit today. With the crash of wheat in Honeyhill, though, perhaps he'd do better to invest in the community instead.
  6. i suck at building, please give me the ability to build wherever i want final vote: freebingus bad
  7. i am GOING to morb.
  8. Barbog is quite glad that he is still able to recieve his edition of the news, thanks to the new Aviaries cropping up all over. He grins broadly seeing the last section; truly, $WHT will never stop climbing.
  9. Yeah Multiple settlements/vassals/RP hubs can exist within one region (For example, Honeyhill being located in the same 'region' as Haense). Just feels weird to have to run back to a city that isn't your own, that might have locked gates with nobody to answer, to receive an urgent letter you weren't expecting.
  10. my man out here makin a rooftop aviary on his brokerage.... based, zazed even...
  11. Just a question- by 'nation subregion', does this mean things like different levels of a capital city, or vassals/communities away from the main city (that aren't separate settlements)? Is there a limit to how many a single organization can have?
  12. (An image from the Library of Yar, depicting a family of Yar Bone-Singers in traditional runed bonemasks.) Oh, how Barbog exemplified the spirit of Yar today! Leading a band of almost ten-thousand strong to the impenetrable fortress of the Ferrymen, with the weight of the life of a poor noble lass, and perhaps the world, upon his shoulders! It is a wonder that women of all races aren't already throwing themselves at his feet- not that he would accept any, of course. To leave a family behind is to only bring more weight upon him when he inevitably goes to save more fair maidens from their oppressors! Indeed, it is time that Barbog is recognized for his strength, his wit, his wisdom, his indominable faith in the Spirits, and the honor he brings to all of Uruk-kind through his every act. Drumming his hand upon the windowsill overlooking the empty village, he pens this declaration to be displayed throughout the Horde's territories; To All the Peoples of the Horde From San'velku to H'nor, Know This; THROUGH THE MIGHT AND WILL OF THE GLORIOUS BARBOG, SAVIOR OF PRINCESSES AND HERO OF THE URUK-HAI, THE CLAN OF Yar SHALL BE REVIVED! Be not afeared, good peoples of the Horde, for this is not a declaration of war or secession, but a declaration to the unwavering strength of your brothers-in-arms! Clan Yar, the traditional clan of wisemen among the Uruk-Hai, has long seen better days. With no response from former Yars, I fear them passed or in self-exhile. I have spent many moons and many months among the ancestral lands of the former Yars, having been under the tutelage of some, and studying the remains of their village library since. Whilst I cannot claim to be chosen by Yars to continue their great clan, I would rather face disrespect in the Stargush'Stroh by their ancestors for falsely assuming the title, than face the shame of letting this grand clan die. I write this missive as a declaration of my assumption of Yargoth, and in doing so, name myself Barbog'Yar, Savior of Princesses, Hero of the Second Horde, Shaman of Krathol's Eternal Suffering, Honorary Halfling of Honeyhill, Friend to the Vale of Nevaehlen, and the Last Vigilant of Yar's Way. I shall strive to do this title honor, and, should any of my brothers seek to prove themselves, be they of Uruk-hai blood or Honorary Uruk, I fully intend to contend Clan Trials soon to see whomst among you may stand beside me in representing Yar's Way. I leave you with these parting words from the late Malog'Yar, founder of Clan Yar; “Wisdom is born of a strong mind. It is more practical than philosophy, agh goes beyond mere knowledge. It is the ability for right living, common sense, wit, resolution of life’s problems, agh success beyond material gain. Gruk for latself, but heed the blahings of those more experienced with the respect agh consideration due them. Learn from life, agh apply latz learning in a way that means something.” 𝓑𝓪𝓻𝓫𝓸𝓰'𝓨𝓪𝓻 Last Vigilant of Yar’s Way Hero of the Second Horde
  13. Barbog'Yar, Lord of Trout Population Analytics, and recently heading population reconstruction efforts in eastern Almaris, knows that much of the north-easterly Almarian trouts are likely to be safeguarded from this threat. All of the regional trouts native to the Northern half of Almaris are exclusively freshwater species that live in lakes, freshwater bayous and swamps, and of course, rivers. A recently study of White River Run, betwixt Celia'nor and San'Velku, has shown absolutely no presence of this species thus far. Due to the distinct lack of coastal or migratory trout species in Almaris, it stands to reason that this will not change without Descendent intervention. Still, this leaves the unfortunate southern half's trout population victim to this virulent parasite. The Thannic pollution alone is likely to wreak havoc on many aquatic species, degrading shells of shellfish and molluskoids, introducing Thanium into the bloodstreams of species that will only build as they climb the food chain, and of course, the unpredictable effects of the parasites themselves- these "Savoyard Curse" slugs. As the grand notice mentioned, this corruption seems difficult to cure- perhaps with enough research and time, one may find a nontraditional method of either curing the infection entirely, or more likely, discovering if there is a way for the trout population to reproduce and live whilst still bearing the infection. Only time will tell.
  14. wtf happened to kani take care of yourself king
  15. The same shabby little goblin gathers himself up once more, grinning toothily at the egg in the corner, resting peacefully in it's box. He nods to himself as he pats the loamy soil, ensuring that it is still a bit moist- easier for the little creature inside to get comfortable upon should it hatch in his absence. After all, hatching season is coming soon for the Drûth tortoises. Still, he pushes this thought aside as he turns to the other object of interest in the room- the large corpse of some burly human, all gutted and dessicated. The goblin is quite pleased at the lack of mess to clean up, and drags it outside by the hair. He calls out a soft goodbye to the egg, and barges out the door of his outpost. The goblin then strides to the near-center of the village, by the large bonfire. A remarkable pile of skeletons and mangy hides await him, and await their new companion- the bones that hide in the flesh-bag at his side. He dumps it upon the ground, and makes quick work of the poor sod that used to be something, be someone. It doesn't matter anymore. Be it a beggar, thief, warrior, or king, it is now reduced to chapped hide and bones nestled in dry gore. He takes no pleasure in ripping the bones out of the trespassing sod's corpse, and tosses much of the skeleton into the pile- which, upon closer inspection, seems to be made of mainly humanoid remains. One must wonder how many people cross into this village, especially with all the shrunken heads and macabre designs lying about. It's quite a bit more likely that the goblin merely claims more of the lands around, and uses that as justification- or these may even be dead soldiers whom he came into conflict with. Truly, it is impossible to know anything about them, other than that they were deemed incredibly dishonorable to warrant this treatment. This line of thought is to be pushed out of mind as he finishes his work, leaving the human-shaped sack of meat behind as he gathers up the pile of fur and bone. Throughout the day he remains hard at work, gathering up twisted logs and branches as need be, entwining them around skeletons, draping hides and furs atop of those to complete the look. By the time a few hours pass, the end result stands tall by the center of the village, proud and ready to bear the ages. Looking to his feet, he notices he still has quite a lot of material left to work with. Looking up at the sky and seeing the harshness of the midday sun, he figures he still has time enough to carry forth and construct another, towards the boundary of the village- further reasserting Yar's claim to the land. As he drags the bones and hides across the ground with intentional disrespect, he bellows out a song he found inscribed in a hut- left for the former inhabitant's children to learn, presumably, to join with their elders during celebrations or toil. "Lyfe iz toyul, Lyfe iz pain. Tyll da zoil; Wayt fur rayn. Grizh coatz plowz, Wurkerz groan. Harvuzt now Flezh agh Bone!" The macabre tune is sang with an optimistic lilt, as if being given the chance to know and speak the lyrics is some grand milestone for the little wretch. This song is looped over and over as he swiftly constructs another harrowing ornament, covered in the same furs and bones- even featuring a full skeleton upon one of it's stronger "branches". With his work done, the goblin gazes up at the starry night sky, and can only hope that the road of war out in the distant cities does not reach the clan's slice of the forest.
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