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  1. Maladem is sad that he keeps missing Prayer Days due to personal duties, but he drinks a toast to the good news of another successful day for the Faithful! ((These always happen when I’m away from home or at work lol))
  2. Malog reads the missive, and immediately makes way to the grand totem he recently constructed for Krathol, spirit of pain, suffering, and – most relevant to recent occurrences – starvation. Flagellum in hand, he makes ready to appease the ever-hungry spirit.
  3. What most people do in the absence of a brewing plugin right now is rename water bottles and add descriptions of their drinks with /edit name (name of drink) and /edit desc (description of drink). I think it’s also common to use brewing stands to make a potion first though, so it’ll be a neat color, but I don’t do that because my character’s drinks are all blue anyway lol. As for any actual brewing process, that’s up to you to rp. If you need a way to stack water bottles so you can rename 64 at once, you can modreq for it. Hope this helps
  4. OOC Username: Catarrh Discord (example#0000): Catarrh#5549 Timezone: EST Roleplay Name: Maladem Uuthlini Age: 180 Race: Dark Elf Desired Role: Amiable
  5. To be added to the Yar Culture links soon
  6. Well, it's a giant tortoise, so pretty easily, but they're not likely to, unless someone just insists on sticking their leg in the creature's shell for some reason. I included the bit about their bite more as an explanation of how they defend themselves if someone is determined to badger them, but it's not meant to be a likely occurrence since it shouldn't be too likely that people will reach into the shell of a large, scared animal. Like Sainthood says, it would take a pretty stupid person to make that happen, since they're not aggressive creatures.
  7. The Arcasian Emperor Tortoise (source for art: https://deepskystudios.com/project/portland-concept-art-production-design-services/ ) Brief summary, habitat, and origins: A species of large tortoise native to the savannas of Arcas. Totally mundane origins. Temperament: The Arcasian Emperor Tortoise is generally docile, but defensive in temperament. More-or-less what you’d expect of a tortoise. Description: Herbivorous and generally not aggressive, the Arcasian Emperor Tortoise’s first response to danger is to retreat into its iron-hard shell. Should this fail, the Emperor Tortoise possesses a set of powerful jaws, ideal for severing the hands of fools who refuse to respect the sanctity of its protective home. In general, however, this tortoise is docile, with the exception of competing males forced to share territory. In such cases, the males can become aggressive toward each other and even attack one another, sometimes resulting in serious injury. Commonly, one will even try to flip the other over on its back and leave it there to die of thirst and starvation. As a tortoise, the Emperor Tortoise is long-lived and grows throughout its life. Living upwards of 200 years, the Emperor has plenty of time to reach awe-inspiring sizes. Most adults grow to be roughly eight to ten feet long and four to five feet wide. There are some, though, which grow as large as a modest house (roughly 13 blocks long, 9 wide, and 6 high). A common method of determining the age of these tortoises is by judging their size and the abundance of scars upon their shells; many male tortoises will engage in fights over territory, and may inflict scars upon each other’s shells and limbs. In the wild a tortoise may not be sexually mature or capable of producing fertile eggs until 15 to 20 years of age. In captivity, should one seek to keep them captive for whatever reason, sexual maturity can be achieved from approximately 8 or 10 years of age. Their coloration varies between shades of gray, brown, or beige. Their diet consists mainly of grass and bushes, though the largest of them have been known to crane their necks into the trees, even chomping down whole branches at times. In addition to their usual diet, they also commonly swallow stones to aid in digestion. As all tortoises, the Arcasian Emperor is extremely slow, moving at a steady, even gate across its arid home. The females tend to lay and bury large clutches of eggs, many of which are likely to fall prey to various predators. Their natural predators include wild dogs, badgers, and occasionally wild pigs which at times dig up their tasty eggs. Wolf packs and other large pack predators, from time to time, manage to take down the more average-sized adults. Those which make it to the more colossal sizes tend to be too large for anything short of proper monsters. Red Lines: - They’re slow. - They’re not combative/aggressive, though they are wary. - Can’t swim. - General tortoise limitations. Authors: Catarrh, DarkSainthood, BebbZ
  8. Catarrh Seal of Approval. I sign +1 and all that jazz
  9. Maladem Uuthlini reads the notice, and realizes he’d better start hoarding some brews for the festival.
  10. The frigid air stung his skin as he entered the frozen wastes of southern Atlas. Malog remembered hearing of such a place on his previous pilgrimage, but had only just now traveled there. The biting winds, the pelting sleet, the bleak, sunless sky. It was clear to the ancient shaman that this land was one of bitter misery and anguish; a glimpse into the icy heart of Krathol himself. This would be the next stop on his campaign for the Great Vulture. For hours upon hours, he toiled in the snow, bare-chested and shoe-less. He endured the hateful cold of this perpetual winter, driven only by sheer devotion. At last, he gazed upon his latest monument before beginning his return to the Uzg to attend to the needs of his people.
  11. Few places are more infamously inhospitable than the desert, and many unworthy souls have suffered slow, agonizing deaths in such places. True, the firelands far to the south where Malog made his long pilgrimage are far worse, but the desert remains harsh and cruel to the unprepared. It was for this reason the old Clanfather sought out a high dune, totally exposed to the scorching winds and oppressive sun for his next shrine to Krathol.
  12. Not long after the Clanfather Malog’Yar returns to the Uzg, burned and scarred from his pilgrimage to the firelands in the south, a strange new shrine appears in front of the capital. At the foot of the totem, a bed of coals smolders, where Malog can be found standing regularly, offering up his own pain as a gift to Krathol. Soon after that, Malog rallies a hunting band to fetch an offering for the spirit of suffering. In the hills near the city, the group finds a herd of wild cattle. Malog hurls his spear at a young cow in the back, weakening it for the two young cubs, Malohk and Thorn, to kill while he and a mighty olog known as Durr’Lak handle the primary business; the bull of the herd. With ferocious brutality, the two bludgeon the beast into submission, and drag it back alive as the first offering to the eerie new totem. As a token of thanks, Malog invites Durr to take one of the horns as a gift for Laklul.
  13. This happened months ago, but Malog found a big volcanic region, and built a shrine there to Krathol, then decided to live there for a long time, sustaining permanent damage to his own body simply in the name of the pain spirit. He even wrote a book about it, and left it at the shrine.
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