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  1. Catarrh

    OOC: How do I Orc?

    Currently, orcs are living at San’Khatun off in the desert, and I’d recommend uruk, since they’re kind of a middle ground between the other two subtypes.
  2. Catarrh

    How’d you get your Username?

    Roughly 13 years ago, I made an Xbox Live account and needed a username. I googled “archaic diseases” and catarrh was one of the results. Anyway, here’s what my name means lol
  3. Catarrh

    OOC: What happened?

    Orcs are currently living in the desert. We moved into a previously abandoned city out there.
  4. Catarrh

    The Wild Season

    Malog’Yar, certainly pleased with his grandson’s efforts and always impressed by a good bear hunt, can’t deny that a pack of acid-secreting wolves is likely the deadliest and most interesting prey. The staff is to be awarded to Murak, Zhanzokk, Burbur, and Zralah. Which of them gets the staff, or whether they all somehow share it, is left to their own judgement.
  5. Catarrh

    The Wild Season

    Gazog Staun The bellow of a ram’s horn sounds throughout the streets of San’Khatun, alerting the orcs to gather outside. As they crowd together, the Frumgrat Malog’Yar stands, ready to proclaim the next great season. In one hand, he leans against his usual horned staff, but in the other he holds high a second, less familiar staff. “Bruddahz agh ziztahz, huntin’ bi amung owr peepul’z prowdezt tradizhunz, zu diz zeazon wi honur Votar! Zharpen latz zpeerz agh mend latz netz. Prepayr trapz agh redi latz howlurz. Et ez nub zmall gaym latz am tu hunt. Zeek owt da bub’hozhezt agh mozt danjuruz prey lat kan. Da azh whu huntz da hozhezt beezt wull bi rewarded wif da honur uf bearin’ da Zkull Ztav uf Votar! Bi redi fur da komin’ kaktuz week uf Gazog Ztaun!” Translation: “Brothers and sisters, hunting is among our people’s proudest traditions, so this season we honor Votar! Sharpen your spears and mend your nets. Prepare traps and ready your hounds. It is no small game you are to hunt. Seek out the greatest and most dangerous prey you can. The one who hunts the greatest beast will be rewarded with the honor of bearing the Skull Staff of Votar! Be ready for the coming cactus week of Gazog Staun!” ((As usual, reply with screenshots of your relevant rp, and get the reward. Credit to Sykotic for the idea for this week’s reward. https://prntscr.com/lz2up4 The event will start on Sunday December 30 and end after Saturday January 5.))
  6. Catarrh

    Season of Burning

    ((I only just now saw your reply lol. Sorry it took me 22 days to see you participated.))
  7. Catarrh

    [Yar] A Labor of Devotion

    From clear across the desert, their tolling could be heard, sanctifying the new home of the Rexdom with their sacred tones. Not far from San’Khatun, just by the oasis, enormous iron bells ring in proclamation of a new holy site. Clanfather Malog’Yar gazes proudly upon the fruit of his great labor. Day and night, he’d toiled to construct this new edifice for his ancestor and his clan, and here it stands: the Temple of Yar!
  8. Catarrh

    Season of Burning

    Ghaashug Staun As the orcs make their way into their new camp, the Frumgrat Malog’Yar discerns that his brethren are in need of renewed purpose. He ponders to himself as he gazes into the campfire. After many hours of meditation, he understands and sets himself to carving. By morning, a new totem stands in the camp, and Malog calls out, wearing a new mask. “Mi bruddahz! Mi ziztahz! Da zkum uf owr relm kontinuez tu fezter. Nubflat, nekromanzurz, whiet-wazhez, burz zhamunz…detrituz tu bi burn’d; drozz tu bi melted awey; weedz tu bi gathur’d ub agh kazt entu da fire. Da Burnin’ Deyz bi upon uz. Mi deklare diz komin’ Kaktuz Week da Ghaashug Staun. Tayk ub da torzch! Buld da pyre! Wreeth da wurld en flaym! Burn da unkleen!” ((Translation: “My brothers! My sisters! The scum of our realm continues to fester. Undead, necromancers, whitewashes, dark shamans… detritus to be burned; dross to be melted away; weeds to be gathered up and cast into the fire. The Burning Days are upon us. I declare this coming Cactus Week the Ghaashug Staun. Take up the torch! Build the pyre! Wreath the world in flame! Burn the unclean!”)) ((In short, this is similar to the season of hate, though a bit more specific than just being hateful to anyone orcs hate. For the coming week of November 25 through December 1, send in screenshots of rp of your character burning undead, necromancers, whitewashes, and dark shamans, preferably in public or at the Skathach shrine pictured above. The reward this time will be a bottled hex Malog can brew for the winner.))
  9. Catarrh

    [Yar Culture] Shrunken Heads

    All throughout the Orcish lands, one finds them skewered on spikes, hung from doorposts, piled up in heaps, and adorning macabre altars; the heads of those slain by the sons of Krug. So common a sight are these ghoulish decorations that one almost becomes accustomed to seeing them within gois, forts, and trogs, until such a one finds his way to the bone-strewn halls of the Yars. Among hollowed-out tortoise shells and black and white banners, they hang with darkened, leathery skin, their eyes and lips sewn shut. Once they were ordinary heads, perched proudly atop confident --or perhaps simply foolish-- travelers. Maybe they were searching for treasure; maybe they were marching to war; or maybe they simply hadn’t realized where they’d ended up. To the followers of the Old Skhelll, however, it mattered little. There were intruders to be slain; sacrifices to be made. So they were, and now they swing from door posts and bone trees as shrunken parodies of themselves. The orcs of the Yar Clan create these shrunken heads through a lengthy procedure the exact details of which are kept within the clan. The purpose of this gruesome custom is largely symbolic; an added insult to fatal injury representing the lack of wisdom on the part of those who would oppose the Yars or their brothers. The scorn is extended not only towards the individual slain to provide the head, however, but also towards their ancestors in a ritual which follows the shrinking process. Once shrunken, the head is taken to an elevated area (ideally public) and held aloft, while the Yar performing the ritual shouts ridicule at the deceased ancestors of the victim, regardless of whether the orc actually knows of any specific relatives of said victim. The object is to show any departed family the sad fate of their descendant and his or her remains. For this reason, a Yar will never shrink a fellow orc’s head, even during times of clan war. Afterwards, the head is left on display as a warning to any who would offend the Yar Clan or enter their territory unwanted. ((To avoid meta, I didn’t actually include the shrinking process on here. It is to be learned and taught IC. Before someone complains though, it’s not magic.))
  10. Catarrh

    Yar Bone Trees

    Yar Bone Trees Bone trees are monumental offerings to Yar, consisting of tangled masses of bones, rope, string, hides, and hanging moss affixed to poles, posts, or pillars. The bones are typically acquired from slain enemies and hunted beasts. These “trees” serve as tributes to Yar and Clan territory markers, and can typically be found around Yar lands, halls, or homes. Essentially, the presence of a bone tree serves to tell Yar, “Look at all the bones I’ve gathered for you!” As a form of totem, the destruction of a bone tree is considered a vicious insult against the ancestor himself and, by extension, the clan bearing his name. Upon completion of a tree, a bowl of herbs is burned at the foot thereof, while the builder performs a ritual dance around the structure, shouting “Bartaas Yar-û!” He may dance alone or invite as many other orcs as he wishes, even from other clans. Once the herbs have been completely burnt, the orc or orcs involved sit by the tree to smoke. If more than one orc has been involved, the builder entertains his guests with a story about one or more of the bones included in the tree. For example, one bone may have been taken from a particularly interesting hunt or from a noteworthy fight. Bone trees vary in appearance depending upon the size or quantity of bones involved. Some may be comprised of whole skeletons cobbled together in morbid display on poles and spikes. Others may exhibit the skulls of enormous beasts perched atop thick beams. Regardless of the specifics, however, they all stand to the glory of Yar.
  11. Catarrh

    Deeds to the Spirits & Ancestors - Send us your screenies!

    The frigid air stung his skin as he entered the frozen wastes of southern Atlas. Malog remembered hearing of such a place on his previous pilgrimage, but had only just now traveled there. The biting winds, the pelting sleet, the bleak, sunless sky. It was clear to the ancient shaman that this land was one of bitter misery and anguish; a glimpse into the icy heart of Krathol himself. This would be the next stop on his campaign for the Great Vulture. For hours upon hours, he toiled in the snow, bare-chested and shoe-less. He endured the hateful cold of this perpetual winter, driven only by sheer devotion. At last, he gazed upon his latest monument before beginning his return to the Uzg to attend to the needs of his people.
  12. Catarrh

    Deeds to the Spirits & Ancestors - Send us your screenies!

    Few places are more infamously inhospitable than the desert, and many unworthy souls have suffered slow, agonizing deaths in such places. True, the firelands far to the south where Malog made his long pilgrimage are far worse, but the desert remains harsh and cruel to the unprepared. It was for this reason the old Clanfather sought out a high dune, totally exposed to the scorching winds and oppressive sun for his next shrine to Krathol.
  13. Catarrh

    Deeds to the Spirits & Ancestors - Send us your screenies!

    Not long after the Clanfather Malog’Yar returns to the Uzg, burned and scarred from his pilgrimage to the firelands in the south, a strange new shrine appears in front of the capital. At the foot of the totem, a bed of coals smolders, where Malog can be found standing regularly, offering up his own pain as a gift to Krathol. Soon after that, Malog rallies a hunting band to fetch an offering for the spirit of suffering. In the hills near the city, the group finds a herd of wild cattle. Malog hurls his spear at a young cow in the back, weakening it for the two young cubs, Malohk and Thorn, to kill while he and a mighty olog known as Durr’Lak handle the primary business; the bull of the herd. With ferocious brutality, the two bludgeon the beast into submission, and drag it back alive as the first offering to the eerie new totem. As a token of thanks, Malog invites Durr to take one of the horns as a gift for Laklul.
  14. Catarrh

    Deeds to the Spirits & Ancestors - Send us your screenies!

    This happened months ago, but Malog found a big volcanic region, and built a shrine there to Krathol, then decided to live there for a long time, sustaining permanent damage to his own body simply in the name of the pain spirit. He even wrote a book about it, and left it at the shrine.
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