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  2. Well, it's a giant tortoise, so pretty easily, but they're not likely to, unless someone just insists on sticking their leg in the creature's shell for some reason. I included the bit about their bite more as an explanation of how they defend themselves if someone is determined to badger them, but it's not meant to be a likely occurrence since it shouldn't be too likely that people will reach into the shell of a large, scared animal. Like Sainthood says, it would take a pretty stupid person to make that happen, since they're not aggressive creatures.
  3. The Arcasian Emperor Tortoise (source for art: https://deepskystudios.com/project/portland-concept-art-production-design-services/ ) Brief summary, habitat, and origins: A species of large tortoise native to the savannas of Arcas. Totally mundane origins. Temperament: The Arcasian Emperor Tortoise is generally docile, but defensive in temperament. More-or-less what you’d expect of a tortoise. Description: Herbivorous and generally not aggressive, the Arcasian Emperor Tortoise’s first response to danger is to retreat into its iron-hard shell. Should this fail, the Emperor Tortoise possesses a set of powerful jaws, ideal for severing the hands of fools who refuse to respect the sanctity of its protective home. In general, however, this tortoise is docile, with the exception of competing males forced to share territory. In such cases, the males can become aggressive toward each other and even attack one another, sometimes resulting in serious injury. Commonly, one will even try to flip the other over on its back and leave it there to die of thirst and starvation. As a tortoise, the Emperor Tortoise is long-lived and grows throughout its life. Living upwards of 200 years, the Emperor has plenty of time to reach awe-inspiring sizes. Most adults grow to be roughly eight to ten feet long and four to five feet wide. There are some, though, which grow as large as a modest house (roughly 13 blocks long, 9 wide, and 6 high). A common method of determining the age of these tortoises is by judging their size and the abundance of scars upon their shells; many male tortoises will engage in fights over territory, and may inflict scars upon each other’s shells and limbs. In the wild a tortoise may not be sexually mature or capable of producing fertile eggs until 15 to 20 years of age. In captivity, should one seek to keep them captive for whatever reason, sexual maturity can be achieved from approximately 8 or 10 years of age. Their coloration varies between shades of gray, brown, or beige. Their diet consists mainly of grass and bushes, though the largest of them have been known to crane their necks into the trees, even chomping down whole branches at times. In addition to their usual diet, they also commonly swallow stones to aid in digestion. As all tortoises, the Arcasian Emperor is extremely slow, moving at a steady, even gate across its arid home. The females tend to lay and bury large clutches of eggs, many of which are likely to fall prey to various predators. Their natural predators include wild dogs, badgers, and occasionally wild pigs which at times dig up their tasty eggs. Wolf packs and other large pack predators, from time to time, manage to take down the more average-sized adults. Those which make it to the more colossal sizes tend to be too large for anything short of proper monsters. Red Lines: - They’re slow. - They’re not combative/aggressive, though they are wary. - Can’t swim. - General tortoise limitations. Authors: Catarrh, DarkSainthood, BebbZ
  4. Catarrh Seal of Approval. I sign +1 and all that jazz
  5. Catarrh

    [Recruiting] Clan Vultur

    What you said here, Farryn, is the whole reason I created the Yar clan. I’ve avoided commenting on this until now, because I don’t wanna step on any toes, but a clan for people who want something more than warfare and raiding was THE reason I started the Yar clan. Quick edit: I’m not particularly bothered by hedge wanting his own clan, by the way. He can do what he wants. Just wanted to point out that this isn’t the first time someone wanted to make a clan for people who wanna rp the spiritual side of orcs. I’ve put a lot of time and effort into the Yar clan for that very purpose, and don’t want people to start acting like a clan for the spiritually minded orcs has never existed and like they’ve never had that option before. The option’s been here for years, and clan Yar is still expanding its culture even now.
  6. Catarrh

    The Grand Gala of the Gray Folk

    Maladem Uuthlini reads the notice, and realizes he’d better start hoarding some brews for the festival.
  7. Catarrh

    OOC: How do I Orc?

    Currently, orcs are living at San’Khatun off in the desert, and I’d recommend uruk, since they’re kind of a middle ground between the other two subtypes.
  8. Catarrh

    How’d you get your Username?

    Roughly 13 years ago, I made an Xbox Live account and needed a username. I googled “archaic diseases” and catarrh was one of the results. Anyway, here’s what my name means lol
  9. Catarrh

    OOC: What happened?

    Orcs are currently living in the desert. We moved into a previously abandoned city out there.
  10. Catarrh

    The Wild Season

    Malog’Yar, certainly pleased with his grandson’s efforts and always impressed by a good bear hunt, can’t deny that a pack of acid-secreting wolves is likely the deadliest and most interesting prey. The staff is to be awarded to Murak, Zhanzokk, Burbur, and Zralah. Which of them gets the staff, or whether they all somehow share it, is left to their own judgement.
  11. Catarrh

    The Wild Season

    Gazog Staun The bellow of a ram’s horn sounds throughout the streets of San’Khatun, alerting the orcs to gather outside. As they crowd together, the Frumgrat Malog’Yar stands, ready to proclaim the next great season. In one hand, he leans against his usual horned staff, but in the other he holds high a second, less familiar staff. “Bruddahz agh ziztahz, huntin’ bi amung owr peepul’z prowdezt tradizhunz, zu diz zeazon wi honur Votar! Zharpen latz zpeerz agh mend latz netz. Prepayr trapz agh redi latz howlurz. Et ez nub zmall gaym latz am tu hunt. Zeek owt da bub’hozhezt agh mozt danjuruz prey lat kan. Da azh whu huntz da hozhezt beezt wull bi rewarded wif da honur uf bearin’ da Zkull Ztav uf Votar! Bi redi fur da komin’ kaktuz week uf Gazog Ztaun!” Translation: “Brothers and sisters, hunting is among our people’s proudest traditions, so this season we honor Votar! Sharpen your spears and mend your nets. Prepare traps and ready your hounds. It is no small game you are to hunt. Seek out the greatest and most dangerous prey you can. The one who hunts the greatest beast will be rewarded with the honor of bearing the Skull Staff of Votar! Be ready for the coming cactus week of Gazog Staun!” ((As usual, reply with screenshots of your relevant rp, and get the reward. Credit to Sykotic for the idea for this week’s reward. https://prntscr.com/lz2up4 The event will start on Sunday December 30 and end after Saturday January 5.))
  12. Catarrh

    Season of Burning

    ((I only just now saw your reply lol. Sorry it took me 22 days to see you participated.))
  13. Catarrh

    [Yar] A Labor of Devotion

    From clear across the desert, their tolling could be heard, sanctifying the new home of the Rexdom with their sacred tones. Not far from San’Khatun, just by the oasis, enormous iron bells ring in proclamation of a new holy site. Clanfather Malog’Yar gazes proudly upon the fruit of his great labor. Day and night, he’d toiled to construct this new edifice for his ancestor and his clan, and here it stands: the Temple of Yar!
  14. Catarrh

    Season of Burning

    Ghaashug Staun As the orcs make their way into their new camp, the Frumgrat Malog’Yar discerns that his brethren are in need of renewed purpose. He ponders to himself as he gazes into the campfire. After many hours of meditation, he understands and sets himself to carving. By morning, a new totem stands in the camp, and Malog calls out, wearing a new mask. “Mi bruddahz! Mi ziztahz! Da zkum uf owr relm kontinuez tu fezter. Nubflat, nekromanzurz, whiet-wazhez, burz zhamunz…detrituz tu bi burn’d; drozz tu bi melted awey; weedz tu bi gathur’d ub agh kazt entu da fire. Da Burnin’ Deyz bi upon uz. Mi deklare diz komin’ Kaktuz Week da Ghaashug Staun. Tayk ub da torzch! Buld da pyre! Wreeth da wurld en flaym! Burn da unkleen!” ((Translation: “My brothers! My sisters! The scum of our realm continues to fester. Undead, necromancers, whitewashes, dark shamans… detritus to be burned; dross to be melted away; weeds to be gathered up and cast into the fire. The Burning Days are upon us. I declare this coming Cactus Week the Ghaashug Staun. Take up the torch! Build the pyre! Wreath the world in flame! Burn the unclean!”)) ((In short, this is similar to the season of hate, though a bit more specific than just being hateful to anyone orcs hate. For the coming week of November 25 through December 1, send in screenshots of rp of your character burning undead, necromancers, whitewashes, and dark shamans, preferably in public or at the Skathach shrine pictured above. The reward this time will be a bottled hex Malog can brew for the winner.))