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  1. Some days ago, shortly after a tournament between the orcs and the humans in the great arena of San’Azgak, a small band of Yars were seen departing from the city for in the direction of the plains where their previous capital once stood. It was several hours before those same Yars --Malog, Honog, Fiil, and Yegoth-- returned, struggling under the weight of some enormous object. As they drew closer, those paying attention would have recognized the object as a colossal, bronze horn; none other than the famed Horn of Yar, evidently recovered from the underground tunnels dug beneath what was once San’Strohk. After erecting a tall, wooden frame for it to rest upon by their clan shrine, the Yars departed in the same direction once more. After some time, the sound of some panicked wildebeest herd echoed in the distance, as well as the bellowing of an orcish hunting horn. Before too long, the commotion ceased, and the Yars returned, hauling their slain quarry. After what appeared to be a successful hunt, the great bronze horn was sounded; its deep tones thundering proudly through the city and across the surrounding plains. Clearly, this had been a laborious yet triumphant day for Clan Yar.
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    Yar Bone Gavels

    Yar Bone Gavels A revered Yar elder, sitting in judgement “Wisdom is born of a strong mind. It is more practical than philosophy, agh goes beyond mere knowledge. It is the ability for right living, common sense, wit, resolution of life’s problems, agh success beyond material gain.” - From The Contemplations of Malog, V. 1 Acquisition Since its founding in Anthos, the Yar Clan has been respected for its pursuit of wisdom -- understanding of life; acquisition of truth; soundness of judgement. As such, no weapon could better symbolize the virtue of Orcish wisdom than the Yar Bone Gavel. As the name would imply, these are hammers made of bone. In the Yar Clan, bones are regarded as a symbol of uprightness, integrity, and honor; however, not just any old bones will do for these instruments. Even among Yars, no orc will waste his time on a purely ornamental weapon. They must be strong and hard, taken from great beasts. Furthermore, these gavels must be earned. A hammer made of bone being carried around by some fresh Yar recruit will not be recognized as a true bone gavel and is heavily discouraged, as doing so is comparable to boasting over nonexistent achievements. When a member of the Yar Clan is recognized by his Wargoth as an orc of wisdom and experience, he is granted the right to create his own gavel. First, he must find a suitable source of material. No delicate or brittle bones will do, so only creatures of great size and power will prove adequate. For example, mammoths, trolls, or mighty jormun basilisks would be considered viable options. When a desirable target has been chosen, the Yar must either hunt the beast himself or take part in a group hunt for said beast. Regardless, he is not permitted to send others on his behalf. To use the bones of a creature he neither killed nor assisted in killing would be a colossal disgrace worthy of nothing less than the Yar Rite of Harrowing. Yars may not be so well-known as the Lurs for their hunting prowess, but bone gavels are for those willing to undergo the perils to earn them. Now, while the Yar in question must acquire the bones by his own effort, not all orcs are gifted in the arts of weaponsmithing. He may craft it himself, if he possesses the talent, or he may seek out a smith of any clan to craft it for him. Either way, a Yar’s gavel must reflect the user. For example, Clanfather Malog’s hammer, the cunning workmanship of Mûrak’Gorkil, is designed to simultaneously inflict pain on both the opponent and the wielder. Cultural Significance More than just a weapon, the Yar Bone Gavel is a clan symbol surrounded in ritual. Judgement and Enumeration: As a clan which values wisdom, a good Yar must have good judgement. He must be able to discern right from wrong and guilt from innocence. When the Wargoth or an elder of the clan sits in judgement on such matters, he will naturally have his bone gavel present as a symbol of authority and wisdom. When the clan or an individual from within the clan has been wronged in a number of ways, the banging of the gavel will commonly be used to count the crimes of the accused. These may not always be formal events, however. One who has made himself known as an enemy of the Yars may find himself woken in the middle of the night by the dreadful thud of a gavel against his bedpost, as an offended Yar stands over him, counting his sins… In De-boning: The highest and most severe punishment the Yar Clan hands down is the ritual of de-boning. As one may expect, this form of torture is a very involved process, requiring a number of tools. It comes as no surprise then that a bone gavel proves excellent for breaking bones prior to their removal from the still-living flesh of the accused. Oaths: “Duplicity is dishonor.” These words were taught to the founder of the Yar Clan by one of his teachers in Anthos; Buubztik’Lur. Duplicity is also listed as one of the seven great dishonors in Malog’s Contemplations. As such, one’s word is taken very seriously in the Yar Clan. To show the gravity of an oath, one may swear upon a Yar’s gavel. Be warned, however, as such vows are viewed as sacred. To break an oath sworn on a bone gavel is to incur the wrath of the entire clan. In Shamanism: Among shamans, symbols often hold very real power. As Dom once told her brother Gorkil, “Everything has power.” Bone gavels are no exception. To a witch doctor, for example, they serve as an obvious symbol for justice or judgement. As such, they may prove useful in a ritual intended to attract such spirits. For a lutauman, the gavel of a departed Yar would make for an obvious boon in reaching the spirit of the deceased in the Ancestral Plane. A Yar Clan shaman, participating in a traditional Death Wail, during the funeral of a clan brother, likely hoping to invoke some curse on the one responsible In Bone Boxes: The funerary rites of the Yar Clan are loud, bloody, and complicated. Among the many steps involved in a Yar funeral, one of the most important is the extremely careful removal, storage, and protection of the entire skeleton of the deceased. While the flesh is cremated on an altar-pyre, and the ashes stored within a sandstone sarcophagus in an underground tomb, the bones are reverently deposited into a dark oak bone box. These holy ossuaries are treated with great sanctity, sometimes even being set up as shrines to the spirit of the departed. Shrines or not, they are taken with the Clan wherever they may go. Should yet another great cataclysm threaten the current continent, the Yars will always make the security of the Clan’s bone boxes a top priority, and take them along during the migration of the descendants. In death, a Yar’s brothers and sisters will carry him on their backs, no matter the distance. Naturally, therefore, an item as prized as a bone gavel will be stored with the skeleton of the one who bore it in life, along with that orc’s bone mask.
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    Clan Khal Rises

    ((I’m not sure, but I don’t think castration rp is allowed. Could be wrong, but pretty sure.))
  4. Never in the same place at the same time, at least lol
  5. As far as I can recall, I’ve never witnessed your villain rp, so I obviously can’t comment on its quality or whether you were at fault, but I can say this. While there are certainly more than enough poor villain rp’ers on lotc, for most people, the quality of any specific villain’s rp is irrelevant. If Tolkien himself could rise from the grave, join lotc, and play a villain with the full eloquence and richness of his writing, there would still be someone accusing him of poor villain rp. There are people who’ll say that no matter how good your rp is, because it’s not really about the rp to some people. It’s about getting their own way in every rp scenario. I don’t do much villainy rp these days myself, but that’s mostly because I don’t have the energy to deal with people who throw tantrums whenever something bad happens to their characters. Don’t get me wrong. Obviously, sometimes a villain’s rp is just bad, and everyone from time to time has a bad attitude about rp not going their way; but it seems to me like it’s very commonly just a line people try to hide behind in hopes that they can escape consequences or negative experiences for their characters. Anyway +1
  6. Catarrh

    Imp On The Loose

    San’Azgak, Capital of Krugmar After a great deal of turmoil and clamor, Malog, Clanfather of the Yars, makes an announcement from one of the many high places of the city: “Bruddahz agh ziztahz uf Krugmar! A Burgûl'dagul --A trickzter frum da Immortul Playn-- haz gottun luuze. Et mey ztill bi heer en Zan’Azgak, ur perhapz haz zlink’d uff zumwheer elze. Regardlezz, bi un da luuk-owt. Et kan tayk mani formz; rokkz, animulz, evun latz bruddahz ur ziztahz... evun zumazh lat gruk tu bi flat... DU NUB BI TRIK’D!!! Et ez a potenzialli danjuruz kreetur, agh bringz trubul wheer-evur et guez! Iv lat zee et, trai tu krimp et, but uze kawzhun. Lat kannub truli flat et, but lat kan klomp dem. Find a zhamun iv lat krimp et! Zpred da nuwz!”
  7. Every minute or so a heavy thumping sound can be heard coming from one of the upper houses of the capital. Malog’Yar broods over his cauldron, gazing into the bubbling water as he slowly pounds his bone gavel against the floor. He thinks on each of the three shrines he’d build: The shrine of Krathol, which he’d built in the wake of the infamous farm salting in hopes of appeasing the great spirit of pain and starvation, that he might spare their crops: Hard had he labored to fell the great trees for the enormous beams which he’d dragged to the goi himself. Hours had he spent meticulously carving its limbs. Whole nights he’d spent whipping himself as he walked the burning coals about the foot of the monument. *THUMP!* The shrine of Kinul, which he’d built upon hearing the Rex was at risk of liver infection, in hopes that the spirit of disease would turn his gaze upon some other city, instead of San’Azgak: Tirelessly had he searched for dry, grey wood to build its frame. Diligently had he toiled with rusty and broken tools to construct the shrine and carve its horns. With much zeal had he butchered pigs and rats in sacrifice to the spirit. *THUMP!* But, perhaps the greatest affront was committed against the humblest of his shrines... The shrine of Yar, his own great great great grandfather, and the namesake of his proud clan: An eager goblin cub had been tasked to gather the needed materials; young Yegoth. With pride the cub presented the wood and bone to Clanfather Malog, who then gathered his clan to observe as he erected the monument. The design was simple but ancient; a tradition stretching all the way back to the Clan founding in Anthos. Four arms reached out from atop a pillar of bone and blackened wood. A skull rested upon each. Together, they peered into the four cardinal directions. At its base, a ceremonial urn for burning herbs. *THUMP!* All three lie in ashes *THUMP!* *THUMP!* *THUMP!* Even the Shrine of Krug, which his own daughter had built, was desecrated... *THUMP!* Soon, the once-slow beats become faster and more numerous as he considers all the other shrines. Finally, perhaps to the relief of the other orcs in the capital, it stops. Malog looks to his gavel. Blood trickles from his hands as they hold tightly to the spiked grip, “Noaw ez da tiem fur judjement...”
  8. Malog will likely be stuck in a trance or something that day. ((I work Saturdays. Won’t be able to make this one.))
  9. Malog sits by the Krug shrine looking pensively at his new hammer as he hears the announcement. Running his ancient, scarred hands across the runes on the haft, he ponders on what the immediate future holds. Not one to jump to conclusions, he merely rumbles out a simple, “Led’z zee wub happunz negzt, mi guezz...” ((credit to thenanmaan2000 for the gavel))
  10. unknown.png?width=1083&height=610 
    It’s stuck like this when I log in

  11. Maladem smiles as he looks about the new Sanctum Cavern. Standing before an oven in his quarters, he spreads his hands and offers prayer to the Mother, “Sweet Della, bless our new home that it might be a place of comfort and rest to your children. May our hearths be warm for all those who gather near them. May our tables be broad enough for all who enter in here. May our doors be open for all who come in peace.”
  12. Maladem Uuthlini, upon hearing news of war, opens up his prayer book and makes supplication to Jiub the Strong, “Stalwart Jiub, make me strong. May I never cower, nor shrink away, but face foe and fear alike. May I never not scorn peril, nor flee from hardship. May I never doubt myself, nor my kin, nor my Ancestors. Oh Iron ‘Ker, set our people on a bedrock foundation. Make our armor hard as obsidian, and our spirits solid as onyx. Make us unassailable by siege or subterfuge. May armies fail against us, and heretics flee before us. Make us mighty in battle and firm in faith.” He then glances suspiciously around, wondering if some random eavesdropper somehow managed to hear him from whatever far-flung corner of Arcas, as it seems to be a common power, even among those possessing no magical aptitude.
  13. Maladem is sad that he keeps missing Prayer Days due to personal duties, but he drinks a toast to the good news of another successful day for the Faithful! ((These always happen when I’m away from home or at work lol))
  14. Malog reads the missive, and immediately makes way to the grand totem he recently constructed for Krathol, spirit of pain, suffering, and – most relevant to recent occurrences – starvation. Flagellum in hand, he makes ready to appease the ever-hungry spirit.
  15. What most people do in the absence of a brewing plugin right now is rename water bottles and add descriptions of their drinks with /edit name (name of drink) and /edit desc (description of drink). I think it’s also common to use brewing stands to make a potion first though, so it’ll be a neat color, but I don’t do that because my character’s drinks are all blue anyway lol. As for any actual brewing process, that’s up to you to rp. If you need a way to stack water bottles so you can rename 64 at once, you can modreq for it. Hope this helps
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