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  1. Jon'as Castile would dance along with his brother Lukas as they read the missive, thinking only. "Respect upon thy' name"
  2. How did it feel to loose to sutica? Also how did it feel to get blueball'd cause you were afraid of Alexa the other night?
  3. Please review the following video from around 1:20 - 1:35. @MisterChenn
  4. Henry Parente would search through the ruins of their once grand keep, unpacking a once proud banner from a long forgotten barrel. He would then send a letter off to Ludvina Lunner. @_Twi
  5. PLAYER NAME : The60th/OrenianLootBox1 CURRENT POSITION: D SUGGESTED POSITION: B REASON FOR CHANGE : I could easily take @Fluffycop and @Orlanth on a decent day, and flamelynx loves me long time.
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