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  1. Hadraniel


    I would change that skin, its been used by Sabo Gradic of Adria.
  2. The Wolves Wedding There will be a wedding in the Carolustadt cathedral Thursday, 9/13/18 at 6:30 EST. This wedding will be announcing the marriage between Mary (Snowypaw) and Gregory Wolf (_Hadraniel_) (Gifts are optional but will be accepted)
  3. Name (and House if applicable): Gregory Wolf Age: 21 Liege Knight: Grand Marshal Ser Rolando Castelo Were you a Page?: No, I was not a page. Were you a Squire?: Yes, I was a Squire. Reason for Knighting: My reasons for being knighted include the leadership of one epic level errant quest (The Royal Engineer) (Everyone Survived, no injuries.), and the participation of one difficult level errant quest (Bandit Leader [Monster]). Potential Liege Lord: Aurelius I Horen Potential Lands: To be determined.
  4. Hadraniel


    Last time I checked, when I tried to make a new Persona, it kept telling me to say its name, I suppose its bugged? Please reply as soon as your ready, thanks!
  5. *Boop*! Donnie done done!

    1. Tox


      You make me proud

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