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  1. The Kingdom of Unified Systems Fleet + Pop Link -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Edit in -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACTIONS 4AP + 2AP + 1AP + 2AP - 50% (4AP Base + 2AP Colonies +1AP Pop + 2AP Eric) More is invested into Violet Noise [5AP]
  2. The Kingdom of Unified Systems Fleet + Pop Link -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Too busy -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACTIONS 4AP + 2AP + 1AP + 2AP - 50% (4AP Base + 2AP Colonies +1AP Pop + 2AP Eric) The KUS builds a colony ship [4AP] The KUS scans its new planet and systems for anomalies and resources [1AP] The KUS sends another colony ship and announces new territorial claims [0AP]
  3. The Kingdom of Unified Systems Fleet + Info ^ Czar -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- News of the Coalition of Humanity arises across the KUS worlds of Zukaden-II and New Stafford, Citizens are filled with joy of being united once more with their fellow humans, but also of fear stemming from the new "Triple Alliance." The Grand Fleet arrives at the rendezvous and drifts alongside the Arcturan and Han fleets, tensions run high aboard the KUS ships, this will be their first taste of combat. The Commanders of the KUS ships are eager to assist Jie, who seems to have gained popularity among some in the KUS military, from Recruit to Admiral. ------------------------------------------------------- The Council was all sat around the table, all looking rather irritated at this abrupt meeting, Richard quickly spoke up to the others "Now, important Earth-Based files have gone missing from the locked room in Engineering-Bay twenty, I want to know if any of you had any idea who it was." Most of the table looked confused and just stared at the King, watching his growing irritation and worry before Rickard finally spoke up "I'd head an investigation if that is what you desire my liege." Richard nodded once to him before placing one hand to his head "Report anything directly to me." He simply stated, and with that the council all stood and began to exit the room. Rickard grinned to himself as he looked upon Zukaden City, his plan had worked, however his agent had been sloppy, this irritated him greatly, for a pawn was useless if it lied to it's master. Rickard turned from his view of Zukaden City to see a small group of men armed with old Rattler rifles, Rickard looked at them in slight confusion before one stepped forward and saluted "We've been assigned to help with your investigation sir." The man said rather emotionless, "Yes, I'd like people patrolling the corridors, especially any visitors can enter through." Rickard replied in a commanding voice, the man lowered his salute and made a variety of hand signals to his comrades before they all marched down the grey corridor, Rickard chuckled to himself as they marched away, soon he would have enough power to execute his plan, with the fleet under his command and a growing contingent of Soldiers his chances of victory where high, all that remained to threaten him was Lyara. Claire lurked in the shadows, keeping a vigil over Rickard, she knew he was up to something.. but what? She watched as Rickard stood looking blankly over the city, she had seen his meetings with the Engineer and Rookie, but she had no evidence that she could use against him. Claire knew very well that a bit of blackmail could go a very long way, she had full authority over research, spy networks and most of all she had Lyara in her pocket, but until she knew what Rickard was planning she was in danger, she needed his fleets. Just then a group of soldiers began to approach Rickard, so she quickly turned and left, hoping she would not be seen by the man. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACTIONS 4AP + 1AP + 1AP + 2AP - 50%AP (4AP Base + 1AP Second system +1AP Pop +2AP Legacy of the ERIC Indies - 50% Switch.. ) The KUS dispatch a colony ship to settle a new system and announce new teritorial claims. [0AP?] (Red line = New) The KUS begin building another colony ship! [4AP]
  4. The Kingdom of Unified Systems Fleet + Pop Link ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Grand General Rickard paced back and forth around an office filled to the brim with now outdated documentation, upon his face rested an expression of anger and frustration, eventually a buzz was heard from the door of the office and he immediately rushed towards it, slamming his fist into a button near the door it slide open and two young and identical men stood outside, one was dressed in a fine KUS military uniform and the other in a dusty jumpsuit. The man in the uniform saluted Rickard and the man in the jumpsuit stood with a box of documents resting in his arms, Rickard saluted back, saying in his usual rude and irritating tone towards the uniformed man "George, late as usual and who is this?" George gulped and quickly responded "I have a perfect reason sir, and he is my twin sir." Rickard raised an eyebrow at the man in the jumpsuit before sighing out "Why did you bring him?" he raised his hand and rubbed his forehead before continuing "This is not a matter of engineering." George was quick to respond and blurted out "We found some documents you could use and you also told me you needed more loyal men." Rickard rolled his eyes as he responded "Yes I do need loyal men, but I do not require an engineer at this time Cadet George, now grab the documents and step in." George took a deep breath and gulped before answering back again "Sir you said if I helped you I would get a high ranking position in the new regime, I was hoping you could get him a position in the military immediately so he can assist us, it's very hard to get in with how small it is." Rickard suddenly grabbed George and pulled him into the office, slamming him against the wall and shutting the door, leaving the twin outside "Never speak so loudly about such delicate matters in public again, we never know when the prying girl Lyara and her puppet master Claire will appear, understood?" George nodded quickly before Rickard continued "Good, now bring the other in, I will secure him a place in my plans." George slowly pried himself from Rickard's grip and opened the door, beckoning his twin inside "This is Harry, he found these documents snooping around after I told him about the new regime." George said to Rickard as Harry entered with the large dusty box. Harry set the box down on the floor and Rickard began to question him "Where did you get this box?" "I saw some men locking it in a room a while ago, when George told me about this plan, I stole some tools from the engineering department and broke into the room, taking the box out." Harry replied nervously "What else was in the room?" Rickard interrupted "Nothing sir, it was the only thing in the room." Harry continued "Did you lock the room again afterwards, if anyone finds out.." Rickard interrupted again "I fixed the lock afterwards, nobody will know unless they enter the room." Harry replied anxiously "Understood, you two are dismissed, I will send someone to retrieve both of you when I'm done inspecting these documents." Rickard stated blandly as he escorted the two outside. Richard stood before a dented, scratched and burnt metal door, the lock was melted and on it rested a door handle, stuck via tape, Richard had a look of disgust and extreme worry on his face, although he felt some what relived that the thief was so bad in breaking in that he knew his belongings had been stolen. Richard turned away from the door and he saw Lyara watching him "What happened?" she said in a calm voice seeing the worry on his face "Somebody has broken into my storage room." Richard almost shouted at her "What was in there?" she questioned, seeing how worried he was about the matter "Highly classified documents only I should see, now don't ask again." Richard replied in an angry tone, before quickly walking away, leaving Lyara standing with a confused look behind him.. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ACTIONS 4AP + 1AP + 1AP + 7AP (4AP Base + 1AP Second system +1AP Pop +7AP Equality) The KUS continues paying taxes to the Dominion of Man [1AP] The KUS invests more into Violet noise, hopeful for more breakthroughs [8AP] The KUS builds a colony ship [4AP]
  5. The Kingdom of Unified Systems Fleet + Pop Link ------------------------------------------------------------------------ The King was sat behind a solid and metallic desk, it was coloured bronze, silver and gold and on it rested stacks of letters, documents and finely written notes. The King lay one arm across the desk and used the other to hold up a seemingly very official letter, he raised his free hand to his brow and sighed to himself. A loud buzzing noise resonated in the doorway and cause the King to look up, light flooded into the room and for a moment he shut his eyes and quickly raised one arm as if to call whoever opened the door inwards "Step in then, I'll be blind by the time you close that door!" The King growled, the door closed as Lyara stepped in to the office-like room "You said you needed help with something." She simply stated as she stepped towards the desk, looking down at all the paper "You do know that all of this mail can be computerised right?" She then continued on "I'm fully aware but Rickard has recently started sending all messages, reports and notes to me on paper, possibly because his little fit over me disagreeing with his anti Dominion of Man and anti Alien rhetoric." The King echoed out dropping the letter to the floor, Lyara quickly scooped it out and began to scan through it "When I retire you will either have to get rid of him or deal with his tantrums, and trust me he is good at his job, so the second option would be better." He continued on as Lyara read through this letter "Nothing on here is from his reports, looks like he's just ranting on about the Han, Dominion of Man and the non-human population." Lyara replied to him keenly "Why not just dispose of the letters and tell him to speak to you in person." "I spoke to him after the most recent council meeting and he simply ignored my orders to stop his ranting and continued on, I even asked Arthur to speak to him and that didn't help." The King stated to her "Read the bottom of the letter." Lyara quickly read through until she reached the bottom of the letter upon which a fine hand written message was left in bright red ink "Take action or I will." Lyara read aloud before furrowing his brow "You have the authority to do something why call me here?" The King looked up to her and tapped his fingers against the desk, one by one, before finally replying "I'm giving you authority over him, as my heir I expect you to go find him, and order him to stop, and if he refuses I want him brought to me to explain why he is being so troublesome." Lyara nodded and walked back over to the door, she clicked a button laying next to it and light flooded into the room, she quickly stepped outside of the room and looked around.. "Authority over Rickard now? My my, you are going places in the world, but the question is, will you be able to control him?" Claire questioned leaning against a wall as Lyara left the room and the door closed behind her "Did you just listen into our conversation?" Lyara quickly responded with a slight hint of shock "It's my job to know things Lyara, you should know this." Claire chuckled out, moving from the wall to Lyara, placing her arm around Lyara's shoulder "Let's go find that pesky Rickard shall we? Some of us are still loyal." Claire continued on as she laughed "Well I suppose you coming with me couldn't hurt." Lyara answered as Claire guided her down a corridor, eventually they reached a large window that looked down upon a shooting range, and stood below five men tested some recently acquired guns, with Rickard watching them, taking notes. Lyara and Claire came down a set of stairs and reached the shooting range, instantly Rickard turned and said aloud with a cocky tone "Oh look who it is.." "Good to see you as well Rickard." Claire replied sarcastically before tapping on Lyara's shoulder and giving her a quick look, expecting her to say something, Lyara looked at her with confusion before Claire sighed "The King has given Lyara authority over you and she has came here to tell you to stop sending xenophobic letters to the King, and if you have any objections you may go and see him yourself." Claire continued, nudging Lyara slightly "Oh yes, that.." Lyara whispered rather nervously "Maybe next time you should let her speak instead of controlling her like a puppet and saying things for her Claire? I will speak to him about this and I refuse to let him control what I say." Rickard snorted as he turned and left the shooting range "That went better than expected?" Claire said as she guided Lyara away ------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACTIONS 4AP + 1AP + 1AP + 1AP (4AP Base + 1AP Second system +1AP Pop +1AP Equality) The KUS sends more to there good old pals the Han [2AP] The KUS continues paying taxes to the Dominion of Man [1AP] "Project Violet Noise" receives more funding [4AP]
  6. The Kingdom of Unified Systems Fleet + Pop Link -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- A group of five very well dressed individuals sat around a very finely polished wooden table, with two on each side, and one at the front, The room the table was placed in was rectangular shaped and was decorated with what seemed to be a layer of fine silver paint over cold and sturdy metal walls, elaborate patterns of yellow, blue and purple all traced down to the floor. The people around the table all looked to the one sat at the very front with anxious appearances, one of the men sat at the side of the table coughed once and placed his hand onto the table, "Your Excellency, I wish to bring up the issue of our culture being.. well, corrupted, first you invited non-humans to come live on our new home, and then you had us join this.." The man spoke in a rough deep voice, taking a break and looking at a file under the table before continuing "Dominion of Man, And we have no clue how isolationist our fellow members of mankind have become over the years of our separation, I have a certain distrust for this.." The man paused again, glancing up at the people sat around the table and then back to his file, flipping the page "Han Dominion?", The man who was speaking looked as if he was going to continue before the one at the front raised his hand and spoke with great authority "Grand General Rickard, I did not call my advisory council here to discuss how much faith we can put into the Dominion of Man, If you wish to talk more about this matter, you will bring it up another time, understood?" "Understood." Rickard replied bluntly yet formally, "Now before anybody else speaks out rashly, I would like to discuss the formation of the governing body, I, as the King have authority over all matters political and military, with Grand Admiral Arthur taking the reigns of the Navy for me." The King spoke once more with great authority as he pointed to a man sat by Rickard "And in turn I control the Admirals, who each control a fleet, who control Commanders, who each control a ship. Of course, at the moment we have just the one fleet but I trust investment will be made to improve the situation, Feel free to continue Sir." Arthur rushed out, trying to sound as polite as possible "Yes yes, and a similar system for the ground forces with Grand General Rickard." The King stated as he pointed to Rickard, the one who had stated his distrust before, "Now we also have Head of Intelligence Claire Williamson, directing any matters related to covert operations, military intelligence, and whatever else I deem fit." The King then pointed at a woman sitting opposite from Rickard who simply nodded and almost whispered "Yes my King." "And of course we can't forget my good friend and the current head of the Humanitarian Service, Lyara." The King bluntly said, pointing at the last unnamed person "I'm not sure why I'm on this council, I'm nothing to do with the military." Lyara replied naively "Now, Before any of you tell me I'm just reminding you of information you already know, There is another reason you are all here, And what I'm about to order you to do is to be followed by the letter." The King spoke and then paused as the council waited patiently "I didn't work for my position, I'm.. barely even qualified, The people chose me to guide them as.. the King, for killing the Prime Minister in a fit of rage, everybody on that ship was angry and in mourning at having to leave so many loved ones on Earth, and my anger relived the pain that we all felt, I can't keep my family in power we gained from what you could say was.. a murder, so I name Lyara the heir." The entirety of the council opened their mouths to speak, but looked as if they had been overruled by the King "She is far more qualified, I was just a soldier in my younger years, Lyara has gone through higher education and shown her capability to lead by heading the Humanitarian Service, She has all the traits a leader needs, I won't take any objections, even from you Lyara, I order you accept this honour." Grand General Rickard instantly stood up and slammed a fist into the table and shouted "Lyara is hardly old enough to become Queen, and helping a few sick and poor people is not what I would call qualification for controlling a Kingdom!" The King looked at him in shock, before rising in anger himself "I said I would not take any objections! Even from you Rickard, take a seat before I remove you from this council for putting doubts in the poor girls mind!" He and Rickard lowered themselves back into their chairs and then he spoke again "I did not say I was abdicating the throne, I simply name Lyara the heir, she has plenty of time to ready herself for this position." He looked over to Rickard in obvious disapproval at his sudden outburst "Maybe she will also find time to pick a new council." He simply stated, before looking to Lyara "The Humanitarian Service will have a new, temporary leader, you will be with me, watching what I do, so you are ready for this position." Lyara gulped and nodded once, clearly in shock about the sudden announcement and then the following argument, although inside her head she felt rather pleased, yet she tried to hide her pleasure and maintain her appearance of shock "Thank you my King." She blurted out quickly "The council is dismissed until I next summon you, and next time I hope people can control their emotions." The King echoed angrily as he stood from the table and began to quickly walk to the nearest door, a red cape flowing behind him, before vanishing as the door he left from sided shut behind him. Rickard and Arthur both left through another exit, seemingly in a hurry to get somewhere (Arthur seeming much calmer and a lot more professional than his friend Rickard), Leaving only Lyara and Claire sat at the table "Well, going places are we?" Claire would say calmly as the room emptied "Come come, As the heir I must show you the current major project." She continued on as Lyara nodded "Well lets go then." Claire said once more, standing and marching out of the same door Rickard and Arthur left from, with Lyara not very far behind her, trying her best to keep up "What's this project about Miss Williamson?" Lyara shouted as Claire approached another door "Well we are now calling it Violet Noise." Claire said, dragging a key card across a scanner and then placing her hand on what looked like a finger print sensor, Claire then dragged Lyara into a room with two armed men, who nodded and then opened yet another door, Claire grabbed Lyara's arm and dragged her within. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- ACTIONS 4AP + 1AP + 1AP + 2AP (4AP Base + 1AP Second system +1AP Pop +2AP Equality) The KUS sends more to there good old pals the Han [2AP] The KUS continues paying taxes to the Dominion of Man [1AP] [REDACTED] is given the name "Project Violet Noise" to better keep track of it, and further investment occurs [5AP]
  7. The Kingdom of Unified Systems "Rule Britannia." Fleet + Pop Link I'm trying to actually think of something interesting for here. ACTIONS 4AP + 1AP + 1AP + 2AP ((4AP Capital + 1AP Second system +1AP Pop +2AP Equality)) 2AP is sent to the Han Dominion [2AP] 1AP to the DOM [1AP] 4AP is spent buying Rattler Rifles from Lone Star Arms and Armor [4AP] 1AP is invested into REDACTED [1AP]
  8. The Kingdom of Unified Systems "Rule Britannia." A single man would have been sat in a dark and grim office, holding some files in his hand, with another man standing by an open door "Seven ships, and yet you can't make a single high quality one here?" "Sorry sir!" "Now that I'm leading this navy, I want the best, quality over quantity, go and ask the King to take some funds away from that God forsaken humanitarian nonsense, we need a bigger and better fleet." "Sir yes sir!" The first man would stand up and walk over to a window and look upon the ship docked below "Need a more original name scheme as well.." ACTIONS 4AP + 1AP + 1AP + 2AP ((4AP Capital + 1AP Second system +1AP Pop +2AP Equality)) More is invested into [REDACTED], Unsure if it will work or not still. [3AP] (Still Czar's Skype..) Taxes to the Dominion of Man [1AP] Sending AP to the Han Dominion [2AP] More is invested into farms [1AP] A single corvette is built [1AP]
  9. The Kingdom of Unified Systems "Rule Britannia." A woman would stand up inside a large room with many people sited around and the King sat above watching carefully "We need to bring the Humanitarian Service to other nations, it has proved successful here, we kept people fed and healthy while the houses got built!" A man would stand up and speak loudly in response "And who do you propose we aid? I don't suppose you know any nations that have worse conditions than us?" The woman would furrow her brow and look into his eyes "The poor exist on every planet on which civilised life has formed, I'm sure." The King would then stand and look upon everyone "I didn't come here to listen to petty infighting, I wanted ideas, plans! And I put you in charge of this service did I not Lyara?" Lyara bowed and then nodded "You did..Your Majesty.." "At least you know how to address me.. Do whatever you want with the organisation, I put you in charge for a reason, I don't bother with trivial matters." The King looked across the room to certain figures "I want the scientists and engineers to come and discuss any projects with me now. The meeting is dismissed." Eight figures excluding the King then stood and walked into a private room, followed by the King and two armed men ACTIONS 4AP + 1AP + 1AP ((4AP Capital + 1AP Second system +1AP Pop)) Scientists and Engineers begin work on [REDACTED] [2AP] (Czar's Skype) Advertisement is put up to attract immigrants, Human and Alien alike [3AP] More research is put into the new metal [1AP]
  10. The Kingdom of Unified Systems "Rule Britannia." The KUS Humanitarian office was full, many people had been caught outside during the blizzard and gotten lost, small rations of food were handed out to the vast sea of humans, one by one they left the building and headed out to find the houses they had been assigned to. "We can't handle the amount of people we get with our minuscule supplies." "I understand the concern but if they don't send more they can't spare more, I'm sure the King is investing into more important matters." "Like what? Living it up with more food than everyone else? I don't care whatever he did on the way here, he can go to hell." "Out." "Hey, I'm allowed to speak my mind." "Leave, Or I'll have someone drag you out." A rather irritated looking man stormed out of the door as a woman put a hand to her head, she then turned to a nearby worker "I can't believe how many times we get people like that, can you?" The worker just shrugged and continued to hand out small rations consisting of bread, water and the occasional biscuit "I'm going on break.." The woman walked out of the building, looked up at the sign and sighed loudly, before walking down the alleyway and onto the main street, leaving nothing behind her apart from the sound of snow crunching and a small trail of footprints ACTIONS 4AP + 1AP ((4AP Capital + 1AP Second system?)) The Kingdom attempts to build body-armour from the new material (2AP) The Kingdom invests more into farming (1AP) The Kingdom starts to build two corvettes (2AP)
  11. The Kingdom of Unified Systems "Rule Britannia." A transmission flickered to life on a dull screen in a horribly drab room "Today our great leader has established an alliance with" "Great, more political news." The screen flickered once more as the channel changed, with the screen cutting out every few seconds "When is this god forsaken colony going to get some reliable power.." "In other news the Peoples Agrarian Republic have established the Central Powers Confederation with The KUS." The screen continued to blink every few seconds making it hard to see what was happening on screen "The Central Powers Confederation or CPC have set a main goal to maintain a steady growth of each members population." "That's rich." "The current King of the KUS will serve as the CPC's figurehead and keep all current power over the KUS." The screen then cut out for around ten seconds leaving only audio in the dark room "The CPC has said the following.." The screen then blinked rapidly and then switched to a video of King Richard standing in a very metallic room, with a huge blizzard taking place in a window behind him. "Citizens, Our grand kingdom has joined the CPC. The CPC is a confederation between us, and The People's Agrarian Republic, I will act as the figurehead of this union, and keep all power over the KUS, The CPC will have meetings for all major decisions and each member will send a representative, me acting as ours. That is all." A figure would approach Richard and whisper something into his ear "Maybe you should say more and sound more official sir." The King then lead the figure off camera and the screen went blank "Not a good public speaker.." A single woman walked out across the frozen streets of Zukaden-II, She pulled a thick hood over her eyes, trying desperately to defend herself from the blizzard. "Why did they have to pick a world made up of ice and snow.." Many faces appeared at windows of the newly constructed buildings, probably thinking why someone would be walking around in the middle of a blizzard, the woman looked up at the windows as she walked along, wishing desperately for some warmth "A bit further, come on now.." The woman continued to stumble about across the frosty path, sometimes stopping in her tracks and thinking if she had gotten herself lost on the way "I hate this planet so much." The woman eventually turned down a small alley and approached an empty building with a big sign hanging from the wall, beckoning all to come closer. "First office of the KUS Humanitarian Service." The woman smiled to herself as she said the words and entered ACTIONS 4AP + 1AP ((4AP Capital + 1AP Second system)) The KUS begins to research medical technology in the new KUS Humanitarian Service office [2AP] The KUS starts to find out the uses of the new metal found on both planets [1AP] The KUS begins construction on a small freighter [2AP]
  12. The Kingdom of Unified Systems "Rule Britannia." The HMS Lionheart The HMS Lionheart bustled with excitement, Zukaden-II was close after so long and so many hardships, The people of the KUS wanted nothing but new lives after the former government had failed in the one task they had to do - Protect the people. But now with a full monarchy, the new King was sure to bring about peace and prosperity. A single man dressed in a very regal outfit stood in a large ornate room looking out of a huge and elaborate window, looking to the icy tundra on the planet below. "A new home for my people." The lone figure announced to himself before turning to a large metallic door, As he approached the door a loud knocking was heard from the other side "You may enter." The figure shouted to the door as he looked around the room and stepped towards a strangely shaped chair and took a seat. The door flung itself upwards and a tall and uniformed man walked into the huge room and bowed. "My King." The uniformed figure said loudly "What is it Admiral?" Replied the King quickly "Do you wish for us to begin landing on the planet?" The Admiral questioned "That would be the next step yes, but keep the people on the ship until we know whats out in that wasteland." Responded the king The very neatly uniformed Admiral then turned and exited the room, Soon after the ship began landing onto the nearby planet. Months later the ground works had been laid and the city built in and around the colony ship, using the bridge as the throne room and the ships utilities, with some minor things around and buildings being put up outside. The KUS was ready to announce existence. ACTIONS ((dirtyharry told me how to do this<3)) 4AP + 1AP ((4AP Capital + 1AP Second system?)) The Kingdom decides to search for minerals and anything else of interest on Zukaden-II (2AP) The Kingdom tries to make itself known to other Empires (0AP) The Kingdom decides to search New Stafford for minerals and anything of interest (1AP) The Kingdom begins to set up farming on Zukaden-II (2AP)
  13. OOC: Username: _Noah_ Skype: noahnater_ Ideas and Suggestions?: All seems good, a good idea could be robot uprisings but that would be extremely difficult to keep track of RP: Colony Name: The Kingdom of Unified Systems (KUS) - (Planet: Zukaden-II) First Planet Type: A planet named Zukaden-II is the planet that the KUS first set out too, it is around 60% ocean and its land is mainly tundra and arctic wastes History: "The Parliamentary Preservation Act" The Parliamentary Preservation Act was a government project to save the members of the UK. The PM at the time had decided that to ensure the nations survival funding had to be given to build 'The HMS Hastings'. "The HMS Hastings" The PM decided that due to the ships limited capacity, important members of the UK such as high-rank government officials had to be given priority spots on the ship. After high-rank government officials were secured spots on the ship the PM decided that any high-rank military personal would also be given priority access to the ship, and to avoid outcry among the people the PM stated that as well as high-rank military personal, that some soldiers would also be given places on the ship as new assignments, this caused many citizens to sign up to the military for a chance to be assigned to the ship. Many of the royal guard were furious at not getting a spot and decided to lynch the royal family, knowing that time was short before riots occurred across the country he stated that a lottery would take place and the winners would be given spots on the ship. The lucky winners were escorted to the ship and more soldiers were moved from military bases to being stationed outside the ship under the promise of entry. After the winners of the lottery boarded the ship a large mob appeared wanting to break into the ship, the PM did a check to ensure all important personal were on the ship, and then they left Earth leaving all of the soldiers outside who were lied to about getting a spot to be ripped apart by the angry mob "Our Royal Rebellion." Many of the soldiers were furious about the PM leaving people they promised a spot to behind. A group quickly formed in secret planning to over-throw the PM, The leader of this group managed to go up in ranks very quickly and rallied citizens, soldiers and generals alike and they stormed the government area of the ship and captured them. After a 'trial' all of the government officials were considered guilty and traitors, not only to the people, but the royal family. The PM and MPs were launched out of an airlock and left to die in cold void of space. "Rule Britannia!" The leader of the rebellion was praised by everyone on-board and they decided that parliament failed and the only way forward was a monarchy. The people declared him king and he decided that the new empire they would found would no longer be called "The Parliamentary Preservation Act" and instead be named "The Kingdom of Unified Systems". The new king was named by the people as "King Richard I" after King Richard the Lionheart Map location: I'm feeling lucky, random?
  14. MC Name: _Noah_ Character Name: Bradol Character Age: 61 Profession (See below): Stonemason (or blacksmith) Appearance: Bradol has a black/brown beard and it bald on his head, he has deep brown eyes and bushy brows, He is an average weight and stands at around 4 foot Bloodline: Grimaxe An image of the skin you intend to use: N/A Discord (If you have it): ManaAddict #7576 Timezone: GMT
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