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  1. perses

    Imperial letters for the County of Cyrilsburg, 1683

    Edward would be putting on his new helmet, before he got word of the letters. He nodded to himself “To Cyrilsburg.” he muttered, before walking outside...
  2. First! Great guy, good pal, knows his stuff. Very good roleplayer and that is very important. He will be a good addition. +1
  3. perses

    The Order of Ursus

    Accepted! Speak to the Grandmaster over the Palace.
  4. perses

    -=The Faded Light=-

    Edward would be in his office on Bear mountain when he got the grave news. With a sigh, he muttered a prayer, informed his brother and made his way to Blackreach to give his condolences.
  5. perses

    With love, from Knox.

    Farewell Knox! Gonna miss you!
  6. perses

    Declaration of Fealty, 15th of The First Seed, 1683

    Edward would nod in approval, standing behind his brother, as he watched the meeting and the signing of the documents.
  7. perses

    [Denied] Torky's FM App

    An old friend. Considering all of her past experience in various staff positions, her skill and intellect, her knowledge of graphic designs which is something that can always help a team, as well as her experience with various posts and comments, through her various stories in rp, or opinion ooc, I believe she has what it takes to be a great Forum Moderator. You have my support Torky! +1
  8. Great friend. Great person. They are very good at their job and it can be shown not only in the way they handle their workload but also in their results. Friendly and cooperative, one of the few people I know that deserve the position in such a quick notice. Experienced and dedicated. You have a huge +1from me Pun! Best of luck! +1
  9. perses

    Battle of Red Snow (Revised)

    Edward would nod in approval. (Your welcome)
  10. perses

    The Order of Ursus

    Edward nods in approval
  11. perses

    The Order of Ursus

    Accepted! Welcome to the Order of Ursus!
  12. perses

    End of the Hartcold-Enthelor treaty

    Edward meanwhile is drinking tea with North.
  13. perses

    The de Hartcold-Enthelor Pact

    Edward looks over the shoulder of Wilhelm. He sighs upon reading the document, the cause unknown.
  14. perses


    Petition to Receive Knighthood Name (and House if applicable): Edward Arthur Devereux Age: 25 Liege Knight: Ser Wilhelm Karl Devereux Were you a Page?: No Were you a Squire?: No Reason for Knighting: Commander of the Order of Ursus and the levies of House Devereux Potential Liege Lord: Ser Wilhelm Karl Devereux Potential Lands: N/A
  15. EDWARD Arthur Devereux signs the document.