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  1. perses


    Edward crosses himself.
  2. perses


    My salute to you Blago. You were one of the few commanders I have had fun being under. Have a great time.
  3. perses

    Suffonian Wedding Announcement of 1693

    Edward makes plans
  4. perses

    Wintertide Ball

    Edward sighs as he is resting in an armchair reading the document his sister in law gave him. He looked at her "I assume I have to attend don't I?". At her nod he sighed again, standing up "Fine. Might be fun. Someone has to watch over you two in the end..." he finished with a smirk.
  5. perses

    Vtyx, DPMagnum's Event Team Actor application

    While it is quite well known that he is not the easiest person to work with and has broken a few rules in the past, I have to say that when I read the events I was kind of hooked. Personal taste, coincidence, I don’t know. But I generally believe in my gut, and it tells me to give him a chance. So I will. You got a plus 1 from me mate, don’t waste it! ;3
  6. perses

    The Final release

    "May you rest in peace...Sa'vi." a wandering historian muttered...
  7. I like this. I really do. I think it must be done. I am upvoting. +1 Haunter can be a very resourceful, dedicated and hardworking individual, while also knowing to be calm, collected and cheerful. I think his imagination, above all else, is very suitable with the Event Team. Thus, he has my best wishes.
  8. perses

    Farewell lotc my goodbye

    Farewell broski. May you enjoy your new journey!
  9. He is a good roleplayer, certainly knows his fair share of things. Beyond that, he is a person who loves helping out if he can. And that is very important. I believe he has what it takes to earn his place. +1 from me.
  10. perses

    County Of Cyrilsburg

    Edward smiles while gazing at the beautiful city from his office.
  11. perses

    County of Cyrilsburg Trade

    Edward approves
  12. perses

    Falkenrath Writ of Disownment

    Edward would nod, before sending an additional letter. “The Order of Ursus formally denounces Asden, formelly of House Falkenrath. He is hereby banished from areas under the influence of the Order of Ursus.” he would sign it and stamp the Commander’s seal on it.
  13. I approve of his skills. He will make a cool moderator. +1
  14. perses

    A Farewell From Zach

    Bye Zach! We will miss you! ❤️