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  1. My salute to you Blago. You were one of the few commanders I have had fun being under. Have a great time.
  2. Bye Zach! We will miss you! ❤️
  3. Edward would be putting on his new helmet, before he got word of the letters. He nodded to himself “To Cyrilsburg.” he muttered, before walking outside...
  4. Accepted! Speak to the Grandmaster over the Palace.
  5. Accepted! Welcome to the Order of Ursus!
  6. Edward looks over the shoulder of Wilhelm. He sighs upon reading the document, the cause unknown.
  7. Petition to Receive Knighthood Name (and House if applicable): Edward Arthur Devereux Age: 25 Liege Knight: Ser Wilhelm Karl Devereux Were you a Page?: No Were you a Squire?: No Reason for Knighting: Commander of the Order of Ursus and the levies of House Devereux Potential Liege Lord: Ser Wilhelm Karl Devereux Potential Lands: N/A
  8. EDWARD Arthur Devereux signs the document.
  9. Edward skims through the document alongside his brother, nods to him and signs it after he does.
  10. The Order of Ursus Mission Statement The Ursurian Order operates in the lands surrounding Pembroke, Arbor, and Curon. Originally established by a contingent of Curonian Knights following the collapse of the Principality of Curon, the Order was created to uphold Curonic virtues, values and culture. As the years have passed, and the Curonic people scattered throughout the land, the Ursurian Order has remained a bastion of Curonic identity, fiercely protecting their people and their values. Alongside it’s militaristic aspects, the Order serves the purpose of gathering beacons of Curonic ideals and uniting them. Knights and Lords who are willing and able, can provide men and funds to the Order as a show of good faith, as well as giving permission for the Order to operate on their lands. They will become allies of the Order and form a camaraderie with them. In return, in times of war, the collective force of the Order will stand with them, in victory or defeat. Members of the Order are trained individuals equipped in full armor, proficient with the sword, the axe and the spear, in conjunction with a shield. They roam the countryside, patrol the villages or act as stationary guards. Regardless of their position, they are tasked to follow a code. The code inside the Order is absolute. Their Code is simple, but requires strict discipline and commitment. They must display absolute loyalty to their Lord and their Commander. They must trust and defend brothers in arms. They must be courageous and sincere. Finally, they must protect the helpless and Curonic values. Members of the Order fighting bandits. Ranks Captain The Captain is the senior-most official of the Order. He is the highest authority within the Order and controls every aspect of the Orders’ affairs. He handles ceremonial promotions, granting of awards, as well as providing the resources for the Order to be well supplied and well maintained. He is assisted by the Masters of Arms. Master of Arms The Master of Arms is an Officer inside the Order. He is a squad leader, commanding troops for missions, patrols and skirmishes. He is in charge of training the Ordermen, as well as informing the Captain about possible promotions and hardware requirements. Above all else, he is the safekeeper of the Code. Man at Arms The Man at Arms is the rank appointed to the experienced members of the Order. These men have experienced the blood, the smoke and the hardships of combat and have prevailed. They are capable of handling tough missions and are sometimes tasked with showing the younger members the ropes. Initiate This rank is given to the newer members of the Order. They undergo rigorous training to strengthen their body and minds and become capable warriors. The missions they get aren’t the hardest, but they ain’t short in danger either. A Man at Arms Requirements To join the Order you must be a Human male of at least sixteen years of age. Upon arrival, you will go through a small trial and if proven capable, you will be welcomed into the Order. Application RP: Name: Age: Reason for Joining: OOC: Username: Discord:
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