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  1. Augusta Palace was an inside job

    1. Laeonathan
    2. kitty_irl


      wtf is augusta palace

  2. imagine reserving posts 🤮

    1. 1_Language_1


      one day i'm going to comment first on a post with 'reserved' and then never change it.

    2. Mordhaund


      i've tried.


      got a warning point for it.

    3. Wholesome_Thomas


      1 hour ago, 1_Language_1 said:

      one day i'm going to comment first on a post with 'reserved' and then never change it.


      Just do that on every thread

  3. 45.5% of Lord of the Craft prefer to refresh themselves out of cardboard cartons through a straw.
  4. Princess Isabel, Thank you for hosting this event. Despite my defeat, I had a great deal of fun and I feel I did what I came to do. I fully look forward to the next one, which I hope comes soon. Yours, truly Bashrynne the Blue
  5. James' smile grows as he reads the new revelations. "Ah, maybe there's room in the Seven Skies for you yet, Padraig. Consider carefully, Oren. GOD is watching."
  6. "Is God dead?" James chuckles as he reads the title of the missive. "Is a triangle square? Is water dry? What a silly question." He moves on without having bothered to read the paragraphs below.
  7. [ ! ] Posters hung in a few conspicuous places in Karosgrad, Providence, and Esbec [ ! ] James Chapel's 100th Birthday Party ATTENTION, FRIENDS AND ACQUAINTENCES! I am throwing myself a grand birthday party on the hill over Esbec! Food and drinks will be provided! Guests are not expected to bring gifts! INVITEES The following are invited to attend: Those who have received an invitation. Any member of the NGS. Any resident of the town of Esbec. Any other friends of James Chapel Any acquaintances o
  8. IGN: Wholesome_Thomas DISCORD: Saffron Park#2942 ------ NAME: Joanne-Lorraine Martins AGE: 12 Selm Street CHOSEN BACHELOR'S DEGREE: Politics, Society, and Law CHOSEN MAJOR: Criminal and Civil Law ADDRESS OF RESIDENCE: 19 DO YOU REQUIRE A DORMITORY TO LIVE ON CAMPUS?: Yes DO YOU REQUIRE A SCHOLARSHIP?: Yes
  9. Application (Comment on this post for a potential interview) (MC Name): Wholesome_Thomas (RP) Name: Joanne-Lorraine Martins (Discord): Saffron Park#2942 Age: 18 What position are you applying for?: Law-Clerk Are you registered with the census?: I have not had the opportunity. Why do you want to work for the Ministry of Justice?: I wish to do my part to uphold law and order, and the Law is a profession to which I consider myself well-suited.
  10. UPDATE: Due to scheduling conflicts, the second match on opening night has been updated. The gloved fist of civilization returns to Helena! BARONESS DOMINKA has spent years bringing the light of law and civilization to the primitive and chaotic peoples of Arcas by a methodical and sophisticated force of arms. Now she has returned to the great city to find that the mayhem she combated in far off lands has taken root in her home country. Will she turn the tide and restore order to Helena? A whisper in your ear turns to a knife in your back.
  11. (Friday, October 16, at 7 EST) (Dates and matches subject to revision) What dark secrets hide beneath Helena's glamorous streets? While ladies stride the avenues in their silk dresses and lace parasols, something secret is brewing in the catacombs under Helena. In the ruins of the old city, the rats have begun to rise up... and they want revenge. Tired of being trapped, poisoned, and killed by humans - the rats of Under-Helena have chosen a champion to fight for them. The RAT KING rises up to defend his crown, his land, a
  12. James reads the letter over from deep within his basement, a somber smile on his face. “Well then. We shall see what the Empire is made of, now. GOD help us.” He would fold the letter and stash it in his journal for safe-keeping.
  13. Ladies and Gentlemen... Who is James Chapel? James Chapel is an Orenian elf born the year 1700. Severed from his blood heritage, he was left on the doorsteps of a priest and raised by human farmers in a tiny rural village. After arriving to Helena, James quickly found work as an actor and has made many friends both in somewhat high places as well as on the fringes of Helena’s society. Entries Dangerous Territories
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