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  1. are you part of the event team?
  2. New Map New Me

    1. Borin


      New Braevos New Thomos

  3. We're So Back! We're so back! All our plans are right on track All our relics have been vaulted And our library is packed! Old memoirs, maps of Stars Tales of dangers most bizarre Tomes of most obscure conjectures All the boldest great adventures! Come to read, or explore We have only open doors Our society has always been the best! So drop on in and visit, See our hell exhibit, We're so back! We're so back! We're so back! edit: hopefully everyone gets this is Be Our Guest
  4. possibly no. if you could send me a sample of lunar client logs I'll see what I can do
  5. INTRODUCING THE SAWMILL Transform your minecraft logs from a cluttered mess to readable roleplay with a single click of the button. Chose whether to include looc and other kinds of chatter or cut them out with the options menu. Easily revisit cherished memories or refresh yourself on the details of your characters experiences, or find that one conversation to check if you know that particular bit of information in character. Produce transcriptions of court sessions or important meetings with ease. https://malins-welco.me/sawmill/
  6. I'm looking for some beta testers for a new Malins-Welco.me tool, dm Saffron Park#2942 if you're interested

  7. more like road to 500 ping

  8. [!] A notice hung across a few major cities in Almaris, and especially around the Cloud Temple I in need of feathers be In enormous quantity If you can fulfill my plea It won't at all have been for free Indulge my plumage buying spree There is cash in it for thee Send a bird at once to me At the Petran Avi'ry - Friend -
  9. updated malins-welco.me, now the current date and the calculator are on the same front page

    1. Traveller
    2. Wholesome_Thomas


      thanks to my brother who helped me come up with the solution that made this update possible

    3. Mannamannaa




  10. Update: the current date and the calculator have been combined into one page Also a lot of back-end stuff to make it easy to add stuff going forward
  11. Trying to figure out why my day of the week didn't match the results of /date. Turns out either /date is wrong or the wiki is wrong.





    1. LithiumSedai


      Months should begin after the 1pm GMT restart (making 1pm GMT the first day of the month). /date can be wrong sometimes because the plugin accumulates lag for some reason, but that particular restart generally resets it

    2. Wholesome_Thomas


      @LithiumSedaiif it resets at 1pm GMT / 9am EST then it should have rolled over already. It looks like it might roll over at noon EST, I'm watching to see how it goes

    3. Wholesome_Thomas


      The month reset at 11:46 EST.

  12. Character's name is Friend. He has a playlist in my signature but I'd love to expand it
  13. next map we should spend our time camped out at cloud temple

  14. If your nation or culture has a calendar that is not listed on malins-welco.me please let me know so I can add it

    1. Gemini


      damn this is useful coding haha

  15. This is a great idea. Very simple, but would give a reason to use couriers instead of Aviary, that is if schemers could be induced to plot in game rather than over discord
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