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  1. UPDATE: Due to scheduling conflicts, the second match on opening night has been updated. The gloved fist of civilization returns to Helena! BARONESS DOMINKA has spent years bringing the light of law and civilization to the primitive and chaotic peoples of Arcas by a methodical and sophisticated force of arms. Now she has returned to the great city to find that the mayhem she combated in far off lands has taken root in her home country. Will she turn the tide and restore order to Helena? A whisper in your ear turns to a knife in your back... Few practice the subtle arts of love and death so cunningly as The Velvet Assassin. This Mali'ker beauty wins your heart with honeyed words, then cuts it out with a flick of her wickedly sharp knives. Few can resist her charms - which makes her one of the deadliest killers that Helena has ever known. She's entered the ring to put a final end to one of her marks... but who is it? And why? A soft touch versus an iron fist! See stiletto and saber clash at HELENA MIDNIGHT MELEE! 1 Armas Avenue Bottom floor 7 PM EST
  2. (Friday, October 16, at 7 EST) (Dates and matches subject to revision) What dark secrets hide beneath Helena's glamorous streets? While ladies stride the avenues in their silk dresses and lace parasols, something secret is brewing in the catacombs under Helena. In the ruins of the old city, the rats have begun to rise up... and they want revenge. Tired of being trapped, poisoned, and killed by humans - the rats of Under-Helena have chosen a champion to fight for them. The RAT KING rises up to defend his crown, his land, and his people! The rats were here first... and they'll be here long after people are gone. Who will stand in his way? Why, it's Helena's own boys in red! The Jewel of Humanity is called that for a reason - and HEATH LINNORD isn't going to let these rats run the place! The Imperial State Army stands firm against any threats to the Empire, including those that come from under the earth! When it comes to crushing vermin under his heel, Linnord is an old hand. Whether it's the Inferi, the Suticans, the elves, or the rats, Linnord handily dispatches any foe that comes his way! Who will prevail in this titanic struggle of man versus rat man? Find out at our next... HELENA MIDNIGHT MELEE Darkness clashes against the Light in an age old rivalry! DUNCAN of KAMINUS knows what lurks in the shadows. It's left his mark upon his very flesh. The dark warrior has clashed against every kind of monster known to man. He's defeated demons, harpies, giant birds, lions, and snakes. But there's one foe he's never been able to conquer. Can this mysterious, stoic, ivory-haired hero vanquish his rival once and for all? Here he comes, the dark-haired demon of the ring! IZEKEIL LYALL is not your usual fighter. He's built different - and he's got something to prove. The old guard monster hunters of his guild never believed in him. It's time for Lyall to take the stage and stand his ground against the best monster hunter known to man - Duncan, his former trainer and the one who always doubted him. Will the student finally surpass the master? See the conclusion to the epic rivalry at HELENA MIDNIGHT MELEE! Duncan of Kaminus vs Izekeil Lyall has been delayed due to scheduling conflicts
  3. James reads the letter over from deep within his basement, a somber smile on his face. “Well then. We shall see what the Empire is made of, now. GOD help us.” He would fold the letter and stash it in his journal for safe-keeping.
  4. Ladies and Gentlemen... Who is James Chapel? James Chapel is an Orenian elf born the year 1700. Severed from his blood heritage, he was left on the doorsteps of a priest and raised by human farmers in a tiny rural village. After arriving to Helena, James quickly found work as an actor and has made many friends both in somewhat high places as well as on the fringes of Helena’s society. Entries Dangerous Territories
  5. Name: James Chapel Age: 80 Residence: 2 Silver Jubilee Fountain
  6. THE STAKES ARE HIGH THE CONTESTANTS ARE LARGER THAN LIFE THE FIGHTS ARE REAL << A production of the Helena Cultural Ministry. >> What is this? Helena Midnight Melee will be a weekly event featuring real fights between costumed stage personalities. Why? You can’t tell me you don’t secretly want to see this. Who can join? Anyone. You do not need fighting skill, a persona concept, or Orenian citizenship to participate. Contestants will be paid for their participation regardless of their performance. How do I get in on this? Show up at one of our three upcoming auditions at Varoche Hall: Thursday, August 27 at 8 EST Saturday, August 29 at 8 EST Monday, August 31 at 8 EST Or contact James Chapel at any time (Saffron Park#2942)
  7. A reply would be posted in response as it also works its way through the Helena Mail System, attached with the job application, untouched. Dear Sir, Thank you for your prompt and generous reply. I am pleased to learn of the disuse of the orphanage as reported by the Church, and while I understood the pragmatism of their position I was not completely comfortable with the idea of orphans being shipped away to far-flung Aquilla. However, your personal guarantee has brought assured me not only of the well being of our orphans, of which I also count myself, but with the moral fiber of yourself and your civil service. I hope that any vitriol I displayed can be excused as an outpouring of concern for an issue close to my heart rather than a malicious attack. I apologize for my impulsivity. You should find my job application already in your files, from when I filled it out some months ago at your desk and behest. God bless you and your ministry,
  8. The so-called “Ministry of Civil Affairs” has claimed as their own the Helena Orphanage around Pontian Place, and has declared it under renovation. This "renovation" would seem to involve the extraction of the orphans from the last place in the world they have left to call home. The people of Helena deserve answers. - What is the planned function of the orphanage after renovations? - Does the Ministry of Civil Affairs plan to return the building to a house for orphans? - If not, does the Ministry of Civil Affairs consider the building's new function to be more important than looking after Helena's most vulnerable and least fortunate children? This building is in direct sight of the church and in direct sight of all those citizens of the empire whose heart contains still any remnant of compassion.
  9. NAME: James Chapel AGE: 80 GENDER: Male POSITION/S SOUGHT: Librarian Undersecretary of State for Civil Affairs Chancellor of the University of Helena Chancellor of the Archives Dean of the Library Dean of the Laboratory Dean of the Faculty Archivist Professor EXPERIENCE: I have spent many years educating myself in a variety of subjects. I am very literate, courteous, and would be proud to help my nation. ((DISCORD: Saffron Park#2942 ))
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