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  1. (( Hey friends, awesome tournament! I believe the URL you're wanting is lichess.org and not .com. Best of luck!! ))
  2. I know we've only just met since summer of this year but it has been a real joy getting to roleplay with you and have my character study under Jack's legendary tutelage. Thank you so much for that. It's been a lot of fun. I really appreciate you logging in on my behalf for these lessons too. I'd be really stuck without you, and I appreciate the hard work you put into this. Alright for the AMA, Other than RP, what other sorts of stuff do you really enjoy doing for fun? Any interesting hobbies or talents?
  3. Cousin!

    1. Ludulo


      Oh heck yeah, you’re back too!

  4. 10th of the Deep Cold, 1527

    1. Vege


      I look forward to RPing with you when you come back, you've been a great friend and a massive help to me. All the best bud.

  5. (( Inb4 "looks like a Wikipedia page" ))
  6. Jace Evans Basic Information Age: 40 (as of the 9th of Malin’s Welcome, 1509) (( May 28, 2015 )) Gender: Male Race: Human Status: Alive and well Description Height: 5’10” Weight: 170 lbs Body Type: Average; Jace was rather skinny during his youth, and during his long service in the Akovian and later the Orenian military, he was a bit more muscular. Nowadays, though, he’s only marginally fit – mostly from minor carpentry work. Eyes: Brown Hair: Charcoal Skin: Fair-skinned Markings/Tattoos: None Health: Healthy Personality: Jace Evans is a genuinely friendly person. He goe
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