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  1. Godric ap Easworth would clean his wet and bloody hands after cleaning the streets of the drowned, he would stare into the flames of the pyres that were constructed to let the dead rest.
  2. Godric would look puzzled at the missive, he thought that this man was sentenced to two years of silence and be trained by the monks in Haense...
  3. Godric begins to write a letter to Blacksmiths after hearing about the news whilst farming.
  4. Godric ap Easworth would receive the invitation by aviary. He would open it, reading the letter before turning to Pavline ( @GrowingIvy). "We have been invited to a Coronation, shall we bring Gaspard and the men of Adria with us in support? Oh and I tell stories on my journey's across the lands... Probably why you been invited."
  5. "Those damn baby eaters, just grow wheat!"
  6. A farmer would receive the notice, scratching the back of his head confused at what it was saying, "So I'm guessing this is why the sky gone dark and my crops are dying... Acre curse is just spreading further. Hmph. "
  7. "Love is a burning pile of ash, and it makes firey scene. Bound by wild desire, Uther set his land on fire" Godric would say as he stares at the burning city.
  8. Godric would be smoking a pipe as one of his scouts would deliver the news of Godunov. "I shall ride to meet with his sister, that house has provided me with a job once and respect many times I have visted the Kingdom of Haense. A truly sorrow time that they face now."
  9. "Good thing my fields have a bridge that can isolate the whole of that region off. I better pick up my supplies and leave these seeds to grow if they are needing the land bordered off." The Easworth would say with a tear in his eye, now knowing why darkness looms over his home. He would plan to send a cart of wheat to Barrowton in thanks for their service.
  10. "The Formings of Easworth Fields, a grand day in honour for my family and culture. Let these fields of wheat and barley grow forever more." Godric, the Son of a Dorfer Acrean peasant man who lived in a waterfall cave until his death, would cheerfully say with pride as he watched men and women of many cultures visit his new lands.
  11. "All it takes is a man, with mutton chops and a farmer's tool, to take down an Empire nowadays." The former Acrean man would say after reading the missive.
  12. I personally think that allowing nations/groups to build on the roads to their main settlement is fine. Of course, there should be a set design of rules about whether or not the quality of what been placed there is actually worth being pasted in. Preventing settlements having gates/toll booths/security checks around main roads leading to their settlements isn't worth it. I can only see more people once the early new map hype dies down, then attempting to modify rules on building.
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