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  1. How do we get there? How did you get here, by the way?' [Will asked].

    He heard Halt's deep sigh and knew he'd done it again.

    'Do you ever,' the older Ranger said with great deliberation, 'manage to ask just one question at a time? Or does it always have to be multiple choice with you?'

    Will looked at him in surprise. 'Do I do that?' he asked. 'Are you sure?'

    Halt said nothing. He raised his hands in a 'See what I mean?' gesture...

    'Halt,' [Selethen said], 'I could be wrong, but I think you were just guilty of the same fault. I'm sure I heard you ask two questions just then.'

    'Thank you for pointing that out, Lord Selethen,' Halt said with icy formality.

  2. "Honey, we got a new Empire and Oren to destory!" The old and rotting farming Knight would call out to a retired Leader who was farming the great fields with his elven maidens amongst the sky. @M1919
  3. Think Tech Team have more work to do with fixing the server. Rather than insulting a playerbase for rep.
  4. A lot can happen when you get a good night's sleep

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  5. Its a good guide for people wanting to know how to set it up. Yet this needs to have a follow up concerning the prices for the rest of the blocks to provide a proper staff support to how much it would cost someone to build larger scale builds that also contains blocks outside of the free ones. That way people are chunking out over 3.5k worth of mina on blocks that would be easily attained at CT
  6. Godric ap Easworth would begin to count the bloody crowns that he had picked up over the period of the war, as he glanced at the names on the decree matching them to their respective crown. "Hrm, Gaspard. It seems we got duplicate forged crowns." He would call to the Cyclops, whilst he was cooking stew.
  7. "The old knight has finally earned his final share in the spoils of war?" The farm Knight would say as he stares down over the Town of Veletz, after being told of the news from his neice, Margaret. @Fie"Such honourable men continue to die by the hands of men who ally themselves but bicker in closed doors. Even then, many crowns roll across the floors of the Captain-General's dining hall soaked in crimson and they speak of undying curses. Such a fallen era that Sir Ethan never managed to be cursed himself, although atleast he died not in his sleep. I will miss my friend truthfully, neice."
  8. A knight would finish planting his last tree into the soil, as he sees a new forum article of the Haense man.

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  10. The Farm Knight would nod in agreement, after listening to the comment of Margaret, as he stands amongst his tower amongst the woods after days work picking the apples from the Captain-General's planted trees. "Indeed so, Neice. This is why I have already declared our house to support the Holy words of Father Nerium, and Bishop of Veletz. Nerium does not step away from the path of God, and has delivered truthful messages from him. Praise the Lord and Praise the Holy Father who travels our lands, for his blessings have protected our house for decades now."
  11. "The Captain General speech truly shows the will of the people." The Fox Knight would say in response.
  12. 1956 Numendil Consort for Sale FOEDUS VELEC ☩ ☩ ☩ Music Dear Numendil, We have your consort. He is currently still in good condition, though the armour will have a few dents. Comes in original package, will be fueled by good Veletzian stew. Castle kept. A thousand miles or so by the looks of him. Runs well but not well enough. If you wish for his safe return, you may come to negotiate his release in Winburgh. During your travel here, your safety will be guaranteed upon the word and honour of Sir Gaspard, Captain-General of the League. Hurry, though. This sale ends soon - we’ve received a great many offers for him already. Signed, Sir Godric ap Easworth, Patriarch of Easworth, Alderman of Bonby, Knight of Veletz, and Second Farmhand of Acre
  13. Godric ap Easworth would burn the missive, using it as fuel so he can forge a sword. A sword to swear fealty to the true Messenger of God, Nerium the Wise. "No holy puppets in the Halls of men." He would say in response to those who question his view.
  14. "Have you seen this man?" Sir Godric ap Easworth would begin to inquire to Veletz Citizens. He would pin up a notice on the board, as he then begins to handout the notice to citizen's mailboxes. "They said he jumped out of the sky and disappeared without a trace."
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