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  1. hexx

    [Accepted] [Trial]Youngie's GM Application

    it'd be a mistake to not put him in
  2. hexx

    6.1d: No brakes on the Hain Train

    thank you so much
  3. hexx

    Show Your Pet Thread

    i cant resize the image so that its less than 500kb so its just gonna have to stay rotated dog.
  4. hexx

    [Accepted] [UPDATED] Lumiin's AT Application

    he likes busdriver and milo so just give him the server already blus wan
  5. hexx

    Rate The Above User's Fame.

    10/10 who doesnt know you lbr
  6. hexx

    Common rp disputes

    just dont get into fights, works for me.
  7. hexx

    [Denied] Tahmas' MT Application

    whatchu doin crazy
  8. hexx

    the skinpill

    2nd has no chin only lip