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  1. Cilantro

    TJB_Minecraft WT Application #3

    Fail to see what that has to do with his ability to write wiki pages. Save it for the rap battle holmes.
  2. Cilantro

    [GM Team,WD team, ] [The Sad Truth of the new rules for freebuilds]

    Your "legitimate reason to attack" us is bullshit. Besides the fact that it's not what the discussion was about, and besides the fact that you attacked us without the blessing of Kaz. It shows a total lack of character to abuse lenient rules such as the current freebuild system. As far as I've heard, there was never any rule about clans leaving kaz. It's clear there is ooc hostility here between both nations but if you want us back so that your city does not die off from the lack of rp, maybe you should try an olive branch instead of a war.
  3. Cilantro

    A Departure for good

    Tesel sits in the meadhall, bashing into barrels of ale and chugging them down. In a fit of rage, she has hung Bernard by leg on the ceiling. She sits now, mourning with her sisters. "Teh fook did you 'ave te go away for fat'a? Weh needed ye here!" She would say, tossing her mug away in rage. "Ye canne fookin run, ye crazy old bastard, ah'll fookin find ye, ye *****!" She would burst out, running out of the keep into the snow. She would set out in a journey to find him. Though after days of looking, she would find no trace of him. Returning to her hold, she would sit down at the seat of his statue to cry.
  4. Cilantro

    Never A Defeat

    Tesel Silvervein just chuckles, crumpling up the frostbeard's latest attempt at propaganda. "So 'umorous 'ow t'ey try an paint us loike savages, meanwhile our tale 'ad none of t'at tainted venom." She scoffs as she thinks of how they were treated back in Kaz'Ulrah. "King Verthaik is fookin dead, ahn we'll not be getting friendleh with the maggots puppetin' es corpse."
  5. Cilantro

    Mateolog WT APP

    Hes a great and extremely active member of our community. He cares a lot for the lore of the server, so pick him up for the team~
  6. Cilantro

    The Iron Brigade of Holm

    OOC: IGN: Cutecrustacean Discord: BunBun#7716 ~Hours on server spent a day: 2 ~Availability on weekdays: good
  7. Cilantro

    Common rp disputes

    Of course, everyone needs to know how to lose. Roleplay isn't all about your character, and if you play a particularly small or weak one, you're gonna end up being on the wrong end of a fight more than often. That being said, it's not always about winning or losing, sometimes you can let your enemy die another day. And when a weak character is constantly being put on a spike by players that show no mercy, care little for rp, and play characters with no combat weaknesses, It can get a little tiring. I play a pretty losing centric character, one who would let themselves get killed just because a friend of theirs wanted them to. But having no benefit to my smallness is just boring. Buff knight characters already have the advantage of heavy armour, and ranged weapons, escaping once or twice by the scruff of my neck isn't going to break immersion. Besides that, when people get killed by skilled roleplayers with balanced characters, sure some might be a bit salty, but the majority will appreciate a fair fight or a chance to escape. And like I said, everyone needs to learn to lose, not just weak characters. And even if the majority of players don't want it that way, we still need a standard to be set.
  8. Cilantro

    Common rp disputes

    Whenever some cringy band of bandits shows up, or whenever there is a halfling in a fight. I always hear the same disputes, and can't seem to find any guides on them. First off is armour, is armour almost weightless, as in real life. Or is it the balanced but unrealistic take, where armoured players are slower than unarmoured ones. Second is height, are smaller players, such as children or halflings, slower or faster in comparison to tall ones? As it is undoubtedly more balanced to give smaller players a speed boost, but also unrealistic.
  9. Cilantro

    [6.0] Nexus and PvP

    Haven't pvp'd much on the server but I feel like removing certain aspects of it such as potions, enchants, armor types, buffs etc would just make things stale. I'm all for balance, and I think you could make the argument that diamond armor needs to weigh more. I think things should be balanced to a degree but not removed.
  10. Cilantro

    Grappling broken

    Grappling has not been working for a while now, ever since the energy update.
  11. Cilantro

    VIP tiers cost

    Do the vip upgrades cost the same amount of crowns for each upgrade?
  12. Cilantro

    [Complete][SELLING] Different tomes

    "I'm gonna get those fishing tomes!" *Screams Fetish, immediately hunting for a courier *
  13. *A sign is posted in the major towns* Looking for fishing tomes, 1000m flexible price Looking for fishing nets, can supply spools for the crafting, can discuss price Looking for acacia logs, 15m for a stack, flexible on price Contact Fetish to meet
  14. Cilantro


    I actually figured out it's /auctionhouse sell, thanks for your help
  15. Cilantro


    Is there a way to Auction items that are used with right click/throwable? Like a command or something?