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  1. how's lotc these days can I get a status update

  2. dogbew

    Legal action must be taken

    Lucas at it again
  3. dogbew

    Goodbye, for now.

    I was excited to see you become the Forum Team Director because I thought it would be a good opportunity for you to grow as a person and experience some real responsibility. In truth the position of the Director position of any team is a big task, and not one that everyone is capable of dealing with. Its important in times like this to reflect on what you've done wrong, and find ways to improve it. Obviously there is never an excuse for harassing someone, or doxxing them or spreading malicious rumors. However, while there is no excuse there is a clear reason these things happen. All these things come as a result of the way you treat the community, on and off the job. Players don't just pick someone at random to harass or make fun of, they do it to people who have made themselves an enemy in one way or another. Be it talking down to them in casual conversation, giving warnings out to people without reason or without disclosing them, or just generally being rude. This situation isn't something that happened to you, this is the result of your actions and decisions.
  4. oof



    1. Kaldwin


      dogbew for fm lead

  5. Will my status get removed if I say "feedback noted"??

    1. devvy


      i wouldn't risk it if i were you pal..

    2. Dreek


      feedback noted

    3. dogbew


      feedback noted

  6. Hey dewper hows it going I haven't seen you in a while

    1. Dewper


      it’s good dogbew I miss u and ur forum ways 

  7. dogbew

    [ FM ] Did this really happen?

    During my tenure as Forum Team Director, I had several reports lodged from members of the community against each of my team members, as I'm sure every director has. Devvy is the one member of my team I was able to consistently disprove any allegations against, and who was also able to consistently provide quality work to my team and further the goals I set out for them. That was what prompted my promoting her to manager, and what prompted my keeping her there. I don't like everything devvy did, and she did make mistakes along the way; but never was there a reason to outright remove them from the team. You're never going to find a member of the community who acts perfectly in every situation, who never messes up and never makes mistakes; whats important is that you find people who understand what's important in the community and encourage them to do their best. I'm not sure what happened after I stepped down from the team, but I think everyone here can benefit from taking some time to assess what really went on, engaging in public dialogue with one another and keeping grudges out of the question.
  8. dogbew

    An apology to the LoTC community

    It takes a bigger man than I to do something like this, big props to @iMattyz
  9. The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.
  10. This is exactly what I've been thinking this entire time, written in clearer and more legible words than I could come up with. Great work! The mark of a good leader is one who can recognize what they have done wrong, solve the issues and make adjustments where necessary going forward. I think that the Server Administration has what it takes to use this as a learning experience, and turn this into a positive by righting their wrong and preventing things like this from happening further down the line.
  11. Now is the time GGT, apply for GM

  12. dogbew

    Leaked Logs and You

    If the idea of the Community Guidelines is to promote good behavior, honesty and trustworthiness in the community, rewarding players who rat in their own discords in order to get someone banned is directly contrary to that. Being a good community member isn't just a matter of sitting on the server and never saying bad words, its a matter of doing whats right to promote a better community. Players who worm their way into a private chat and leak the logs to Staff should be punished, their actions are directly contrary to building a good community and only serve to further divide the chasm between different groups of players, and players and staff.
  13. how much do I have to donate for perms to see who rated posts