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  1. @Admin let's trade, 1 freebuild for 1 nexus

    1. NotEvilAtAll


      I’ll give you a cookie if you give me your soul

  2. Well I'm just glad the chats I said rude things in wasn't leaked, personally.

  3. dogbew

    Start a Club

    Yea I tried to push this through before I was the FM lead, and it was shot down. When I became FM lead I learned exactly why that was, because I really couldn't be bothered to do anything with clubs.
  4. dogbew

    Wiki Team? Horrendous writing.

    Really the LT should be the ones running the Wiki, having a separate department for it is the LoTC equivalent of outsourcing it to Indians you only pay $0.02/hour.
  5. Kinslayer is a good boy who din do nuffin

  6. One conversation with Luv is enough to know they should never be in a moderation position.
  7. dogbew

    Admin Censorship

    This comes down to an issue of Leadership, both with the Admin and with the Forum Director. During my tenure an Admin would to speak with me or an FM first before having something removed, as it was not their place to moderate the forums. At times, Admins did try to dip their toe in the pool of Forum Moderation and I stood up for my team and made sure that it didn't become a habit. As the Forum Director, @Riftblade should stand up for his team and make sure that the due process is followed. Ultimately though @Fawb, this is something you should have brought to the Director and then Telanir if nothing happened. Sadly, while you are doing a service by pointing out this mistake, you are also going to be removed from the Team and likely blacklisted for showing pictures of the FM Discord. This is actually inaccurate, and honestly shameful to see coming from a former Forum Moderator and current Game Moderator.
  8. Good to see the ET staying classy as always.

  9. dogbew

    Recent Concerns and Administrator Expectations

    What legal ramifications could there possibly be to naming the pedophile you've recently banned? All that will do is allow them to more easily take their filth elsewhere.
  10. What are the chances of 7.0 having nexus again? Its time boys

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    2. Bucky_24


      Don't bring it back, but do a spiritual successor. Race stats, PvP Magic, and a much simpler profession system that doesn't punish you if you don't have the profession, but instead just provides buffs. IE, I can farm, mine, and craft anything, but if I'm a smith, I can make better swords, farmers get more food per block, that kinda thing. Don't restrict, just buff.

    3. dogbew


      That would be a good idea.

    4. Hero_Prodigal


      add back actual horses which can go fast (while removing road speed buff) and bring back custom food crafting. 

  11. dogbew

    Recent Concerns and Administrator Expectations

    Good post, keep it up.
  12. The responsibility of the community is to bring these situations to light and hold the staff accountable for their actions. If anything the community has shown exemplary responsibility, given the circumstances. It seems to me that you've gotten pretty emotional here, why don't you take a break and come back when you can look at the server with a rational frame of mind?
  13. The sad fact is that there is no punishment good enough for pedophiles, the only thing we can hope for is to get close.

  14. Its easy to claim you know what to do in tough situations, but posts like these are the exact opposite of being responsible, proactive and productive. Blaming the community for the fault of the Administration, shifting any responsibility you have onto their shoes, and then throwing salt at players for being outraged is just the kind of behavior that causes these "toxic **** storms" to begin with. Responsibility is a term everyone knows, but do you really know what that is? Responsibility is recognizing your wrong doing, admitting to your hand in the problem and then working towards a solution. Responsibility is rising above your petty remarks, grievances and whatever anger you harbor about others in a situation; its laying down you own ego for the sake of the task at hand. You can point the finger at the community all you want, you can say that I'm toxic and anyone who was in the 100+ replies of that thread are horrible evil people who just want to destroy lotc; but until you take responsibility you will be just as much a part of the problem as everyone else.
  15. Since you clearly did not read my post, i'll give you another chance.