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  1. Freischarler

    In with the New

    hard disagree
  2. Freischarler

    Courland vs Renatus

    https://gyazo.com/26167191bb9114e61c2edd346ee29902 ?
  3. i feel it in the air

  4. Freischarler

    [Denied]Triumphant Return.

    You invited yourself to lukylucas' house in belgium, they said you were a creep and his parents kicked you out. -1
  5. Freischarler

    [Denied]Appie__'s Game Moderator Application

    Didn't you say you were quitting the server like... yesterday?
  6. Freischarler

    Ladders and Raids.

    why would something as basic as placing a ladder be up to an rng roll, and a high one at that
  7. Freischarler

    Ladders and Raids.

    what about rescue and counter raids?
  8. Freischarler

    Ladders and Raids.

    if you are going to enforce sensible ladder placement, which i voted no on you have to regulate sensible defenses too. besides i would argue that that ladder placement is not sensible anyways. https://gyazo.com/f9fea611035175d032e9f4809668afc6 normal ladders would not be placed entirely parallel to the wall, but that is the only way to place them in minecraft, they already dont make sense this rule makes them even worse.
  9. Freischarler

    The Renatian-Marnantine Knightly Census, 1660

    First Name: Magnus Surname: Letholdus Date of Birth: Unknown Order of Knighthood (Knight of the Realm, Royal Dragon, etcetera): High Knightly Order of Bartham Epithet (Example: the Bold): Mighty Magnus Titles: Mayor of Senntisten Lands: Castle Vilcaz Knighted by: Lord Deano Romstun Liege Lord: Lord Deano Romstun Year of Accolade: Lost to time OOC Username: Freischarler Date of Knighting (if Possible): N/A
  10. Freischarler

    Senntisten Mayoral Elections, 1659 - Election Process

    Too late, says the new mayor Magnus Letholdus.
  11. Does anyone know how to make a community guideline appeal? I dont even know why I am banned i didnt say anything during that whole ooc shitfest yesterday...?

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    2. Freischarler


      can i be told which of these i violated because im actually so confused at the moment

    3. Youngie5500


      I'll PM you.

    4. Telanir



  12. @N0tt un official warzone on road between renatus and reiver fort?

    1. Thornz


      SoUnDs LiKe gooD Fun

    2. How_Bad_can_I_be


      I was thinking the same thing

    3. Freischarler


      ah see i would but for some reason im banned something about a community guideline violation, not sure what i did wrong.

  13. Freischarler

    On the City of Senntisten

    "Elves are the problem, Magnus Letholdus is the solution." A pamphlet reads.
  14. why was my post removed


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    2. InactiveAccount


      Because it's a direct copy paste of Nazi propaganda? All you did was replace 'Jew' with 'elf'. If you're gonna do an IG racist post at least be creative.

    3. Freischarler


      thats literally what every church post is and every human anti elf post is lol

    4. Hyena


      At least you weren't given a warning for posting a music video. 

  15. Freischarler

    Senntisten Mayoral Elections, 1659 - Election Process

    A vote for Magnus Letholdus is a vote for a better Renatus.