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  1. IGN: TheDarkAngel2308 RP NAME: Balin Grandaxe CANDIDATE: Durorn Ireheart
  2. From over about a year now i couldn't join LOTC because i have an issue that has persisted even after a Windows reinstall. When i try to join the server i get stuck in void and i get disconnected after a while. This site also runs very slow. These LOTC domain doesnt seem to work or, work very bad for me. I dont know that the issue might be. or here is a video of the whole issue: https://we.tl/t-G0kTv04Fu7
  3. IGN: TheDarkAngel2308RP Name: Balin GoldhandCandidate: Dorimnur Goldhand
  4. Application: ((OOC)) IGN: TheDarkAngel2308 Discord: you already have mine Timezone: GMT +2 Age: 16 ((IC)) Name: Balin Anvilaxe Age: 132 Race: Cave Dwarf The settlement you come from: Kaz'Ulrah Why should you be accepted?: I think alchemy is a really good way to learn important and essential things. Alchemy is very useful and i think i should know how to manage it.
  5. Deadpeel


    Balin Anvilaxe is a young Dwarf from Kazulrah. Balin is sad because he was cursed with a monstrous father, everyday dad would beat his wife and kids Balin and Hekkaes, no one knows why, it just brought the smile on his face. Anvilaxe is a medium paid family from Kazulrah, a blacksmith family. Unfortunatly one day, the father crossed the line, he was so angry because he had a fight with a bad customer, and this time he raised the Axe to mom. Balin and Hekkaes tried to stop him but they were just kids, it was hopeless. Their mother was killed. When he realised that his wife was killed, his atten
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