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  1. Folks, none of us like the chat changes, but they do a lot to help the server with its lag issue. So, quite literally, you may not like it, but this is what peak performance looks like.

    1. Elennanore


      he had us in the first half

  2. Winds blew through the tree branches, bowing the vegetation it hit, forcefully. Whether or not plants wanted to move, they had to, for such was the way of things. Up and underbrush, it howled as it moved past them, sometimes meek and whispering, sometimes lumbering, overpowering enough to break branches. Waters flowed in pools, caused by rain that kept on raining, creating massive floods, breaching any land defenses that were set on stopping it. On the other hand, there were deserts that he willed into existence simply by a flick of his wrist. Looking over through lush, unbridled forests, a muscular grey man walked, his brown, dark skin a perfect fit to the ground he traversed upon. He had been going, scouting through the new land, uninhabited clay from which his vegetations could boom. He did not mind a lengthy journey, for he wasn’t alone. Every plant was his friend and him to all of them in return. They spoke to them, he spoke back. In the depths of his vast mind, he knew the names of each one of them. But he didn’t particularly care about that. The greenery, the land about him. It was all just fuel. The fuel that will sustain him and those that shared his views.
  3. God App Name: Repaiup Symbol (Water, plants, fire, etc): A pool of water, upon which floats a lotus plant. Race (Default human): Ternesian Nation Name: Lathar Nation Symbol: A dying tree overlooking a canyon. Nation Terrain (Plains, desert, etc): Bare mountainsides, with scattered pools about them, forming natural fountains and waterfalls, enabling green growth underneath the water bodies. Cities tend to form around them, as one would expect, as well as places of worship and holy sites of pilgrimage. Race App Name: Ternesian Originating Race: Human Features (hair colors, etc): Universally pale, at times grey, the Ternesian people embody their mountains not only in looks, but personalities as well. They have little sense of humour and practice brutal efficiency, especially as their lands have little in the way of wood or food. Their hair colour is, jarringly, in many shades of green, resembling the algae and other water vegetation that consist their primary diet. They tend to be short, lanky people, given their lack of natural resources, and tend to stay out of the sun by taking to the underground, where they build their mighty caverns.
  4. Looking for a skinner to make me some skins. 2-3 armour, 1-2 without. Will discuss price privately.

  5. It's the rage, the cosmic rage
    The cosmic rage of astral dwarves from Aberdeen
    From their mines they will arise and fight
    The rage of the dwarves is tonight


    De mortuis crepitus
    Aberdonensis de furor
    Infernus irae!
    Then they died

  6. I thought this was legit, to fake and back to legit again. Great write-up, great scare.
  7. You need to understand that there’s a limit to what you can do in the setting. While not explicitly medieval, this goes a bit too far in terms of availability.
  8. The Crouton Print really speaks to me.

  9. What does more “pointed” ears mean exactly? Do they just gain elven ears? How would an orc with this feature look, for instance? Does the transformation happen every time they come in contact with any source of water? Once they transform, do they have to wait for 30 minutes out of water to transform back to their disguised form? How does the transformation work, really? Is there any magic to it? The whole concept of dropping aurum at the bottom of the ocean seems bizarre and out of the blue. @jetboydan@Unwillingly Yes, we already have sirens, but as a non-playable event creature. If this lore can get itself accepted, I see nothing wrong in making them CA, but it looks a bit on the short side as it is and it really doesn’t add that much to roleplay.
  10. Xan said to Athna

    There's going to be a fighty fighty

    Xan said to Athna

    There's going to be a fighty fighty

    Get those people out of the deady deady

    Children of the Lord


    Well Athna he built him

    He built him an army army

    Well Athna he built him

    He built him an army army

    Build it out of sparky misty misty

    Children of the Lord

  11. Everyone on LotC is so interesting, I just can’t WAIT to respond to look through every AMA!

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