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    1. Lark


      Jesus ******* christ make a most goddamn e.e interesting tho

    2. LtBepis
    3. Killmatronix


      I'm glad you think so @Lark. I feared it would sound like gibberish.

  2. +1 A genuine enough guy who's gonna work his ass off. Attitude and work ethics are very on point. Though his activity could be very sporadic.
  3. ERP develops character.
  4. Killmatronix

    Bounty on Elven Thief (500 Mina)

    A helmeted creature rubs his gauntlets, taking a breather.
  5. Helped me for a small loan of a million dollars. But at least it looks kinda good. Top notch babe +1
  6. Killmatronix

    A most treasonous teen.

    A fellow whistles, shaking his head at the seeming act. "Youth. And I figured unholy pacts with children was beneath the lowest of the low. Where this one's handler crawled from, it must be slightly darker than in the usual dealings." John smirked, noting the girl upon the poster once more. "Power or love, it is certain. Her motives are perhaps one of the two, and while one is tolerable, the other is unruly when dealing with the dead." He'd let out a sigh, scratching his beard. "Descendants have lost more forces to acts of disgrace like this than to actual warfare. It's a real shame. Stupid child."
  7. Killmatronix

    [Denied][W] Vegetarianism's Game Moderator Application

    I think Vege is a good man with right values and has helped me immeasurably before. There's just one thing I'd like to say, a teeny thing about him being a bit too memey back around the time of Vailor, but that's severely minor. Think he deserves a shot after the sudden NL being unable to become GMs rule back when he lastly applied. Capable guy. +1 Joe
  8. Killmatronix

    Troll Re-Write

    Trolls were removed for being unnecessary, bigger, dumber versions of ologs. You just took the bigger aspect, removed them turning to stone on sun as a drawback and made them smarter than ologs. -1
  9. Minecraft Account Name(s) Killmatronix Discord Killmatronix#9815 How long have you played on LoTC? I've been here since february of 2016 Timezone and Availability CEST, at this very moment. But I've done a very good job keeping flexible, and will be more so after two weeks. What lore are you versed in most? Paladinism, ghouls, golems, bits and pieces of other things. Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LoTC None Have you ever written lore for LoTC? I have not, but I've been itching for it. Have you ever received a blacklist or ban? I have, x-ray, reduced to one month (from three) for admitting to it. Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team? Butted heads with Delmodan and Conspirator_ over the state of paladinism.
  10. Killmatronix


  11. Killmatronix

    Return of Non-Magical RP Crafting

    While I do think aesthetic items may not need a staff team member to sign it, I also believe that if you go through the effort of roleplaying smithing for an hour, maybe two, the team, whomever it is that's signing at the moment, should be kind enough to assist the player, especially when using event or other special items. This had happened to me before, when I asked a game moderator of aid in a rename, not on Atlas, but on Axios, and they refused me, saying that they don't have any time and that I should instead ask a player to sign the item for me. This attitude bothers me, especially after I spent so much time (and made an album) crafting my item, aesthetic or not, and not being VIP seriously hindering me. Note that I do not think folk should get renames, even though that would be amazing as well. God knows it would be handy, but I realize the server needs to have reasons for folk to donate. That said, when a player asks for a rename after spending sufficient time roleplaying the creation of something, whether it be smithing, alchemy or tinkering, the staffers should recognize it as valid and give the player a hand. We're all here to enjoy ourselves and your kind response really makes one feel that their time was not all wasted. That said, big disclaimer; I really would like folk providing proof of their roleplay. While I do 10, 20 pic albums occasionaly, I realize that's a stretch for the usual roleplayer, and leaves even me burnt out. I was told the older bare minimum used to be two paragraphs, back in Axios, but that's not to my liking either, if still better than 20 screenshots worth of material. I'm sure folk can decide on the right amount. Tl;dr: Staffers should rename the creations players spend time and effort on creating, supervising end results. I'm also invoking the old Vailor alchemist's fire rule where you had to show proof that you roleplayed making it, if you wanted to use it in roleplay. How many emotes it took to do that, as response to my disclaimer paragraph, I've no clue of. Word 'aesthetic', at least in this paragraph, meaning items made of mundane materials, non-et, non-magical. Nonetheless, this is a serious problem which has bugged myself and fellow artisanry roleplayers (unmentioned, but there's many more ways to roleplay such professions). I'm sure we all hope it is addressed in one way or another and that the staff members try to come half way and through to us, because the conduct of sum has really perplexed me.
  12. Killmatronix

    Defamation of the Clerics

    Shaking his head, an aged man grooms his beard upon hearing such news on his latest trip to the famed auction house of the Cloud Temple monks. The left arm behind his back, usually used for keeping posture, now tenses up, making a fist. His facial, or any other, features unchanging, he turns from the poster, deciding that it was a good day to walk home this time.
  13. Killmatronix

    LOTC Staff & Rules

    As far as I know, if you do something that affects the positioning of players in roleplay, you can force them to roleplay it without them having a chance to walk off, a thing impossible with "Halt!". For example: "*Halts before Cyrene, blocking her path, looking down on her menacingly." This is obviously the minimalist example which wouldn't fly with me, but it's something you're already doing in character, which is blocking the other's path. Grabbing, shoving and tackling also helps.
  14. Killmatronix

    The Lore Team and a Shelf

    See no connections with EA and I feel it's just being used for the buzz. In my opinion, if there's a problem with the lore, it isn't on players to dictate whether or not that's justified or not. Simply, if you want your lore back, the ability to roleplay it, just rewrite it as according to the guideline you've been given and cut some things folk have issues with. If it lacks a purpose, give it purpose. If you don't feel like you have any obligations to your lore or don't care about the guidelines, it will perish, but that's on you. I think the LT are steering this boat in the right direction just fine, with a lot of things still needing a fix, mind you. Maybe some day you will be able to look back on this and see the bigger picture.
  15. Killmatronix

    [Completed] Holy Healing Is Bad

    I think that holy healing in its current state is too powerful to really be kept around. It was grandfathered in, as I heard, and should be taken down a peg or two. People should no longer be walking ambulances, this isn't an RPG server. It's purely RP based and as I see it, Aspirin++++ has really overstayed its welcome. No more instantaneous recovery, please.