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  1. Killmatronix

    [FRP] Gods and Men 5 [OOC]

    God App Name: Repaiup Symbol (Water, plants, fire, etc): A pool of water, upon which floats a lotus plant. Race (Default human): Ternesian Nation Name: Lathar Nation Symbol: A dying tree overlooking a canyon. Nation Terrain (Plains, desert, etc): Bare mountainsides, with scattered pools about them, forming natural fountains and waterfalls, enabling green growth underneath the water bodies. Cities tend to form around them, as one would expect, as well as places of worship and holy sites of pilgrimage. Race App Name: Ternesian Originating Race: Human Features (hair colors, etc): Universally pale, at times grey, the Ternesian people embody their mountains not only in looks, but personalities as well. They have little sense of humour and practice brutal efficiency, especially as their lands have little in the way of wood or food. Their hair colour is, jarringly, in many shades of green, resembling the algae and other water vegetation that consist their primary diet. They tend to be short, lanky people, given their lack of natural resources, and tend to stay out of the sun by taking to the underground, where they build their mighty caverns.
  2. Looking for a skinner to make me some skins. 2-3 armour, 1-2 without. Will discuss price privately.

  3. It's the rage, the cosmic rage
    The cosmic rage of astral dwarves from Aberdeen
    From their mines they will arise and fight
    The rage of the dwarves is tonight


    De mortuis crepitus
    Aberdonensis de furor
    Infernus irae!
    Then they died

  4. I thought this was legit, to fake and back to legit again. Great write-up, great scare.
  5. Killmatronix

    Playable CA Race Lore - Ghost [Rewrite]

    The LT have been moving away from holies and spooks being able to target eachother. You should cut shamans and clerics being able to banish a ghost and replace it with something more mundane. Especially as holy magics are now able to affect everyone properly. Also, clerics no longer exist, so they couldn’t banish anything either way.
  6. Killmatronix


  7. Killmatronix


  8. The Crouton Print really speaks to me.

  9. Xan said to Athna

    There's going to be a fighty fighty

    Xan said to Athna

    There's going to be a fighty fighty

    Get those people out of the deady deady

    Children of the Lord


    Well Athna he built him

    He built him an army army

    Well Athna he built him

    He built him an army army

    Build it out of sparky misty misty

    Children of the Lord

  10. Everyone on LotC is so interesting, I just can’t WAIT to respond to look through every AMA!

  11. In my personal opinion, spriggans shouldn’t be rewritten. I believe that not all magics need their own personal golem race. Open for a debate.

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    2. Killmatronix


      Construct CAs all act in very similar fashions and many people are not interested in them. Keeping something that’s been done a bunch of times before and does not attract a lot of players is silly.

    3. xxx


      who cares why are we thinking about this in terms of attracting players anyway?


      how many balrogs did they mention in the rings trilogy? even though they’re ostensibly maiar corrupted by service to melkor and they have a bunch of deep lore and they come up in the silmarils, to 99% of people familiar with the mythos, they’re the big fire demon that fought gandalf. and they’re better that way. nobody needs to see like 20 active players on the same CA to be convinced by that creature or to enjoy rping with someone. people enjoy variety and creativity more than they value one ca race having more players, and you have to remember for the majority of the playerbase lotc is their personal adventure, they don’t know or care about how many people play muyakelgs or spriggans, but encountering one gives an opportunity for some interesting rp


       you’re regurgitating seventhcircle’s language about “activity” but all that really does is rig the system in favor of **** like izkuthii, zar’ei and striga, which cast a broad net by having literally no drawbacks to rping, and have basically no identity other than as combat augmented ca races. I get the argument that spriggans act the same way as golems, but when you can convince me that the three aforementioned races act any differently I’ll believe you’re being wholehearted. Until then, what I’m really hearing is someone capitalizing on the mass shelfing to try and push their own unfounded opinions on the canon



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    4. Killmatronix


      More differently than a magically constructed race of big rock/wood, all things considered.

  12. Killmatronix

    Enough is enough.

    I am absolutely DISGUSTED! I used to think of Krugalicious as my main squeeze, but now he’s dead second! This type of behaviour should not be tolerated!
  13. Killmatronix

    LoTC's aging system

    Aging is an issue in itself, despite being a part of the curse. I’ve said my problems with it already.
  14. Killmatronix

    LoTC's aging system

    How is that a human characteristic? Every other race has the ability to choose what they rp, old or not, at whatever age they choose to. The curses are a joke and the only one that actually limits anything is the human one. How do the other curses affect other races? In no way whatsoever, that’s how.