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  1. IGN: Kapucyn RP Name: Thulin II Starbreaker Candidate: Jorvin Starbreaker
  2. Name (Both RP & IGN): Thulin II (Kapucyn) Profession (Miner, blacksmith, artisan? Multiple jobs are allowed!): Miner Do you require temporary housing?: No Discord (Not required, but highly suggested! It’s free & safe): Lucifuge#6376
  3. “He wuz en idol, en authroite to teh dwed...”
  4. MC Name: Kapucyn RP Name: Thulin II Zigilbeard Discord: lucifuge#6376 RP Race: Cavern Dwarf Reason for joining: Wanting to produce alcohols, enstrenghten dwarven taverns even more. Favorite Drink: Ale
  5. Kapucyn


    I was born underground, year 1695 in Kaz’Ulrah. My father, named Thulin Stonefeet was an good miner and a worker overall, he carried about me a lot, later on he died falling off into a mine in an accident when i was at the year of 37. My Mother was a cook, she always were with me until she died at an unknown cause, while i was 53. I studied minerals and mining, trying to be a good miner, as my dad. I had many friends while i was really young, mostly they were from the same class. I didnt have a brother or a sister, i wish i could have one tho. I had some friends in my school i lost contacts to many, and a few died. Right now i work in a mine and sometimes in a forge, when theres an job there, just mainly because of that my main work is in the mine, and im better there than at the forge. My parents escaped to Kaz’Ulrah, after War of the Beards, because they originally settled in Urguan. I never dated anyone yet, i dont think i will anyways, its a waste of time for me. To sum up everything for my biography, im not a soldier, tho i would go to a war if one would happen, im just a normal worker, no one special.
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