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  1. Snaaksmasha’Raguk begins laughing “Lat nub lik mure toez now.”
  2. Congratulations on the, you know what 😉, recently, cheers dude!

  3. Congratulations! Very proud of what you’ve accomplished recently, you deserve it! 🙂

  4. Anyone can explain me whats up with this “congrats” thing going on the forums? It really makes me confused.

  5. Hekkaes Goldhand gasps at the news “Oi ‘ope da people ov Allah will pass t’roug’ suc’ roug’ toimes. Mae’ Yemekar guide t’eir pat’...”
  6. JokerLow


    Hekkaes Goldhand says “Foken epic!”
  7. Not you too...why is everyone leaving now....
  8. Damn bro, will surely miss you. What race did you mostly enjoyed to play on LOTC?
  9. y’all should fight each other, the winner becomes lord of the craft
  10. “Da bad golems ‘re da ones elgus made, t’ey were never meant tu even create golems.” Hekkaes would chuckle “Dunnae blame dat impera, blame da creator!”
  11. Happend to me aswell to have such delay, i just relogged and it worked.
  12. 6th of Snow's Maiden, 1732 The Wedding under the Mountain By the grace of the Brathmordakin, the fate of Utak Ireheart and Darrega Goldhand are to be unified. With the help of Anbella, they’ve fallen in love at first sight and with the help of time, their relationship is advancing to another level. By all means, the unification of the two shall be one of the greatest events us dwarves of Urguan came across this decade and it shall be remembered for the rest of our lives. In two stone days, the wedding shall take place in the under-realm of Urguan at the throne room, where a big feast shall be assembled. There shall be a competition between the sons of Urguan, because wedding rings are needed and must be done by one of dwarven blood. Within the craftsmen of Urguan there shall be a competition where only one of them will win. And the prize of the winner shall be 2000 minas cash and the title of High Artisan within Urguan. There are no rules of the competition, besides the competitor being of dwarven blood, enchants and runes are allowed within the competition and those who will use the will have a greater chance to win. Special invitations are going out towards: -The Princedom of Fenn -The Federation of Mohk-Uruk -The Crown of Elvenesse -The Silver State of Haelun’or Extra special invitations are going to: -Hadolph II and his wife -Murak’Gorkil -Tajo the Bald -Feanor Sylvaeri -Aelthos Tundrak and his wife ((OOC Information)) The Wedding will take place on 06/09/2019 5:30PM EST Signed by, Hekkaes Goldhand, Warden of the under-realm of Urguan, Officer in the Legion of Urguan and Clan Father of Goldhands
  13. 8th of Sun’s Smile, 1731 [!] The Goldhand sigil would rest on top of the parchment Issued in Kal’Varoth, capital of the under-realm of Urguan For a long time, brothers and sisters, the Goldhand clan remained dormant within itself...But that shall not remain from now on! Months of me, re-reading the history of my clan, admiring the deeds of the old clan fathers have made understand that a second reform of the Goldhands must take place for a brighter future for the Goldhands and that second reformation shall take place under my reign as Clan Father. I, Hekkaes Goldhand, the legitimate and only true Clan Father of Goldhand Clan, declare the Second Reform of Goldhands to begin by this day! This reform shall honor the first reform, made by Durack Goldhand, son of Finian Goldhand the one that gaved Goldhands their greatest revival in the times of Vailor. By all that, the Goldhand clan shall not focus ultimately only on trading and merchanting, but from now on, our plans are bigger than ever before! We shall take the brightest of the brightest and head into the deep realms of Arcas to search for the most valuable relics and artifacts to ever be found by a descendant and all that shall be done in the name of Goldhand Clan and Brathmordakin. Our duty shall be blessed by the Merchant Brothers, for they smile upon us from the great halls of Khaz’A’Dentrumm. Let the death of Thoak Goldhand not be in vain, for he left he clan in good hands before taking arms and marching with his kin to battle, back in Atlas. Let the death of Dwifur Goldhand not be in vain, for he expressed himself which had him slaughtered. Let the death of goldhand not be in vain, for we shall make them proud for the time we will live. By now, I summon all Goldhands to answer to their Clan Father call. Old or new, you’re called to your duty as Goldhand and expected to answer it, make your ancestors proud, make yourself the greatest of all! LONG LIVE GOLDHAND CLAN! LONG LIVE BRATHMORDAKIN! LONG LIVE URGUAN! Signed by, Hekkaes Goldhand, Clan Father of Goldhands
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