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    من الشمال ستسكب الكارثة على كل من يعيش في الأرض.
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  1. a bit too late, but, it was good having you around buddy i'll remember all the good times we had together, take care of yourself habibi
  2. Clan Father Hekkaes Goldhand nods to the missive from his resort, saying to himself "Finalle' sum actiun." finishing by taking a sip from his piña colada.
  3. why was beardmancy removed

    1. JokerLow


      it was far too powerful and majestic for what the server could handle

    2. GodOfPie


      unlucky man,loved beardmancy

  4. when the wiki wizard rank is gone


    1. DrHope


      Yo Joker, how ye been old friend!

    2. JokerLow


      good habibi, wbu

    3. DrHope


      Not doing too shabby


  5. Bine baaa hai cu corciturile
  6. Michael Fahrenheit would smile upon this pact "Less gooo."
  7. Uldraek Goldhand would be too busy on his pilgrimage, exploring the lands of Almaris on his camel. Thinking about Urguan from time to time, the dwed could be heard mumbling to himself "Rathole" as he'd continue his journey. Hekkaes Goldhand, Clan Father of the Goldhand Clan would be far too busy with his clan's matters. Hearing the news about this grudge, he said "Undead king, pagan kingdom"
  8. Hekkaes Goldhand would be smiling from some cave hidden in the realm of Alarims, shooting ice projectiles from thin air "Hehe, would be a shame if something bad happened and the morale would fall."
  9. can we add guns? they would help with my immersion
  10. Alright, so let me tackle this response. Firstly, this would've never happen if I were to ignore a ping asking me to help Trenchist with his wiki account, thing that I never ignore since its part of my many duties as Wiki Caretaker, a volunteer job that I love doing. So this conversation would've never happened if me or him wouldn't be part of this community. Second of all, if Trenchist would've kept this professional, not saying that I did since I confessed to being very unprofessional when blocking his account, he wouldn't have asked me that many of off topic details, as neither of us know each other and me doing my job as Wiki Caretaker was the only reason me and him ever spoke, so to say that this is not a lotc matter is pretty wrong. This issue was solved privately for some time, until I was contacted by Llir only to be told that I was wrong and basically being walked on by the others after my decisions was overran. To say that this should've bought to authorities is pretty ignorant, I'm not sure how much of my post did you read, but lets say that theoretically I'd be to do that, where would I file a complaint? In my current country of residence? Palestine? Israel? Well I can't do it in neither of those and let me explain you why. Romania has little to anything to do with Israel, if anything my case would be turned away since I'd have to file it in Israel. Palestine? Well impossible, Trenchist is not a citizen of Palestine. Israel? Well if I were to do that, what would be a civil complaint would most likely find its way into the military court as most of palestinian cases end up there in Israel, not saying all of them, but a really large amount of them end in their military court. I'm not questioning your morals, but your logic, which is completely wrong. As many people pointed out, if this were to happen to an administrator the person in cause would've been permanently banned on the spot. But let us give an example, aight? Say theoretically positions were switched and after Trenchist would've helped me recover my Wiki account I would ask him "Irrelevant question btw, are u jewish?" to which he'd respond to me by "yeah, israeli" followed by him asking me in return "are you palestinian?". If my response would've been the same as Trenchist's, which was by sending me "Greetings from across the border habibi" with an image of a military grade rifle attached to it, I would've been 99.9% instantly banned for targeting a member of the community, harassment and branded as being anti-semitic, thought that encouraged me more to do this post as a way to expose the double standards we live by and not even realize doing so. Moving on, I'd like to thank everyone supporting me either publicly on this post or in my DMs. It really means a lot to me, and I'd like to also like to point out that I read every single reply you guys send here, be them supporting me or criticizing me. As I said in the post, it is my main goal to bring attention to this matter as it is a situation that could be easily misunderstood by some people, reason for me going on and explaining briefly the political situation between the two groups that played a major factor in this situation. And at last, I'm still waiting for your reply @AnonymousAlexa. If you were so quick to call me anti-semitic, please also share some of your time to explain why and how you came to this decision, unless you wish to prove my point that you just wanted the attention of this situation.
  11. Explain in details how a military group, has anything to do with anti-semitism. I'd like to point out the fact that there are some Palestinians also serving in the IDF alongside Ethiopian Jews and many other people that see it as the right thing to do. Please expand on that matter, simply calling me anti-semitic because i do not appreciate being threatened by a military that oppresses my people does not make a point, but simply points out the lack of knowledge you have in regards to this topic, yet still seek the attention of it resulting by you replying to it. Please expand on how I am anti-semitic and also what anti-semitism means to you, I'm waiting.
  12. You know I really don't want anyone to pick a side, right? I have given so much information to explain my reason for such a response to Trenchist's actions. I again, will repeat myself that I don't seek either attention or special treatment and neither the political support of people that don't want to do have anything to with this. This is just more than "pick a side or you bad", I get that people are not political, that's why I don't wish anyone to believe that I am seeking to gain supporter for my people's cause. I had to give some background information for the people that did not know the political information so they may understand the situation entirely. Also thanks for whoever censored the military grade rifle from the screenshots, you're awesome.
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