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  1. The Clan Father of the Goldhand Clan would shake his head in disgust to the news of humans, taking down the stall of Mika Goldhand “We ‘re fokken merc’ants! Dis es nae ‘ow ye treat fokken merc’ants. Mae’ da Merc’ant Brot’ers curse all descendants ov Horen wit’ empte’ pockets ‘nd vaults fo’ da rest ov t’eir lives. T’ey see us as t’reat, w’en we ‘re onle’ merc’ants? Well we will give ‘em sum t’reats tu be scared off!” Uldraek Goldhand would shout.
  2. [!] The grounds of Sutica would be shaken by movement within Kaz’Ad’Hekkaes as the siege weapons were getting prepared and the golden armors were assembled within the fort, ready to protect Sutica.
  3. Uldarek Goldhand would hear the news about the beloved home of Gloin’s descendants. With a frown on his face he’d say “Cannae belive da person dat was meant tu lead ‘is people would be acused ov suc’ crimes...” the old dwarf would sigh “Mae’ da Brathmordakin ‘elp Hefrumm t’roug’ t’ese ‘ard toimes.”
  4. finally a good looking map
  5. [!] Previous painted messages across the city would be covered by a bright golden text over them. [!] Those looking at the right time of the day would see the small hooded figures painting over the old texts.
  6. justice for christ punchsteel, no more staff forced pks!
  7. Uldraek Goldhand would smile upon hearing the news, holding the exact 48 iron ingots he was given by one of Charles The Bald’s campaign mangers. He’d then prepare the making of several blueprints which would depict Charles The Bald standing upon 100 humans, with a grin on his face. Where would those statues be made, one might wonder..
  8. Uldraek Goldhand would nod in approval, raising his mug full of ale “Mae’ Dorimnur Gold’and win!” he’d shout
  9. IGN: JokerLowRP Name: Uldraek GoldhandCandidate: Dorimnur Goldhand
  10. -=5th of Malin's Welcome, 1773=- The Hangmen Agreement I. The Hangmen Keep is an autonomous land, the actions of the land’s inhabitants shall not in any way or form be associated with the Grand Kingdom of Urguan. II. The people of Hangmen shall never raise swords against the Grand Kingdom of Urguan and its subjects unless attacked first. III. The Grand Kingdom of Urguan shall always get priority regarding contracts with the Hangmen company. IV. The Hangmen Keep shall not extend its borders to the mountains and the Grand Kingdom of Urguan will respect the borders of the Hangmen Keep. Signed by, Uldraek Goldhand, Grand Merchant of Urguan under Utak Ireheart, Clan Father of Goldhands, Lord of Kal’Ikrun, Protector of Kaz’Ad’Hekkaes
  11. we wuz kangs

  12. Vargrath sighs, preparing his war-axe for the battle.
  13. sounds like the blood rune for strenght
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