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  1. JokerLow

    About a coward

    Towards Muzthag the coward There comes a time, in the life of each beardling to become a true dwarf. That is usually done by finishing the trials of the respective clan or by marrying a dwarven lass and building a home according to the Brathmordakin. But when one of those are fulfilled, the dwarf now becomes bonded to either the clan or the lass he has chosen to spend his life together, till the end of their lives. Such oaths are sworn in front of Anbella, our godess who take cares of each oath, a dwarf would make. Breaking such oath, is not only insulting the godess, but also the honor of the dwarf that breaks it, shattering its image among the dwarven society, usually resulting to combats who may end up in the death of a dwarf. Same situation took place in the under-realm of Urguan with, Muzthag ‘The Coward’. The dwarf that I once looked at, as one of mine, betrayed his kinsmen, the under-realm of Urguan and broke several oaths he has made during his time with the descendants of Urguan. He is wanted by the Frostbeard Clan for breaking the oath he swore. Joining a clan, is not only taking an oath and calling other dwarves clansmen, it is about finding those who are like you, those who you feel are your brothers from other mothers, not only that, but joining a clan you support its cause and respect its history. Muzthag, you have left not only your kingdom, but your clan and wife too! Your mistakes must be judged before Garrond Frostbeard, the Clan Father of Frostbeards, for you have wronged us, by breaking the oath you swore. You’ve left your kin, for what? To live among the descendants of Malin and the cursed breed of Metzli, the moon demon that made kha’s. I hope you’re enjoying your time with them, for your hair turned white when you faced me today in Urguan, and quickly took off before I could’ve grabbed you and put you in front of the justice, but you shall not run forever and when we will get you, the punishment shall be harsher. So I suggest you, that you’re gonna play it smart and come by yourself to Urguan to be judged! May justice, assert among those of dwarven blood. Narvok oz Frostbeard! Narvok oz Urguan!
  2. RP Name:: The Seer MC Username: JokerLow Discord: JokerLow#1312 What Nation Are You Affliated With?: Urguan Why Do You Wish To Come?: Thirst of knowledge and wish to explore the unknown What Skills Can You Bring?: The Seer, besides the long mano a mano combat skills he has from the old realm of Atlas, he has controls the power of two voidal magics, lightning and fire evocation, which can be used. Besides that, he has weapons and the knowledge to take part in such campaign.
  3. IGN: JokerLow Days Available [Dec 31st - Jan 2nd]: 31st and 2nd Discord: JokerLow#1312 Items being sold: Minerals, alongside booze and some roleplay forged weapons. (Plus some random stuff that would be of quality).
  4. Bhämmil Frostbeard would hear the news, late after the original departue of Muzthag. Infuriated, he’d inform his kinsmen, including Garrond Frostbeard about the treason commited by Muzthag. He’d prepare himself for the hunt of oathbreakers.
  5. The Anti-Noncensense Guild will prob do a better job.
  6. I once was banned for such mistake, when i was rather new, but it was a good way for me to learn that I gotta put effort in my roleplay to make it pleasureable for both sides. Just take the ban, nothing against you, but fighting against this ban won’t get you anywhere, but instead would just waste your time. Try to think of what you’ve done and how you can improve yourself and after the ban is up and you can appeal, be sincere in your appeal and you will probably be unbanned. Bans are made pretty big, not gonna lie, but its a long time to think about what you’ve done.
  7. Bhämmil Frostbeard would hear the news about kharajyrs going on the hunt for kaedrenis, he takes his recently sharpened axe chuckling as he knows carpets would get caught on the roads “A’, realle’ need tu bring me’ beloved king a present.”
  8. Bhämmil Frostbeard reads the news, letting a long chuckle as he’d exhale the smoke from his wooden pipe “A’, da terrorists striken’ agaen? Et would be sad tu see ‘em all crus’ed down e’?” he’d smile as he’d throw the missive into his fireplace.
  9. Happy holidays to you too, but I’d like my vaults if I’m not asking for too much...
  10. JokerLow


    holy **** yes
  11. Add some wonks npcs on your way out of the Cloud Temple.... Lol i meant monk, haha...unless?
  12. Nah, I like my blue one, maybe next one or another skin.
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