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  1. Hekkaes rallies Area 51’s aliens.
  2. Event postponed for the next weekend, 20/07/2019 3PM EST.
  3. Hekkaes Goldhand remembers being friendly with kha’s in Holm.
  4. 3nd of Malin’s Welcome, 1724 [!] Posters in many nations would hang Urguan got talent With the ending of Urguan’s First Trading Festival, the dwarves of the under-realm of Urguan are happy to announce, the first edition of Urguan got talent. What is ‘Urguan got talent’, you may ask. It is simple as its name, its a festival at which people attendt to show their talents, with hope to win the prize. The prize of the festival shall consist in the winner receiving the title as honorary dwarf, a golden trophy, 1.500 minas and the winner shall remain in history as the winner of Urguan got talent edition I. The event will take place in the under-realm of Urguan, more exactly at the Bearded Lady tavern at the upper level. After the festival, a feast shall take place where everyone will be fed and drink like never before! Invited nations: -The Holy Orenian Empire -The Princedom of Fenn -The Rajdom of Thyra -The Silver State of Haelun’or -The Druidic Order -The Jade Republic of New Jing-Taiyun -Clan Raguk Banished nations: -The Rexdom of Krugmar The talent of each competitor shall be evalued by a highly trained team of judges. The judge team, consists of: -Hekkaes Goldhand -Ozneat Treebeard -Thumril Grandaxe -Howler Silvervein The presentators of the festival shall be: -Utak Ireheart -Gimli Grandaxe [!] A picture would be drawn of the judges and presentators The festival shall take place in the upcoming Sunday, may the best win! Signed by, Hekkaes Goldhand, clan father of Goldhand clan, priest of Da Kirjka Dverga. ((OOC)) The event will take place on 14.07.2019 at 5PM EST. For those who have a talent that involves singing, they are required to sing in VC with the judges.
  5. Amount of Item Available: 1902Price: 1.3 per ingotMeeting Place: Cloud Temple.
  6. If anyone’s interested in roleplaying a merchant dwarf, message me on discord:

    1. SubscriptShark2


      Or me: SubscriptShark#8199

  7. JokerLow

    A Big Party

    Hekkaes would drop a tear from his normal eye “T’ey gruw su fast....” he’d then let out a long chuckle “Oi will get ‘im drunk loike Oi did wit’ Beorn....” he’d say to himself with a villain laugh.
  8. “Da kid did et!” Hekkaes would say proudly to himself.
  9. 18th of The Amber Cold, 1722 The pact of Gold and Silver I. The signatories agree to have a non-agression term between their clans, such as word violence or by sword, in this case Goldhand and Silvervein. II. The signatories agree to allow trade flow freely between the two groups. III. When either clans are in a situation which could cause issues within either clan, the Clan Father/Mother will offer their help in sorting the situation that the clan is in. IV. The treaty shall rests until one of the party’s leadership changes or until one of the parties desires a change. Signed by, Hekkaes Goldhand, Clan Father of Goldhand clan, priest of Da Kirjka Dverga
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