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  1. im a big dog, big bear
  2. High Lord Uldraek Goldhand would read over the missive, slowly nodding as his eyes would peer through the lines written by the Emperor of the Firelands. The dwarf would finally set the missive aside, leaning over at the fireplace, thinking about something.
  3. where is niya's post at?

  4. [!] Deep within the caves of Arcas, a shadowy figure lurks. At the stature of a dwed, with his face covered, the mage would let out a sickening laughter.
  5. the last wiki wizard...

  6. Uldraek wonders how a frozen corpse would suddenly get rotten in not even 24 hours. He'd shrug off the stupid idea, looking at his underground freezer, making sure Norli's head didn't run anywhere.
  7. “It was Norli’s corpse.” Uldraek would write on a piece of paper, hung at the walls of Sutica and Urguan.
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