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  1. JokerLow

    We Gathered Few - A War Comes

    Hekkaes notices Aemich ‘The Best Grandaxe’ Grandaxe approaching and wonders if its some kind of message gods sent.
  2. JokerLow

    We Gathered Few - A War Comes

    Hekkaes would histerically laugh hearing Agnarum dwarves "'ar 'ar! UNETE'?! Oi guess ye folks 're tuu dumb tu even know wot ye saed? Ye call fros'beards kinslayers but ye saed ye would side wit' da umri fo' a mass kinslay rat'a t'an foig't along yer kin! Yemekar wants us united, The Maker does not want to see any more kinslay! Ye s'all fall fo' K'orvad once yer filft'e bode' dies." The dwarf would then go along Thoak's side Hekkaes would comment to the dwarf "Big words frum someone w'u was 'idin' be'ind a dwed w'en Koralon came tu confront ye!"
  3. JokerLow

    An Ultimatum to the Invading Realms

    A dwarf wearing arab clothes wanders around Cloud Temple while reading the poster saying "W'u da fok 're dose monkeys? Wot dey want? Roig'ts?." the dwarf would throw the poster in the lava of Cloud Temple mumbling something "Foken umri."
  4. JokerLow

    A plea to forgive

    Hekkaes notices Koralon's return in Kaz'Ulrah, the dwarf would not go towards her, but bow the head towards the ex High Queen of Kaz'Ulrah before she would leave again.
  5. JokerLow

    A plea to forgive

    Hekkaes Anvilaxe watches close the dwarf holding the speech, at the end of it, the dwarf then release a big sigh before saying "O' sons of Urguan...creation of Yemekar da Maker...wot es en yer 'earts dat drives ye apart frum an unificatiun?" the dwarf then shruggs and add "Come to moi tavern Bolgner, can ye nae even see et?"
  6. Hekkaes Anvilaxe smiles as he clears his war axe, ready for the battle " Oi forgot da taste of war...t'ank ye."
  7. JokerLow

    The Peasants Tourney

    (Rp post here) ((Username)):JokerLow Name:Hekkaes Anvilaxe Age:143 Clan (If Applicable):Anvilaxe Title (If any):Justice Hammer of Yemekar Chosen Event/s:Peasants Duel Tournament,Bare-fisted Brawl,Archery Competition, IF IN DOUBLES DUEL: Dueling Partner’s name: ((username)): Team Name:
  8. JokerLow


    I approve this is an Anvilaxe related character, I am the Anvilaxe current Clan Father and family head of the blood line. The guy making the account is an ex user of the account ‘Leomitis’ he has experience with LOTC roleplay.
  9. JokerLow

    Rule Proposal

  10. JokerLow

    Drinking contest

    [!] For a few seconds, all across Cloud Temple, a horde of birds would blacken out the sky as they would fly towards every settlement in Atlas, each of the carrying well made flyers. Kaz’Ulrah’s drinking contest [!]Within the flyer the following message could be found. ”Reader, if you like to drink and fight, you are qualified for Kaz’Ulrah’s drinking contest. If you are not a lover of the drinks or a fighter, you are still welcomed to come in Kaz’Ulrah’s tavern and taste the best drinks that anyone has tasted yet. Hekkaes Anvilaxe, the runner of the tavern is organizing a drinking contest, which every race is welcome to join, the drinking contest would be a challenged between all competitors to drink one of the strongest drinks made by the Brewmaster. The winner of the drinking contest would be the winner of the amount of 1,000 minas.” “On the other side, there shall be a fighting competition, which shall determine who is the greatest fighter of Atlas. The fights shall be hosted in a prepared area for no one to get killed in the worst case. The winner of the fighting competition shall win the amount of 1,000 minas, and the title of the ‘Greatest Warrior of Atlas’. The fights will be challenger against challenger until only one remains in the line. The winner gets it all. Kaz’Ulrah is not responsible for anyone’s death in the procedure of the fights. Joining the competition means you know the risk of dying in the battle.” [!] A the end of the flyer the date of the eveniments would be written “The competitions shall start on 6th of Snow's Maiden, 1689” Hosted by Tavern Management Guild ((Even date is 10/11/2018, 6PM EST, 1AM GMT+2, 11PM GMT, 12PM GMT+1,12PM CET,3PM PST)) ((Edit: The fighting competition will be pvp default))
  11. JokerLow

    -= Sangmar Mercenary Company. =-

    Minecraft name:JokerLow Discord:JokerLow#2823 RP: Name:Hekkaes Anvilaxe Race:Dwarf Subrace:Cave Dwarf Age:Between 100-200 Faith:Brathmordakin
  12. JokerLow

    From Beyond the Wall

    As birds made their way into Kaz'Ulrah, Hekkaes reads and says "Oi 'ave foug't da demons of da sout'h years ago...seems loike t'ey 're risin up once more." he would say while raising up his warhammer "May da gods 'elp moi once mure."
  13. JokerLow

    Event Request

    Players/Group Requesting: Anvilaxe Clan. What kind of Event are you looking for?: I need an event where we are attacked by minotaurs, 2 or 3 minotaurs would be enough Approximately, what time/date you want the Event to take place?: 1PM EST today Organizer's Discord: JokerLow#2823
  14. JokerLow

    Panda people

  15. JokerLow

    The First Trade Festival of Kal'Tarak

    Hekkaes Anvilaxe looks at the poster, he puts the poster on his table going back to drink something.