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  1. ========================================= Name of the Treaty: The Winning Alliance ========================================= Type of Treaty: [Defensive Pact] ========================================= [Nation / Freebuild] [Name: Anvilaxe Clan ] [Nation / Freebuild] [Name: County Blackreach ] ========================================= Date of Signing: 10th of Sun's Smile, 1681 ========================================= County Blackreach's terms: The County Blackreach, will provide the clan Anvilaxe with gear and supplies in return for Anvilaxe Clan assisting County Blackreach in warclaims. Anvilaxe's terms: The County Blackreach, shall help in the wars the Anvilaxe clan will be included in. Signed by, Hekkaes Anvilaxe, clan father of the Anvilaxes, son of Thranzomir the III
  2. JokerLow

    Alliance Withdrawal

    Hekkaes Anvilaxe, would sign.
  3. JokerLow

    Alliance Withdrawal

    9th of Sun's Smile, 1681. Issued by Hekkaes Anvilaxe. As the recent war declaration between Riviä and Blackreach, and the coming back of Anvilaxe from Kal'Arab to the kingdom of Kaz'Ulrah, I, Hekkaes Anvilaxe, son of Thranzomir the III, I am forced to leave the alliance due, Kaz'Ulrah's alliance with Camel bandits. I will state by now, that no hatred shall be between me and the Duke of Riviä, or Riviä's citizens and Anvilaxes. By that be said, I wish the best for Riviä." Signed Hekkaes Anvilaxe, Clan Father of the Anvilaxes, son of Thranzomir the III.
  4. JokerLow

    Pay to kill.

    A poster would be left at the exit of Cloud Temple. The poster would be struck by a dagger to keep it on the wall. On the poster the followings would be write. "En duh s'adows of K'orvad, lies the souls of moi victems. Ef ye 're 'ating sumeone, want sumone tu leave t'is realm but nae want tu get yer 'and dirteh...t'is beh yer optiun. Anvilaxe Kazamar, gibs y'all 'ungreh lads of bluudt'irst a c'ance tu get yer enemies down...Ef et sounds alreadeh enteresten' fo' ye dunt 'esetate tu send a berd tu moi, Hekkaes Anvilaxe, Oi nae 'ide moi name cuz Oi nae fear aneone but duh gods." Signed "X", the X would be signed with blood. ((OOC:Contact me on discord or bird me JokerLow))
  5. JokerLow

    [WANTED] Mystery Uialben

    A hooded dwarf looks at the poster, the hooded dwarf begins to laugh "Har har har, Sutika beh a bet stupped eh? Tryna' kill a vassalized leader of duh kingdum of Kaz'Ulra' moight get ye war stuped beings." the hooded dwarf reaches into his pocket getting an item looking like a stone, he whisper something to the stone, on the top of the stone a vent would be there which the dwarf opened, the stone would release a large smoke. Footsteps can be heard as the dwarf says "Ye 're maken' yer own sentenceh tu death..." the dwarf would leave with no trace.
  6. JokerLow

    Remembrance Guild Of Kaz'Ulrah

    MC Name: JokerLow Rp Name: Hekkaes Anvilaxe Age: 134 Any books or scripts authored: No. Home nation: Kaz'Ulrah How active are you? (In hours): Around 4-5 hours per day.
  7. Hekkaes Anvilaxe stands in Kaz'Ulrah looking at Grogg "Ye nae did yer job properleh, now yer master ass es en pain" Hekkaes Anvilaxe would shake his head slowly dissapointed.
  8. JokerLow


  9. Hekkaes Anvilaxe smiles since his clan recruitment is going amazing.
  10. JokerLow

    Alchemy teaching.

  11. JokerLow

    -=- The Confederation Returns to Azgaryum -=-

    A hooded dwarf burst into a laugh while walking away.
  12. JokerLow

    [Community Review] Heists

    The boogeyman will lockpick my chests :C
  13. JokerLow

    [Community Review] Heists

    I've changed my mind, the idea of heist is not such a good one, people can bust into your house and steall ALL your rp **** which would make it unfair for people. -1
  14. JokerLow

    Alchemy teaching.

  15. JokerLow

    Alchemy teaching.

    ((lets stop im trying to fight a minotaur <3))