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  1. "Aye.. ah laahk this'un." The grumbler stated. "Yus goh' potential, lahd. Push iht."
  2. Gimgrimmor plays his bagpipes with Dwarven intent.
  3. ---------------------------------------------------- VOTING PERIOD ENDED ----------------------------------------------------
  4. The First Elections of the Fourth Grand Kingdom of Urguan It was a rowdy meeting on the 8th of The First Seed, 1773. It has been two Stone Days since Utak Ireheart his sudden departure and the Council was gathered. Voices were raised and tables smashed but the Council of Clans had come to a vote. The Sons and Daughters of Urguan have spoken and these have been nominated to run for the next Kingship; Clan Starbreaker: Jorvin Starbreaker Clan Grandaxe: - Abstained. Clan Irongrinder: - Abstained. Clan Ireheart: Charles “The Bald” Clan Goldhan
  5. [MUSIC] Written on 9th of Snow’s Maiden, 1773 Following the abdication of Utak Ireheart the Obsidian Throne lies cold and empty for the first time in forty five years. Owing to this, the Council of Urguan has seen fit to declare I, Gimgrimmor of Clan Metalfist, as regent to oversee the election of a new Grand King. With the Brathmordakin as my witness, this is a job I intend to uphold to the best of my ability. The Clan Council will convene later today, at which point each clan is to decide if they will or will not nominate a member of their kinsfolk for the office of Ki
  6. A KINGDOM RECROWNED, A NATION REBORN. Snow’s Maiden, 1767. The Dwedmar of Urguan made their way for the Throne Room within the peak of Kal’Evraal. Stoic Legionnaires stood guard over the waves of proud citizens as they awaited the King’s word. Drums echoed, sabatons stomped and arus were shouted. Grand King Utak Ireheart had made his decision. “Sons and Daughters of Urguan, hear the call of the deep! The Grand Kingdom of Urguan is once more! Once more the home for all dwed, once more the beacon of power. The wounds have healed, the clans have returned and the Longbeards
  7. Gimgrimmor unzips his bagpipes with Dwarven Intent.
  8. Gimgrimmor grumbles a pleased grunt. “Narvak oz Urguan. Mae ya du well, guud Dhaen.”
  9. Gimli bags his piped with religious intent.
  10. Gimli prepares his bagpipes with grudgening intent.
  11. “Whuu ahr yus again?” A Longbeard Questioned
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