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  1. Ashley Cannell having gotten the letter would look back on her time in their navy and their army, her time as their alclde and stewart, how many years of her life she had spent there. The woman now in her mid 90s looked down with slightly sadden eyes at brooch she was given so long ago. It still looking new despite it being over 20 years old. The older woman both had love her in heart for curon with so many good memories she shared, were she finally meet the love her life. Curonian would always be the woman's home in her heart.
  2. +1 From me! Tavern! Tavern! Tavern!
  3. Happy 69 weeks my g! Why you so cool?
  4. Twilight Ashwood Qua'Req would have be quite most the Eleven day after he passed on into the next life
  5. I’m going to miss ya my guy. It was always rping with you and being around you. You lit up the room with your personalty inside and outside rp. Always put a smile on my face even if I was having a **** day. Never forget my pm’s are always open, please say hi to your dragon for me!. I’m sorry you had to go through that. No one should ever have to. Stay safe, fare and fast travels.
  6. Today has been GREAT!!! Just had a billy baked taters vs Sweet Berries battle with Telanir.

    1. Telanir


      And Billy got obliterated 😂

    2. Anime_Wolf


      round 2? 😈

    3. Telanir


      One day!!

  7. There had been many a month since the Terror Beast has dissipated from the land. It seemed the caves had been livelier then usual during this time of rest for the adventuring 'Ker. In time they came to befriend the great bats of Fiandria of which their ancestors had once hunted. At the flank of the Matriarch's wings sat a small fist sized bats clinging to her fur. While they were small and recently born they seemed strong and relatively weened. She eyed Delphi and Twilight with equal interest. Delphi eye's flicks over the small ones, smiling softly. "I've not ever met your young lings, Miss..." (Miss the name she has given the Matriarch during the years they had grown close) she'd reach out hesitant for a moment to pet the 10ft tall bat. The Matriarch's ears flickered with a seldom seen fondness at the touch. After some time her gaze wandered to Twilight where she seemed almost to ask her to come forward with a fan of her wing Twilight waved at them with a small smile "Hello little ones" she then looked to the Matriarch "They're beautiful" the 'Ker said stepping forward "My, seems the matriarch had become a well mother in this time" Gusiam said as he looked back to the grave of Chocolate, one of the two bats that has died during the fight As all things end so do new things begin. With a push of her wing a young female bat was offered to Delphi and a male to Twilight. The rest of the bats clung ever yet to their mother and it was clear her intentions. Delphi took this young bat into her arms, holding her gently in her arms "You're sending them away with us, Miss...?" The bats all seemed to give out hyena like laughter at her words as though it was the most obvious of things. In rest, only one other alike clung to the matriarch. It was clear indication of their genders there needs only be one leader in a group of bats. As such these two groups would have meant to go make their own homes elsewhere. Twilight takes the baby bat with a soft smile holding it in her arms like the baby it was "Thank you.” Delphi bowed her head light, shifting the weight of the young matriarch in her arms "Estelle- Do you like that, Miss? An old word in our eleven tongue for to trust...We'll see to it that all will be well" Both of the young bats clung onto there respective 'Ker as though they were their new mothers. The Matriarch seemed accepting and all was well. It was only time that would tell what would become of these new bats and their new home. Delphi reached out with her other hand, gently rubbing her head "We'll miss you all... not going to forget how you helped us, how you saved us" she'd smile Twilight nods to Delphi "Thank you for everything, I'll never forget this as long as I live" she'd then look over to Sneeze, the bat she had grown the fondest of "I'll miss you the most my boy" Sneeze let out a comedic sneeze as a last good bye. Delphi cradled her bat gently, humming softly "Estelle,Estelle..." she'd sing Twilight looked down to her 'new son' "I'm going to name him Silverling..." https://imgur.com/a/lkWaZ12 (bat boi pic) (This is my first form post, which as just me copy the emotes that were said. I’m trying to work on a other posts as well. I didn’t take the rp date so for oc context it was 3/17/2020 around 6-7 pm i think. thank you so much to Julius for the events he gave us, this was the most fun I had on Lotc in a while and I’m so happy I came back for this)
  8. had fun flying with the bat bois
  9. RP Name: Ashley Cannell Username: Hopesky123 Discord: Anime_Wolf #0080
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