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  1. RP Name: Ashley Cannell Username: Hopesky123 Discord: Anime_Wolf #0080
  2. Anime_Wolf


    Ashley Cannell would read the letter, ready to fight for Curonia and the place she hopes to grow older in
  3. Ashley Cannell would pick up a poster and start to read a small shiver running down her back with the blood like ink (if it was even ink) and the feeling as if it was smiling at her....the cackle from the poster reminding her of things she wished to forget. Once done with reading it shed take a small bit of kelp and start to munch on it as she when about picking up the other posters as so that other’s wouldn’t hear the cackling that came off of it.
  4. Ashley Cannell : At seeing the poster would smile
  5. I’m going to miss rping with you Space, You better still call me xD
  6. RP Name: Ashley Cannell Username: Hopesky123 Discord: Anime_Wolf #0080
  7. Wow, one year ago today my favorite persona and child to my very first persona on LoTC was made...Time really does fly, Ashley (even though she is just a made up character) Has helped me with so much, at some points I wished she was never made or that my first persona didn’t have her...but all and all I’m really happy she was made. ^-^ she’s help me grow as a person in the real world and has give me some really good stories to share with my friends. I’d like to thank my friends Beth,Soul,Space,Dight,Slattador,Emery,Boonay,MCVDK,Bun,Grim,Mango,Ajax,Wulfery,Dlyan,Maddie,Bloody,Panda,Rain,Reese and Pyro and the all of Curon who has rped with me (and anyone else I forget to say) and helped me grow Ashley as a Character, and here is to many more happy years of RP with all of you!

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  8. As Ashley Cannell heard the news shed hold back tears not wanting to believe that someone she knew as a baby, the last person of her family even if not by blood was dead, however she knew one day they would meet again.
  9. “Unae villi ungfru faer minn fahdon” was all that Ashley Cannell would say about the loss of a loved one
  10. I havn’t seen him alt, I think his time has been served on his ban.
  11. Nugget = Best Boi from Kindergerten
  12. Anime_Wolf


    As a child Amber had 5 brother's and 2 sister's all older then she, She is the youngest in my family. Her parents planed all there kids but her. Her bother the one born before her is 5 years older then she self and he helped raise her.Her other sidling did not care for her much, lock her out of the house at the 3 age pushing her to the river by our home at the age of 5... Her mother yelled at her for come home all wet. Her brother would stick up for her and take her hits from there parents when they where just mad at the world or there other kids....She feels that she owes him a lot,he has scars on his body because her... at the age of 6 she was found locked out side of her house by a wolf at night. He took her arm and dragged her butt over to his den and housed her for a week before her brother found her. That just some of the her good memorise. She didn't have a lot of friends,but when she did they back stabe her. Her siblings where pure GOLD to her parents. My brother the one that took care of her was my brother, Her other siblings and her siblings BUT she disoned then like they did with her, same with me mom and dad. After my brother moved lets not get stared on how bad her parents where to her being the only kid left at the age 13 was...an experience to say the lest. She still have nightmares... After she was 14 her father and mother would entertain there friend she was there "salve". At 17 she was kicked out on her birth that is the best thing they ever did for her beside giving her that scar on my right arm when she turned 15. She said her good-byes to her borther and to the wolf and left... walking trying to find her place in the world learning combat and magic. Now she is now 21 and happy in Rivia
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