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  1. The Umbral Contract 1. This arrangement will allow the Umbral Vanguard to operate in a similar capacity to the Talons Militia and carry out the law of Talons Roost as deemed needed 2. Umbral guards shall be held to the same standard as a Talons Militia guard, in such they will obey and uphold the law of Vortice and protect her people 3. All members of the Umbral Vanguard who actively operate as guards for Talons roost shall be paid 25 mina a saints week 4. In order to earn the 25 mina a saints week, proof of action must be provided in the form of documentation showing where the Umbral guard had patrolled and the timeframe they had patrolled in the same manner as a Talons Militia guard 5. In the event the Umbral Vanguard are needed for additional jobs payment shall be negotiated beforehand by a Vortician Council member and a Umbral Vanguard member 6. The Umbral Vanguard have expressed they will take no contracts that compromise the safety of Vortice or its vassals and will be held as such 7. This contract shall not prevent the Umbral Vanguard from taking other contracts so long as they are not in direct conflict with Vortice or its vassals OOC: Signed on 2024-04-28 Aelrin Vacare Sulrayne Vacare John O’Riley
  2. "oh no, god forbid we address the actual issues of the darkspawn epidemic, lets just let the undead, frostwitches, and actual demons continue to run a muck, our real enemy is obviously people with tattoos and devils who had nothing to do with the murder of queen amaya, we truly live in an enlightened era. ******* brilliant."
  3. "Are you ******* serious..." John sighed understanding this solves absolutely nothing to do with real darkspawn threats and only oppresses good Cannonist believers whod gotten tattoos in their youth, such as his lucky ace tattoo on his shoulder blade
  4. "ship in a bottle" by fin (steffan argus) yes. savoy yes demon in kaethul
  5. i think thatd have to be either when i first joined the server hanging out in minitz, or joining the vortice council
  6. hey you all know the drill, its been a year since i started playing, axe ya questions.
  7. wait but from what i know that server was not related to LOTC aside the characters, which in my opinion should not matter as if it is not your character it is not your business, if it was not pushed as an LOTC server this seems alittle out of proportion
  8. John read over the missive nodding along with the words "finally someone addresses it, these beasts have been left to run rampant, down with dead-flesh" he commented pulling a flask from his coat pocket and drinking
  9. as an archer on lotc i mainly pack bodkin point arrows to deal with plate mail
  10. im always here for you, i hope you feel better soon if you need to talk hit me up
  11. it took alot to kill you lad. rest well, youve earned it...
  12. this too! i can count on one hand the amount of enjoyable crp interactions ive had
  13. ive also seen alot of this in the past and it frustrates me to no end, the issue with "we can just PVP" mentality is 1. we are on a ROLEPLAY server, if i wanted to play minecraft for PVP id just log into a bed wars server or a factions server. and 2. the PVP mentality i feel discourages newer RPers to grow and learn better RP, why would i try to improve my CRP skills when i can call PVP default and click my way out. maybe im just being a poor sport but its getting ridiculous
  14. in a tiny, dimly lit tavern a raven haired man sat alone hovering his hand over the flame of a candle on the bar counter feeling the flame occasionally play its tricks and dance below his palm with a grim look after learning the news. "how many more friends must i add to this menu?" he thought quietly to himself, the menu a way of remembrance for those he held in high regards
  15. thanks for the work man, i doubt it could have been easy
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