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  1. it took alot to kill you lad. rest well, youve earned it...
  2. this too! i can count on one hand the amount of enjoyable crp interactions ive had
  3. ive also seen alot of this in the past and it frustrates me to no end, the issue with "we can just PVP" mentality is 1. we are on a ROLEPLAY server, if i wanted to play minecraft for PVP id just log into a bed wars server or a factions server. and 2. the PVP mentality i feel discourages newer RPers to grow and learn better RP, why would i try to improve my CRP skills when i can call PVP default and click my way out. maybe im just being a poor sport but its getting ridiculous
  4. in a tiny, dimly lit tavern a raven haired man sat alone hovering his hand over the flame of a candle on the bar counter feeling the flame occasionally play its tricks and dance below his palm with a grim look after learning the news. "how many more friends must i add to this menu?" he thought quietly to himself, the menu a way of remembrance for those he held in high regards
  5. thanks for the work man, i doubt it could have been easy
  6. ok specifically what swear words are being banned.
  7. question; do you prefer cactus green, or krugcrack?
  8. Carrion Black: 2 Mina Barclay Reserve: 2 Mina Grand Axe maple mead: 3 Mina Caelian Wine: 3 Mina O'Riley lemonade: 1 Mina "Via weiss colborn" shot: 4 Mina "Brendell colborn" shot: 4 mina -------------Specialty Drinks------------ these are drinks that are decades old, some even centuries old, not for everyone, but if you can afford it, why not am i right? Grand Axe whiskey from the first year of the second age: 35 Mina Grand Axe Ale from the third year of the second age: 30 Mina Grand Axe Mead from the seventh year of the second age: 20 Mina Minitzer brews: 5 Mina each Hirano 15: 25 Mina -----------Meals----------------- Pretzel crust pizza: 4 mina
  9. * A Missive would be posted around Aevos in random places* Starting today, the twentieth of the grand harvest! 142 years of the second age! the crossed rose tavern opens its doors to the good people of Vortice and weary travelers alike, with fine drinks and a cozy atmosphere we welcome all in seek of a good beverage and a hot meal! -regards, John O'Riley
  10. "i will help deal with the menace of thes foul water rats. nobody injures my nieces and lives to gloat!" (please note iduna and nikoletta arent blood related to john iduna just calls him uncle)
  11. "and thus the match has been struck." the sailor thought "lets see how long the fuze lasts"
  12. question! what do i do with the junk?
  13. johnnydeathx66 john o'riley #81271
  14. thank you mod team, im truly sorry the fiasco today happened but i think i can safely say many of us are tired of the system being exploited. thank you for hearing and abiding the outcry of the masses
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