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  1. IGN (MC Username): Mamimiux Discord: Mamimiux#2323 Likes: Skins, cute art, in-game items Dislikes: Nothing really. Grateful for any gift! Are you willing to spend USD on a gift or In-Game only?: Game only.
  2. She Tossed the missive into the fire. Watching the fire crumple up and burn. As she swirled her glass.
  3. "Thats why we don't climb trees.."
  4. Wenqian stared at the pamphlet.... "I did NOT play. SLANDER."
  5. Sat at a desk, Weqian read over the declaration. Nodding along. Without haste she wrote to the Duhu.. "Dearest, Duhu. I am writing this to inform you, that you have my support in your campaign for Chancellor. Former-Chancellor Hirano-Furen has left her successor a legacy to live up to. I am sure with your skill, which you have already displayed, you will made a phenomenal Chancellor. Signed, Wenqian."
  6. OOC Information: MC Username: Mamimiux Discord Tag: Queen of Weird#2323 Magics Currently Studying : N/A Magics Currently Teaching (If so how many students, if any, for each?);: N/A IC Information: Your Name: Pelleas Your Race: Mali'ker Your Age: 52 Nation of Residence: Stygian Hallow Reason you wish to to join the circle: They Wish to learn the ways of magic. After having traveled to many libraries studying the magics of the world, their interest only grew. After her studies she bumped into a Mage in Haulen'or. Who informed her of a Mage School, and she became dead set on joining.
  7. my dead corpse cackled in its burial site.
  8. The first ever convention is to be held this Saturday. I am terribly sorry for the delay in events. Getting back into school and having to get settled was tough. But now that it is October. I am finally excited to be able to bring my dream and so many others to life. The Event will be held in Yong-Ping. For those interested in coming to the event, we ask you bring food, drink, art or any other items that represent your respected culture. This event is about peace and togetherness. So with that being said. This upcoming Saturday, October 9th, at 3PM EST - 4PM EST will be the first ever Woman's Convention of Almaris! Held in the Chen Casino on the pier of Yong-Ping. (For all interested in attending let me know, so we can have an idea of how many seats and how much food will be needed) Remember to Join the Discord for further updates and any changes that may occur https://discord.gg/fhA5dHJS
  9. The woman sat there, a porcelain glass resting in her left hand, and in her right a fan. Snapping it shut, she remarked. "My mother in-law was a grammatical maniac, she'd be proud."
  10. MC Name: Mamimiux Discord: Queen of Weird#2323 What is your profession RP of choice?: Religious RP Have you read and understood this lore?: Yes Do you hate the Palebeast?: I hate them.
  11. Grabbed her candle. Lighting the paper ablaze "White, the color of death. I foresee death to come."
  12. Chen Wenqian Was clearly annoyed at the fact this marriage was not due to her pristine skills in matchmaking and romance. Nevertheless; she was proud of Wenping. He was clearly the favorite, due to the fact of her other grandchildren's failed romances. "I shall prepare the rings. They'd never dare, not let me prepare the rings."
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