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  1. MC-Name: Mamimiux RP-Name: Hiliea Amethil Persona-ID: 69553
  2. Hileia nodded in approval at her fathers latest venture. She was infact already sipping a prototype wine.
  3. The Aged Vanir Woman sat on the side of her bed, a single tear falling down the wrinkled cheek. She had outlived Eleanora, Petra, and now her beloved cousin, Emma. Margot couldn’t help but wonder when it would be her turn when her candle would blow out, and she’d fly to the heavens amongst her family. She had stood aside Emma and watched her children grow into strong, and capable Princes and Princess… Now realizing that almost everyone she ever knew, had passed. It filled the little old lady with sadness, a great sadness that would haunt her for the rest of her days.
  4. A Goats Jubilee A depiction of the Sedan citizenry frolicking amongst one another, c. 1887 To the loyal subjects of the Principality of Sedan, aforementioned, it has been announced that the Crown Prince and Her Imperial Highness have welcomed a pair of two, healthy goat Princess’- Princess Marcella, and Princess Matilda. As a result of their births, the Royal Courts of Sedan have deemed it befitting to jubilantly invite its citizenry to engage in a royal jubilee in celebration of the twin’s livelihood. TIMETABLE: A Ram’s Ball Attendees will be welcomed into the keep’s ballroom to dance, sip and feast on the finest of delicacies and converse amongst one another. Present Bestowing To celebrate and mark the memorable births of the pair, guests will have the opportunity to present the little princess’ with gifts of all sorts. Special Invitations are extended to the following below: The King of Haense and his royal pedigree. @gmro The Countess of Otistadt and her noble pedigree. @copowl The Grand Duke of Balian and his imperial pedigree. @ave The Count of Tesmech and his noble pedigree. @bickando The Count of Minitz and his noble pedigree. @goodguymatt The Margrave of Grodno and noble pedigree. @olox Signed, His Highness, Prince Joseph Alexander de Joannes, Crown Prince of Sedan and Baron of Ponce Her Imperial Highness, Augustina Theorosia de Joannes, Princess of Balian and Sedan, Baroness of Ponce
  5. The Sedanite Princess smiled at the missive, tapping her fingers along the arm of her chair "Oh how Grand."
  6. The Elfess quietly wept on the floor in the park of Elysium. She had lost so much to her own foolishness. She regretted how she and her old friend left their relationship, tattered and withered. The Mali understand what Alec wanted for her, the only think he did in his years of life; for her to become a better her. "I will be better Alec. For you. Protect the heavens from evil now." She pulled herself up from the ground, walking away. Only remembering the joyful memories she had with Alec.
  7. Its Creative, its amazing, most of all ITS BUB'HOZH. +1
  8. Lai'lani Stared at the Missive, pondering over her kin against her other kin. "I just want peace."
  9. The Teeny Princess of Sedan stared at the missive. "I can't read.." Pulling the paper down from the kitchen table. Folding the paper over and over, before cutting wholes. Unveiling a snowflake. "Yay!"
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