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  1. Coming from someone who has quite a few mental illnesses, I thought I'd reply to this topic with my standpoint. IRL, I suffer from depression, ADHD and panic disorder, all of which have been diagnosed. Now, with LOTC being as chaotic as it is, I strongly believe that there should be some form of mental illness implemented in roleplay. When your character is faced with stressful situations, whether it be the death of a friend or being attacked by another, you can't expect your character to be completely "fine." Of course, there may be some characters that are completely devoid of emotion, but that occurrence is rare. Each of the core races on LOTC have emotions and it's our job as roleplayers to express those emotions as we rp. Scientifically speaking, stress builds up overtime. As our cortisol levels rise, it can have negative impacts on our brains and development. For example, if your character is faced with numerous stressful situations, they might end up developing some sort of anxiety, or even depression, etc. Lastly, I believe that, before you get into mental illness rp, you should be well informed and educated on the mental illness you are planning to roleplay. I know I'm practically rewording what others have said in the replies before mine, but I'm restating what they've said because I truly agree. By being educated, you can easily avoid roleplaying out anything that may come across as offensive to those who suffer with mental illnesses IRL. In my opinion, if you are planning on roleplaying out a mental illness with the goal of gaining attention from doing so, don't bother roleplaying a mental illness at all. IRL, mental illnesses are things we cannot control, and although I do not speak for everyone who has one, I'm sure we all wish we didn't have any in the first place. Just think about that before trying to seek out attention through this type of rp.
  2. Majidah Al-Hattan would lift up the sheet of paper handed to her, bringing it closer to her face as she read. Nodding in agreement with what was stated, she'd swiftly fold up the paper as she rushed off to find her husband, Azzam.
  3. 『 The Union of the Glorious Lion 』 As the radiant desert sun glistens over the Oasis waters, preparations are being made for a wondrous celebration. The union of the Na’ib al-Emir, Azzam bin Hakim Al-Hattan, and his fiancé, Majidah Vanwa is fast approaching, with much enthusiasm. All are invited to celebrate the union of the Azzam bin Hakim Al-Hattan, and Majidah Vanwa. The ceremony will take place on The Sun’s Smile of the year SA 35. The ceremony will commence after the sun has set. A traditional Badawi reception will take place after the ceremony, including a glorious feast, presentation of gifts, and continued celebration. There are whispers of the warriors performing a traditional Dabke to commemorate the celebration. [OOC: The wedding will take place Sunday, August 1, at 5:30 PM EST]
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    Annabelle Avishta: Annabelle Avishta was born alongside Dunshire, residing with her younger sibling Rin. Their parents abandoned them entirely, leaving Dunshire as a whole, only for the two girls to live on their own. One day, while Annabelle was running around the forest with her sister, Rin was attacked by an Orc while Annabelle fled the scene. Only minutes later did she come back to find that her sister's forearms were completely ripped from her body, as she quickly brought her to safety. Her sister had lost both her arms, but was eventually able to function again. She resorted to using her feet for almost all tasks, such as painting, eating, fishing, and hunting. Since Annabelle didn't have to do much for Rin any longer, the two grew to be very happily. Annabelle learned how to cook, along with painting. She became very talented at both of those tasks. Since Rin was not longer able to hunt, Annabelle would have to hunt to fend for the both of them.
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