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  1. Galys Kaeronin raises a hand to scratch the side of his head while the other held the missive, he'd furrow his brows in some confusion, putting it down he'd grab his weapon and go on his usual patrol, not sure if he were to feel insulted or disregard it.
  2. Vuron'Lur reads over the missive with surprise on his face, but then he'd let out a hum "Wub if mi klomp dem both....At da zame time!"
  3. MC-Name: Thannyon RP-Name: Grayson Starling Persona-ID: 74032
  4. *The note hangs from noticeboards all around the lands of the Horde My name is Vuron, and I was born in the outskirts of the honorbound lands of my people, only a few months did I arrive in the Capital of San Briu with the purpose and ambition to achieve glory and to bring more worth to my name than the sands I walked upon, to be among the orcs whose names are held in high regards and honors. For too long the Krughai stood idle and the blades became dull. For these reasons, I put my claim for Targoth, and I swear not only to myself but to the people of the Horde that every orc who follows me in battle as their Targoth, their name will be told for generations in tales of honor and bloodshed and that I shall not bring dishonor to our nation, I will strive to make our military be both respected and feared across the realm, the Title will be mine. Signed,
  5. Vuron brings the missive to his home in the orcish capital, sitting at his desk as he reads it, a grin forming on the orc's visage. He throws the missive away after reading it and begins writing one of his own!
  6. CHARACTER NAME: Lakeidas'Raguk IGN: Thannyon AGE: 33 WHERE ARE YOU FROM?: Iron Horde DISCORD: Thannon#5848
  7. Lakeidas'Raguk sat by a shrine in the Raguk clan hall after he red the missive "Forgive mi ancenztorz, doezn't zeem da Ragukz hav a vote....for now..."
  8. Targoth Klomp - An Unusual Conclusion [!] Missives are pinned onto notice boards all across The Lands of the Horde! In the Fighting Pit at San Velku, stood the two challengers for the position of Targoth, the one who leads the military of the Iron Horde, Lakeidas’Raguk, and the daughter of the Rex, Kuvirr. After the two put their claim, the time came that they fought the current Targoth, AR-GARROK, son of the Rex to prove that they are worthy to be the next one, culminating in the triumph of both challengers. As the Third Duel was about to take place, Rex, Ar-Borok Akaal, acknowledging the great merits of both Uruks, descended from the gallery, bestowing upon them a choice to make: Either both ascend to command the Krug-hai as Dual Targothes - Left & Right Fists of the Rex and the Horde at large; OR The Duel ensues, only concluding once a single orc remains standing. After some consideration and further suggestions, a consensus was had, and a conclusion made: Lakeidas’Raguk, taking note of the promise of Kuvirr as leader, and her selfless intent to raise the Krug-hai into a great army for the greater benefit of the Uzg, Orc-kind and all Spiritualists, opted to withdraw from the challenge, recognizing the urukêss’s merit. Thus it’s decided the following shall happen: Lakeidas’Raguk shall rise as the new acting Targoth until the young Kuvirr is of age to take her mantle. Once Kuvirr rises as Targoth, Lakeidas shall step down to become one of the Krughai’s upcoming Warbosses. Signed, Acting Targoth & Wargoth of Clan Raguk SIGNED, Prodigious Rexborn Daughter of Ar-Borok’Akaal SIGNED, Destroyer of Elysium. Champion of Ogrol, Chosen of the Ilzgûlz, the Brown, the Burned, the Mad.
  9. CHALLENGING THE TARGOTH *Notices are posted in the lands of the orcs* I noticed a stop to our training of the Krughai, and to that, I, Lakeidas’Raguk, Wargoth of my clan challenge you, AR-GARROK for the position of Targoth to a HUR’MAUK, a standard duel but should you just give me the title, no duel will be needed. Should the duel happen though, it will be so at a time that suits both of us. All orcs are warriors and defenders of their home and the nation's honor, if I am to be Targoth, I swear by my honor to do my best in leading the Krughai so that we remain strong in the eyes of the spirits and in the eyes of whoever dares to wrong the Iron Horde, be it darkspawn or mortal. Signed, Lakeidas’Raguk, Wargoth of the Raguks
  10. A CLAIM FOR WARGOTH *Notices are posted around the orcish lands* With the death of Wargoth SKULLCRUSHA’RAGUK, it is my turn to lead the Raguks and honor my predecessor and the ones who came before him. And by Leyd, Gazigash, and Gentharuz I swear to do so, to ensure that the clan makes the Horde proud and doesn’t leave the honorous path. All who have a problem with that, have two Kaktus days to say so. Signed, Lakeidas’Raguk
  11. Do not put your trust in stairs, they are always up to something
  12. [Art by https://ro.pinterest.com/pin/577023770977882476/ ] *Notices of this tournament are pinned on noticeboards and at crossroads throughout the realm.* In the orcish lands of the Iron Horde, in the city of San'Velku a tournament shall be held on the First Seed of the year 107 of the Second age. The prizes are a bag of 200 minas and a commission from the smith Kor'Garr. All who respect the customs and laws of the Horde are welcome to take part or to spectate the clash of steel in the arena, Lakeidas'Raguk is the host of the tournament. Rules: The killing of the opponent is not allowed. All manners of weapons except ranged types are allowed. Sign-ups shall be done on the day of the tournament in San'Velku. Participants can either bring their own weapons and armor or acquire them in the market.
  13. The Lord Commander bowed to her Highness and moved to with the new task!
  14. Ellathor Vanari received the missive, withdrawing back in his home to read this. Upon finishing reading it, in his chair, the Vanari raised his index finger to his forehead, many thoughts waved in his mind, ideas too, but one was above all that made him think it out loud. "I wonder if that silvery delegation ever talked with you, Rex."
  15. Ellathor looks curiously at the bottle given to him by a courtier, wandering outloud "Does it have apple in it?"
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