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  1. Konstantin sighs from the Seven Skies.
  2. A Transferring of Power Today I write to the people of Haense to declare my formal resignation as Duke of Vidaus. My role in the church requires my full attention, while my family name remains stagnant under my arm. It is not right when a fitting heir needs a time to be tested and molded, such as my son. Therefor the title is to be passed onto my heir, Viktor Sigismund var Ruthern, my eldest male child. May he bring the family to new heights, both in war and peace, and work endlessly for GOD and Orenia. Blessed be his Grace, Viktor Sigismund var Ruthern, and blessed be our glorious Empire. Signed, His Grace, Konstantin Demetrius Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus, Count of Metterden, Baron of Rostig
  3. Name: Konstantin var Ruthern Race: Highlander Gender: Male Former Affiliations: Haense Former Titles: Duke Sect wishing to join: Inquisitor ((OOC)) MC Name: FusterCluck_ Discord: Security#0389 Timezone: PST
  4. “Deus Vult!” Shouts Ser Konstantin, clapping for the new Pontiff.
  5. Konstantin reads through the document, giving an approving nod.
  6. Tauriel Visaj squints at the missive, sighing before continuing on his journey.
  7. Full Name: Konstantin Ailred var Ruthern Age: 24 City of Residency: Reza Occupation: Politik Would you be interested in becoming a Blue Beret?: No
  8. Konstantin gives a thumbs up.
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