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  1. Security_

    One last saga [PK]

    Ihsahn sits in his ditch, hearing of the man’s passing, “May your soul be put to rest, old comrade.”
  2. Security_

    Torky's FM App

    0/10 worst druid +1
  3. ludwig’s totally dead bones rattle
  4. Security_

    The Declaration of The Kadarsi Caliphate

    "Allah weeps tears of joy this day," says a man, smiling for his Kadarsi friends.
  5. @Xarkly Hey can I get an event where I tame like, 3 dragons and get contract magic back thanks ❤️ xddd

  6. In these troubling times, please remember the hardships Kincaid fell through when GMs unlawfully banned the innocent man.

  7. gamers rise up, hurfer has been banned for the GMs' excess ugliness! #freehurf he dindu nuffin

  8. Security_

    Lord of the Craft DLC Teaser

    where do i preorder
  9. Security_

    Elections of 1679

    Ser Oryx begins sharpening his stab stick, "If the people won't vote for my great ideas willingly, I will have to show them my tax plan by force."
  10. Security_

    Ideas for a character

    A gay priest
  11. Security_

    Melee of 1678

    I - What is your name? Ser Oryx ov Haense II - What is your age? A lot III - What is your race? Very much human IV - Do you profess to the Creator and the Prophets, and renounce the powers of Iblees and the demonic consorts? Yeah sure V - Do you profess the Empire as the one true homeland of humanity? Ave Empire of Man
  12. Security_

    Nominations for the Municipal Election, 1678

    A rather menacing knight reviews the proclamation, “I, Ser Oryx of Haense, nominate myself for the position of Maer. All those who vote for me get a free hug, and all who don’t get broken kneecaps.”
  13. Security_

    Emergency necro rewrite wee woo wee woo

    Big mcthankies, and they infact do not require feeding since I never saw anyone, other than ghouls, actually RP draining/feeding on things.
  14. "Ave Oren" a man shouts.