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  1. Barog sheds a tear for the Golden Statue that looked a lot like his favorite Rex. Preparing his klompin’ gear, the olog was ready to bring honor to the legend’s name.
  2. IGN: _SecurityCharacter name: TobiasWhich game(s) are you signing up for: (There is no limit!) Agility, Strength, Precision
  3. Brown Winterfell | 5$ these are epic :*
  4. Goliath Irsei sat in the northern wastes, reading the injured Ironwood’s recounts. A grim frown accompanied the dim light that flickered above the page, before a tear fell from his cheek. “In my time I have sought to bring greater peace, yet I have failed.” There he began to write upon parchment, as a twinge of guilt spurred him on.
  5. Cvetko Malinov prays for the Haeseni legend, lighting a stick of incense in silent reverence.
  6. A weary man with one eye departed from a Haeseni slum, several rucksacks stained crimson slung over his craned back that brought heavy treads into the mud below. The fires that once bellowed from the pyre, and now from the palace seemed to blot out parts of the sun, the snow at his boots clung heavy with soot and ash. Wretched coughs muffled from his lips, the biting air clung to his lungs once near the center of the city. A nation the man had once grew up with, now set into such internal turmoil wrought only by its leaders, his very visage a mimicry which brought him rage- "Such hubris from s
  7. Reading through the journal, an elder’s gray eyes flicker over the text in clear dismay. Laying lazily upon a tortoise, he lowered the writing for the shelled ancient to see, “Trying times it seems, though the people will always aim for righteousness.” Rolling the entry into a roll the man whistled as the scroll was pocketed, the duo now heading northwards into the Rimveld.
  8. Okay but, this isn’t puddle lore? 0/10 :)
  9. Sa’vi uwu haha like does anyone else’s cat keep giving them those **** me eyes?? Haha Jkjk :))

    1. Nug


      what eyes......... yikes

    2. Security_


      16 minutes ago, Nug said:

      what eyes......... yikes

      sa’vi, have you considered joining my kha’pantera clan? I see you have a furry pfp, hmu anytime ;)

  10. This is less fleshed out than the full rewrite posted a year ago for this magic. It also makes little sense to have metal armor act as faraday cages when someone isn’t just grounded since they’re wearing armor. Other than that this rewrite feels rushed, if we want lightning evo it’s gonna need to be better than this.
  11. A fair haired elf reads from the parchment, flicking it away in an arrogant flaunt, “The tree orcs are infighting once again, no surprise there.”
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