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  1. Cvetko begins drawing plans of a goblin juicery.
  2. The Family Wick A history by Randall Wick Pontiff Everard V, Thomas Wick Preamble The Wicks have been a long honored family within the Haeseni community with a recent revival. A gentry long forgotten, the Wicks have been the keepers of libraries, court magi, and knights of the realm. Their names have been sustained even after the loss of their land, Liefgaard, sometime before the Riga War. Therein their land was used for garrison and was later never restored creating a grudge long held by the family. Known for their quirks, they often practice age old traditions and holidays, many of which honor the dead Wicks throughout the millenium. Wicks Celebrating A Traditional Wicksgiving History In traditional Wickstory, the first Wick was one of the thousand within Horen’s army. Known as ‘Vic’, he was remembered for his wit and cunning, with the man fighting in several battles against the army of ork that faced Man. He wed a woman and fathered a single child, one that he named ‘VVIC’. It wouldn’t be till many years later that the first Wick settled in the Kingdom of Haense, just as the Barbanovs were named Koeng. The Wicks proved to be loyal vassals, serving as bannermen under the Duke Sergei Kovachev, later gaining land as reward for their tenacity in the Coalition War. The family was sustained thereafter,never truly growing until the start of the Otto Monarchy. Notably they defended Haense throughout the Czena Troubles, where Renatian aggression reached its peak. At this time during the reign of Koeng Otto III, the Wicks also sustained a highly prestigious college in Haense, crafting a generation of ethical magi and scholars. The Wicks were seen quite often in Old Reza, living in what became known as the ‘Wic-de-sac’. Currently, the Grand Wick is Ser Siegmund Wick, son of Willhelm Wick. Notable Wicks Ser Selrik Wick, Knighted under Koeng Andrik IV, known for his unorthodox manner of teaching. His magical skills were highly valued and served of great use to the Kingdom during his lifetime. Selrik served the house as Grand Wick for many, many years before his eventual step down for Siegmund Wick. Selrik served as the Arch Mage at the Haeseni College of Magic, and also served as the Commanding Officer for Bad Company during the Wars of Renatian Aggression. His battle honors are too long to list in a single document. Ser Jan Wick, ‘The Handsome’ Little is known about Ser Jan, except for his overwhelmingly beautiful face. A reported ladies man, he sired no children. His Knighthood was granted under Koeng Stefan I, reportedly for specific services regarding the Koeng’s well being. He assisted in quelling the Haeseni Ale Riots. Ser Coltaine Wick, ‘The Old’ Due to loss of information, not much is known or notable of Coltaine Wick. Ser Siegmund Wick, ‘The Shepherd’ Siegmund is the son of Willhelm Wick, a man who was dishonored and found guilty of conspiracy of murder. Differing from his father, Siegmund gained knighthood at a young age, being named, “The Shepherd of the Order of the Golden Hussars.” He currently serves under Koeng Andrik IV, taking time between family and state orders. Thomas Wick Born a preacher, Thomas Wick started off as a priest in Old Reza. Known for his kindness and God-lightened warmth, he quickly rose through the clergy. It wouldn’t be long until he was unanimously voted into the Holy See, taking the pontifical name, ‘Everard V’. At that time, the War of Two Emperors had just sweeped Atlas, and with the Holy See situated in Haense, Everard was flung into a chaotic pot. Noting the Pertinaxi war crimes and inhumanity during the Czena War, and even at the time, Everard saw the moral choice to be with Haense. After being blinded by a would-be assassin, it wouldn’t be a day before he crowned Emperor Joseph I. In aide to his family and from his knowledge gained with the church, he was able to translate the Wick Scrolls from flexio to common as to allow for future Grand Wicks to no longer have to read flexio. Ser Bottle, ‘The Boar’ Gaining his title from getting wounded by a boar, the young man was a bright burning wick flame. Brother to Willhelm Wick, the two were known to have a bad relationship when younger. Paired with the odd maniacs of their uncle Ludwig and aged Selrik, Bottle quickly made a life of his own as he married an auvergnian gypsy, and not long after he would gain his title. Not much is documented of his life after that, wherein he lived out the days with his wife quietly. Ludwig van Wick Known mainly for his minor outbursts during court, Ludwig van Wick was a zealous and proud Haeseni. Starting off as a member of the King’s Guard during the reign of Koeng Otto III he worked as a footsoldier, though quickly became interested in the arcane. Remaining in the guard along with both his father and uncle, the three made up the ‘Bad Company’, also known as the Magi Division. Thereafter he would go on to fight two drakes, and later create the Haeseni Ministry of Magic, a division under the crown that was used to police magic throughout Haense. Before the Ministry, Ascended had started living in Haense, bringing in their idolatry and odd practices. Ludwig and his father, Selrik, became known for their driving of ascended out of Haense, and their restoration of Haeseni independence and pride.
  3. if you make a book im god damn reading it, I know you’ll do great out there
  4. A Transferring of Power Today I write to the people of Haense to declare my formal resignation as Duke of Vidaus. My role in the church requires my full attention, while my family name remains stagnant under my arm. It is not right when a fitting heir needs a time to be tested and molded, such as my son. Therefor the title is to be passed onto my heir, Viktor Sigismund var Ruthern, my eldest male child. May he bring the family to new heights, both in war and peace, and work endlessly for GOD and Orenia. Blessed be his Grace, Viktor Sigismund var Ruthern, and blessed be our glorious Empire. Signed, His Grace, Konstantin Demetrius Ruthern, Duke of Vidaus, Count of Metterden, Baron of Rostig
  5. Name: Konstantin var Ruthern Race: Highlander Gender: Male Former Affiliations: Haense Former Titles: Duke Sect wishing to join: Inquisitor ((OOC)) MC Name: FusterCluck_ Discord: Security#0389 Timezone: PST
  6. “Deus Vult!” Shouts Ser Konstantin, clapping for the new Pontiff.
  7. Konstantin reads through the document, giving an approving nod.
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