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  1. “Fake elven news,” grumbles a lowly wick, tossing the missive into another mountain of waterlogged papers.
  2. An old Wick removes the missive from his favorite gutterpipe, scratching his head curiously as he read. Giving a small shrug, the hag went to his second quarters, etching the familiar symbol high up a stone wall before slathering it red with dried blood.
  3. IGN: _Security Price: .0033333333333333333333 Bitcoin Discord: Grayvy#0001 Character: Ludwig Any specific details you wish providing?: Make it, like cool
  4. Security_


    Arminius Wick makes his way back to Farrador upon reading the missive, “As they have chosen Fiend over God, such a fiend they will revel with in eternity.”
  5. MC Name (IGN): AlmostSecurity Personas (Character) Name: Arminius Wick Discord: Security#0389 Timezone: PST Persona’s Race: Highlander Persona’s Age: 18 Any particular skills: Nah Affiliations and Allegiances: Haenser
  6. An old Wick reads through the memoriam, quickly shoving it into his growing mountain of papers. “Damn youths don’t even know about the Czena wars!”
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