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  1. Security_

    - Blackwood Legion (Mercenary company) -

    Vladimir Malinov rolls over in his grave, preparing a copyright strike and a cease and desist.
  2. Security_

    Eighth Golden Bull of Rhodesia

    Father Olzrenth Oilrag nods his head in approval before cleaning a wash basin.
  3. Edwin Estermont flips a coin between his fingers, thinking of the potential profits from war.
  4. Security_

    Estermont Wick Trade Deal

    The Estermont Wick Trade Agreement For better passage through Haense and its lands, and for greater cooperation in both trading and bartering, I, Edwin Estermont, see fit to create a trade deal with the former barony house of Wick. House Wick will provide market stables where Estermont goods will be sold. Transportation through the uninhabitable, frozen wastes that lay near Haense will be lessened with this joint operation, with a use of both ships and carts able to deliver goods on regular to Markev. They will also have a share in all goods sold by Estermont Trading Co., as well as business decisions in the company. An addition to this will be the trading and marketing of Wick goods throughout various parts of the Empire, and in the future Atlas. This contract seals the two houses only to join cooperation in Haense, and has no other points of argue that can be made. Signed, Edwin Estermont Continuum In an effort to end the long standing stigma associated with my family, I have decided it was within the best interests of the State and of the future of the Wicks to sign onto this agreement. The days of the undead sprawling through our ranks are gone, and those sinners that dared to soil the good name of the Wicks from within our ranks have been either removed or been sentenced to death. As such, we are now more properly able to retain the assets of the corporation that was set up by our predecessors, and utilize our monopoly on the production of certain goods in an effort to supply the Empire. Let it be known that the Wicks are GOD loving, and GOD fearing men and women who will stand up to tackle the needs of the people head on. Signed, Matthias Wick
  5. Security_

    A Priests Report - Demons of Arberrang

    Ihsahn chuckles lightly upon viewing the report, grinning wickedly before crawling back into his ditch.
  6. Security_

    Farewell lotc my goodbye

    stay safe out there, gonna miss ya
  7. Minecraft Account Name(s) _Security Discord Security#0389 How long have you played on LoTC? Late Athera, so like, 4ish years. Timezone and Availability PST, Thursdays to Sundays generally. What lore are you versed in most? Necromancy, Mysticism, Naz'Therak, Arcane, Shamanism, Golems, Dreadknights, Beasts, and some racial lore of humans and orcs. Give a summary of any staff positions you have held on LoTC I was a GM for a month. Have you ever written lore for LoTC? Indeed I have, I wrote a necro rewrite that was half assed and rushed, yet I think it did curb some of the ‘issues’ that the LT had with former necro RW’s, (soulshadows, lichdom, removing ghouls, etc.) I’m not proud of it, as it is fairly **** in both formatting and clarity. Have you ever received a blacklist or ban? Nope. Who do you not get along with on the Lore Team? all of them
  8. Security_


  9. Thesis on the Importance of Souls Recently, I have done some walking through the streets of our blessed Empire. Something quite troubling became apparent to me as I stepped through the gates of our capital, Carolustadt, as I stomped through the snow in Markev, and talked with the locals amongst Belvitz. Amongst the great herds of common folk, guided as one in God’s flock, lies a goat. This goat wishes to undermine He who guides humans to achieve their divine goal of utmost morality and eternal rest. These idolaters include, but are not limited to; paladins, clerics, azdrazi, and ascended. These dissenters wish to grow their cults by accumulating those who would not know better, righteous canonist men and women both entrapped by these Aenguldaemon snares. The holy scrolls themselves condemn these efforts. The Lord is the Lord GOD without peer, but ye Sons of Godwin givest Him a vulgar and worldly name, and ascribe Him many partners. And this is a sin of tremendous quality, for none but the Lord reside in the Highest Sky, and it is His throne, and His home alone. And even Horen, who spake the Virtues, falls short of GOD. (Owyn, 2,5:4) It is known that one shall not put no man, nor false god, before the Creator himself. It is not argued that these beings do not exist, but that they should be cast away. For these beings hold no domain such as God himself, none able to trump his glory, nor able to, with such righteous power, ever surmount a fraction of his almightiness. These aenguldaemons are servants of God, should one worship a servant? No, one should never hold a servant over his master, let alone worship one. So to ye Sons of Godwin I admonish: There are no partners to GOD. For he is foremost in the sky, and has no equal, no part, no manifestation. In His name, I beg thee, brother, turn away from false gods, and seek salvation in the One. (Owyn, 2,5:7) What must one do? That is the question, of the common people, and of the government that allows for such blasphemy. For those of common, turn away those who would lead you astray. Do not accept such things which will rend the soul soiled and adulterated, and will lead to your own doom. Should the creator accept a human soul who has turned their back on him, who has given his one gift from God to an idol? No, for that soul shall be given no mercy, no cushion for heathens shall rest within the court of He. For the governments of these lands, and for the safety of this empire, bar these heathens from your lands. Deny them entry at your gates, unless they wish to cease their foolish idolatry. If they refuse such, drive them out of your land, as canonist lands should never become polluted by such stench. Not only do they pollute their souls with that of a false god, some cast yet more sin with their wicked magicks. Those cowering beneath the aengul Aeriel in particular have been known to slander the world of God by tampering with the void. These fools use their magicks for their own greed, for their lust of power. They know not what they yield, and never will. But thou reservest thy gift for thine own power, and thine own gain, and even unknowingly, the gain of Iblees. But His is the eternal power, the mysterious power with no part nor piece, no mere anatomy. For who can imitate the Most Unknowable? (Owyn, 2,7:3) A warning for those who seek such power in false gods or the void. You hold no place in God’s domain, defiler. You will hold no court with He, heathen. No mercy will bestow upon you, magi. For you are one of wicked sin, an agent of evil. Do not be led astray, and may God guide you. God’s faithful servant, Olzrenth Oilrag
  10. Security_

    The Power of the Soul (Chapter Three Transition)

    it took you only a week to clean the bathtub?
  11. Security_

    [Accepted] cruzazul8's Event Team Actor application

    he smells weird, so he’ll fit right in. +1
  12. Security_

    Hansetian Census Act - 1687

    Ihsahn notices the absence of the noble, valiant, and long time veteran-filled House Wick of the Wickwood and all that is Wick.
  13. Security_

    A Grand Vision for Markev and the People

    Local ditch dweller approves this message.
  14. Security_

    Marshal's Farewell

    local Bad Company™️ vet hears of this, nodding his head “He’s served his country well.”
  15. Security_

    Therese's laments [PK Post]

    Ihsahn’s ***** head is grabbed, “Selrik’s ex-wife, Kary lover, y’know, the usual.” @The_Broken_God