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  1. "H-He.. We were together, but your haelun disowned him for it.. And then I ended it so she wouldn't kill him." "He killed himself, Veren." Everything came to a halting stop as those words left her cousin's lips, who might've even been her sister-in-law one day. Her feet refused to move, and she was unable to open her mouth as golden eyes gaped at the table ahead of her. The Asul'onn House that usually felt warm and inviting instantly grew cold and dark. Ringing assaulted Verendus' ears and a screen flew over her eyes; she was barely able to feel the arms that wrapped ar
  2. @Goon @RaiderBlue The letter arrived with various stains on it and written in horribly messy writing. Barely even legible unless you were used to reading the half-elf's handwriting. 5th of the Amber Cold Year 23 of the Second Age "Dear Papa, I hope everything is going well for you wherever the **** you are. I swear if you come back injured, I'm gonna add my own scars to ya! Things are going well here, though Veritas doesn't really have many people in it. I ran into Astrid who is letting me stay in a room in her home in Haense! I actually kin
  3. The Fox Mother sat within her seed's hall, cleaning the supplies she had used to tattoo the newest addition to the family. The dark circles under her eyes had failed to disappear, and it was in moments like these she thought about the one who had first received the golden marking. The High Priestess placed a hand on either side of the basin, dipping her head with a heavy sigh. "Be safe my son, remember what I've taught you.."
  4. The Fox waited at the foot of the new Vuln'miruel hall, golden ink and several needles in her lap. She gazed off with a slight sigh, placing her head in her hands as her eyes came to a gentle close.
  5. Accompanying Music Why. That was the only thing the little fox seemed to be able to ask herself. Why did you disappear maln. Why did you die haelun. Why do you hate me mal’onn. Slowly, with the twisting and crunching of bones and flesh, the priestess reverted to her most natural state, and made her way from tropical pines to thick forests of redwood trees. I tried my best, I really did. Was I not good enough? Did I not try hard enough? Maybe I am too immature to understand, or maybe I’m too soft to make the tough calls. M
  6. The Fox thought over the last conversation she had with her grandfather, his words echoing in her mind days after they were spoken. “Just do your duties, nothing else matters..” She muttered to herself as she continued to bake the cookies, wrapping them up with golden ribbon. “I hope he likes them..”
  7. ------------------------------------------------------------- “Well Loki, what do you think? Nice little area huh.” The ker came to a stop amongst the dense redwood trees, planting the butt of her spear in the ground with a small huff. She pulled on the handmade clothes, the sweat from her hike causing the deer hide to stick to her skin. The black wolf came up on her other side, sniffing around with a small huff of his own. With a small grin, Melinoe bent down to run her right hand through his thick fur, then giving his back a couple of hard pats. “Come now,
  8. The “Snake in Fox Hide” reads the missive with a single blink, throwing it into the fire to warm her hands. “At least I didn’t skin an ame, nor am I a war criminal...Snake in Fox Hide hm? Kinda nice sounding..”
  9. “Aspects be with you lari’onn..” The Fox Druid hummed from within her grandparents’ den, folding up the notice and placing it in her pocket as she meditated by the fire.
  10. Sorry!! I didn't even think of that. I'll fix it now!!
  11. [!] A missive would be found pinned to several trees, posts, and the sides of houses in Elvenesse. Some even delivered to people outside the nation by way of fox. The missive reads as follows: Lari’onnan, Mal’onnan, For all who were unable to attend the public meeting today, I will inform you of a revelation that was brought forth. In order to gain the short peace we had with the orcs, one of our own was skinned, fashioning a coat that was given to the orcs. The kin that was slain was a Tahorran, one who had not committed any crimes or caused much controversy to himself
  12. A proud mother gazes over the notice with a nod of her head, then continuing off with her vulpine companions.
  13. The Fox snickered at her granddaughter's words, ceasing the braiding she was doing as came to a stand. She gazed at her daughter and vulpine companion with a golden gaze, her smile wide as she murmured a quick thanks to the elderly Pip. The druid bent down to offer him a treat, then walking over to her child and wrapping her up in her arms. "My beautiful, brave snow fox...You have done well, and I am so proud of you.." The Mother of Foxes whispered before giving the tired girl a gentle squeeze. "Come my darlings, let's give you your marking.." She cooed to both Briala and Ellesul, ushering the
  14. The Fox cheered for her husband and son, a wide smile on her face.
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