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  1. The fate of the final church would plague the warlock’s mind for some time as it gazed at the insignia imbedded in it’s skin. It wondered what it’s fate would be.
  2. A daughter reads over the letter with a curling smile, wiping her eyes with a stained sleeve as puss leaked from their waterlines. “Voidal mages and druids? Feels funny to hunt both…oh well. Enemies of father are enemies of mine.” The woman called for her sweet creature of a daughter then.. @Cally
  3. “No..” Tears fell down the cheeks behind a similarly painted mask, then followed my a wild, angered scream. Her body shook in agony and rage, barely able to contain the emotion she felt at what she heard. “****…I’m so sorry, my dearest friend…I-I..I’m so sorry Elmer..” The exile then ran off to find the body. She’d be sure her friend, last of the wonks, would receive a proper burial.
  4. Deep within the leaves of an oak tree, the sound of crinkling parchment could be heard. An exile’s gaze caught on every word, some spark of hope igniting in such pale eyes but a deep frown still remained on her features. The missive was folded up and placed within a small burrow in the tree, perhaps to be revisited or perhaps to be forgotten.
  5. A vile woman smiles, waiting for her turn to make a deal
  6. IGN: Junoix CHARACTER NAME: Nesta Arianna DISCORD: Junoix#6201 This is not experimental or avant-garde but my favorite 2000s pop/r&b song is Promiscuous by Nelly Furtado Merry Christmas!!
  7. “Zift-ag’ruta. Ur-Za’Randrok, Kuul Aaa Rohn’Amol.” “Dav’Uzgha..” The woman slammed a fist to her head as the voice continued to assault her, never listening to her commands to be silent. She continued her journey on the back of her beast; blackened skin sticking to bone, yellowed teeth sticking out of unhinged jaw, and eyes burning with cerulean flame. Suddenly, the demonic direwolf came to a halt, snarling and snapping as it looked out over tainted land. The princeling looked up from her stead and over the voidal hollow, eyes narrowing at the creatures who wandered it. “Tramdalktar..” Her brows furrowed as she looked out over the landscape, her stomach churning as her beast grew restless. “E’Khanvit..” Bile rose in her throat as her vision began to cloud, those voidal creatures turning to sickening crows and flocking around her. No matter how hard she tried to swat them away, the birds continued to swarm, attacking her with sharp beaks and talons. “Dav’Huvnataer!” “Vuhd Ra’Algzoklu-za.” Those voidal crows continued to attack, now shoving themselves down her throat and peeking out her eyes. The beast cackled as it watched it’s master succumb to madness, relishing in the warlock’s screams. “Mokn’Algzok, Rohn’Gartok-Mar. Vuhd Ra’Algzoklu-za.” Images then flood her head; her son being threatened by two whose eyes glowed of voidal aura, her father crippled before the taint, her master’s death at the hands of the coalition. The birds continued to eat her alive, the voidal taint spreading through her veins. She screamed and thrashed and begged, but it wouldn’t stop, it would never stop. “Zd’Vuhd Ur-Mokn! Mokn’Rhavor Unmatar!” At suddenly, it all stopped. The crows turned to ash and fell to her feet, and the images she saw began to disappear. Her vision slowly returned, and her beast ceased it’s cackling, sulking as it’s master regained consciousness. Her body trembled as she struggled with her sanity, unable to tell if what just happened was real or not. “You’ve sat with your power for too long, Daz’rukrai. You cannot stay idle while this mockery of our greatness continues to plague this land. These mages weakened your father, and have threatened to kill your son. You know what you must do.” “I must kill them all..” The princeling gripped onto the scruff of the demon’s neck, pulling it off as the beast began to run back towards whence they came. A violent cough assaulted the woman’s lungs, followed by a maddening cackle as her eyes glazed over. “I will kill them all.” -=-=-=-=-=- [!] A message has been burned onto the wall of The Guild of Knowledge, the words looking as if they were still aflame. “Your mockery of the Five Princes has not gone unnoticed. You will pay for your arrogance and tainting of this land that is not yours to conquer. Your judgment awaits. Give up your disgraceful craft and you will be spared. Mok’mhat Unmatar.” [!] The last few words are written in strange characters that are warm to the touch. Upon looking at these characters, one’s eyes would begin to burn and head pound, discomfort spreading throughout your veins.
  8. IGN: Junoix BOTA or COTC: BOTA Category: Skinning Artwork:
  9. Nesta watched as the young child took the man's life, and then drifted to every child in that room. She trembled.
  10. The Imperial Governess began to work on her gown!
  11. [!] Cerulean eyes gazed off into the nothingness, until a shrill choir of voices from with her own mind snapped her back to reality. Wake up. The Lady blinked a couple times as she was transported back into lab, her work laid neatly before her. A hand reached to her forehead as she contemplated what she saw, the sounds of animal-like screeching beginning to echo from the room next door...
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