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  1. The letter came to The Fox has she sat within a hollowed tree; a sanctuary she fled to after the departing of Lioness. At first, she had ignored the letter, the woman not being of sound mind or body to meet or speak with anyone at the moment. However, the anxiety of it possibly being from her children gnawed at her, and with a huff she read it. Birds abruptly scattered from the leaves within the tree, foxes sprinted away with their tail between their legs. Nature cried out in agony and grief, pleading for refugee from it's killer. It was sometime before The Fox walked out of that hollowed tree, leaving nothing but ruin behind her.
  2. Hands tightened around the very mug that Lioness had held just days ago, eyes wide as she gazed into it. She was just here...She was just here! How...Why! That mug was flung across the room, shattering against the wall opposite. The animals within the burrow dispersed at the noise, and the feeling that radiated from their mother following. So much grief in such a short amount of time. How long until that grief turns into rage.
  3. "I think I know that guy!" A number of women say pertaining to a number of the creatures.
  4. ive finally unlocked status updates

  5. Sonna slowly begins to come to from within the Haense clinic, her eyes squinting against the bright lights. With her body too beat up to move, she lays in silent reflection, trying to recall how she got here in the first place.
  6. Word eventually got to the departed Nesta, her head bowed in silent prayer as she thought about her first and only friend in Oren. She sniffled softly on her journey, blurry eyes watching the road ahead.
  7. The once Imperial Governess packed her bags, looking back over her shoulder only once more at the Palace before continuing out the city's gates.
  8. Sonna cleans the same self for the 5th time as she waits for her grandfather's return, doing her best to make the Tavern spotless!
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