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  1. A fellow Obediah would read this missive as it flew past him in the wind while he tread the path between The Petra and the City-State of Hohkmat. Reading it, he stops dead in his tracks, brows furrowing into a perplexed and somber look as the contents of the letter sets him at an unease like never before. "So... That's that then." The man grumbled before he stuffed the missive away in his pocket. The very last of the Obediah line, walking the land of the living still, completely alone, once more. [!] "Indeed it is."
  2. A Watcher would be ripped of the little sleep he'd be able to get one night, a rippling sensation running down his back and an echoing sound of strained and rapid breaths of anxiety and fear. His cosmic gaze of dark blues stare into the darkness, thinking for a moment he had seen something that had been, maybe, watching him sleep. Of course, there was nothing... At least from what he could tell. A mighty colossus of stone, a statue, would be stood somewhere out in the cold lands of the north from where he had last left things off. For a moment, the sound of stone scraping against stone, rocks crunching together, would echo lightly over the mountainside he'd be stood atop. No words would be uttered, but, the Lord had sensed something - And it was not of the dark as he knew it. This was different.
  3. An Atronach made of stone comes across the missive, the white glow beyond the cracks of his earthly body flickering faintly as the information on the paper is processed. "A belief in something non-physical, compared to the Void being physical, is delusion and plain idiocy. Arrogance and ignorance, that is what your made up prophet is bestowing upon you, idiot."
  4. If CT would regain warps that don't require me to keep my soulstone unbound from places I wish to go to quicker, out of fear of getting stuck, I would consider the new CT a very good thing. I will also say that I personally wish PvP would be let go of entirely, apart from large scale warclaims. Too many people, I'm looking at you Ferrymen, do bandit rp that do not persist of actual roleplay and character development. It's more so a scheme of laziness where they wish to get cool things, and thus pop players just to get some loot. I would rather interact with a bandit that is robbing me IRP than robbing me mechanically by popping me when I could actually have a chance at fighting back or something of the likes. Those two matters are my only complain. Everything else is fine.
  5. Custom colours would be awesome for EVERYONE, not just VIPs. Consider making it a non-VIP perk, tho.
  6. One hulking mass of rock would have read the missive, too. Though, no sound came from him, it was evident he weren't happy with the news. "The moment you are found, you will know what stone does to bone." His voice of earthy and rough nature rumbles.
  7. This is just... Wow. I cannot believe that this is happening, and I strongly disagree with Halflings needing to have activity checks as it is not mandatory for them to have to be put into pressure like that. They've been around from the start and are BARELY any threat other than that they can acquire magical weapons and artefacts like anyone else. That is not to trample the Halflings, to say that they are weak folk- They are not! They are just very peaceful and enjoy life as it is, I enjoy rping with them and want to continue doing so!
  8. The Hyspian Knight would look upon the missive and nod once. "At least now it's stated." He'd grumble a little for himself.
  9. "Think this changes anything?" The Hyspian, Camilo, would grumble in a low and angry tone upon having heard of this letter's contents.
  10. Reading the missive over, Camilo can do nothing but scoff. "And to think I had you within my grasp to dispose of, and I let you walk away.."
  11. Sitting on his couch as Julietta comes to him with the invitation, the man would just roll his eyes a little. "I don't know... They just do. And you do that, I'll remain in the forge." He says simply in response.
  12. I myself as a distinguished gentleman will present a proper offer, being that you, fine individual, may giveth these crowns to I, for a great future to come. :D
  13. What is your name? Camilo Santos Where are you from? Hyspia How old are you? 17 What is your favorite thing? Forging and drawing
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