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Found 8 results

  1. February 3, 2023 was the day I posted my application for LOTC and since then I've continuously met great people and a lot of Oppurtunites to focus on freelancing! It is time for the almighty questions! I don't really know how you do this sort of stuff and was just recommended to do one. bring it on... ┬┴┬┴┤•ᴥ•ʔ├┬┴┬┴
  2. It's been a long 2 years already - I've been on this server since March 7th 2021 which was a very different time. I was really excited when my application got accepted - I'd been waiting at least 5 days and was bored out of my mind. Two years on and a lot has happened - my longest running character just PKed, and I've done a lot since. And I may or may not have forgotten/missed my 1-year anniversary last year, heheh. *pulls up minecraft stats* Hahaha - I've taken more damage than I've dealt - 11396 < 12421 Walked 678km 1,500 times quit game Time played: 51.7 days .... 4 player kills ..... versus 8 deaths. But anyway - I wouldn't dream of answering questions on this day with an ounce of insincerity, let the AMA-ing commence!
  3. Hi friends!! So today is my birthday, and since I've been on this server for awhile without ever doing any of these, I'm going to let all of you ask me whatever you want, within reason of course :) You can also ask me about any of my personas. Here's a list of all my characters for you to ask me questions about! If you know them, fantastic, if you don't, get to know them a little more! Octavia Rose Juniper Rose Rumi-Ezlyn Serafina de Astrea Zodiac Titane Katerina Colborn Ilaria Amador Liridona Amador Colette d'Abbassia Helena von Leopold Jesus Christ that was a lot... happy asking!
  4. It has been quite some time since i joined LOTC for the first time, i have mainly been part of Urguan as the Grand Marshal three times, but have made many characters and enjoyed alot of roleplay the varying nations have to offer. Ask me anything.
  5. ayo whaddup again! ask me anything. I'm not sure how much longer I'll remain in this hellscape... but then again, I said that two years ago... so, yeah... ask me anything. (I know, I posted this after the day was almost done, but I'm a busy woman...)
  6. [!] A mid-aged elf placed down her dwindling stick of charcoal after signing off the final page of yet another journal. Pruinae takes a sigh, leaning back against her chair as a few loud pops roll down her spine. She takes one more glance over the last page of such journal before folding closed the book- the leather cover heavily worn, pages used and warped to the point that shutting it with the given strings had become an impossible task. Opening the second to bottom drawer on her desk, Pruinae placed the collage of her memories atop the many others, stuffing the drawer completely. After a bit of fiddling through the cabinets, various items laid in front of the woman- a stack of homemade cloth parchment, leather, strings, and more. As with the creation of a new book marks the 208th birthday of an aging mali- unsure of the years to come. -=-Artistic Progress October 2018 to October 2021-=- ((OOC)) Can't believe I've existed on this server for 3 whole years now and had this character that whole time, but it's definitely been interesting. Going to go out and touch some grass after posting this. This is an AMA just because everyone seems to do one, so feel free to ask me something. Or don't. Although these past two months I virtually have not logged on due to fluctuating motivation and other things, I still want to help and commemorate my friends that I feel played a part in building Pruinae as a character and me out of character- for better or worse- that I will always come back for. Thank you for making my time on the server lively from the beginning till now, I will not be @ing you because that is a lot of work, you know who you are: Wonk, RC, StrongBear, Goon, Audry, Chipped Stars, Mika, Duke, Meteor, Salty Alty, Hexe, Venclair, Vitalian, Pillsbury, Minty. And although I haven't talked to some of these individuals in months or years, I felt I gained something from your role-play (and of course those I have not role-played with but still met through others on the server are also a joy) as well as dozens others not listed- apologies if I forgot/excluded you from the list. This sounds like I'm leaving the server, I'm not- if I was, which I was initially planning to, this post would be a lot longer- I just wanted something to commemorate 3 years :) Alright, questions below, RP in Veritas.
  7. Hey guys! Never done one of these before, but I figured I might as well! Feel free to literally ask absolutely anything, I will give an answer on every question even if I don't really know the answer, because since when do you need to have knowledge about something to give your opinion, amiright?! For reference, I joined LotC in september 2016, god knows why I'm still here (haha lotc bad, funnyyy), played in various communities over the years, some better than others. Ask away! Also I have a +1 to post ratio to keep positive, so gimme a +1 you stingy gamers
  8. Today marks the day that I've been on the server for two years. A lot has happened since then in the world and in my personal life. I'm an Australian 18 year old, a recent high school graduate, and a former moderator of six months on the server. Ask me anything and I will answer it within reason.
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