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  1. Username - BasilTheBunny Character Name – You know who I am, it is I, Pruinae Tathvir Proficiencies/specialities – Tavern owner, daggers, short swords, doctor, handling money and people. Whatever other stuff Pru does
  2. [!] Notices would be posted around the Federation of Sutica and the lands surrounding it Sutican Fight Night 4.0 With the opening of the Coalition of Arcane Knowledge, a variety of skilled mages have made a way into the environment of Sutica! And what better way to welcome them than testing their skill through battle? Mages or not, you are welcome to show up and participate in this year’s fight night! All we ask is that you stop the fight once the first blood is drawn or a significant blow is dealt. Please do not damage property either! If both parties are willing, however, you can continue the fight! Prizes ((CRP)) 1st 2000 mina - Gold Trophy - 15 Sutican Ikurn’Vallei 2nd 1300 mina - Silver Trophy - 10 Sutican Ikurn’Vallei 3rd 700 mina - Copper Trophy - 5 Sutican Ikurn’Vallei Prizes ((PVP)) 1st 700 mina - 10 Sutican Ikurn’Vallei 2nd 500 mina - 7 Sutican Ikurn’Vallei 3rd 300 mina - 5 Sutican Ikurn’Vallei We hope to see you there! Please sign up using the forms below! [!] A few forms were attached below each sheet. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- OOC Section The event will be Sunday the 16th 4 pm EST, Under the Sutican Tavern This is a CRP or PVP EVENT, two rings will be at the tavern to compete in respectfully. To sign up for a booth please fill out this.
  3. Pruinae Tathvir, Council Member and Bartender of Sutica
  4. [!] Notices would be posted around the Federation of Sutica and the lands surrounding it Sutican Display of the Arts Calling all musicians, dancers, or artists of any kind! Sutica will be hosting a competition for all performing arts in which you will be able to display your talents to win prizes! These will be solo competitions, however, feel free to tell your friends to come and watch or compete themselves! All mediums are open to using, as long as no one or thing is injured in the process. Just make sure it involves some art form! Next year’s Snow’s Maiden at the top of the Sutican Castle this event will occur! Use the next six months to prepare your piece to perfection! Directions will be given once you arrive. We look forward to seeing you all there! PRIZES 1st 1500 mina - Gold Trophy - A Statue in Your Name 2nd 1000 mina - Silver Trophy 3rd 500 mina - Bronze Trophy ((OOC INFORMATION)) Wednesday, July 1st 6 PM EST For musicians, links are allowed but you’re guaranteed loss if you send the link and do no further up emotes. Be good bards people. Yuumei In This Moment
  5. The Inaugural Battle of Sutica vs. Brandybrook (Shogging War) To make clarification upon the war the late leader, Blair Fester, declared on Brandybrook- it is that of a shogging competition and honor- not of hostility. That being said, Suticans are the obvious winners in this sense. The date is set, in two years’ time on the 15th day of the Sun’s Smile the fight will commence and we will see who indeed is the better shogger. The competitions will occur in Brandybrook. Please contact Pruinae Tathvir or other members of the Sutican Event Committee or government, such as Audry for a place in the competition. --OOC Information-- Sunday the 21st at 3 pm EST Will happen at the Brandybrook docks
  6. [!] Notices would be posted around the Federation of Sutica and the lands surrounding it Sutican Carnival of Love Though it may sound cheesy, love is something we all could use a bit more of. Therefore, we on the event committee are excited to announce our Sutican Festival of Love! No matter who you are, we can all celebrate our caring for others, whether it be through romantic, platonic, or family bonds. We’ll have a range of activities at the event as well as love-themed foods and items! Come hang out, have fun, and maybe meet someone new. The Events (In Order of Occurrence) Random Friendships Who’s the closest contest (How well you know each other) Dancing Lessons Decorate the flower pot Relay Races Speed Dating Spin the Bottle (Kisses or Hugs) All rules will be explained at the festival We hope to see you there! You can also sign up for a booth with the forms below. [!] A few forms were attached below each sheet. -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=- OOC Section The event will be Sunday the 24th 4 pm EST, 1 pm PST, 10 pm BST To sign up for a booth please fill out this.
  7. MC Name: BasilTheBunny Character Name: Pruinae Tathvir Title: Sheet Music Topic: Sheet Music
  8. [!] Notices would be posted around the Federation of Sutica and the lands surrounding it The Grand Sutican Under-Tavern Tournament The Sutican event team is proud to announce our first-ever Grand Sutican Under-Tavern tournament. We are happy to invite all of the greatest warriors in and around Sutica as well as in all nations within Arcas! This tournament will be held in the Sutican fighting pit beneath the Sutican tavern one elven week from the posting of this notice. The registration will close 3 elven hours before the start of the tournament and brackets will be released 1 elven hour before the start. Late sign-ups will cost mina. We’re happy to say our very own guard captain, Domonic Elmoran, will be announcer during the event! Rules All weaponry and armor will be allowed as long as it doesn’t affect the audience, however, magic won’t be allowed at all. (Up to change if it’s highly requested) You may not surpass the given time limit which will be released on the day of. Killing your opposing fighter shall not be tolerated. Please keep it to the first to draw blood. Any sign of rule-breaking will get you immediately disqualified. Use common sense. Prizes (Prizes may increase later depending on participation) 1st Place: 2,000 mina A reasonable request from the Triumvirate Gold Trophy courtesy of Aerilith Oakenarrow 15 Aviator Gin courtesy of Squish Co. 2nd Place: 1,300 mina Silver Trophy courtesy of Aerilith Oakenarrow 10 Aviator Gin courtesy of Squish Co. 3rd Place: 700 mina Copper Trophy courtesy of Aerilith Oakenarrow 5 Aviator Gin courtesy of Squish Co. OOC Section: The event will currently be PVP for the first portion, and if wanted, there shall be a CRP second part. The tournament will be held on Monday the 4th of May at 5 pm EST (2 pm PST, 9 pm GMT) PLEASE SIGN UP USING THIS LINK
  9. Pruinae Tathvir starts sewing her dress like a maniac.
  10. BasilTheBunny


    Pruinae Aeternum is a snow elf, her first name comes from the Latin translation of frost, her last is from the Latin translation of forever. She has bright purple eyes and poofy silver hair and is 52 years old. Freckles pattern her pale skin on most of her face and shoulders, although this doesn't fit some people's description of "perfection" like how snow elves are supposed to be. She is 145 lbs and likes to take runs in the early morning to contain a good percentage of muscle. She is around 5' 9", and unlike her fellow snow elves who like shorter sleeves she likes exposed shoulders and long sleeves due to the fact her fingers get cold but her shoulders don't, so she likes to grab the fabric around her hand to keep her fingers warm. She can get a smart alec attitude sometimes, and she wants to take courses to practice arcane magic in illusion, mainly mental magic. Her personality is very bright and calm, but also free-spirited which makes her not care for armor (sometimes her dad gets mad at her for that). Her mom died after she was only 132 years old so her dad takes care of her. Pruinae likes it in Fenn but when her dad lets her she likes to leave and explore other places or look at the old ruins because she doesn't like how her home seems so dark in a once cheerful place with festivals open to all. She never fit in, another reason she likes to get out because all the other people in her classes never wanted to hang out with her which is somewhat suffocating. Her dad wants her to train for being part of the Ivae'Fenn so she trains in the morning (even though she doesn't want to be a part of it) The following is a picture I drew of Pruinae's dad getting upset she is not wearing armor (oops hair is on the wrong side)
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