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  1. Pruinae Tathvir starts sewing her dress like a maniac.
  2. BasilTheBunny


    Pruinae Aeternum is a snow elf, her first name comes from the Latin translation of frost, her last is from the Latin translation of forever. She has bright purple eyes and poofy silver hair and is 52 years old. Freckles pattern her pale skin on most of her face and shoulders, although this doesn't fit some people's description of "perfection" like how snow elves are supposed to be. She is 145 lbs and likes to take runs in the early morning to contain a good percentage of muscle. She is around 5' 9", and unlike her fellow snow elves who like shorter sleeves she likes exposed shoulders and long sleeves due to the fact her fingers get cold but her shoulders don't, so she likes to grab the fabric around her hand to keep her fingers warm. She can get a smart alec attitude sometimes, and she wants to take courses to practice arcane magic in illusion, mainly mental magic. Her personality is very bright and calm, but also free-spirited which makes her not care for armor (sometimes her dad gets mad at her for that). Her mom died after she was only 132 years old so her dad takes care of her. Pruinae likes it in Fenn but when her dad lets her she likes to leave and explore other places or look at the old ruins because she doesn't like how her home seems so dark in a once cheerful place with festivals open to all. She never fit in, another reason she likes to get out because all the other people in her classes never wanted to hang out with her which is somewhat suffocating. Her dad wants her to train for being part of the Ivae'Fenn so she trains in the morning (even though she doesn't want to be a part of it) The following is a picture I drew of Pruinae's dad getting upset she is not wearing armor (oops hair is on the wrong side)
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