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Found 10 results

  1. - VOLUME ONE: The Dreamer's Reawakening - Fjarriagua Amendment: Ice Spike Buffet Part Null: THE KEBAB MAKER'S INSTRUMENT OLD LORE: NEW LORE: PURPOSE: Ice spikes are in truth a rather complicated ability that possesses many, many uses, unfortunately their current state of general vagueness and lack of proper redlines do have a tendency of giving rise to many issues when being used out in the field. This amendment seeks to explain and solidify these mechanics as much as it can. As well as change certain traits of the ability, such as the durability of Ice Spikes has been increased to that of stone as opposed to mundane ice, as the topic of "How dense is ice" is a always the question asked upon usage of this spell and usually ends with the other person entirely ignoring the spikes' lethality. Additionally the total range of the spikes has been increased to that of 2 meters, with 1 meter per emote. This was done since in the current lore you would need to spend 3 whole emotes to create a 1.5 meter long single barrier that can be knocked out with a single strike, this would finally allow for more defensive usages of the ability all the while not being impenetrable walls as they can still be destroyed with ease if wielding a blunt weapon. AFTERWORD With all that said, this should be the last of this batch of amendments for the time being! Expect no more of them being written by me for the forseeable future. CREDITS Writing by Agy (That's me!) Music by Evelyn Lark Art by Elin Manon Mechanics borrowed by Diogen's Fjarriagua Rewrite CHANGELOG 28/3/2024 - Clarified some details regarding the durability of Ice Spikes 30/3/2024 Very much dodged a bullet there. Personal error of mine in dearly misunderstanding the mechanics of the current Iteration of Ice Spikes to its finer details and functions. The amendment should better retain the currently accepted mechanics and the general nature of this ability; -Defensive/Offensive Spikes have been scrapped as a concept, being replaced with the current system of the lore so as to not overbloat it. - Proper explanations have been given out about the different uses of this spell that are already possible in the current lore. - Durability has been decreased so that any Voidal Fires can melt the spikes off in a single strike. - Due to the increased max length of the spell, the redline allowing witches to work together to grow the spikes together has been decided to be removed from this amendment. - Conclusion of VOLUME ONE -
  2. - VOLUME ONE: The Dreamer's Reawakening - Fjarriagua Amendment: Of Cursed Tricks and Tormented Treats Part One: CURSED TRICKS OLD LORE: NEW LORE: PURPOSE: Within the current lore of the CA, Frost Curses possess quite the immensely lackluster and hollow system and mechanics, curses only being something that can be used by someone that your witch has already beaten to an inch of their life, which the lore would usually have you eat them for that 2 week murderhobo quota or for any of the various murderhobo requiring mundane rituals. And with the exclusion of making individuals possible cannibals (If they already OOCly specifically wanted that) despite the fact that it's merely a meat-lovers type of curse and not a actual cannibal curse, all of the current curses are incapable and too scared to impose any actual notable effects that could actually lead to engaging RP for the cursed individual, thus making them virtually worthless and not even worth the effort, for both the witch and the accursed. With that said, this is for the most part copying over all the various curses from the most recent rewrite and as the feedback requested: Making them less overwhelmingly powerful, giving each and every single one of them redlines to properly explain their mechanics as best as I could, as well as giving Greater Hexes their own unique delivery system so that people have a chance to avoid being cursed by a witch 30 meters away from them. Although just to be clear, these are curses not poison attacks, their whole point is the inherent lack of 'physicality'. Part Two: TORMENTED TREATS OLD LORE: NEW LORE: PURPOSE: Tormented cooking on the other hand allowed for more actually impactful curses to be placed on individuals and the allowance for two ingredients per product allowed for some exceedingly fun combinations! Unfortunately, the limiting roster of curses made It rather hard to create anything other than "Cannibal with big teeth" or "Fake Fjarriagua", these new additions (Also from the rewrite) would do more than enough to allow for all sorts of opportunities and fun combinations for all Tormented Cooking enthusiasts! NOW: Regarding the given feedback to Tormented cooking within the rewrite, I disagree with both of them on a fundamental level. . . With all that said, I also went ahead and took the liberty of putting redlines on the different ingredients of tormented cooking as well and also as polishing the thing as a whole. On top of that I cleared up the lore in the beginning as to how the different ingredients are not present within the Tormented cooking itself. CREDITS Writing by Agy (That's me!) Showcased video by Reber Arts Art in order of appearance by: davidwyatt2013 and Gustaf Tenggren Mechanics borrowed by Diogen's Fjarriagua Rewrite CHANGELOG 6/3/2024 Did a big scan of the entire thing with a less melted brain, redlines have been updated and cleared up some mistakes. 8/3/2024 - I've cleaned up and or moved around some redlines to reduce redundancies and multiple instances of the same redline. - Additionally, as commented to ReveredOwl, Tormented cooking will no longer require the witch to murderhobo whole character. This is a purely flavourful and non-combative ability and should not be locked away from the CA's players for no good reason. 28/3/2024 -Made it easier for the effects of cracks to form within Curse of Cracks - Curse of rabidity has become more strict in demanding that a "target" of a feast is chosen as opposed to simply being an optional path to a "meat lovers" curse - Curse of Snowstorms has had its total field of view decreased from 9 meters to 8 in accordance to other similar spells/ability - Curse of Cryostasis has been changed to instead to disabling sprinting as opposed to its prior mismatching version. - Curse of Tranquility has become more strict in its mental effects and they may not be ignored as easily. - Curse of Shuddering has been demoted from Greater to Lesser Hex, as it was for the most part pretty useless combatively, with Curse of Silence being already able to deal with speech-based mages. As such it has been changed to pose no combative effects at all other than plain communication that should not affect them, since the point of the curse is to after all make people stop talking in general.
  3. - VOLUME ONE: The Dreamer's Reawakening - Fjarriagua Amendment: Sabbath of a Witch's Nightmare Part One: THE DARK TETHER OLD LORE: NEW LORE: PURPOSE: A lot of things to keep track of, so: - Made the Cooldown for Altar Creation be its own separate thing as well as only 5 OOC days long Most of an Altar's sabbaths are ESSENTIAL for the continued function of a coven and the CA as a whole, making it impossible to heal or revive any dead witches for a full week after the creation of an Altar, something which would imply that the Coven's previous one has been destroyed in most cases. would place the Fjarriagua in a very dangerous position that may risk the coven or the CA being wiped out in its entirety if unlucky. For the same reasons the cooldown for Altars is lowered to just 5 OOC days, given the fact that a Tier 1 Altar is beyond easy to destroy and could potentially doom the CA should it be the last one and are then forced to wait an entire week without healing or revivals, just to be able to create a new one. - Buffed the passive healing of the Altar into covering all non-fatal wounds as well as making Tier 1 Altars also capable of healing. Most of the reasons behind this will be explained within the changes for Sabbath of Healing, but in short, having it only heal papercuts is ridiculous. Additionally, forcing a Witch to wait for an Altar to reach Tier 2 to be able to heal ANY manner of wounds is a very very weird choice. - Altars can now be created in any region, no matter the climate I believe this will be following a lot of the same reasons from my previous amendment regarding 'Frozen Regions' and follows most of the same points in regards to force the same limitations upon Altars. The Fjarriagua are inherently magical creatures of ice and snow, they are not some odd yet natural fauna that live in already cold environments, rather they are the very heralds and embodiments of winter itself, created by the AENGUL of Winter itself, The Lord of The Deep Cold, they should very much act the part. The existence of Fjarriagua in a desert or a sunny beach IS uncanny, unnatural and weird and that’s precisely the point, because the Fjarriagua are uncanny, unnatural and weird themselves. As such, Altars can and should be boldly created even within areas of incessant heat, which as the very lore states; will turn the immediate area around it into one fit for the witches. - Fixed a typo about the required Witches needed for the creation of an Altar Nothing to add. Part Two: THE SABBATH OF RECLAMATION OLD LORE: NEW LORE: PURPOSE: Continuing on in regards to 'Climates', the Sabbath of Frost may now be also used within Tropical/Hot environments. Same way that Necromancers create undead wastelands of undeath, same way that Infernal Magics can create hellish wastelands of hell, same way that Mystics can create ghostly lands with a lot of ghosts or something. All these examples do not do anything other than allow for the expressive creation of lairs, as well as being “rather unnatural”, same way that having a frozen wasteland in a place where it would boggle all logic for such a thing to exist, is infact not a flaw but actively the point. Thus this should allow for Dessert regions to be affected as well by the ritual, if a PRO wishes to have a snowy wonderland/wasteland within their dessert tile, then It is absolutely their right. Part three: THE SABBATH OF THE VESSEL OLD LORE: NEW LORE: PURPOSE: The current healing system for Frost Witches is an absolute nightmare to deal with, even the LT Amendment that dropped around Autumn only tackled a singular issue of only Mothers being able to heal other witches, as they opted to ignore the core problem of the CA's healing. I want you to properly internalize what it takes to restore a single limb: 3 OOC days of at least four sessions, consisting of NINE well described, multiline emotes. It is quite literally more cost effective for the Fjarriagua to get Soft-PKed and be revived with all her limbs back instead of attempting to heal a single lost limb. I don’t believe there is much to be said. And ontop of all that, having the equivalent of a witch scraping her knee, force an entire other player that has a Fjarriagua CA to get online and patch them up is a terrible mechanic that makes nobody enjoy this CA without providing anything to excuse its existence, not to even mention how much it punishes even the slightest risk-taking for a Dark CA since it means that someone else will be forced to pay for any mistakes you make. The Sabbath is to be used for only the most extreme cases, such as losing ligaments, lesser organs and limbs, with the passive healing of the Altars taking care of everything else. Of which I’ve added feedback given for the same ritual by the LT from the most recent Fjarriagua Rewrite. I have also removed any Ritual cooldown from the Sabbath since, I doubt there exists a way in which one could "spam" loosing then regenerating their limbs. There's after all waiting period for the limbs to be completely regenerated, so I feel that's more than enough and It shouldn't take away from more urgent rituals such as reviving a Witch. Additionally, Frost Mothers are now fully capable of healing themselves on their own of any lost limbs and ligaments etc, It is a small boon but a CA as poor as theirs deserves a thousand times better and this is one small step towards that.. Part four: PROSTHETICS OLD LORE: NEW LORE: PURPOSE: This was some additional feedback given to the Sabbath of Healing within the rewrite, although I opted to place the redline within 'Physical Characteristics' as opposed to the Sabbath itself. CREDITS Writing by Agy (That's me!) Music by Airdorf Games Art by Charles Vess. CHANGELOG 28/3/2024 -Altar Creation Cooldown has been decreased to 5 OOC days instead of 7 OOC days, -Got rid of the specified exception on the Sabbath of Frost from said cooldown; Its requirement of needing PRO/ST consent forbids it from being used to grief or in general be abused, so there's no reason to bloat the mechanics with otherwise needless lines.
  4. - VOLUME NULL: INTERMISSION - Sprite & Fjarriagua Addition: Seasoned Dealmakers Part One: A DEAL TO BIND DESTINY PACTING [Non-Combat] Whether out of gain, or out of sheer desperation after being exposed, the Fjarriagua may pact with those not of their kin, spreading a portion of their Mark directly onto a soul-bearing individual, where a bruise-like, frostbitten area forms on it. The pattern of that mark representing the Fjarriagua that one has pacted with and is fully customizable by the Witch. Some may inhibit the symbol of an eye for example, as if tattooed on their hand, although its ‘ink’ being frostbite, while others may merely have a bruise on their hand. PURPOSE: Presented here is a peculiar line from the "Mental State" section of the current lore of the Fjarriagua, something which is only spoken of once and never again repeated or showcased within the CA's abilities. Which is a bit of a shame as the creation of pacts and deals has been a staple of older variations of Fjarriagua lore but also 'Witches' in general. So once more carrying over this mechanic from the recently denied rewrite (Which the LT seemed to specifically have no issues with this ability, yippee!!!), added a few clarifications and redlines, general polish as well as the addition of a mechanic to enforce any agreed upon"rules" of the Pact other than just their objectives to allow for more complex and interesting deals. (Which again require OOC consent). Lastly in the matters of "Frost Curses" due to the fact that the Frost Curse amendment has yet to be reviewed by the looks of it, some details may get a bit muddy between the two, but otherwise I think it nevertheless has no issue in regards to that. (Yes, it's for both Greater and Lessers Curses, they do after all also need OOC consent) Part Two: THE NATURE OF THE DEAL An Innocent Bargain “It only takes a single fateful decision for one to lose everything and for another to gain everything” A wondrous artform honed and perfected by the Sprites over their long stay within the realm of the descendants, one that they have become all too popular and notorious as a result of. Using their unique abilities to forge a link between them and a willingly chosen individual, so that they may enter the ever mythical realm of bargaining, allowing the mischievous Sprite and a chosen and perhaps naive individual to form what is to become a deal between the both of them, a deal like no other. A Sprite’s bargain is never to be underestimated, for its powers and effects can alter the course of one’s future, but nevertheless its aim is to benefit both ends. Such as a simple one where, for example, an exchange of materials, knowledge and or specific objects, or for the completion of certain services to one another. These are but a few amongst a virtually endless list of various bargains that can be formed. The process of creating such a bargain is simple in nature; Requiring a Sprite and a chosen soul-bearing individual to willingly strike a bargain between the two of them - no matter how grand or simple in nature - concluding with the two engaging in a joined handshake, requiring 3 emotes to conclude the formation of the Bargain. During this, the person bargained with, may not pull away from the handshake, lest they interrupt it, thus canceling it and requiring the Sprite to reattempt once again from the start. During these 3 emotes, an odd plantlike ring will begin to grow upon the flesh of one of the fingers of both the Sprite and the bargained individual, harmlessly growing roots within it, being impossible to remove by most if not all means as it will always regrow itself back together, or simply grow in a different finger or part of the body. Its appearance, texture and colouration are custom-made to represent the Sprite behind this bargain. With the formation of the ring, It will begin to slowly yet steadily instill an obsession over the bargain made. What may be a gentle yet everconstant thinking of completing the bargain, can really quickly develop into an utter obsession, spiraling even into insanity should it take too long. This applies to any rules or boundaries of the agreed upon deal, creating a mental lock, making it impossible for them to ever will themselves to breaking the agreed upon rules of the Bargain. One that affects both the Sprite and the chosen individual. Should the worst come and one or both parties fail to meet the requirements of their agreed upon deal, the Sprite alone has the power to conclusively end the bargain in its entirety at any moment, although to a great detriment to whichever party was unable to complete the bargain. Causing their mental health to deteriorate to major depression and even bouts of hysteria for the span of [1] OOC Week. This means, should the Sprite be the one unable to complete their deal, while the one they bargained with completed their side of it, the Sprite may shatter that pact, causing It to drop into a horrible bout of depression Itself, while the person bargained with remains unaffected, due to completing their pact, now free from its chains. - An Innocent Bargain must be OOC consented between the Sprite’s Player and the Bargained’s Player. -Pacts can only ever be formed with soul-bearing individuals with organic bodies, this includes the various beastmen races and even more 'magical' entities such as the Undead and Nephelim, as well as fellow Sprites. - There exists no limitation in terms of complexity for these bargains and can be as specific, long-lived and impactful as the Sprite wishes them to be, as long as the bargained individual consents to OOCly. - Should they take too long to complete the bargain, whoever has not met their end of the deal begins to grow obsessive over the situation, gradually progressing into a state of utter insanity until completed. This affects the Sprite as well. - Any agreed upon rules or parameters of the bargain will manifest as a mental lock for both the Sprite and the Bargained individual, making them physically and mentally incapable of breaking the rules of the bargain until its conclusion. - The pact must not be of any sexual nor romantic nature. - Should one attempt to claw away at the ring to remove it, or alternatively completely severing the finger it was grown around, will result in the ring simply being regrown in another finger. - Should the bargained individual completely lack any hands/fingers or is wearing prosthetics, the ‘ring’ may in turn be grown around one’s body akin to a tattoo, the location being decided by the Sprite. - The ring causes no physical pain or discomfort upon the individual being purely visual in nature. - The ring is fully freeform in Its appearance and may include details such as small flowers or plants in general, although for more ‘intense’ creative choices such as over the top size or ‘vandalism’ of one’s appearance, OOC consent will be needed. - There is no limit to how many individuals a Sprite can enter a bargain with at any given moment. - While a Sprite is incapable of forming multiple bargains with the same person, they may decide to end a given bargain with the instant formation of a new one. This too, requires OOC consent. - The only way for the individual that agreed to the Bargained to ever be freed from it, is by the Sprite Itself or the completion of the bargain’s requirements. There exists no other method, physical or magical, not even slaying the Sprite Itself will work, with the exclusion of the event of the Sprite being PKed or indefinitely Shelved. PURPOSE: This is but ONE of the many, many mentions of Sprites being not only capable but actively encouraged to strike deals and bargain with people for all sorts of things. For something that is pretty much core to the identity of this CA as well as the concept of the 'Fey/Fae' in media in general, It is quite the extremely odd thing that they lack such a mechanic to begin with, as things stand the only 'proper' ability they have in place regarding "Bargain-Making" is in regards to being able to produce useful alchemy-based reagents for various potions, which is a bit too niche and rather simple in nature to ever act as a 'consistent' source of individuals one would wish to bargain with. This here additions feels like the easiest and most simple way to help out what is otherwise quite the deeply struggling CA and I am sure this could lead to all sorts of wonderful RP opportunities for them and ones that interacts with them. I wish them the best of luck! : > PURPOSE AKA; 'Why the double post?' The simple answer is that I wanted to give the Sprites a little bit of an amendment as well, they are after all a pretty one of the very few inherently magical CAs left in the server. And additionally "Pacting" was going to be added as an amendment in the second batch of these silly FW amendments of mine, so I decided to just post it pre-emptively for them. As for why they are both in the same post; they are pretty much a copy paste of each other in terms of mechanics. It would feel more weird if I posted them separately, if one gets accepted then of course and the other is also getting accepted. Lastly, as opposed to the boundless brainrot of the Fjarriagua that infests my brain-jar, my knowledge on Sprite and Druid lore in general is far more limited, so I unfortunately couldn't get all too unique and creative with the Sprite's capabilities and magical nature, although I would be happy for anyone to build upon this should it ever get accepted! CREDITS Writing by Agy (That's me!) Music by Jonah Senzel Art in order of appearance by: San'OK, [UNKNOWN] and Ida Rentoul Outhwaite Mechanics borrowed (With permission to also apply to Sprite lore) by Diogen's Fjarriagua Rewrite CHANGELOG 21/3/2024 I fixed that one typo..!
  5. -Existing Lore: Seer is compatible with: Feats: all Void magics: all Deity magics: paladinism, druidism, shamanism, templars, heraldry Dark magics: necromancy, blood magic, mysticism, naztherak Misc: kani, housemagery And Ologs, kharajyr, hou-zi, azdrazi, epiphytes, frost witches, siliti (so long as they are turned after being a seer), and klones (so long as the inhabited body is blind, a non-blind body makes the feat/magic inaccessible). Seer is incompatible with sorvians, vargs, ghosts/gravens, paleknights, wights, liches, darkstalkers, sprites, atronachs, animii, golems, anthroparions, zevn and zar’ei, musin, wonks, demi-djinn, homunculi, zar’akal, and treelords. -Changed Lore: Seer is compatible with: Feats: all Void magics: all Deity magics: paladinism, druidism, shamanism, templars, heraldry Dark magics: necromancy, blood magic, mysticism, naztherak Misc: kani, housemagery And Ologs, kharajyr, hou-zi, azdrazi, epiphytes, frost witches, siliti (so long as they are turned after being a seer), klones (so long as the inhabited body is blind, a non-blind body makes the feat/magic inaccessible), and machine spirits (so long as they are turned after becoming an MA seer). Seer is incompatible with sorvians, vargs, ghosts/gravens, paleknights, wights, liches, darkstalkers, sprites, atronachs, automations, golems, anthroparions, zevn and zar’ei, musin, wonks, demi-djinn, homunculi, zar’akal, and treelords. -Reasoning This amendment has three ways of rationalizing its existence: One is the lore reasoning of Vassek’s gift being entirely invisible to other deities such as Garumdir the daemon who holds dominion over machine spirit souls. There is already precedent in how seer magic is allowed to be paired with other deity magics already such as templarism or paladinism while other deity magics can not normally be for lack of a better term ‘stacked’ on top of one another. The second is that machine spirits still require sight to see unlike things such as liches, they require a visual module to perceive the world. So a machine spirit without visual modules would act in the same way as a normal blind mortal. The third is unlike automations which lack a soul, machine spirits still have souls as normal and can interact with magic like bardmancy or voidal magics in a way a normal decendant would.
  6. Before: After: Reasoning: Trees cannot have intercourse.
  7. Post production note: I am pretty sure I wish to make this as one of two posts, if LT willing they accept these changes, I will most likely produce a secondary post to adjust the threat of some of the spells, I do not want to see water evocation extremely strong or super deadly, however if the community makes an agreement to buff/nerf specific parts I am willing to help write a post to further that goal. Preface: I have been using water evocation since Axios, I have seen several different rewrites and guides submitted and used as the baseline. All of them have been messy and shoddy in structure. For the first two years I was using lore that specified you could have two emoted a chunk of ice the size of a torso at someone. It was broken, janky, old. Then we had some guides - not full lore, couldn't be that dedicated - to show us how to use it. Still, a bit janky and sore in places. I have made several attempts at lore, truth be told I cannot write well enough and descriptive enough to keep it cohesive, the tyranny of he who shall not be named destroyed a lot of lore, masterpieces by some people even, hours of work and proofreading for others. In it he also attempted to supplement players with once again shoddily pieces of work by making his staff put it through. Now they are not to blame in my opinion, as I see they were forced to make lore to fill a void that he left. I went through Sorcerio's lore, its great, cute and neat. However when applied its slow, unwieldy and just not viable. Why spend three to conjure a shield of just water and fail, when I could dodge out the way, or hell teleport in one emote and be fine? It didn't work when it came to it. And that's what I'm trying to fix. I do not aim to make it overpowered, I'm not aiming to create a power creep - if anything I endorse other players, READ YOUR LORE, AMEND WHAT IS BROKEN. We are a community and we should work together to fix our stuff. - I intend on making this magic fun to use again, and fair to use again. For the betterment of all puddlemancers, I give you my piece de resistance, my bus, a list of tweaks and changes to make it better for us. SPELL LIST AND AMENDMENTS: (blue highlights in original for where changing, red in amendments for bits changed or added) Water Blast [C] - A decent spell however the blast was unspecified in force originally, literally said 'a descendants push' which could for instance be an olog shove or a halfling nudge? Secondly the casting was unspecified, am I blasting on the third or fourth emote? Original: Amendments: Water Shield [C] - I think of this spell as a mage's attempt to block or prepare to block incoming fire, much alike a person running to cover, raising a shield or a translocationist teleporting away I believe it is more effective and in roleplay logical to decrease the casting time however also decrease the time it can be sustained, it is a panic defensive move. Original Amendments: Water Whip [C] - I have actually tried using this in roleplay combat about three times since this lore has been released, each time failed. The casting time is just way too long for any in roleplay use, It takes less time to take out a bow, aim and shoot it than it does to prepare yourself a weapon that has the same power as just a normal whip. Original Amendments: Ice Projectile [C] - Simple clause addition Original: Amendments: Water Wave [c] - (there's actually a typo in this that is on the original lore it says 1 connect + 3 form but prior says it requires five emotes to cast, rectified it here. Original: Amendments: Other spells not listed:
  8. Fjarriagua Amendment: A Winter Until the End of Time. Ice Conjuration and Manipulation Summary Old Lore: New Lore: Purpose: Ice Conjuration and Manipulation Mechanics and Redlines Old Lore: New Lore: Purpose: And because this is my amendment. Here is a bonus little amendments included as a treat. Swoon's Time Limit Old Lore: New Lore: Purpose: CREDITS Writing by Agy Mechanics and Ideas by Agy Map Pictures by Lotc Wiki Music by Unlimited Cotton Art by TetsuhiroWakabayashi Told to just go and make an amendment by sam33497 (thanks again!) Actually knowing how the Frost Witch lore and mechanics function by Diogen CHANGELOG 1/1/2024 10:26PM I forgot to spoiler some thingies.. 1/1/2024 10:49PM When the incomprehensible OG lore is incomprehensible; Redlines and mechanics were changed as funnily enough, my interpretation of each of the spells was somewhat different from how they actually function. The amendment now reflects that better. 8/1/2024 6:19PM After a small break, I wanted to polish the amendment as a whole with fresh eyes just to be sure I didn't miss anything (Which I did) I cleaned up much of the writing and redlines from little mistakes, as well as remaking the visual representation of the Amendment, now including Vortice! 14/1/2014 1:04AM ST Feedback Added.
  9. Because of the recent FIRE SORD discussions in LOTC story chat, I figured someone should post an amendment to just add it to fire evocation. I have based this on previously allowed ST Signed items that have permitted the spell to be cast with T1 Conjure Flames, with a 2 emote cast time, and then the flame persisting for 6. Please be gentle with me. Thank you. Enwreathe [C] - Allows for a fire evocationist to cover their weapon in a shroud of fire. Mechanics: A fire evocationist may enwreathe the metallic portion of their own weapon in flames. The flames from enwreathe can be any colour, except for blue, white, and black. The fire from enwreathe causes 2nd degree burns on contact with skin. Enwreathe required two emotes to cast [ Connect -> Enwreathe ] and then persists for 6 emotes once cast. Can be learned at T2. Redlines: Enwreathe cannot be used with blue fire or combustion, due to them causing warping and instability of the weapon. Enwreathe cannot be used on non-metal weapons, due to burning/damage to the weapon itself. Enwreathes flames do not bypass or cause burns through armour. Regular clothing does not count as armour. The spell is complete the moment the two casting emotes are done, no longer requiring focus or a connection for the remaining emotes. If enchanted, the spell follows all redlines above.
  10. Amendments Introduction Transfiguration, where it stands, has a good balance on its place on the server by not being too powerful yet housing a plethora of spells. This is where the amendment kicks in. Due to the number of spells, some things get lost or missed in lore which I hope to amend to further increase cooperation, creativity, and community engagement with the magic, hoping for not some underutilised spells to be more prone to use. For further adieu, enjoy. Alter Position Including two separate redlines, which has no added benefit other than flavour, promotes RP engagement and interactivity, especially when performing mundane tasks. Do note, this cannot be done in combat. Add Redlines: - “The caster is able to perform separate **transmutation or enchanting** spells while alter position is active.” - “The caster is able to utilise this spell on multiple objects as long as they don’t weigh greater than 25lbs/~11kg.” Enhanced Magelight Enhanced Magelight is an underutilized spell due to its main being unable to be used in combat. You’re unable to create a magelight orb in the mists of battle to help brighten a location or light up an alley if creatures are coming towards you. I do not think this should be the case. Relatively keeping the magic non-blinding and intrusive, one should utilize it for many forms. Change: - "Enhanced Magelight to Magelight." - "Learned at T4 ---> Magelight to T2." - T2: Can cast twice, able to hold magelight for 3 emotes. - T3: Can cast up to four times, able to hold magelight for 5 emotes. - T4: Can cast without strain, able to hold magelight while mana is available. - T5: As T4. - "Learned at T4 ---> Overcharged Magelight T4." - T4: Expends 3/5th mana on cast. - T5: Expends 2/5th mana on cast. - "Non-combative to combative." Current description: “In its non-combative, yet brighter form, it takes 1 connect emote + 1 charge emote + 1 cast emote. The more mana one expends on the spell, the brighter it gets, having the potential to fill an entire cavern with light. If the Transfigurationist was to overcharge the spell for a combative advantage, it would take 1 connect emote + 2 charge emote + 1 cast emote. This causes a brief, yet powerful flash of light that lasts for one emote and can disorient targets who perceive it for about an emote. This is rather mana intensive and takes up about a fourth of the Transfigurationist’s mana and will disconnect the mage after it’s been cast due to the intense light.” New Description: “It takes 1 connect emote + 1 charge emote + 1 cast emote. The more mana one expends on the spell for an additional emote, the brighter it gets, having the potential to fill an entire cavern with light. The light will not disorientate, blind, or be intrusive otherwise than looking at a normal lightbulb, no matter the more mana one expends to increase the brightness. If the Transfigurationist were to overcharge magelight, the spell would take 1 connect emote + 2 charge emotes + 1 cast emote. Casting causes a brief yet powerful flash of light that disorients targets who perceive it, lasting one emote. You can overcharge a current casted magelight, skipping the connection emote.” Add Redlines: - “The light will not disorientate, blind, or be intrusive otherwise than looking at a normal lightbulb, no matter the more mana one expends to increase the brightness.” Entrap Spell Entrap spell will be getting one adjustment, so to clarify the amount one can make per day, the reasoning for this is due to the change coming to Abjurations/Warding. This is already a thing. Just if it needs clarification, it is here. Add Redline: - “You’re limited to creating three entrapped spells per day.” Warding & Abjurations Warding and abjurations are at an impasse. While you cannot increase the total power of the magic nor make it weaker, an exception should be made. These spells within transfiguration are the most underutilized within the magic. To make them usable by mages who wish to remain utility-based mages against the more combat intuitive counterpart would be entrapped spells. Add to Description: “Utilizing entrapped spells, you may gather the essence of the school of magic within the enclosed jar/container for warding or abjuration, taking an additional emote to extract the energy. This is a single-use as the entrapped spell's essence is used upon a successful cast. Entrapped spells used have to be T4/5. Anything below won’t work.” Change: Warding: “This spell takes 1 connect emote + 1 charge emote + 1 optional upgrade + 1 cast emote” ---> “This spell takes 1 connect emote + 1 charge emote + 1 cast emote. (+1 charge emote if used entrapped spell)” Abjuration: “1 connect emote + 1 charge emote + 1 cast emote.” ---> “This spell takes 1 connect emote + 1 charge emote + 1 cast emote. (+1 charge emote if used entrapped spell)” Add Redlines: - “You may utilize an entrapped spell to ward/abjure that spells school of magic by consuming the essence to power your ward/abjuration. This uses up the entrapped spell.” - “You may carry with you three entrapped spells per combat encounter, this isn’t connected to the alchemy/enchantment use limit.” - “Entrapped spells used have to be T4/5, anything below won’t work.” - “Using entrapped spells puts an additional emote required to cast, extracting the essence from the jar/container.” - “You cannot create a warding enchantment with an entrapped spell.” - “You can co-enchant to make warding enchantments.” Original Lore: (If you want to see what're changed/added if they make a difference).
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