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  1. im going to take cool drugs whether or not there's an alchemy post
  2. yeah because that’s what it says in enchanting redlines, sadge
  3. that's correct yes this was feedback i got from the last denial re: focus breaks and such
  4. Hello, you may remember me from such hit lore submissions as 'FIRE SORD'. Please find my previously denied submission here: I have received supreme grade ST feedback which I hope will act as a cheat guide to getting this piece accepted. Thanks st, for the answers to the test. ~ Accept FiRe SoRd ~ ~ WoOoOoOoOoOo ~ Enwreathe [C] - Allows for a fire evocationist to cover their weapon in a shroud in fire. Mechanics: A fire evocationist may enwreathe a portion of their weapon in flames, provided that portion of the weapon cannot be damaged by fire. The flames from enwreathe can be any colour permitted under 'Conjure Flame', with the exception of Blue, White or Black. The fire from enwreathe causes 2nd degree burns on contact with skin. Enwreathe requires two emotes to cast [ Connect -> Enwreathe ]. Once cast, Enwreathe can be maintained up to [6] emotes, provided the spell is focused on. Can be learned at T2. Redlines: Enwreathe cannot be used with blue fire or combustion, due to them causing warping and instability of the weapon. Enwreathe cannot be used on weapons that can be damaged/burned by fire. Enwreathe cannot be cast on Thanhium, it'd just absorb the spell. Enwreathe cannot be cast on Ironwood, because Ironwood is resistant to fire, not immune to it. Enwreathe flames do not bypass or cause burns through armour. Regular clothing does not count as armour. If your focus is broken, Enwreathe vanishes. It does not grant you any ability to maintain concentration greater than you normally could. You cannot enwreathe armour.
  5. what happens to existing crocs that do not want the incurable trait if this passes do they get to drop it or do they suck it? or do st decide that? for previously cured corcs I assume we continue life as normal?
  6. The very woman mentioned is munching on some buttered toast and honey for breakfast. Reading the paper causes her to chuckle and smile along with the elf's words. "Not even front-page material... Nor fit for print at all!" She responds with a huff from her nose, still smiling, "Buggery... And here I thought that I was finally going to get some well-deserved street cred..." There's a sigh as she hands it back, before going back to eating.
  7. "you STOLE fizzy lifting drinks" a blonde woman mumbles reading the call to orphans everywhere
  8. no king rules forever my son Hello Lord of the Rings Craft I am looking to become number 1 Minecrafter in all of the U.K, as such, I must make amendment post. I do not know how to do the fancy posts and formatting with quotes, so you'll have to suffer with a copy pasted image and me dropping the crocs lore page: link <-- scroll to 'cleansing' to view full ability Specifically, I am looking to change the redlines under 'cleansing' regarding the permanent ban duration and limitations placed on learning: - Paladinism, - Shamanism, - Congestion/Ingestion/etc, willing or otherwise, of Alchemy stuff, - I propose that instead of a permanent ban from paladinsm/shamanism/alchemy guzzling and their practices, this timer be reduced to 26 weeks (6 months) - This timer could be more or less, if you want, I just like the number 26 because it's 6 months. Could make it 16 if you want, but I figure it should be a huge recovery period if at all accepted. - This would extend to Alchemy, where once this timer is up, you can go back to imbibing your tonics and elixirs and so on, so forth. - Additionally, players may opt to make it permanent if they so wish, if they were especially naughty and want their tortured soul RP to last forever. EDIT 29/01/20223: Potential alternative to above: - Potential alternative proposal of 6 month blockade + 1.5x modifier on learning whatever cured you, - Fear should still be roleplayed even after the 6 months, but can be done to a lesser degree, Reasons: - I am a giga nerd and will still be here in 3-6 months, as I am sure most of you will (probably). - The reduction is still extremely, extremely painful. It's just not permanent as it currently is. - I think not having the ability to recover from trauma and being permanently being scarred by it with no possible recovery despite potentially living hundreds of years with great friends, therapy, cool healy magic, etc, is mega lame personally, Additional notes: - Yes I am very aware you need to OOCly consent to both the curse and the cure. - I don't know how this post will look when I post it, sorry if bad.
  9. ┌━━━━━━━[❈]━━━━━━━┐ └━━━━━━━[❈]━━━━━━━┘ Blessed Mail’thill of the Silver States of Haelun’or, In light of recent events I am compelled to take up my quill, in an attempt to salvage our nation as it crumbles from beneath us - for if our peoples are divided then the very foundations of our blessed city will collapse. However, we can not expect our Maheral - but one elf - to suffer this great burden alone. It is on this ground that I, Eistalyn Othelu’Maehr. Sarah Artenin, announce my intention to run for Sohaer: for the pursuit of progress, health and Unity. Even if the blessed citizenry of The Silver State believe I am unfitting of such an honour, I live in hope that my attempt will encourage others to follow suit, so that the position may be filled and our blessed city may finally be made whole. ━━━━━━━[❈]━━━━━━━ My Pledges to the Citizenry of the Silver State… Justice [ I ] I will uphold justice within Haelun'or Unity & Equality [ I ] I will ensure all are equal within Haelun'or Progress & Health [ I ] Everyone will be very healthy under my rule ━━━━━━━[❈]━━━━━━━ These are the topics I intend to tackle initially if I am to be elected as Sohaer. From there I hope to use my knowledge and experience to better Haelun’or in new, unforeseen ways. I welcome questions and challenges alike with open arms, in the spirit of friendly competition! I thank each of you for your time. Maehr’sae Hiylun’ehya Haelun’or, Eistalyn Othelu’Maehr. Sarah Artenin Haelun'or, kae'leh sil ito nae. ━━━━━━━[❈]━━━━━━━
  10. can't wait to rp throwing hand mudras out to use these abilities on my grandfathered t5 ta holding master monk with kani that you will allow me to play
  11. "I THOUGHT YOU KNEW?!?!?!" Sarah was equally as shocked, nearly dropping her mug, though she caught it before it could smash with a flick of her hand and a little magic. "WHERE DID YOU THINK THE FANGS CAME FROM!?!?!?"
  12. "OH NO!!!" The blonde woman places her hands on her head, "WHAT AM I GOING TO DO?!?!?!?! AAAAAAAAAAH!" In cartoonish fashion she leaps into their arms and their teeth chatter as though lightning had struck outside. Sarah before this, in more serious fashion, had been seriously scarred by the harrowing ordeal of being cured, and was now keenly aware of her biological death-clock ticking normally once more. She had to reconsider a lot of her choices up until this moment, and with a firm nod of her head, the kind blonde lady of Almaris begins to prepare for the fallout from the public missive... Just as soon as she'd had a few weeks bedrest.
  13. a blonde woman had somehow gotten a hold of this call to trial "noice." she responds wizardly.
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