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  1. Yet another sad little candle is lit, and joined with where the rest all once stood. With time, as its wick burned, it'd fade into a waxy circle just as the others did. It fills the heart with a weight like lead, to watch these bright fires burn out. As Catherine's candle starts its journey, Sarah watches it with a pensive sadness. It is a miserable end to the day. Not just for herself, but for Catherine's people, and for Renilde. She'd attempt to suffocate that sadness tonight with the presence of another. "Goodbye, Catherine... Thank you for letting me hold your crown." She regrets not being able to find more to say. The fire dims.
  2. Sarah Artenin somehow received a copy of this A-Grade tea. Reading through it, she was given some pause. A DRAMATIC gasp comes from her at some point because she wasn't really that interested. "Oh MY." She said. Having entertained herself for five minutes, she popped it away.
  3. The greatest wizard to ever live, Sarah Artenin, watched as a single extra word appeared on the paper... 'Allegedly'. "Damn it." She sighed. The paper shifts again. The allegedly has been removed! "Hurray!"
  4. A True Wizard bears no inclination towards the attaining of such prophesying power. For she only needed her trusty crystal ball, through which she saw it all. Neither boiled, shredded nor broken, she observes with sky-blue eyes the opening of the rift. "Concerning..."
  5. "An excellent treaty, and an improvement of the Jadogar." An old Lurinite, now Hohkmati, was most pleased with the treaty and the way the meeting was conducted. She smiled. "Peaceful, prosperous years to come." She hoped.
  6. A blonde Wizard has recently come into possession of a new hammer. "No... It can't be..." She looks at it, and shakes her head. "Nah. No way." Then dumps it into a chest.
  7. She could have never expected that paper could bear such an impossible weight to it. Left to reflect on those decisive moments in which Razad impaled himself upon Faeryel's sword, she couldn't have known she'd come to hold in her hands the last will of the now dead Fatebinder. An expectation to be laid upon her, she was sure, that she dreaded to face. She did not believe that he deserved death, but he had chosen it. It was, after all, by his own will that he sought martial Kaggath as a noble end to his life - to die on his own terms. Why then, did such visceral guilt bury itself within her stomach? With a long sigh, and a deep breath in, she did find strength sufficient enough to read his final words... A reply maybe only heard by herself and another came after some thought; answering a question with another question. The last conversation they would ever have, and it was addressed with just five words. ". . . Was there ever any doubt?"
  8. "... May this missive bring us peace, at last. Even if for a short while." Sarah spoke quietly in her home to another.
  9. "Hooray! I was vindicated!" Sarah at some point celebrated the news!
  10. "I don't like where this is going." - Sarah Artenin.
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