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  1. A human woman sat in their home, pondering upon the missive as she sipped upon tea and smoked a wizardly joint. "It continues to astound me that so many would prefer to cut throats than exchange words - A pathetic world we live in, where we are ruled by war rather than free thought."
  2. can we get wonks back

  3. Lord_of_losers


    "Do love when High Elves throw word-hands, this is cash." - A human would muse in their High Elven home as she lights up some green in her home to relax. "Gotta make sure I see this in person."
  4. mayday mayday, lore is going down, i repeat, lore is going down

  5. Thank you for being there to answer my CT Pit fill requests. You were always very pleasant to see out in the world, whether it was disguised as a chicken or cow and it gave me a good few laughs. Thank you for everything you’ve done for this community. I wish you all the best to your friends and family. :)
  6. Lord_of_losers

    The Swamp

    An Orcish samurai grips his nodachi’s hilt somewhere as he hears news of the swamp. He wanders over to his equipment, looking it up and down as he sets to finalizing repairs – his treasured Kanabo hung up on the wall above. “If mi iz gunna draw mi zult... Dem Nubded iz gunna hab a nubhosh time... Hurr hur...” He’d chuckle out, eyes peering into the black as he spies two little yellow eyes in the dark, approaching. A goblin comes slinking out, clad in the same eastern-styled armour as himself. He grunts, before spitting to the side and talking through two large tusks. “Raviolino. lat sneeki Gobbo... Git lat zult agh olig redi... Mi agh lat gut zum nubded tu flatz.” The Goblin nods, sneaking back into the shadows from whence he came, as the unlikely duo prepared to start a hunt in the swamp.
  7. Tbh if they have to build a fort, just have it like the sort they might’ve had with large spiked barricade, fortified positions such as archer towers and mostly keep it an open battleground. If they already have a fort, then I think they should feel free to modify it within reason, such as basic repairs and maybe again, spiked defenses to impede the enemy. So long as people aren’t building entire, giant stone buildings that rival a castle I think it should be good.
  8. I love the new addition about the blood properties of a Woonk. I can’t wait for a Woonk to be boiled and then their blood drained for a cheap easy high. This is some seriously next level god tier stuff. +1 again
  9. Okay this seems cool as **** but I really doubt it’d be playable, as much as I’d LOVE for it to be. So much good potential for solid RP, yet potential for abuse. But hey, it’s cool, so that’s a +1 from me. Like Wrynn said, maybe dial back a bit on some of the abilities (Flying, shifting) or maybe outlining them a little more clearly with some more specifics in regards to the abilities. I really like the play on the emotional aspect though, good stuff.
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