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  1. mayday mayday, lore is going down, i repeat, lore is going down

  2. i am beyond all of these
  3. “Agh dey blah dat wi uruk’z iz nub’hozh.” Shugoki would say as he lights up his pipe.
  4. ive left before and was remembered by the few who knew me as “that one guy that taught me fire evo” if that helps
  5. hey guys just wanted to ask if anyone has any info on the so-called ‘lore games’ like will every magic not re-written be shelved? when will flam give us info and what’s happening thanks guys very cool please comment in the down below and lets answer each others questions :***)
  6. Thank you for being there to answer my CT Pit fill requests. You were always very pleasant to see out in the world, whether it was disguised as a chicken or cow and it gave me a good few laughs. Thank you for everything you’ve done for this community. I wish you all the best to your friends and family. :) ❤️
  7. Lord_of_losers

    The Swamp

    An Orcish samurai grips his nodachi’s hilt somewhere as he hears news of the swamp. He wanders over to his equipment, looking it up and down as he sets to finalizing repairs – his treasured Kanabo hung up on the wall above. “If mi iz gunna draw mi zult... Dem Nubded iz gunna hab a nubhosh time... Hurr hur...” He’d chuckle out, eyes peering into the black as he spies two little yellow eyes in the dark, approaching. A goblin comes slinking out, clad in the same eastern-styled armour as himself. He grunts, before spitting to the side and talking through two large tusks. “Raviolino. lat sneeki Gobbo... Git lat zult agh olig redi... Mi agh lat gut zum nubded tu flatz.” The Goblin nods, sneaking back into the shadows from whence he came, as the unlikely duo prepared to start a hunt in the swamp.
  8. it wasnt removed tho its right here
  9. my mana pool is infinite, plebs.
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