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  1. Was banned, not told why. When I PM’d the person who banned me I didn’t get any response for 3 hours, and said response was only drawn out after taking it to public outcry. Knowing ”full well” is a vast exaggeration. “Purposefully made a fuss” in order to get any sort of word. The only admin who’s actually contacted me directly (and this was only after I contacted them) was Braxis. No knocks against Braxis, but as he was not the admin who dealt the ban, why was it only him that I could get a real answer from? smh guys, first topic when I was brought to Admin was how I got the playe
  2. Still no official statement or direct contact about why I was temporarily  banned. Only response was from Llir when people got upset in LotC general Discord. “Be more like Korvic” usually includes communication.

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    2. Kalehart


      The fact that Mystery had to rely on indirect channels to get the permission he needed for one of the biggest, most successful eventlines in the server’s history is beyond dumb.


      We’re here to RP, right? So empower the people making that happen, it’s literally the most important thing on this server. The Story Team should never be in a position where they are unable to do their jobs and create interesting content for the playerbase, it is 100% a failure on the behalf of higher level staff that this situation arose in the first place.


      Was it an ideal solution? Probably not, but it was this or have Athera fall through, and since it’s been one of the best experiences I’ve had on the server since Aegis, that would have been a massive shame. If Mystery had no way to get his pex, everyone would have missed out, and the server would have been worse off and more boring for it.


      And that should be okay with exactly noone.

    3. Harold


      we got him – obama

    4. L_GS


      So why does it appear that not all admins were aware of Korvic having hidden perms? @Pup

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    2. Korvic


      Negative, just left banned without a word.

    3. Jenny_Bobbs


      Have you contacted other admins? Or should we ping @Llir to find out.

    4. Ryloth


      @Llir Unban this man immediately

  3. I miss him already. It seems like its only been 12 hours... But it hurts like an eternity. All the cults we made in the primary server, all the wars, and all the pex abuse Dedication. You’ve done a lot man, thank you  for your time and dedication. : ^ )

  4. July 2019, not November. C’mon now lol
  5. Songbirds songbirds songbirds 

  6. You gon’ make a grown man cry

  7. I really appreciate everything you’ve done for the server.

  8. my love for korvic is deeper then words can describe.

  9. i miss you already

  10. Hey everyone! I know most people already know, but just wanted to post that the box transfer is complete and functional. It’s not perfect, but it’s definitely an improvement as a whole. We’ve currently got one lobby and the war server running alongside the main server, so there shouldn’t be any noticeable change to your day-to-day experience. In regards to 1.15, the data is all there and ready to go. The old box just needs to be flushed so the extra servers (Dev, Build, Lobbies, etc) can be installed there, then 1.15 should be clear for take-off! I, however, will not be pushing it
  11. I’d like to announce that FIRST BLOOD has been claimed on the new server box. So yeah, our new box is currently running. We’re finishing the last of the file transfer prep we need to do today, and tomorrow we’ll be looking to transfer the remaining data that requires the server to come down. You can expect the server to be down sometime between 8am-2pm EST tomorrow. The maintenance will last 1-2 hours, however be prepared for 3-4 hours of downtime in case something goes sideways while we’re transferring the data over. I’ll try to make an announcement in broadcast as we approac
  12. Custom drinks require edit tokens. Paper you can write on iRP for notes rather than getting a full book, but potions were never intended to be free to edit like that. You don’t write on a bottle and hand it out. Drinks are purely cosmetic rather than functional, so it will remain using edit tokens as was intended originally.
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