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Found 6 results

  1. ... A Public service announcement addressed to all has been pinned in the Barrowton Tavern ... - Notice - Please be aware - the introduction of lizards to quell the increase in bugs has begun. our first mating pair has found their home within the barrow-greens, and are doing GOD's work, battling the Mori menace by consuming their dark pest spawn across our lands. - Description - These lizards are small, up to about 8 inches in length, dark-green with wings for flight. recognisable by their bulging eyes, shadowed by black bands. though laid back in nature, often found basking on rocks, these little fellas can be quite feisty if provoked. Though worry not! lest you be the size of a beetle, their bites are quite harmless to people. The diet of these lizards consists primarily of small to medium sized insects; though given enough time to grow, they can even take on small rodents, such as mice and rats. so next you venture out into the barrows - keep an eye out for our newest recruits and may they remain in our prayers - Afterword - Anyone found to be poaching or in any way hindering the efforts of the lizards will be subject to Bedwyr's wrath feel free to give the lizards any tasty snacks such as bugs, slugs, or mice. ...
  2. Adunic Alchemy An adunian bowie alchemist, currently sorting and preparing the herbs to make into medicine or symbols. Lore Reagents Deer Heart Potions Stags Stamina Bowie Camouflage Purpose OOC Comments and Shoutouts: First I want to make it clear, this is my first time submitting lore or alchemical lore for that matter. So apologies if it seems a bit weird formatting wise. Secondly, I want to give a huge shoutout to those that reviewed the piece and gave some advice, that being Nooblius and TheBlackBobRoss. Along with, those that just peer reviewed it with me, such as DrHope and Jameson, this is was a lot of fun to make and work on. Regardless of all of that, I hope to write some more lore in the future. If you have any criticisms or comments, by all means comment on the post or just dm me.
  3. A Document on the Expectations of Conduct for the Father Circle and Nevaehlen, Year 12 of the 2nd Age The following are topics and their descriptions of how members of the Father Circle, as well as those villagers of the Vale, and guests are required and expected to act. All those who visit or live amongst the Vale of Nevaehlen must abide by these rules. The code is subject to change. Druidic trials by the Raitheans may enhance the punishments warranted from those listed below. Topics § 1 - On Classifications of Tenets § 1.01 Shall not harm another druid unwarranted § 1.02 Shall not harm the balance § 1.03 Shall not abuse druidic gifts § 2 - On Classifications of Conduct § 2.01 Required to protect the Father Grove from any harm to the land or its members § 2.02 Required to protect fellow brethren of the Father Circle § 2.03 Required to uphold the tenets of the Father Circle § 2.04 Required to remove any dark mages from the Grove § 2.05 Required to preserve and protect the Father Tree § 2.06 Required to uphold the very Code of Conduct § 2.07 Avoid political matters on Father Circle grounds § 3 - On Classifications of Crime § 3.01 Crimes Against Nature 3.01.1 - Voidal Magic- When a person or group of magi who possesses, practices or attempts to practice the conjuring of spells and creatures within the grove are to vacate the premises or deal with punishments. 3.01.2 - Land Destruction- When a person or group who deliberately destroys, or attempts to destroy an environment are to vacate the premises. 3.01.3 - Animal Cruelty- When a person or group who deliberately harms, or attempts to harm an animal with malicious intent are to vacate the premises. 3.01.4 - Disturbance of Nature- When a non-druid person or group who intentionally acts in a means to disrupt nature's peace are to vacate the premises. § 3.02 - Crimes Against Members § 3.02.1 - Violence- When a person or group attempts or successfully kidnaps, assaults, murders, or harrasses members of the Father Circle, a banishment and shun are warranted within the Grove. § 3.02.2 - Theft- When a person or group attempts or successfully steals the property of a member, a warning will be administered. § 3.03 - Crimes Against the Grove 3.03.1 - Disturbance of the Father Tree- When a person or group attempts, or successfully attacks, harms, or destroys the Father Tree, a banishment is warranted. 3.03.2 - Destruction of Property- When a person or group attempts or successfully sabotages, destroys, or vandalizes property within the Grove, a banishment is warranted. § 3.04 - Crimes Against the Circle 3.04.1 - Propaganda- When a person or group spreads false information about the Father Circle, whether the slander is within or outside the Grove, a banishment is warranted. § 4 - On Classifications of Entry § 4.01 Dark Mages- Individuals who possess or practice the use of dark mages are not welcomed within the Grove; ie, Necromancy, voidal magic, demons. Any who are found within the Grove will be removed from the premises. § 4.02 Unnatural Creatures- Any unnatural creature is not welcomed within the Grove; ie, Undead, voidal constructs. Exceptions can be made for Sorvians depending on their intentions. Any who are found within the Grove will be removed from the premises. § 4.03 Refusal to Leave- Any individual or group who refuses to leave upon order of the members of the Father Circle or Vale, a banishment will be warranted. § 5 - On Classifications of Punishments § 5.01 Banishment- The person or group is not allowed entry within the Vale of Nevaehlen. § 5.02 Shun- The person or group will not be spoken to and are not allowed within the Vale of Nevaehlen. **Under special cases where any of the above is brought to a druidic trial or handled by a Raithean of the Father Circle, further punishments may be dealt depending on the situation. [[ Special thanks to @josey for the new Sigil art! And @Kalehart, @Delmodan and @Unwillingly for feedback! ]]
  4. ~<>~_Festival of Anbella_~<>~ [!] Dozens of thundering short-legged steps can be heard marching through nearly every nation of Almaris. The echoes of their chants are unmistakable, “NARVAK OZ HEFRUMM! NARVAK OZ ANBELLA!” ~<>~ [!] Finely woven banners and decorations cover the village of forest dwarves, laughter and song hum throughout all of Urguan. ~<>~ Hefrumm is hosting a festival of nature, ale, kinship, and utmost appreciation for the dwarven Goddess, Anbella. For the forest dwarves of Urguan, Anbella is the most cherished of the Brathmordakin. Referred to as the “Hearth Mother,” she represents the value of nature, fertility, home, and peace. The kin of Hefrumm hold Anbella’s guidance close to their heart and are inviting all lovers of nature across Almaris to join them in the celebration! Festivities include: Wood carving, Olog riding competition, drinking competition, pelt making, feast, a Seer ~trip~, and story of Anbella. May Anbella guide you home, High Chief of Hefrumm OOC: Today, February 12th @ 4pm EST. For more info, contact: Dietz#2343
  5. Note: This thread is the original accepted lore from a good two or three years ago. Any additions that lore or magic teams need me to make I will do so quickly, just let me know! A Dryad is a female Wood Elf who has developed a physical and mental bond with a tree by undergoing a process known as "The Blossoming". All female Wood Elves feel the call of Dryad-ism sometime in their life. It may be early on, before puberty, or it may be very late in their lives. They can choose to accept this call or ignore it till the urge fades away. After their transfiguration, the now-Dryad is still a lot like their former Wood Elf self, at least mentally. They retain their former personality but now they feel much more relaxed. Time loses its relevance. Seasons come and go, kingdoms rise and fall all around them. Nothing truly matters except that they are in the presence of the tree and they are in the midst of nature. Dryads also undergo a physical change. Their skin color could lighten or darken. Their hair color is also subject to change, as well as their eyes. Normally, this all depends on which type of tree they end up bonding to. Drayds of the same tree type will look similar but not the same. A Wood Elf's personality determines which type of tree they end up feeling a bond towards. The origin of Dryads is a mystery. Some argue that Dryads have always existed, that their population rises and falls in rhythm with some unknown schedule. Others argue that Drayds only came about since our stay in the lands of Asulon. Both are true, in a sense. Dryads have always existed, even since Malin's time. It is also true that their population booms every now-and-again. For hundreds of years they might only be one Dryad alone in an entire forest, singing away in the boughs of her tree. A year later, there might be a hundred more spread throughout the lands. Regardless of that odd cycle, all female Wood Elves will hear the call and feel the urge during her lifetime. It is a natural part of growing up and life. When a Wood Elf feels the urge or call of Dryad-ism, she feels the need to abandon her current life and just leave. To leave the bustling mortal world. To leave behind the wars and politics. To be free of all worries. Some choose to ignore this. After a time, the urge begins to fade away and will disappear. But be warned, any Elf that ignores this call will forever pass up her chance to become a Dryad. If they listen to the call, if they fan that burning flame of adventure, their search begins. Generally, the Elf will know in what direction they are searching in. It might be in the direction the sun sets, or where the birds fly when the cold weather sets in. The budding Dryad instincts guide her to her tree. The journey might be long, it might take weeks, months, years. Or, it might be as simple as the forest outside her city. Once the Dryad has found her tree, and she will know when that happens, something magical happens. It is akin the what some would call 'love at first sight'. The Elf will stare at her tree for a time, totally transfixed. She may talk to it, hug it, set up a camp near it and sleep by it. It takes two full months of time before the Elf's Blossoming is complete. During that time, she might feel overly ecstatic. Or possibly overly aggressive and protective of her tree, picking a fight with any who draw near. Possibly even at total peace for once in her life. These feelings will last the entire duration of her Blossoming and even into her time as a Dryad. During the second month, the Elf will change physically. Her hair might grow longer or change colors. Her skin might lighten or darken and her eyes may change to a completely different shade. Generally the change will be based on what type of tree she has bonded to. If the Dryad leaves her tree at any time during the Blossoming, the overload of emotions will cease and will be replaced by that of intense nausea. If she persists through the side effect of nausea and ignores the budding bond, she will remain a Wood Elf and will pass up her chance of becoming a Dryad. Some say that the tree chooses the Elf. Others, that the tree and elf were born for each other; that since the elf was a toddler and the tree a sapling, they have been waiting for each other, to finally meet and become one. The bond between a Dryad and her tree runs deep. They become entwined, almost one entity. The tree becomes her closest friend. The Dryad might feel the roots within the dirt beneath her feet. She might feel the air passing through the branches above her, rustling the leaves. She would also feel the chop of an axe in her tree's trunk or feel the burning sensation of flames washing over the tree. This bond persists till the Elf dies, and sometimes, the tree. If the Elf dies, the tree will soon follow. If the tree dies, the Elf will not die but will suffer deeply. She will be stricken with grief, or her mind might break in a way that she truly never recovers. She might suffer a deep depression till the end of her days or she might take her own life. Their exists a way to save the tree in most circumstances though, and that is through something known as the "Amber Seed". [Read below.] The Elf feels naturally at home when she is near her tree. She may choose to sleep in its boughs or maybe in a hole close to the roots. The Elf must sleep near her tree at least once every three days. If she does not, she will die. An Elf can travel as far as she wants from her tree, though the farther away she is, the sadder and more melancholy she will feel. She can also rest away from her tree, but the sleep will be fitful and she will not recover any energy. A Dryad feels no yearning for a mortal relationship. They do not wish to reproduce or to wed; All that matters is that they are with their tree. When a tree that is bonded to a Dryad dies, it leave behind something known as an Amber Seed. It is roughly the size of a fist and weighs roughly that of a fist-sized stone. This seed is the very essence of the tree and, being such, the Dryad feels her bond connected to it. She must still sleep within a close distance of the seed or she will feel exhausted and eventually die. This seed, once planted, will sprout a sapling that grows at a magical rate. What once took a hundred years to grow will take only a few months. This tree will be an exact replica from before and the bond will persist through the tree's "death". The seed must be planted within a year of the tree's death. If it is not, it will harden into a grey-black object then break and blow away as dust in the wind. A tree can only go through this process of death-and-rebirth once. A tree can only re-grow in a fitting biome. (To prevent... say a Palm tree in a chain of freezing mountains.) During her time as a Dryad, some circumstances might make the Dryad consider returning back to an ordinary Wood Elf. It might be that the tree has become sick and it would kill them both should she not cut the bond. Or possibly it is that her Wood Elf family misses her dearly and visits every day, begging her to return home. There is no process. The Elf must simply cut the bond though It is extremely painful, both mentally and physically. It will take at least a month of time before the bond is fully cut, all the while the Elf suffers, though she can stop at any moment. Once the bond has been cut, the tree will die and produce an Amber Seed. The bond will be cut so the Elf does not need to carry the seed around with her, but if she plants it, the tree will grow and the bond will resume. After a year's time, the seed will turn to ash and blow away in the wind. The Elf will feel a faint ache of sadness or a feeling of melancholy for the rest of her life, assuming she did not replant the seed and resume her bond. Dryadic Instincts: Upon completing her blossoming, a Dryad will instinctively know and understand most things relating to her and her tree's survival. A Dryad will always be able to find her way back to her tree, regardless of where she is. A Dryad knows that she can only rest in the presence of her tree and that three days of being apart will result in death. A Dryad will be able to tell whether someone is a Dryad or not just by looking at them. A Dryad will also be able to tell whether or not a tree is bonded to another Dryad. A Dryad will know how to cut the bond between her and her tree, and she will also understand what the amber seed is and how to use it. Dryadic Quirks: Upon completing her blossoming, a Dryad will have a few new habits. A Dryad will generally address a fellow Dryad as 'sister'. A Dryad will continue eating whatever they ate as a Wood Elf. They won't feel an urge to change their diet. A Dryad will not go out of her way to maintain or develop friendships. If Dryads live rather close to each other, they might become friends. Same goes if someone visits a Dryad daily, a friendship MIGHT develop. A Dryad will still retain all magic prowess they had as a Wood Elf, though they probably won't feel the urge or need to use it often (or ever). A Dryad will also retain all combat prowess they had as a Wood Elf, though they probably won't feel the urge or need to use it often (or ever). A Dryad can wear whatever she pleases. Generally, they will feel inclined to wear leaves from their tree. They might also sew a dress or outfit that mirrors the colors of their tree.
  6. LM Edit:: Only playable by players approved by the leadership of the Druidic Order. This is already implemented Lore, I'm posting this for reference as well as helping people understand and see info about these interesting creatures. Feel free to post with suggestions or critique, or comments. Ents The Ents are mysterious creatures that are found within the forests of Asulon. Little is known about them, but they are often found near sacred groves or ancient trees, keeping them protected and free of chaos. But the tale of the first Ent is an interesting one. It is said that ancient Druidic magic runs deep within a certain tree that was older than time itself. The tree, far wiser than the entire forest, yearned to protect his kin. Therefore, legend says that when the stars aligned in the night sky, an acorn of gold was produced by the tree, and sprouted at the foot of its gargantuan trunk. Through the course of many moons, this seed grew and grew, until becoming a tree half as tall as the tree in which it spawned. However, this tree was different...its roots did not hold in the ground, and so it walked. It roamed the forest, searching for its purpose, and under the gentle guidance of the Eldertree, found human lumberjacks attempting to fell an ancient oak. Emitting a sound like nails on glass, the great being assumed its role as guardian of the forest, and tore through the men with unforgiving vengeance. And such is the story of the first Ent. ~A Druidic Text Ents are massive tree-beings that protect the forests. They make their presence known in times of great peril, or when they feel their charges are in the utmost danger, or threatened. There have been several sightings of Ents in world history, though some of the more recent ones were simply ancient husks with barely any cognition left in their elder minds. Take for instance, the great Serenity the Wise, who looked over Elandriel with her companion, the mysterious Spider ent. These beings were revered by the Druids as being the most sacred of guardians, and their actions regarded as will of the Druidic “Aspects”, or ancient Spirits, incarnations of Nature. More recent even, might be Treebeard, or Riel’a, the ent seemingly a charge of the Druids. The Ents rarely congregated, as they had a natural instinct to protect their own areas, but on rare occasions some might cross paths. Apperance Ents are generally very tall beings, made of wood and moss, leaves and branches. They have unique facial features, and two “trunks” for legs. Ents resemble trees that have stepped out of the ground and became lords of the forest. They tend to have beady eyes, and no visible ears (though they can hear!) Personality and Voice Ents are diverse, and have interests dependant on the land that they are serving. And while they seek to protect all natural life, they regard their own territory in highest priority. But they can display a wide range of emotions and intelligence, if anyone could stand to listen to an entire conversation for long enough! Ents are wise, and slow to speak. Realizing the dangers of hastily speaking, they all seem to take the notion of mulling over words too seriously. A single sentence uttered by an ent can last up to ten minutes. Depending on their mood, it can be shorter or longer. Most instances of decision making by ents have taken years before they have made them, which could be perhaps a gaping weakness-they do not believe in hastiness. Ents, while having differing personality traits, seem to all be quiet creatures naturally, spending time they aren’t roaming the forests pondering and philosophizing, as ancient minds tend to wander to greater questions that lesser beings cannot yet hope to comprehend. Many times Ents are mistaken for trees in the forest, as they are simply distracted by thought. Another great weakness of an ent is that grabbing its attention is quite difficult. Unless the forest cries out in pain, it tends to stand still and entertain its thoughts. Those in connection to nature have been known to coax two or three out of their ponderings though. The voice of an ent is deep, gravelly and low. Very distinguishable from any of the races (although two or three Orcs have made convincing Ent imitators). http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=y_mGFY5Nbqk Language Ents can commune between one another through the language of the Ents, which is a throaty mumbling that also involves rustling their leaves. A side point, but relevant nonetheless. Strengths Being so massive that they can tower at fifty feet (and even higher), they have massive brute strength. A single being attacking an Ent would be utterly doomed. Ents in Asulon have torn down entire gates, in Anthos they have tossed dwarves like skipping stones and ancient texts even describe an Ent fighting a dragon. Weaknesses Being so large, it is inadvisable to use conventional weaponry against one. Siege weaponry would tear through them, but that is difficult to come by. In the old days of the forests, savages would shoot flaming arrows and arrows with fragile bottles of oil attached to set the beings ablaze. A fiery pitch could easily bring down a creature such as this. Falling in water weighs the Ent down if it falls horizontally. Once in Asulon the ent Riel’a had to be towed out of the ocean beneath Normandor’s bridge after being successfully knocked over the side. The water doesn’t kill the ent, but it incapacitates it as it is unable to push itself up under the weight. Winter is a terrible foe for an Ent. Icy lands are devoid of most Ents, only an Ent of pine could ever thrive in such an environment. When an Ent is injured, it must root itself in the ground to take in nutrients and begin the healing process. During this time it is totally vulnerable as it is almost a state of hibernation. Clever humans injured an ent and used their dogs to track it to its hiding place whilst it slept, burning it in the night. Creation Ents are children of Elder Trees, trees that have become so ancient and massive that they are self aware (though do not communicate with those who cannot communicate with them). The tree produces a special seed which must grow undisturbed for a period of time. Upon which the Ent arises, and the ent protects the forest surrounding the Elder Tree. In a way, Ents are an Elder Tree’s way of protecting itself from danger.
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