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Found 7 results

  1. Deep in savannas past the Eternal Uzg, a heat spell looms over an eccentric wanderer. Though bearing not much shade, Miven finds herself intrigued by the unfamiliar tree up ahead. It was not like the others; bark darker in color, and leaves flakey green in bundles from sparing branches. The mali’ame was hungry from her travels and made the decision to clamber her way up the tree to munch on some leaves. *** Miven reaches into her pocketed robes, retrieving a bushel of berries she stored. Drawn to her face, the berries began to chatter to one another, voices that were somewhat unrecognizable to the dedicant. Their tone was not aggressive, more so soothing and charismatic. Miven blinked a heavy prolonged blink, staring down into her palms with wide amber eyes. “Woah,” she’d mumble lowly, swallowing at the sounds that came from her hand. She was mesmerized. New friends… friends that spoke to her… friends that were berries- BERRIES that spoke to her! Even after snacking on her mixed greens, Miven’s stomach began to rumble an audible growl. Her perplexed guilty expression fell ever so slowly down at her new friends but quickly away as she began to battle her mind. You cannot eat your friends, Miven… but look at them… they look so tasty… The elfess took in a weighted deep breath and groaned as she leaned up from her recumbent orientation. She’d look around, lumbering her way to the stump of the tree she ate from. Her back leaned against its’ trunk and the stimuli began to overwhelm her. Though she was stressed and disoriented at first, the mali’ame steadily went into a state of relaxation; limbs loose, splayed, and vulnerable in a desert well-traveled. *** “What in the Aspects name…” Miven croaked, waking up beside the raell’vulsulin. She’d lift a hand to wipe her cheek from the dirt that caked it while stumbling up into a seated position. It took a few moments for the ‘ame to realize what had happened until she eagerly and with much haste dug her hand into her pocket to only find it empty. Like the curious and confused bear she was, Miven swiveled her head about to find her berries a few feet away displayed in an odd manner; lined up and in order of largest to smallest in size. Brows knit, Miven hesitated when examining the raspberries. They weren’t speaking anymore … but she yearned to hear them again. She rolled her shoulders, releasing the thought and retrieved each raspberry into her mouth. The elfess glanced back up in the direction of the tree, wiping her cheek yet again as she dragged the berry guts across. Golden doe eyes narrowed on the leaves the tree bore. Miven pressed both palms to the ground beside her, lifting to her feet as she scrambled toward the tree. The ‘ames legs hiked around the trunk; she was indeed a natural at climbing. When hoisted up to the head of the smoking tree, Miven’s eager hands collected a handful of leaves, stuffing them into her olive pockets. *** Back in Siramenor, Miven skipped along the paths in search for Awaiti. “She must know about this… the berries spoke to me! Almost like how I heard the moon spirits when I tried that halfling grass!” The boisterous young ‘ame chimed to herself, already retrieving the leaves from her pockets and a youthful raell’vulsulin sapling. ((OOC: I wanted to introduce some of the awesome lore that members of the wood elven community spent hours working on, into the game! I hope you enjoy the little piece of Miven’s high adventures! Ame’lie Rall’vulsulin tree lore credits to the following! @SiramenorGlade @NomadGaia @ThumperJack @JuniperSelkie ))
  2. ~ Loasx Sarfina ~ Played By: ZylerDread Basics Name (& pronunciation): Loasx Sarfina (Low-ah-six Sar-fin-ah) Age: 145 Place of Birth: Secluded Mill Near Linandria (Spelling? - Wood Elven City) Gender: Male Species/Racial Origin: Wood Elf Social Class/Community Status: Unknown Language: Elvish and English/Normal Family/Friends/Pets/Etc: No Family, Steffen/Samuel (High Elf) is his boyfriend, No Pets. Physical Description Height:5’11” Weight: 135 Hair: Dirty/Dark Blonde Eyes: Emerald Green Limb Dexterity: Agile Typical Clothing/Equipment: Shirt and Pants made of furs, Boots of Leather Personality/Attributes Personality/Attitude: Friendly, Flirty, Helpful Skills/Talents: N/A Favourites/Likes: Flirting, Nature, Most Hated/Dislikes: Orcs, Dark Beings Goals/Ambitions: A nice life with a good guy, Learn Druidic Magic. Strengths: Flirty Weaknesses: Flirty Fears: Darkness Hobbies/Interests: He often wanders around forests. Attitude Toward Death: Scared of Dying Religion/Beliefs: Aspects of Wood Elven culture. Fetishes/Strange Behaviors: Fetishes are only known by his lover. No Strange Behaviors. Most Instructive/Painful/Memorable Experience: He was used as a “toy” by two boys when he was younger, around teen years. Sexual Preference: Males/Homosexual Education/Special Training: N/A Place/Type of Residence: Linandria Occupation: None as of yet. Place of Work: None as of yet. Work-related Skills: None as of yet. Past Occupations: Miller Memberships: None as of yet.
  3. Note: This thread is the original accepted lore from a good two or three years ago. Any additions that lore or magic teams need me to make I will do so quickly, just let me know! A Dryad is a female Wood Elf who has developed a physical and mental bond with a tree by undergoing a process known as "The Blossoming". All female Wood Elves feel the call of Dryad-ism sometime in their life. It may be early on, before puberty, or it may be very late in their lives. They can choose to accept this call or ignore it till the urge fades away. After their transfiguration, the now-Dryad is still a lot like their former Wood Elf self, at least mentally. They retain their former personality but now they feel much more relaxed. Time loses its relevance. Seasons come and go, kingdoms rise and fall all around them. Nothing truly matters except that they are in the presence of the tree and they are in the midst of nature. Dryads also undergo a physical change. Their skin color could lighten or darken. Their hair color is also subject to change, as well as their eyes. Normally, this all depends on which type of tree they end up bonding to. Drayds of the same tree type will look similar but not the same. A Wood Elf's personality determines which type of tree they end up feeling a bond towards. The origin of Dryads is a mystery. Some argue that Dryads have always existed, that their population rises and falls in rhythm with some unknown schedule. Others argue that Drayds only came about since our stay in the lands of Asulon. Both are true, in a sense. Dryads have always existed, even since Malin's time. It is also true that their population booms every now-and-again. For hundreds of years they might only be one Dryad alone in an entire forest, singing away in the boughs of her tree. A year later, there might be a hundred more spread throughout the lands. Regardless of that odd cycle, all female Wood Elves will hear the call and feel the urge during her lifetime. It is a natural part of growing up and life. When a Wood Elf feels the urge or call of Dryad-ism, she feels the need to abandon her current life and just leave. To leave the bustling mortal world. To leave behind the wars and politics. To be free of all worries. Some choose to ignore this. After a time, the urge begins to fade away and will disappear. But be warned, any Elf that ignores this call will forever pass up her chance to become a Dryad. If they listen to the call, if they fan that burning flame of adventure, their search begins. Generally, the Elf will know in what direction they are searching in. It might be in the direction the sun sets, or where the birds fly when the cold weather sets in. The budding Dryad instincts guide her to her tree. The journey might be long, it might take weeks, months, years. Or, it might be as simple as the forest outside her city. Once the Dryad has found her tree, and she will know when that happens, something magical happens. It is akin the what some would call 'love at first sight'. The Elf will stare at her tree for a time, totally transfixed. She may talk to it, hug it, set up a camp near it and sleep by it. It takes two full months of time before the Elf's Blossoming is complete. During that time, she might feel overly ecstatic. Or possibly overly aggressive and protective of her tree, picking a fight with any who draw near. Possibly even at total peace for once in her life. These feelings will last the entire duration of her Blossoming and even into her time as a Dryad. During the second month, the Elf will change physically. Her hair might grow longer or change colors. Her skin might lighten or darken and her eyes may change to a completely different shade. Generally the change will be based on what type of tree she has bonded to. If the Dryad leaves her tree at any time during the Blossoming, the overload of emotions will cease and will be replaced by that of intense nausea. If she persists through the side effect of nausea and ignores the budding bond, she will remain a Wood Elf and will pass up her chance of becoming a Dryad. Some say that the tree chooses the Elf. Others, that the tree and elf were born for each other; that since the elf was a toddler and the tree a sapling, they have been waiting for each other, to finally meet and become one. The bond between a Dryad and her tree runs deep. They become entwined, almost one entity. The tree becomes her closest friend. The Dryad might feel the roots within the dirt beneath her feet. She might feel the air passing through the branches above her, rustling the leaves. She would also feel the chop of an axe in her tree's trunk or feel the burning sensation of flames washing over the tree. This bond persists till the Elf dies, and sometimes, the tree. If the Elf dies, the tree will soon follow. If the tree dies, the Elf will not die but will suffer deeply. She will be stricken with grief, or her mind might break in a way that she truly never recovers. She might suffer a deep depression till the end of her days or she might take her own life. Their exists a way to save the tree in most circumstances though, and that is through something known as the "Amber Seed". [Read below.] The Elf feels naturally at home when she is near her tree. She may choose to sleep in its boughs or maybe in a hole close to the roots. The Elf must sleep near her tree at least once every three days. If she does not, she will die. An Elf can travel as far as she wants from her tree, though the farther away she is, the sadder and more melancholy she will feel. She can also rest away from her tree, but the sleep will be fitful and she will not recover any energy. A Dryad feels no yearning for a mortal relationship. They do not wish to reproduce or to wed; All that matters is that they are with their tree. When a tree that is bonded to a Dryad dies, it leave behind something known as an Amber Seed. It is roughly the size of a fist and weighs roughly that of a fist-sized stone. This seed is the very essence of the tree and, being such, the Dryad feels her bond connected to it. She must still sleep within a close distance of the seed or she will feel exhausted and eventually die. This seed, once planted, will sprout a sapling that grows at a magical rate. What once took a hundred years to grow will take only a few months. This tree will be an exact replica from before and the bond will persist through the tree's "death". The seed must be planted within a year of the tree's death. If it is not, it will harden into a grey-black object then break and blow away as dust in the wind. A tree can only go through this process of death-and-rebirth once. A tree can only re-grow in a fitting biome. (To prevent... say a Palm tree in a chain of freezing mountains.) During her time as a Dryad, some circumstances might make the Dryad consider returning back to an ordinary Wood Elf. It might be that the tree has become sick and it would kill them both should she not cut the bond. Or possibly it is that her Wood Elf family misses her dearly and visits every day, begging her to return home. There is no process. The Elf must simply cut the bond though It is extremely painful, both mentally and physically. It will take at least a month of time before the bond is fully cut, all the while the Elf suffers, though she can stop at any moment. Once the bond has been cut, the tree will die and produce an Amber Seed. The bond will be cut so the Elf does not need to carry the seed around with her, but if she plants it, the tree will grow and the bond will resume. After a year's time, the seed will turn to ash and blow away in the wind. The Elf will feel a faint ache of sadness or a feeling of melancholy for the rest of her life, assuming she did not replant the seed and resume her bond. Dryadic Instincts: Upon completing her blossoming, a Dryad will instinctively know and understand most things relating to her and her tree's survival. A Dryad will always be able to find her way back to her tree, regardless of where she is. A Dryad knows that she can only rest in the presence of her tree and that three days of being apart will result in death. A Dryad will be able to tell whether someone is a Dryad or not just by looking at them. A Dryad will also be able to tell whether or not a tree is bonded to another Dryad. A Dryad will know how to cut the bond between her and her tree, and she will also understand what the amber seed is and how to use it. Dryadic Quirks: Upon completing her blossoming, a Dryad will have a few new habits. A Dryad will generally address a fellow Dryad as 'sister'. A Dryad will continue eating whatever they ate as a Wood Elf. They won't feel an urge to change their diet. A Dryad will not go out of her way to maintain or develop friendships. If Dryads live rather close to each other, they might become friends. Same goes if someone visits a Dryad daily, a friendship MIGHT develop. A Dryad will still retain all magic prowess they had as a Wood Elf, though they probably won't feel the urge or need to use it often (or ever). A Dryad will also retain all combat prowess they had as a Wood Elf, though they probably won't feel the urge or need to use it often (or ever). A Dryad can wear whatever she pleases. Generally, they will feel inclined to wear leaves from their tree. They might also sew a dress or outfit that mirrors the colors of their tree.
  4. * = Tevi = * The chaotic Mali’ame, with an equally chaotic ginger hair. 2nd character, Wood Elf, Female, Midget. HEAVY WIP Page 1 [<Appearance: Updated on the 20/12/2015 >] Only things apparent and seen are written on here Physical Appearance: A Mali’ame standing at the height of 5’1 with her dark caramel skin and light amber eyes - though her wild, untamed red hair makes her look a few inches taller. She shaved the left side of her hair off, the faint traces of tattoos can be seen on the skin; however it is most likely that her loose strands of hair would hide most of it. [ Current Age: 52] She’s quite pretty (In a wild, and messy way), though her features are more rounded and childish than anything. Clothes that she chooses to wear can be seen as odd. She will often have one sleeve off, displaying a faint gold tattoo of what seems to be a spear. She will most likely wear a light green-blue wool shawl around her neck, whilst a yellow one dangles off her shoulders. She wears no shoes, instead having a simple anklet twisted from branches and leaves - similarly, on her sleeved arm would be a daffodil bracelet to symbolize her Aspirant status. She wears a gold coloured belt on her hip, and from it hangs a small pouch and her sheathed Rondel. Tevi chooses to decorate her hair in an elaborate design of flowers, yet the braid itself is messy and loose. On the skin of the shaved part of her hair is the faint markings of another tattoo, yet she prefers to keep her hair covering it from view. Additional decorations: A thick, blue-green shawl wrapped around her neck, covering little of her face + Another long scarf, but it has not been wrapped around her neck; instead, the yellow fabric is left to danggle from her shoulders. Occasionally, one may spot her yellow scarf off her shoulders, [and wrapped around something] Page 2 [< Behavior: Updated on the 20/12/2015 >] Only things apparent and seen are written on here What is known: Despising little in life, Tevi is a rather cheerful ‘ame. It’s only on rare occasions that you would see her frown or scowl in distaste - even going to the trouble of offering hesitant and pained smile rather than giving another a scowl. Yet when placed in a foul mood, she stays so for a long while - rather pissy and rude. Despises being treated as a child. Nonetheless, she often takes things too lightly - having trouble expressing seriousness. Her ‘fervent belief’ that everything should be treated with respect and equality may cause her some problems - as well as the fact that she would refuse to judge another without actual interactions with them; however having a long lasting opinion when she judges another. Nonetheless, she views the aspects and her belief in high regard - and would regretfully place them in front of most of her other needs. Quite a traditionalist Mali with little known in her past - and little revealed by herself - she can seem quite open, yet never say a thing about her family, friends or any other things that include her past. She is rather clumsy with her movements, seeming to be rather hasty and unrefined. Her round cheeks are often puffed in frustration - and she has the habit of blowing her hair off her face. She has a strangely innocent and naive behavior - often acting quite forgetful. Page 3 [<Quirks & Companions: Updated on the 22/12/2015 >] Only things apparent and seen are written on here Puffing Her cheeks in irritation or annoyance is a common quirk that Tevi would do, her ears would most likely droop with it. Smiling unnecessarily when the situation does not bring any excuse for a smile. She has the visage of a young girl, and her smiles are often genuine and rather innocent. Fidgeting around on the spot - whether it’s with her fingers, or rocking back and forth on her feet ; Tevi seems to have trouble staying still. Biting her Thumb When nervous, or anxious. [Companions: Two Rabbits: One is missing a leg, one being blind. (Eth & Tael) Gerbil: A wandering Gerbil that occasionally stays with her. (Lareh) A Parrot: Her bird-bird. (Tevi number 2) A Mouse: A new ‘friend’ she gained recently, comes and goes. ( ‘That mouse’ ) Page 4 [<Inventory: Updated on the 22/12/2015 >] Do not Metagame, only a few have seen these. Inside and Hidden within a pouch, wrapped around a scarf. The pouch hangs on her belt. Four-edged Rondel dagger sheathed, hanging on her belt. Tbc. [[[ Here, have this sketch of lil’ Tevi I made late at night.]]] “ An old parchment is found curled inside her worn-leather pouch, the edges lightly burnt and the paper splattered with ink. Yet in the middle is a sketch made - faded, but evidently the sketch of a young girl; similar to the one standing before you.”
  5. Ierven Camoryn Nicknames: "Ierv", Granpa, Grandfather Age: 800's Gender: Male Race: Wood Elf Status: Alive Description: Height: 5'10 Weight: Average Body Type: Eyes: Dark Green Hair: Reddish grey Skin: Tanned Markings/Tattoos: None Health: Good Personality: Generally in a happy mood, unless around those who crossed him. Inventory: Elven Longsword, Elven longbow, quiver of arrows Further Details: None Life Style Alignment*: Neutral Good Deity*: The Aspects Religion: The Aspects Alliance/Nation/Home: Laureh'lin/Cerulin Job/Class: Guard in the Ivory Order Title(s): Haler'tir Profession(s): Farming, Woodworking Special Skill(s): None Flaw(s): Brash, often times holding himself back from doing something stupid Magic Current Status: None Arch-type: None Sub-Type: None Rank: None Weakness(es): None Strength(s): None Current Spell(s): None Weaponry Fighting Style: Offensive Trained Weapon[s]: Longsword, Longbow Favored Weapon: Longsword Archery: Adept Biography Parents: Eyerwin and Echel Siblings: None Children: Ierschen and Auberon Extended Family: Camoryn line Pet(s): None History Born in Aegis, he left with his mother, Echel, to Asulon. Echel eventually died of plague, leaving Ierven the family farm outside Ager. He lived peacefully and happily there, tending the crops. He one day met Veolyn, whom he married and had two children with, Ierschen and Auberon. Now he resides with Laureh'lin, happy to see his family once again, though sad to see only so many still around. -WIP- Artwork None as of yet.
  6. [size=5]Character Name[/size] Nicknames:N/A Age: 63 Gender: Male Race: Wood Elf Status: Single [size=3]Description[/size] Height:6'3 Weight: 195 Body Type: Thin Eyes: Blue Hair: Red Skin: Tan-ish Markings/Tattoos: Scratched out eye Health: Missing an eye Personality: He is very sociable generally and has a happy air around him, but is easily angered Inventory: An old bow, gotten from his teacher Further Details: N/A [size=3]Life Style[/size] Alignment*: Good Deity*: N/A Religion: N/A Alliance/Nation/Home: Leyulin Job/Class: Hunter Title(s): N/A Profession(s): Woodwork, Fishing, Breeding Special Skill(s): N/A Flaw(s): He cant do anything but previously listed well [size=3]Magic*[/size] Current Status: N/A Arch-type: N/A Sub-Type: N/A Rank: N/A Weakness(es): N/A Strength(s): N/A Current Spell(s): N/A [size=3]Weaponry[/size] Fighting Style: Run and if you can shoot Trained Weapon[s]: Bow Favored Weapon: Bow Archery: Near perfect aim. [size=3]Biography[/size] Parents: [not on server] Siblings: N/A Children: N/A Extended Family: [not on server] Pet(s): N/A [size=3]History[/size] Meleranion, as a young child, always had a fascination with bows. He always was asking his father to teach him how to shoot bows in their house in Annil'sul, but was always much too busy maintaining the household and working as his family was middle class. One day his father got his friend, who was a wall guard on the walls of Annil'sul and was the best shot on that particular wall, to teach Meleraninon. Meleranion was determined to get it perfect and eventually became better than his teacher. He was gifted a bow made out of the best wood and engraved with a signature of his teacher. He then became a wall guard in Annil'sul, shooting down the occasional lost orc band and such. One day his lust for adventure beyond the forest overcame him, but he was still young. He went out into the forest and got attacked by a pack of wolves, who scratched his right eye out. He then returned home ashamed. He hunted down that same pack of wolves and skinned them, hoping to make a water skin or something. He figured himself ready for adventure and left the town, hoping to become a great treasure hunter. He also was on a quest for inner peace, as he had many seemingly negative traits. He was always quick to temper, which was a virtue not wanted by Malin, who he believed was a great elven ancestor, and his virtues should be followed. He had consulted many druids who said "You need to become one with nature and the Aspects will lift your curse of the mind." but he much preferred to just respect druids an nature, not become one with it. All the druids told him the same and he eventually gave up. He made his place of residence Leyulin after he became old enough to leave his family and has been there ever since, still hoping to find treasure. [size=3]Artwork[/size] Unable to use imgur so heres link http://imgur.com/Cz5Mm4S [spoiler][img]http://
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